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    The Tower Big Ben (TS)

    by , 12-20-2010 at 06:20 PM (93 Views)
    Morning of December 20, 2010. Monday.

    Feeling relaxed, as I step through green grass of about knee length (apparently being barefoot and wearing shorts as I can feel the velvety grass against my legs and feet), into an area closer to the shore of a pristine lake, I feel very peaceful. There is no one else present. It seems to be late morning or afternoon.

    Eventually, evening seems to be approaching. I am not surprised (at least at first) when I turn my head to my right and see the tower Big Ben. I even consider that it may be a feature of the building I live in (though without a thread of memory of what country I live in). However, I do start to become puzzled by the nature of time and how it seemed to be afternoon only a short time ago. Still, I do not have any negative thoughts or worries. I continue to sit by the shore of the lake, feeling content.

    My dream self does not seem aware of it being my 50th birthday. The clock tower as an emergent consciousness symbol is rendered via circadian rhythms factors (and the later stages of the sleep cycle) but additionally in this case, may also represent mortality. It is also qualified as being this dream’s waking space prompt and is additionally associated with the puzzle of being between dreaming and waking. This is because my older sister Marilyn often bought Milton Bradley Big Ben jigsaw puzzles. The lake symbolizes being in a specific stage of the sleep cycle, while the clock mainly represents the waking precursor.

    2018 Tracking System: DATA, water induction and water as symbolizing sleep 1, tower as emergent consciousness symbol 1, liminal space symbolized as puzzling 1, clock as circadian rhythms symbol 1, clock as mortality symbol 1, soft awakening 1, no dominant RAS symbol 1, tall grass as liminal space divider 1, right-oriented waking symbolism 1, outside setting 1, solitary 1, lake as mid-range sleep depth 1, peace and contentment 1

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