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    Annoying Neighbors the Second Lot Up

    by , 12-17-2014 at 06:17 PM (311 Views)
    Morning of December 17, 2014. Wednesday.

    This was a longer dream, but not much happens other than the typical aspects of this recurring dream type (imposing strangers).

    In this case, we are living in a fictionally-rendered version of the area my sister’s house would have been on Loomis Street. It is a bit like our present house, but rotated and in a different part of the block (to “take the place” of the real house there). I am not sure what country is implied regardless of it being mostly like Loomis Street in overall layout. Instead of having a next-door neighbor to the (implied) north (as would have been the case in reality), the closest house is of the next lot down. However, we may also be responsible for the land in the additional lot next to us, which is mostly empty. Oddly, there is no fence in that direction (which of course is very unrealistic to people with experience as parents). As with another recent dream, the opposite direction to where the main in-dream focus is is not defined at all.

    The other house seems to be some sort of halfway house for both homeless juveniles (who had committed crimes) and mentally-challenged orphans. There are a few points in my dream where they just seem to be standing around staring at our house (from various areas on the front stairs as well as from a couple different windows) when I happen to look up a few different times - as I had been working in the yard.

    A friendly mentally-challenged young male (who reminds me of a younger version of the pinhead I knew from King Street) actually comes into our yard and mows the lawn in back. However, after a time, he also starts digging in the center of the yard for no apparent reason. This is a bit annoying but I do not say anything or show any anger at any point in my dream.

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