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    1. Final Three Nights of Competition

      by , 01-22-2024 at 04:06 AM
      January 19th, 2024

      I took notes on the 19th but didn’t finish writing up the dreams until now. Some details might be missing.

      Fragment 1: Northward Bound

      Driving over a bridge. The bridge leads to a northern Alaska city. There is something to the right on the other side of the bridge – a business or road or something. There was some detail here I don’t quite remember. Anyway, I look at a map of the area, looking at somewhere to the north. I think I was looking at some islands, possibly looking for ones that didn’t have any towns on them.

      Fragment 2: Airport Trouble

      In an airport. I go somewhere, and leave my bag and a cane behind me. The bag gets confiscated (since I left it alone in the airport). I try to get it back. Also, my grandmother’s bag may have been confiscated as well and I try to get her’s back.

      Dream 1: Gunpowder Plot

      People have several bags of gunpowder. They stack them on top of something and set them on fire. Only about 4 of them detonate. Someone has put one of the bags of gunpowder on a bag of dog food. There is a man who really likes dogs, and will do a lot to save them. He runs out to rescue the bag of dog food and is killed in the explosion. This makes the guy who put the gunpowder bag there “almost guilty of murder”, according to my notes. The guy who placed the gunpowder flees “north, I think”. (I think this dream was inspired by an episode of Attack on Titan that I had recently seen, in which gunpowder was used as explosives).

      Fragment 3: Stained Glass and Experiments

      Actually, I don’t remember much of this one. All my written notes say is “stained glass etc. Experiments”.

      Fragment 4: Big Storm

      We are in some place – a village out in the countryside or something. Anyway, there is a big storm – a hurricane, it seems. Where we are now is in the eye of the storm, and there are storm clouds all around. There are tornadoes inside the storm clouds as well.

      If Bush wins I'll *BLEEP* myself :P-_28e9181d-81c1-49ca-8b4d-95d6179551fa.jpg

      Fragment 5: Sidewalk Painting

      I, and someone else, I think, are painting on the sidewalk. We seem to be drizzling a red paint around (or maybe it’s sidewalk chalk?). There is a dog that comes wandering along, and might walk through the paint. This is ok though, apparently that’s supposed to happen to spread the color around.

      Dream 2: Metal Mystery

      There is some kind of a mystery involving a piece of metal that is attached to a small chain. The chain is around my waist, sort of like a pocket watch. Something has been snatched off of this meta – possibly it was a pocket watch that someone took. I seem to be lying on a bed. My grandfather might be there too...In a bathroom, there is a big sign above a mirror. I need to throw rocks at this – actually I have to hit it with just one rock. It’s a bit of a gamble, but the sign is pretty big so it should be fairly easy to hit.

      (Not sure if this was the same dream, but I’ll put it here). A guy (me?) is following someone. He goes down a sort of chute/slide. The slide goes down into a dip, and then comes back up again. It seems like he didn’t have enough momentum to get out of the dip, or something. He gets stuck down there, but is rescued by some people from Star Trek (“Kirk, etc.”, according to my notes). They go and hang out at a café or bar. In my notes it says ‘“who is prepared for”?’, in quotes like that followed by the question mark. I think someone was saying this to the people in the café/bar.

      (Also not sure if this is the same dream.) We are somewhere (the café/bar?). It is time to leave. I think about using the restroom first, but the only toilet is situated at the bottom of a set of stairs and is difficult to use. I decide to wait until we get to the restaurant where we are supposed to be going. I think we might be getting a pizza there. But in the end we don’t go to the restaurant, we just decide to eat the food we have at home. This kind of disappoints me, I think.

      Fragment 6: Dad’s House

      In this dream, my father owns a house that we used to live in while I was growing up. He has done some fancy remodeling to the place, including the use of metal nails. I wonder if they are copper nails, but they seem to be some kind of alloy. [My notes say: “what about” kids – the ‘what about’ being in quotes like that.] I think someone asked him how he justified spending all that money to fix up a house that he could be using for his “kids”. He says that he plans to move up here with the kids.

      January 20th, 2024

      Dream 1: Mansion

      In an old house. I go upstairs, and it is a rather beautiful mansion. There seems to be a lot of antique furniture and old belongings up there, as though someone left it many years ago and never returned. In the process of looking around, I accidentally bump a piece of the furniture next to me and a small shelf falls off. In trying to put it back on, a shoe falls off, and then some clothes. I try to put the clothes back on a hanger, but have trouble. I also have trouble putting the drawer back together and stacking things the way they were originally. I think about whether I should tell the homeowners what I did, or just let it go and hope they don’t notice.

      If Bush wins I'll *BLEEP* myself :P-_792f6f41-e658-4df5-8154-58cf28b0ba23.jpg

      Fragment 1: Crossing a Bridge

      Crossing over a bridge that I seem to have dreamed about a couple of nights ago. I’m trying to take a bicycle over it, and am walking the bike. Another guy comes along and pushes past me, which I think is a little rude, but he seems to work there so I guess it’s OK. He then asks me if I can see what condition the restroom downstairs is. (Interesting note – this dream had reminded me of a similar dream I had earlier, but I couldn’t remember what it was until just now when I was typing up my notes from the 19th. It feels as though this was the same bridge as the one from the northern Alaska dream from that night).

