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    1. Final Three Nights of Competition

      by , 01-22-2024 at 04:06 AM
      January 19th, 2024

      I took notes on the 19th but didn’t finish writing up the dreams until now. Some details might be missing.

      Fragment 1: Northward Bound

      Driving over a bridge. The bridge leads to a northern Alaska city. There is something to the right on the other side of the bridge – a business or road or something. There was some detail here I don’t quite remember. Anyway, I look at a map of the area, looking at somewhere to the north. I think I was looking at some islands, possibly looking for ones that didn’t have any towns on them.

      Fragment 2: Airport Trouble

      In an airport. I go somewhere, and leave my bag and a cane behind me. The bag gets confiscated (since I left it alone in the airport). I try to get it back. Also, my grandmother’s bag may have been confiscated as well and I try to get her’s back.

      Dream 1: Gunpowder Plot

      People have several bags of gunpowder. They stack them on top of something and set them on fire. Only about 4 of them detonate. Someone has put one of the bags of gunpowder on a bag of dog food. There is a man who really likes dogs, and will do a lot to save them. He runs out to rescue the bag of dog food and is killed in the explosion. This makes the guy who put the gunpowder bag there “almost guilty of murder”, according to my notes. The guy who placed the gunpowder flees “north, I think”. (I think this dream was inspired by an episode of Attack on Titan that I had recently seen, in which gunpowder was used as explosives).

      Fragment 3: Stained Glass and Experiments

      Actually, I don’t remember much of this one. All my written notes say is “stained glass etc. Experiments”.

      Fragment 4: Big Storm

      We are in some place – a village out in the countryside or something. Anyway, there is a big storm – a hurricane, it seems. Where we are now is in the eye of the storm, and there are storm clouds all around. There are tornadoes inside the storm clouds as well.

      If Bush wins I'll *BLEEP* myself :P-_28e9181d-81c1-49ca-8b4d-95d6179551fa.jpg

      Fragment 5: Sidewalk Painting

      I, and someone else, I think, are painting on the sidewalk. We seem to be drizzling a red paint around (or maybe it’s sidewalk chalk?). There is a dog that comes wandering along, and might walk through the paint. This is ok though, apparently that’s supposed to happen to spread the color around.

      Dream 2: Metal Mystery

      There is some kind of a mystery involving a piece of metal that is attached to a small chain. The chain is around my waist, sort of like a pocket watch. Something has been snatched off of this meta – possibly it was a pocket watch that someone took. I seem to be lying on a bed. My grandfather might be there too...In a bathroom, there is a big sign above a mirror. I need to throw rocks at this – actually I have to hit it with just one rock. It’s a bit of a gamble, but the sign is pretty big so it should be fairly easy to hit.

      (Not sure if this was the same dream, but I’ll put it here). A guy (me?) is following someone. He goes down a sort of chute/slide. The slide goes down into a dip, and then comes back up again. It seems like he didn’t have enough momentum to get out of the dip, or something. He gets stuck down there, but is rescued by some people from Star Trek (“Kirk, etc.”, according to my notes). They go and hang out at a café or bar. In my notes it says ‘“who is prepared for”?’, in quotes like that followed by the question mark. I think someone was saying this to the people in the café/bar.

      (Also not sure if this is the same dream.) We are somewhere (the café/bar?). It is time to leave. I think about using the restroom first, but the only toilet is situated at the bottom of a set of stairs and is difficult to use. I decide to wait until we get to the restaurant where we are supposed to be going. I think we might be getting a pizza there. But in the end we don’t go to the restaurant, we just decide to eat the food we have at home. This kind of disappoints me, I think.

      Fragment 6: Dad’s House

      In this dream, my father owns a house that we used to live in while I was growing up. He has done some fancy remodeling to the place, including the use of metal nails. I wonder if they are copper nails, but they seem to be some kind of alloy. [My notes say: “what about” kids – the ‘what about’ being in quotes like that.] I think someone asked him how he justified spending all that money to fix up a house that he could be using for his “kids”. He says that he plans to move up here with the kids.

      January 20th, 2024

      Dream 1: Mansion

      In an old house. I go upstairs, and it is a rather beautiful mansion. There seems to be a lot of antique furniture and old belongings up there, as though someone left it many years ago and never returned. In the process of looking around, I accidentally bump a piece of the furniture next to me and a small shelf falls off. In trying to put it back on, a shoe falls off, and then some clothes. I try to put the clothes back on a hanger, but have trouble. I also have trouble putting the drawer back together and stacking things the way they were originally. I think about whether I should tell the homeowners what I did, or just let it go and hope they don’t notice.

      If Bush wins I'll *BLEEP* myself :P-_792f6f41-e658-4df5-8154-58cf28b0ba23.jpg

      Fragment 1: Crossing a Bridge

      Crossing over a bridge that I seem to have dreamed about a couple of nights ago. I’m trying to take a bicycle over it, and am walking the bike. Another guy comes along and pushes past me, which I think is a little rude, but he seems to work there so I guess it’s OK. He then asks me if I can see what condition the restroom downstairs is. (Interesting note – this dream had reminded me of a similar dream I had earlier, but I couldn’t remember what it was until just now when I was typing up my notes from the 19th. It feels as though this was the same bridge as the one from the northern Alaska dream from that night).

      Fragment 2: Friends and Neighbors

      Driving or riding somewhere. We come across a couple of women from our church. I haven’t seen them for a while. Now I’m at a neighbor’s house. There is a football game, or something, going on. Some kind of a tradition where people kick something or at least raise one of their legs, and we are wondering which leg it will be.

      January 21st, 2024

      Fragment 1: Football Election

      There is a football game going on. It might be the Super Bowl. I, and the people watching with me, are hoping that one team wins. Somehow the game is related to something like nursing jobs – if the other team wins we think it will hurt the nursing industry somehow. I keep getting it mixed up in my mind whether this is a football game or an election. I ask how much time is left in the game. It’s in the third quarter now.

      If Bush wins I'll *BLEEP* myself :P-_4599f0ce-b220-4538-adf3-74692e7f4721.jpg

      Fragment 2: Foam on the Window

      There is some sort of packing foam on the window next to my couch.