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    The Final Days of “24”

    by , 07-09-2009 at 01:32 PM (371 Views)
    Night of July 9, 2009. Thursday.

    Characters from the television series “24” appear in this dream as a main basis of the plot (other than the main character, curiously enough). I am not even “in” my dream; I am just watching it as if it were a series of “real” events in the United States via some sort of implied remote-viewing rather than being associated with a television show at any point. There is no emotion expressed from my own perspective, although a female reporter seems upset and concerned (and seemingly bewildered by the decisions and actions of the leaders).

    For some reason, Ethan Kanin (Bob Gunton) is the “new” president, while the president from the actual show (Cherry Jones) seems to be either vice president or just an adviser or even only a reporter at one point(?). This character rendering lacks cohesion in my dream.

    At any rate, he seems annoyed at the present state of affairs regarding other nations (and diplomacy has apparently failed in every way). He gives “the” final order, which is “Raise the right horn!” The lady (Cherry) looks concerned and asks someone else what it could mean. It is too late. The whole sky grows dark and it is seemingly the end of the United States as Cherry “looks out the window” which is actually just a wall without a window(?) or transparent at one point(?) and there is a rumbling and hissing. For some reason, what he said meant that other “enemy” countries would immediately launch missiles at the USA, which really makes no sense at all. I suppose it could have meant that it was the United States which had attacked all of the other countries first, but the events unfold too fast for that to have been the case.

    Original notes (July 2009): I am not sure of the meaning in this one. Perhaps “horn” relates to the trumpet blown by the angel in the so-called Last Days, or maybe it relates to right-wing politics. Hard to say, presently. It may even relate to the “devil’s” horn gaining power, yet it is “right”, not “wrong” (or “left”?), although the exact meaning is not clear.

    Added (present) notes of November 2013. Several years after this dream, there is coincidentally one Google match on fark.com, but not exact (it being “Raise the right horn of you. Oh wait you only have the one horn!” apparently in reference to joking with the unicorn persona of another forum member). A “horn” could also be a telephone or associated with a particular telephone call within the White House of which I am quite surprised that I had not included in my original notes.

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