      Fragment 2: Friends and Neighbors

      Driving or riding somewhere. We come across a couple of women from our church. I haven’t seen them for a while. Now I’m at a neighbor’s house. There is a football game, or something, going on. Some kind of a tradition where people kick something or at least raise one of their legs, and we are wondering which leg it will be.

      January 21st, 2024

      Fragment 1: Football Election

      There is a football game going on. It might be the Super Bowl. I, and the people watching with me, are hoping that one team wins. Somehow the game is related to something like nursing jobs – if the other team wins we think it will hurt the nursing industry somehow. I keep getting it mixed up in my mind whether this is a football game or an election. I ask how much time is left in the game. It’s in the third quarter now.

      If Bush wins I'll *BLEEP* myself :P-_4599f0ce-b220-4538-adf3-74692e7f4721.jpg

      Fragment 2: Foam on the Window

      There is some sort of packing foam on the window next to my couch.
    2. Winter Competition Night 11: Strange Lands, Intrigue, and more

      by , 01-19-2024 at 01:42 AM
      Dream 1: Strange Lands, Banquet, Beach, and Mink

      I am somewhere where there is deep water. People are diving down into it. Someone is talking with me, and wondering if I want to dive down in there too. I look down, and see big fish. The more I look, the bigger fish I see. There is one about the size of a shark (maybe it is a shark) and then something that looks like a huge shark (possibly basking shark size, maybe even megalodon size). Anyway, I don’t think I really want to dive down in there with those huge fish. But I do wonder if I should, because it is kind of unexplored territory.

      Then I turn around and travel back the way I came – or try to. In this land, it’s easy to get lost – somehow like an outdoors Backrooms. There are dangerous people there. I find a gun – a rifle or a shotgun. I carry this with me, for protection, I guess. I make it to a customs place, where people are being “checked in”. It’s like the boundary between this land and back to “normal” space. I try to get a passport, or to sneak in, or something. At this point, I feel as though I become some sort of a fugitive.

      There is banquet going on, with people from my former workplace, I think. They expect me to do something. There is some antagonism, as though I want to refuse to do it. I seem to be avoiding people. There are Christmas cards being given out. Someone has a stack for me that they collected while I wasn’t there. There is also a bunch of food. Something about weighing myself or being weighed on a scale.

      There is a beach. This might be near the banquet place. I go outside, and find myself driving around and trying to find a place to park, I think. It becomes difficult, as there are people in the way.

      At some point, I’m walking along the road, looking for a mink stole made from four whole minks. I think I see one and go to pick it up, but it turns out to just be a dead animal.

      Who's from England...I need some guy tips-_5a2779c9-6ae2-4727-9b6c-bda30c400ad8.jpg

      Fragment 1: Break my Stride

      I’m somewhere. Indoors, I think. The song “Break my Stride” is playing. I stop when I recognize the tune, because it’s one of my unofficial Dreamviews Competition theme songs. I think I do a reality check, but I don’t recall what happens after that.
    3. Comp Night 10: Finally, some lucidity!

      by , 01-17-2024 at 10:17 PM
      Bedtime about 10:30-11:00. WBTB around 2:30 (bathroom, scripture reading, about 20 minutes).

      Fragment 1: Bus

      On a bus. It starts out as something from Lurkers.io, where I need to get to a specific place. This involved finding my way out of a space that I’m currently in and finding a path there. Once I get there, I’m supposed to make a radio broadcast or something. My brother seems to be in charge...

      Dream 1: Murder Mystery

      Someone has been murdered. It is a woman – an actress apparently, or some sort of entertainer. She has been killed in the upstairs of some place. I go up to investigate. I begin looking around to see if there are any weapons or things that might be used as weapons handy. It turns out that there are a bunch of knives. It seems that someone threw a knife and killed this woman. I try to get more information. I talk to someone whose native language is Swahili, and am having trouble getting her to tell me if the body was found with the head toward the kitchen area or if it was lying the opposite direction. There is some trouble communicating. Finally, I figure out that it wasn’t lying either way, but had fallen down through the floor so that the head was sticking up through the floor and the rest of the body was dangling down from the ceiling of the floor below.

      I go downstairs. Family and friends are coming in for a sort of funeral/memorial. I start talking to people, trying to gather evidence. I introduce myself to several different people, and eventually zero in on a lady who is a “property manager” for the family. I don’t really know what a property manager does, but I figure it might give her a motive to commit the crime. Also, she’s cute. She has an animal with her on a leash. I can’t figure out if it’s a Canada goose or a dog. I decide that it’s a goose, because it has webbed feet. I say to her “I don’t think I’ve ever seen a goose on a leash before.” She looks at me with a patient smile and says “It’s a dog”. That’s a little embarrassing. But I keep talking to her, and try to explain that I’m tired, or something. Still the dog does look kind of like a goose, and it’s fur seems to be more like feathers.

      We go somewhere. My memory here is a little vague, but it seems to involve some girls on a couch. Something with slime in a tub.

      (Not sure if this is part of the above dream or not). My brother is talking to someone. This person becomes violent, and starts hitting him. I decide to intervene, and try punching the guy. He seems to be really quick though, and dodges my punches. He and my brother start fighting. I grab a bottle of wine or something, and try to hit this guy on the head. I think I eventually succeed.

      Dream 2: Dad at Conference (Lucid)

      Looking for a bathroom. I’m walking with my Mom, or someone. They go into a women’s bathroom. I try to keep going, but there is something with the doors and the hallway all leading into the women’s room. I go to a different area, looking for the men’s room. This turns out to be the wrong area, but I see a sign pointing to “restrooms” so I figure that might help. I follow the sign.

