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    Iced Lake Meteor

    by , 12-12-2014 at 06:12 PM (237 Views)
    Morning of December 12, 2014. Friday.

    Dream #: 17,525-02. Reading time: 35 sec.

    This dream reflected in part (though exaggerated in context) something Zsuzsanna had recently seen on television and had not mentioned to me. (This happens often.)

    There is a lake of ice falling from space, threatening the American continent. It seems like it will be a big disaster. I view various maps and see details on the televised news. Looking at the map, I notice areas that are supposedly more dangerous to be in during the impact.

    However, the massive lake of ice that is almost as big as America melts rapidly on approach. It soon vanishes as it is descending, without causing any “rain.” The event results in an unusual perspective with a strange sense of being personally protected by its natural continuity.

    There is a scene from a Superman movie where he drops a frozen lake over a fire, but in that situation, it does become rain.

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