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    4th DJ-Attempt

    05.06.2023 4th night SC2023

    by , 06-05-2023 at 05:06 PM (211 Views)
    WBTBx2 => 2 non-lucids and 1 fragment

    First round:

    …/I’m in a concert hall. The hall is still empty. The stage is set. It looks like it’s very early in the day of the concert, all lights are off, except for a couple of bulbs somewhere above the stage. Not enough to illuminate any. There’s some people, no more than 10. The place is very dark. As nothing is happening I go on the stage, take the microphone and start talking shit. Then I see N. Is on the back side of the stage, standing next to a speaker. I challenge somebody to come to the front to show up as she is. And I look at her and ask again to come on. She laughs but doesn’t want to step to the front. I ask once more, to show up, so much that you like to show up, I say. She’s nervous and smiles. She has her lips painted in red. Ok I say, and ask for somebody to show the program. I see that E. has a T-shirt showing the program of the night. But he doesn’t react. I ask for somebody to bring some music on the stage. A shadow comes closer and gives me a small speaker, with a white logo on the front side, like it was a signature. There’s a big speaker almost in the middle of the stage. N. runs to the right side of it to get the small speaker from the shadow. I don’t understand her. I already have it. It’s playing some music, like a primitive Black Metal song. I think to myself, it fits perfect with the video of that parody band of Black Metal. And I see for short the mix of that song with the video of the Black Satans/…

    I wake up for short, to record some audio notes for the DJ, it’s almost midnight and I try first WBTB

    Second round:

    …/I see an old man coming to the house, ‘the father’ I think. I see him from the second floor through a window in the first floor. There’s some agitation in the house. There are women there, possibly sisters. An old woman who I think it’s the mother is sent to the basement. She doesn’t have to meet with the old man. They’re hiding her. She goes downstairs. The place is very illuminated and wide. Once the old lady is down, I see some crows building nests on many places around the floor of the basement. There’s hay all over the place. It looks like a barn. The old woman tries to go upstairs, but the doors are closed. I see again the crows. There’s one guiding the rest, showing them what they have to do. I get distracted for a while with their activity. The place diffuses to black behind the nests. There’s a little girl to the side, doing something similar. Although she’s following the instructions of a small bird. It is told that she’s learning how to build a bonfire. I see the small bird jumping and shaking his head as he’s giving instructions while tweeting around a kind of nest with leaves set in random ways/…

    I wake up once more, still have around an hour before the alarm clock goes off. So I resume the voice journaling and go back to attempt once more to get in lucid

    Third round:

    There was something else but I was able to recall just a fragment, I woke up short before the first alarm and realized I was already in the void again when it went off. I forgot all of it along the day. I was surprised to find a voice recording from the last fragment I was able to take. No memory of doing that.

    …/I’m following a girl in 3rd person view. She’s performing long step jumps. Every time longer. Like those I use to surf on the air. Holding the feet up avoiding to touch tte ground when falling. She needs something from another city. She got there in three steps/…
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    1. DorianMask's Avatar
      A shadow comes closer and gives me a small speaker
      Love the idea of shadow beings as the roadies for a death metal band

      Crows intelligently instructing each other (and humans) is such a cool concept too, I wonder what Crow Art would look like...
      Box77 likes this.
    2. Box77's Avatar
      They were hooded crows. For the small bird, I had to google it to see if there’s something similar, it looked like a greenfinch.