      Now I’m in a conference (possibly the same dream, but I’m not sure). There are a lot of people here, and a man walks by that looks like my Dad. It doesn’t make sense that my Dad would be there, but who knows? I decide to do a reality check though. I try counting my fingers, and find that I have trouble doing so. I try multiple times, and keep having trouble. I become lucid! Remembering a goal that I have had, I find my “Dad” again and ask him what his story is. I don’t remember getting much of a coherent answer though.

      Hmm...is this even possible???-_a90a9b99-7283-4d0c-b47a-3837682f8c90.jpg

      Woke up around 6:30 and took some notes on my phone. Have had trouble getting back to sleep (not an intentional WBTB). It’s now 7:12. I had some milk and donuts.

      Fell asleep not too long after the above note. Had the following dreams:

      Dream 3: Trying the “Merging” Technique (Lucid)

      I find myself awake on the couch. My friend D- is sitting next to me. I look over at his laptop, and see that he is getting on Dreamviews and checking out the competition thread. Then he starts watching Attack on Titan, and I figure it’s because of the competition. I go outside.

      (Maybe part of the same dream, but I’m not sure). Outside, I try counting my fingers. I have trouble doing this, even with multiple tries. So, I think I try a nose pinch. I can still breathe. I become lucid. The dream seems to shift to my Grandparents’ old house, and I try flying. I jump off of a step and hover a bit, but I have a bit of trouble flying. Then I decide to try my goal of summoning a character and taking over his body. I try summoning the TV detective Monk, with whom I used to identify and with whom this trick used to work. I try calling for Monk several times, and then decide to tell myself that when I go around the next corner I’ll see him. I look around the corner, but I don’t see him. I think I might try to pretend he’s there anyway, and do the “merging” thing.

      Dream 4: Late Night Class and Movies

      (The following might have been part of the same dream, or might have been separate fragments. I’ll count them as one, since the point difference won’t be much either way).

      Waking up. My mother suggests a shirt for me to wear. I go outside, I think. I have a late class (about 10:00pm), so even though I seem to have slept through a lot of the day it doesn’t worry me too much. I’ll be up pretty late. Some friends are going to watch something on TV around 2:00am. I think about joining them after my class.

      Some people want to go watch some horror movies. They have some reason for doing this, I forget exactly why. There is a horror movie marathon at a movie theater. It seems to be classics, like the Mummy, etc. Most of the people going to the movie are dressed in what seems to me to be stereotypical horror movie costumes from around the 1940s. This includes people dressed in Middle Eastern/South Asia garb, and/or British Colonial uniforms (not sure why these were stereotypical horror garb to me).

      Fragment 2: Two Dads

      My Dad is at home. Another guy comes along, who is apparently my new Dad coming home from work. My old Dad is relaxing in the recliner when the new Dad shows up. They seem to be on good terms, and shake hands.

      Dream 5: Visiting M-

      I have some spare time, and decide to fly to Africa to visit my friend. We look around her house and yard, and I ask how much of the property she owns. She explains that she used to own more, but it was sold. Also, her brother used to live in the house in front of her, but had to sell his house. So, the family used to have a nice chunk of land all together, but now she just has this smaller plot. Walking around out back, it is very soggy ground. I’m thinking she could have a garden, and then I think maybe asparagus would grow in this marshy area. My friend comes out of the house with a planter, and sets it by the door. Then I see that she has a decent sized raised bed in the back.

      Dream 6: Lord of the Rings

      My friend D-, I think, suggesting that we watch something more appropriate than something else we had been watching. I’m not sure if he means Attack on Titan. Anyway, I start watching the Lord of the Rings (a cartoon version, apparently). “Waking up” in the morning, I try to finish watching it before getting started for the day. I’m watching it on a television up above the kitchen sink, and when my Mom comes along I think about stopping it but I’m too lazy to reach up to the TV or to try and find the remote control. Someone talks about how the Lord of the Rings is like grad school, or like research. In other words, it takes a long time and a lot of work to make even small progress.

      Dream 7: Girl and Signs

      There is a girl sitting next to me. There seems to have been some conversation about her size. There is also something about signage. Some kind of clever sign that warns about nudity, or something. I think it’s a pretty nice sign, so I try to make my own, expanding on the theme of the sign. I put this up along a road, but when I look at it, it doesn’t look as nice as I thought. Also, I have put it on other people’s property without asking them. I decide to take the signs down (which involve shooting them with lasers or something). I drive down the road “taking down” the signs. One of them is a little harder to reach, and I pull into a parking lot to try to turn around and get a better try at it. I spend some time circling around the parking lot, and then try to pull back out onto the road. There is a guy sitting there, kind of blocking my view of oncoming traffic.

      Fragment 3: Watering Plants

      Watering the plants in my house. Someone else might be there with me.

      Fragment 4: Guy with Orange Stuff Coming Out of His Eye

      “You beast!” the man yelled. I don’t know exactly who he was yelling at or why. He might have been yelling at me. I think I was criticizing or lecturing him for something, maybe trying make him feel guilty. Anyway, at some point I roll him over, and some orange stuff oozes out of his eye. I collect some of this on my finger, either to show him or to show someone else. This horrifies that person. The orange stuff, apparently, is some liquid form of someone’s rage.
    4. Comp Night 9: Hotel Stuff and More

      by , 01-17-2024 at 03:16 AM
      Dream 1: Hotel Stuff – is this a dream?

