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    Simulacrum Maintenance in Dreams Page 2

    by , 07-17-2018 at 08:38 PM (325 Views)
    Night of July 17, 2018. Tuesday.

    In continuing from page one, in simplifying the context and detail of simulacrum maintenance, I will focus on the attributes of the emerging consciousness in various circumstances. How does one know how to mediate or modulate the dynamics of vestibular system correlation? It is a challenge. Orientation is erroneous and illusory in dreams for a few reasons. A dreamer standing or walking while his physical body is asleep in bed is only one reason.

    Oneironauts dismiss the notion of interpretation. It comes from a mindset that does not understand what the dream state is. Several key factors must be understood and utilized. I will again make a note of a few here.

    Lucidity, vividness, and dream control are all different factors of the dream state. If someone claims that in becoming lucid he or she can then control the dream state, he or she is propagating a common misconception. (This is especially true with lucid dreamers who show no comprehension of the dream state.) All it takes to control dreams is understanding dream state autosymbolism. It does not require the conscious self identity, as the preconscious link to the unconscious mind supplies the subconscious self with the essence of comprehension without the direct awareness it is dreaming. I believe that an intelligent person can learn to be more familiar with their reticular activating system and how it works.

    Dream state symbolism (autosymbolism or simultaneous symbolism, of which is concurrent with the sleeping, dreaming, and waking transitions as well as a result of thoughts rendered in REM sleep) cannot correlate to waking life symbolism. Knowing this is only the beginning in building a viable knowledge of the dream state. Literalisms, from the self or the interconsciousness, create an ambiguous enigma. There is no way to resolve this as waking life thoughts sometimes have the same ambiguity. Threads of prescience resonate with the autosymbolism of the dream state.

    Utilizing facts that you can validate in your own time, you have an exponential advantage over typical mindsets that have a passing interest in dreams. These mindsets can be seen on the Internet, typically exchanging their skewed jargon, often borrowing it from invalid sources and playing games based on a misconception.

    In addition to understanding that lucidity, vividness, and control of the dream state are not dependent on each other, one needs to understand that the subconscious self is not the conscious self. The preconscious is not the conscious self either. The preconscious and its avatars serve to build metaphorical bridges from the illusory subconscious self to the conscious self, sometimes by creating conflict scenarios to force the dreamer to awaken. The interconsciousness establishes links to the transpersonal; that which exists without the dreamer.

    The mystery I have often pondered is why people create devils to chase them. Reticular activating system modulation creates unpleasant scenarios for some people far more than others. It should only come into play either when there is a health issue or a genuine concern for the immediate environment’s status. Prescience may also be a factor (even though many people do not believe in it so thus ignore it). It is otherwise normal to maintain a subliminal, liminal, or lucid sense of vulnerability while sleeping. That is how dreams evolved in the first place. Consider that a person is usually undressed while asleep in bed. It is, of course, a reason for having dreams of being undressed in public. Consider that there are people who believe that being undressed in the dream state has a so-called interpretation. One could argue that it is a bizarre trait to exhibit such an extreme example of empty-headedness. For me, such a situation is moot, as I am always subliminally, liminally, or lucidly aware of being in the dream state. It is biology. Additionally, experience and understanding manifest the virtuous circle effect, especially after years of developing clarity of mind.

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