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    Rocket Patch

    by , 03-01-2015 at 08:03 PM (254 Views)
    Afternoon of March 1, 2015. Sunday.

    I am seemingly a part of a residual memory of a scene from the “Time Tunnel” episode “One Way to the Moon” except that it is “actually” happening now and is not part of a television show. I am not directly involved in the environment though; more like maintaining a disembodied (but three-dimensional) perspective just outside of the rocket and moving along at about the same speed with it in outer space.

    When the patch is needed, it is in the area where the astronauts are rather than the storage compartment (as in the actual second episode of “Time Tunnel”). A piece of a latch hook canvas is somehow manipulated to cover the hole, which is of course ridiculous since it is only a screen rather than a solid piece. The extra area of the latch hook canvas is then somehow folded over to build a second layer over the hole, which of course, is still pointless. The latch hook canvas piece moves about on its own on the outside of the rocket and is not handled by anyone. Nothing else happens and there is no major concern about the assumed lack of oxygen in the rocket now.

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