      There is a guy who, I think, says that we are in a dream. I feel as though he has been spreading this around, and now people want him to prove it by jumping off of a building. By now he isn’t so sure though. But a crowd of people have gathered around, and he seems to be trapped into doing it. I suggest that he escape. He could duck into a nearby elevator and go to a different floor, where it would be difficult to find him. But he wants to go through with it. We try in vain to convince him otherwise, and I think he eventually jumps. I either fall off or jump off too. I think that I start wondering if it really is a dream. Anyway, it doesn’t seem to hurt me.

      In a big hotel. I’m trying to go back to my room – I’m also naked. I’m carrying a big towel, which I wrap around me as I go. I walk down a corridor and find myself in an area that looks like a place I have dreamed about before. I think I might do a kind of half-hearted reality check, but don’t become lucid. As I go, I see that some rooms have bathtubs out in the hallways. They are in a sort of cubby area, I guess, and a curtain or a sliding door can be drawn in front of them. Still, it seems like an odd lack of privacy to me. I walk into a sort of open place, kind of like the main walking area of a mall, and in front of me is a nice-looking carpeted staircase such as you might find in a fancy Victorian era hotel. To my right, a woman is demonstrating some sort of gadget.

      Something about a news crew filming. People are dressed up in “holographic” Halloween costumes. These costumes are invisible unless you look at them with a specific lens.

      hel me out-_c77c7e20-4f20-403f-a9cf-b541ebf3a7c4.jpg

      Fragment 1: Lecture

      Someone is giving a lecture. A couple of my friends are thinking of going to it, but it starts before long and is a fairly long drive away, and I don’t know if we can make it in time. The talk seems like it would be interesting though – possibly related to lucid dreaming somehow.

      Fragment 2: Scrooge

      Something about Ebenezer Scrooge. The fire in the office is cold, and Cratchit wants to put more coal on it. Scrooge secretly realizes that it’s cold, but he has fallen on hard times and doesn’t want to admit it. So he pretends to be harsh about the coal.

      Fragment 3: Train Crossing

      Driving along a road. I’m coming to a train crossing, and a train is approaching. I think I might have an idea about to the crossing, but then decide that is too risky. In fact, the train is pretty close to the crossing. It crosses, but some other guy drives up and decides to cross anyway. So, while the train is moving, he jumps his car/truck up and over some flat train cars, driving on them as though they were some sort of ramp.

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    5. Comp Night 8: Some Things

      by , 01-16-2024 at 04:39 AM
      Dream 1: Scenes in a Building

      These might have been different dreams, but I’m not sure. If so, they would be fragments on their own so the point difference wouldn’t be much.

      In a building somewhere. A bunch of people have been given toy guns (that shoot real bullets). They are playing with these. Some kind of target shooting, I think. I’m a bit concerned about it – these might be a bunch of kids or something.

      In a building (maybe the same building. Maybe a University). There is someone that doesn’t like me. Something about me going away from that person, farther and farther as I flick my finger. I walk down a short set of steps, and look at doors trying to find a way out. I make my way into a sort of formal garden area. My brother is sitting at a table nearby talking about something (possibly about me). Not wanting to interrupt, or maybe not wanting to be seen, I walk into a sort of enclosed area where there is a pool.

      There is food in this building (this part seems to be a University). I get some food, I think. We also seem to be concerned about a homeless person/people who want to come in and take people’s food.

      hel me out-_f84e8957-7763-4d3d-a433-aff54f3062b6.jpg

      Fragment 1: Bathrooms

      Something about bathrooms. Trying to find the men’s room, I think...

      Fragment 2: Matrix Avocado

      Eating a strange food. It is like some alien’s tentacles, in my dream it is like something from the movie Alien or Predator (one of the two, and I’m not exactly sure how). I look at the label, and it says its something like “Matrix Avocados”. It seems to be a relative of avocado, at any rate. The “Matrix” part is either a reference to the movie, or reminds me of the movie. I make the joke: “but how am I supposed to eat this Matrix Avocado if there is no spoon?”
    6. Comp Night 7: Dream Theme and More

      by , 01-15-2024 at 04:00 AM
      Dream 1: Dream Theme (yay!) and Apples

      Watching Attack on Titan. In this episode, the humans have some kind of hover cars that look like space ships...Then there are some people driving up in a kind of lunar rover (military police?). Something about how where we are may be more exciting, but they get to travel across the planet (or moon)...Someone (Annie, from AoT?) is handing out shirts. She gets a pink one and a green one mixed up, from which I gather that she is colorblind. This seems important to me, and I mention it to someone.

      My Dad and I are walking across some countryside (possibly the same dream). We are looking for a place that also has an apple orchard. He leads us off to the right, and I guess that it’s because he saw a couple of apple trees and gathered that they spread from the place we are looking for. Along the way, I pick an apple and munch on it. We come to a road, and some sort of sign. There is another tree nearby, and I pick another apple. This apple is full of holes though, as though a bunch of ants had gotten into it.

