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    I am ultimately not fooled by little aliens

    by , 04-19-2009 at 10:19 AM (283 Views)
    Morning of April 19, 2009. Sunday.

    I am at Northern Engraving, a factory where I had worked in the 1980s, on the second floor in the lunchroom. I am seated at a wooden picnic table and talking with a coworker about having seen tiny people of about four inches high. No one believes they exist. (My dream seems to have at least one reset after the point where the coworkers leave and the tiny people are seen by me.)

    When there are again no coworkers in the lunchroom (which illogically implies that all my coworkers had come back only to all leave again) of which has minimal lighting, I see the tiny people running across the floor near the doorway (from right to left) and they are soon aware that I can see them. They seem like humans at first, only miniature. At this point, my dream becomes extraordinarily vivid.

    Over time, there seems to be an area beyond the lunchroom where the doorway connects to the Barolin Street house’s doorway directly into the hallway (from where would have been our oldest son’s bedroom at the time).

    There also seems to be areas that lead out from there into WWTI (where I worked in maintenance as well as having taken two courses in machine tool and carpentry). I sit on the floor with my knees up and my back against the hall’s wall and I am very friendly with these apparent aliens that also somehow now seem like fairies relative to the legends. A female sits on the back of my raised hand while a few others are also seated on the floor and we share a few jokes about humans (even though I am human). After being friends with them for awhile, they agree to take me to their planet to explore or perhaps to live for a time. (My conscious self identity is not extant, so I am unaware of my present life status of living in Australia and having a family.)

    They eventually lead me into an old abandoned building, though of which they claim is their spaceship disguised as a building and which had been there for a long time. It reminds me of my high school in Florida in some ways. I go into a large old shower room with a concrete floor and with about four adjoining open showers, which is apparently an internal part of the spaceship supposedly near where the engine is. Interestingly, I suddenly and clearly realize that their intent is malicious (and that they are against humanity) and consider that I will probably be killed if I stay here, because I now understand that the building is not a spaceship, and I also realize that it is set to blow up very soon. I manage to escape just in time, feeling very intelligent by intuitively knowing of their deception. I am not sure if they were in the explosion or not, but it seems they might have been. A four-block area is destroyed by the explosion as I wake while on the perimeter of the area, feeling safe.

    As with most of my non-lucid dreams of this type, this dream is about my lifelong experience of being subliminally aware of being in the dream state even when not lucid and as such, has nothing to do with “interpretation” (especially as usually misused to imply “meaning”) as commonly propagated by the unknowing (including so-called experts and professionals who usually have zero understanding of what a dream is). It is ultimately about my lifelong relationship with RAS (reticular activating system) and its mediation while unconscious. I have the choice of remaining in my fantastic dream or accepting the biological urge to wake and urinate.

    The presence of the tiny people vivified my dream but not enough to trigger threads of conscious self identity, though did link me to a later setting (though of which we no longer live) and of which is a subliminal reminder that I am really unconscious and in a bedroom. The combined fantasy of aliens and fairies is obviously unrelated to real life. I deliberately (though again, subliminally, that is, without being aware I am dreaming) use this impossible scenario to sustain my dream. It is purposeful, but ultimately fails, as waking is a biological necessity.

    Still, in subliminally avoiding the inevitability of waking, I ultimately end up in a shower room, associated with bathrooms, of course, during which RAS becomes the “enemy” in its role as the waking trigger.

    Had I chosen to gone with the aliens in their spaceship (if my dream had taken this route), the vestibular system symbolism would have been utilized. (This is associated with various forms of movement, typically flight symbols such as birds and airplanes, though also the common falling sensation, which is solely biological.)

    The explosion simply symbolizes the cessation of the dream state itself and my (subliminal) choice to end it. What could have been typical return flight waking symbolism transmuted to a more defined bathroom wake-up call.

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