      Grand Theft Auto 3 and damage proof stretch-_b327234e-dcc5-48d9-973a-e62237f40d65.jpg

      Fragment 1: Not Really Typing

      Someone is in an office. There are two other people there, but one of them is apparently busy typing on a typewriter. But this is just a ruse, and the person is not really typing other than just nonsense. Someone inspects the paper on which they were typing, and there are bunch of words but also a lot of blank space. This ends up in the lab somehow, I think.

      Fragment 2: Drug Store

      In a drug store. There is some machine there that you interact with to buy stamps, or something. There is something about me not wanting to buy things from CVS because they sell abortion pills.

      Fragment 3: Garden

      My Mom and I are in a long, narrow garden. It is about two rows wide. She is planting things on one row, and I am planting things in the other row. The row I am in seems to be lower than my mother’s garden row. It also drops down a foot or two toward the end.
    7. Comp Night 6: Bingo Speakeasy and more

      by , 01-14-2024 at 04:29 AM
      Dream 1: Ice Storm, Kids, and Failed RC

      In Wellington – at the library, I think. My lab-mates are with me, I believe. It starts to rain ice, and they go inside a building for shelter. I walk around a bit. Some guy says something about the weather, and that my Jeep should be OK even though my lab-mates would have to stay there. I go back to my Jeep. Now the Jeep is my old truck. There is a bunch of stuff in the back, some of which is hanging out and has been shut in the tail gate. There is a kid there, messing with the stuff. Then there are two kids. The kids won’t leave me alone. Finally, I ask them where they live, and they point to a brick house across the street. It belongs to Mrs. (somebody, I forget the name. Something like Woolenscraft). I say to the kids “let’s go back to your home”. They are agreeable, and I walk them across the street. We enter the house. There are a bunch of kids there. It turns out to be an orphanage, or something. I locate Mrs. Woolenscraft and turn the kids over to her.

      Back across the street, something prompts me to do a reality check. I try counting my fingers, but have trouble. There seems to be a little bit of a finger on one hand that I keep counting, and I think this might be throwing off the count. I might try a nose pinch RC or two also. For some reason, I won’t believe that this is a dream.

      Because of the ice storm, I go back to my old apartment. Nobody seems to be living there, and I spend the night. I also bring in a bunch of stuff from the truck and it starts to look like home again. I figure, since no one is living there, I might as well move back in. The next morning, I think I should probably get in touch with the landlords and let them know I have been there. I also realize that I haven’t been paying rent. I think maybe I should pack up and leave soon, in case anyone shows up.

      Dream 2: Bingo

      We stop into some kind of business (library, hotel, restaurant, or something). But once inside the door, it seems that the whole thing was just a front. The “lobby” is just an entranceway, with apparently nothing else inside. But there is a small sliding door in front of us, that one can push open. When this is pushed open, it reveals a set of stairs going down into a secret bingo place. It’s kind of like an underground casino, but they just play bingo. They also have cookies. I help myself to the cookies, and I think I also look for a place where I can sit down and possibly join in the bingo playing.
      Fey in the Sandman Prophecies-_c72015f6-7374-4035-94ae-43fac80479b9.jpg

      Fragment 1: Night Adventure

      In an apartment. There are a couple of other people involved, I think. Someone is trying to sneak in, or break in, at night I think. I wait in front of a door with a guitar to whack them on the head when they come in. Something also happens with people spraying cans of compressed air. They went into a place where there wasn’t much air to breathe. Then they realize it works better if they spray the air in their faces so they have something more to breathe.

      Fragment 2: Playing Lurkers

      Playing lurkers.

      Afternoon nap:

      Dream 3: Wandering Around in a Building

      Aunt D— and Aunt R--. I see Aunt D— go by, and think to myself how much “that girl” looks like Aunt R—(at first I don’t recognize her). Then I realize who it is, and try to say hello to her. By now she has become someone else, a beautiful girl who is less closely related to me. Along the way, someone gives me a bag with some food in it – including a piece of meat that I call a “pork chop”.

      Now we’re in a hotel. Dad and Mom are with me. At first it’s just Mom, I think. We are looking for food, walking through a food court sort of area. Or maybe we’re looking for a bank at first, or both. There is a place where there had been a bank, but is now part of another store. In this store, they have a story time for kids. We end up in a hotel room. It turns out that I actually live in this building, a couple of floors down. We still aren’t sure what to do about food, but I point out that I have the “pork chop” and other stuff in my refrigerator. My Mom asks me how much oatmeal is there. I’m not sure, but I make a reference to the miracle of the loaves and fishes and go to get my small bag of food.

      I go downstairs. Down to the basement of a hospital or school or something. [I’m not too sure about how this part fits in, or even if it’s the same dream]. There are people wandering around – students, trying to find their way around the building. Someone asks me if I know where “the Hall” is. We discuss this for a bit. There are some things with stairs and elevators – some guy gets off an elevator and finds he is in the wrong place. I get on an elevator to go back upstairs.

      I find myself helping new students collect items for their classes. This includes cardboard vacuum cleaners for a class that my advisor teaches. They ask me what he is like, and we discuss this briefly.

      Scenes that might have been part of this dream:

      Discussing a clock called “Hogswell”. It seems to be located at Hogwarts.

      Walking along, thinking about how it would be nice to live somewhere where technology such as automobiles and the internet were outlawed. I think about starting my own place where that was the case. Ambulances could still run, but other people wouldn’t be allowed to run automobiles. My Mom and I discuss how much productivity is lost because of internet addiction.

      Fragment 3: Christian Radio Show and Wrapping Paper

      Listening to a Christian radio program, I think. Someone is either being interviewed or has called in, and while he is talking the host says something like “don’t say it, don’t say it” as the guest seems to be getting into something that would open a can of worms. The guest says it, and the host or co-host says “he said it!” That seems to be ok though. Now there is something about a large roll of wrapping paper. We are stretching it down a hallway, and I am standing on top of it. This hallway is connected to another hallway, where more wrapping paper is stretched. This imagery seems to be related to the talk show, or to ministry in general.

      Dream 4: Unknown Park

      A geography-related dream. Discussing a location with someone. There is a place called “Unknown Park”. Someone is saying that this took its name from something that had to do with a classic rock band. There is something complicated about another place to the north, with a part that had a similar name, from which this park took its name. I begin speculating about the classic rock band (it seems to be the Electric Light Orchestra). They are still touring. I wonder how old they are. Then I start ruminating about time, and how things get old and decay. It feels like a tragedy to me. We are walking along, and I fret about this. I think to myself how even the traffic lights will decay and fall apart after time.

      Fragment 4: Lurkers

      Playing lurkers. There is a swarm of players from the red team just above the blue team’s base. Someone says something about how it would be better if we stuck together. I then try to rally our team together to attack the red base, and type “charge!” into the chat. I try to storm the red base. I think I make it, but get killed. I might try once or twice more, I don’t remember.

      Note: the bingo speakeasy picture above is a little different than what was in my dream. It looks cooler. Also, what kind of animal is that in the bottom left?

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    8. Competition Night 5: A couple of fragments

      by , 01-13-2024 at 05:43 AM
      Fragment 1: Plants

      Looking at some leaves. There are some vines growing too. They seem to be growing quickly. Then there is something where I’m looking at “goldenrod” – a plant with little yellow flowers on it (although the leaves look more like ragweed). There is a patch where many of these are growing...

      Fragment 2: Quiz

      Taking a quiz or exam. Something about the questions and/or grades...

      Fragment 3: Empty Apartment

      Looking inside an apparently empty apartment. It is, in my dream, the apartment where I used to live. I have been walking around in the neighboring apartment, but think it might be nice to look into my old apartment.

      By the way, does anyone know how to make the images larger when I attach them?

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      Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Who's from England...I need some guy tips-_ff5e634d-0c77-439e-b782-0a2e73223e38.jpg  
    9. Winter Comp Night 4: Flea market carnival, indoor canal, and more

      by , 01-11-2024 at 11:47 PM
      January 11th, 2024

      Dream 1: Flea Market Carnival

      Mom and/or Dad and I are at a flea market/carnival type place. The flea market part seems to be indoors, and out back there are rides and games. I think it started out with Mom and I stopping in here for some reason. We had been heading to a business to the south. We went up a road that climbed up a hill, and Mom was telling me that we had been there before. But I don’t remember it. She thinks maybe I wasn’t with her when she went there before. We stop in to the business, and while we are there I decide to look around. The store is owned by someone that we used to know. Mom comes with me as I look around. There is an aisle of candy. We keep walking around, and now I think it is Dad that is with me and not Mom. The store is set up so that there are two bays, or wings. We walk down one, and go outside. The carnival is out there. There is a carousel. One of the songs it is playing is “And the Band Played On”. I sing along, but as I start singing the music stops playing.

      Dad wants to join a race, I think. We walk around to the back of the building, where you are supposed to be able to sign up for the race. But in order to run, you need special shoes, and they don’t have enough pairs. While we are here, I think Dad realizes that there is the other side to the store. I tell him I’m going to go in and check it out. I go in and look around, but this side seems to be mostly furniture. It’s one of those places with labyrinth-like rooms. I walk around a bit and decide to come back after not seeing much interesting stuff. But I’m a bit concerned I won’t be able to find my way back out. I find a room that I came through...

      At some point there is a canal inside the store, I think. On this canal is a sailboat. There are people on this sailboat who seem to be running from someone. It is discovered that they are on this boat, so they sail down the canal for a bit to try to escape. Then they jump out and roll down a hill, I think. There is a scene in which calculations are being made involving how far they roll down the hill and how that relates to how visible they are. At this point, the “people” are also Santa Claus hats, and I’m tossing them down the hill. One of them is about to make it to an area of tall weeds, where they might be able to escape...

      At some point, it seems that I was back with my Dad (or someone else) at the race area. We were moving on from the foot race, and we see that there is a dog race taking place. It is all puppies, I think. My friend M—is officiating.

      It seems like there were gravestones, or monuments of some sort inside the store (unless this was a different dream). There is something about a ring on a string. Some kids are doing something with this. Anyway, we follow the string, and it goes down through a register vent. It apparently leads to this place with gravestones (or so my notes say). My brother and I are doing something with these, I think. There is something about how “everyone takes care of their own pet”. There are pets associated with the gravestones, suggesting that there is more to these monuments than meets the eye. I get down on my hands and knees and start investigating...

      If Bush wins I'll *BLEEP* myself :P-_561254a0-0a80-4d9e-9202-98faafa2c800.jpg

      Fragment 1: Sewage

      Something about sewage being drained into a pond down a hill a little bit from a house. This is against a regulation or something, and they have to stop draining the sewage there. People are unhappy about this, but I point out that draining raw sewage into a pond is unhealthy. I mention that it might have been better if it were a creek with flowing water.

      Looking for tea, or plants to use for tea. This might have been on the hillside above the pond where the sewage was being drained.

      Fragment 2: A Bit Lost

      Walking back to my grandparents’ former house from somewhere. It’s one of those situations where I am far away but on foot for some reason. I also don’t seem to know how to get back. But I have a GPS, and I bring up the map. I look for a way to get to a major road. At some point I’m driving again. I think there are people supposed to be following me. I pull over and wait for them to catch up, but they don’t. I get annoyed, thinking it was discourteous of them. Then I’m not sure if they were behind me or in front of me.

      Fragment 2: Kid and Dog

      There is a knock at the door. I look out, and there is a kid standing there. I think his mother is standing behind him. When I open the door, he says something like “can you please watch your dog more carefully?” It is explained that a dog apparently bit him, or something. He thinks it was our dog. He points out our dog. As we talk, I get the idea that he was messing with the dog, and the dog either defended itself or was playing. I get annoyed with the kid’s attitude and say something about how people who mess with other people’s dogs deserve to be bit. I even say something like “they even deserve to be put into the hospital”!

      Fragment 3: Looking for a Pencil Sharpener

      In the lab. I need a pencil to write something down, but my pencil is dull. I go to the lab next door to see if they have a pencil sharpener. They do indeed, but while I’m there I realize that I have one in my pocket.

      Fragment 4: Final Episodes

      I decide to watch the last two episodes of Andromeda (which might also be Blakes 7 in this dream). The final episodes seem to go back to an original cast that was in the pilot episode. I might be watching this on a huge screen

      Fragment 5: Holograms

      Someone is showing off these sheets of plastic that have those holograms on them – the ones where as you tilt the surface you see a different picture. This one is fancy, in that you see more than two pictures as you tilt the surface.

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    10. Competition Night 3: Pumpkinhead and more

      by , 01-10-2024 at 04:59 PM
      Fragment 1: My Friend the Actress

      My friend H- is in a movie (or TV show). She seems to play a villain. I watch the first of these. In the movie, she is very beautiful (she’s pretty attractive in real life, but in the movie she was exceptionally well presented). I find her later and tell her that I saw her in the movie.

      Dream 1: Disorientation Party and Brainwashing

      Some young people (college students?) are having a party. I am at the party, and as I walk around, I notice how weird it seems. There are a couple of people dressed in what looks like plain-colored business attire. A girl gets up and jumps on a scale, and then jumps back down. She and another guy are comparing weights, or something. I continue walking and go into a room where there are a bunch of picture frames. There is something odd, like the pictures in the frames are missing or off center, or something. Someone begins to explain to me that this is a party in which things are intentionally mixed up, so that people won’t have a “point of reference” and will become disoriented. Indeed, many aspects of the surroundings don’t seem to have logical coherence to them – even the games, like the girl jumping on the scale.

      But then I start explaining to the guy that there is one thing that ties everything together. Then I stop and say we should wait until we get away from other people because I don’t want to ruin the experience for them. When we get to a less crowded place, I explain that since the intention is to disorient people, that intention is what ties everything together and gives it coherence. But then as we continue walking, I realize that this technique has been used for brainwashing (not sure if it really has or if I just dreamed it). Since it has been used in the past, maybe it really does work.

      Now, this starts to tie into a plot. There is a family that has moved into a small town. Things seem normal at first. There is a man and wife and a couple of kids. The parents read to the kids. But as things progress, it appears that they are being brainwashed by some people in the town. On closer inspection, the books that they read appear to have propaganda material in them. There seems to be a similar disorientation attempt as in the party, people doing weird and random things. The children, for example, will alternate from crying to being happy when the parents look at them and then look away. One child puts on a creepy mask.

      There is a cake shaped like a frog. It looks tasty, but is also reminiscent of something disturbing that happened. My Mom (?) and I are going to eat it, but I wonder if she wants to because of its resemblance to this thing. She says it’s ok. As we slice into it, there are words revealed on the slices. These seem to be disturbing somehow.

      I, or someone, catches on. There is a scene where this person is laying on a couch. Some things happen, involving a bag with pickle juice being poured onto this person as part of a plot. This person eventually goes undercover as a woman. He rides a scooter or bicycle to work (?) stumbling around and appearing drunk (but possibly just not used to the high heels).

      Some of this might be taking place at my Aunt’s house, or in her barn. Anyway, I have her house mentioned in my notes around here and I don’t quite remember what was going on with that.

      Dream 2: Family Get-together and Silver Coin

      My family is having a get-together at my grandparents’ house. I’m still in my pajamas as people begin to show up. But that’s ok, as it seems that others are still in their pajamas as well, even though it’s afternoon. The get-together is apparently taking place in the evening. I have one of those scenes where I’m struggling to get dressed quickly. I don’t remember if I get fully dressed or not, but I join the group at some point. People are exchanging gifts. There is a big to-do about a large silver coin (about the size of a plate). It might have belonged to my grandfather, and the family took it and had it cleaned up as a gift. We are passing it around and looking at it, and my mother accidentally breaks it.

      [Not sure if this part belongs here, but it makes sense so I’ll put it here] I go to find a broom to clean up the shards of the mirror. I go outside and look around, apparently thinking that there is a broom (or large stalk of grass, which I think would work too) in a garden or behind a compost pile. As I approach the spot, the broom seems to be gone. I turn around and see one in another location. I get this one, and go back into the house.

      My mother had been given a fancy vacuum cleaner as a gift. But she doesn’t like it. In fact, she is telling my grandmother how much she hates it. My grandmother tells her that it isn’t very nice to say that. I take the vacuum and start cleaning with it. Someone goes on and talks about how people were planning to give her attachments for the vacuum as gifts. My mother then pretends that she likes the vacuum, seeing that my brother (and maybe other family members) are in the adjacent room. My brother makes some sarcastic remark, which seems to hint that he overheard my mother talking about how she hated the vacuum cleaner.

      At some point, not sure if it’s in this dream or where, some kid runs around trying to find a place to throw up. He ends up throwing up off of the edge of a dock in a harbor, in front of some girls.

      Fragment 2: Three Arbys’

      Someone is talking about how it sounds bad to say that he hopes someone dies. Or is glad that they are dying, or something. But then he explains that “how many Arby’s do you need all together?” There are three Arbys’ restaurants together in one small location, two of them right next to each other. I mention how this seems to be the case with fast food places – they will tear one down and build a new one right next to it.

      Fragment 3: Pumpkinhead

      Someone is fighting a creature with a pumpkin for a head. It was kind of threatening at first, but the person gets the upper hand. Pushing it so that it’s leaning out over a bridge, she starts slashing at its neck with a sword. Now the Pumpkinhead starts pleading that it has a wife and six children, or something. The woman attacking the Pumpkinhead slashes off the head, but it doesn’t seem to phase the creature. I think it explains that cutting off its head doesn’t really do much, for some reason. [I get the idea that this dream was inspired by watching a few episodes of Attack on Titan before going to bed. But I can’t specifically prove that, so I won’t count it for points]

      Who's from England...I need some guy tips-pumpkinhead.jpgWho's from England...I need some guy tips-_60fa3d10-32f8-43d2-b6b4-ad44d15f7923.jpg

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    11. Winter Comp Night 2: Odds and Ends

      by , 01-08-2024 at 05:14 PM
      January 8th, 2024

      Fragment 1: Kids Games

      Some kids are playing. This involves some toys and some screaming. Someone is concerned about one of the toys being lost somehow. Later, there is a corpse and a severed head. The severed head is discarded in some kind of tunnel system below where the kids were playing. There is a close-up of the head, which eventually shrivels and/or explodes. I speculate that perhaps that was why the kids were screaming.

      Dream 1: Kid Gets Arrested

      We are standing around outside. The police show up, and there are blue lights (sort of like the lights on a police car, but also kind of like Christmas lights). I walk around something, and come back to where I started. By this time, the police have arrested someone. It appears to be an adolescent. I worry at first that there might be some violence when they arrest him, but he goes quietly. They toss him next to a corpse. This was his friend, I think. But he had murdered his friend. Anyway, he lays there with the corpse, and it seems like he doesn’t care that his friend is dead. In other words, he acts like the corpse is still alive.

      Fragment 2: Games

      Egg toss game. I missed it this year and last year, but I watch video clips to see if I missed anything that was actually fun. The game appears to involve people tossing eggs into a black plastic bag, after which my advisor shows up and counts the eggs that made it in. There is some other stuff about trying to find out who a girl is, or something. She had broken an egg on her head. She and another girl have made cookbooks, apparently. They have a show online, or a bunch of videos on youtube or something.

      Fragment 3: Distracted

      Reading(?) at my grandparent’s house. My friend M-- keeps wanting to talk online...

      Fragment 4: Circus

      A woman wants to get a job with the circus. Someone is showing off their elephant and trying to think of something the woman could do. The guy with the elephant shows how the elephant can lift its foot so that the woman could put her head under it if she wanted to, as though the elephant were going to pretend to crush her head...

      Neurological Pathways -- Mind over Matter-elephant.jpg

      Fragment 5: Guard Dog

      ...A dog. He is supposed to guard some sort of a small structure that people climb over a wall inside of. Someone and I climb over the wall inside, but this is OK and the dog doesn’t attack. Instead, we go out and see the dog. It pretends to attack, or something...
    12. Comp Night 1

      by , 01-08-2024 at 06:31 AM
      January 7th, 2024

      Fragment 1:

      Riding in the truck with Grandad. He’s 90 now, but still seems to be decent at driving. We are going somewhere, and then come back. By this time, Grandad is Uncle D--. He is driving pretty fast, and as we come into a garage, the man who is waiting there dives out of the way as though we were about to run into him.

      Grand Theft Auto 3 and damage proof stretch-c1a470d6-428b-40b0-9f0e-7def1f2ca5c5.jpg

      Fragment 2:

      Talking to M--.

      I remembered the following after entering my competition score for 12/7. I will add these to 12/8 score:

      Fragment 3:

      There is a swimming pool. The water is fairly clean. But there seems to be something scattered on the bottom. It kind of looks like bubbles. I decide to go for a swim. Instead of entering through the shallow end, I decide to jump into the deep end. I jump in, and resurface. I mess around a bit. My beige coat seems to be in the pool with me...

      Fragment 4:

      In a basement. I need a hammer. I find two hatchets, with hammer-like backs to them...

      Fragment 5:

      Playing lurkers. They have made an update where there are sort of 3D bricks now. If you place some of the blocks, it makes it look like a 2.5D game. They are kind of golden. I find an enemy team member in the lower left-hand corner of the screen, and block him in. Then, I think I try to get him back out, or something.