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    Comp night 7

    by , 03-09-2023 at 07:14 PM (156 Views)

    12:08 – bedtime, 50mg vitamin b6

    1:55 – WBTB (failed) [+2]

    3:15 –

    (from notes) Tom and Einstein. Excrement.

    I don’t recall what the Tom and Einstein dream was. I remember a dream in which there was a bucket of feces. I might have been adding to it with my own. [One remembered fragment – 0.5 points]

    4:58 –

    (from notes) Looking for private (?) bathroom; Princess in trouble, broken slide, baby crying, “zombies”, “zombie” dogs

    The Princess and the Zombies [+1]

    This might have all been one dream, but I’m having trouble remembering - There was a dream in which I was in a large building. I was looking for a bathroom, possibly one that had some privacy. Or else I was trying to hide from someone or something. Not sure if it was the same dream, but at one point I went to a “Dad’s bathroom”, which seemed to be a sort of comedic take on bathrooms. Some kinds of silly decorations.

    There was a princess in a room (might have been the same dream as above). I forget exactly what was going on. She got in trouble for something.

    There was a slide that had a large crack on one side. I think it was my nephew, but much younger, that cried when he saw this. I held him and tried to soothe him.

    I think the “zombies” were more like an army. This might have been related to the princess. They might have been her army, but then they might have been going to arrest her. I don’t quite remember the zombie dogs.

    8:45 –

    (from notes) Elevator up to chase someone (lucid?), trains shut down. Cattle, woman protecting us, kissing, taking dog to vet(?), buckets of water and gold pan in my room, Dad gives me something, trying to draw

    Fragment 2 [+0.5]

    I was taking an elevator up to chase someone. I had the feeling that I was lucid at some point, but I don’t have enough recall to count it as a lucid dream...

    Trains, cattle, and dogs [+1]

    The trains were shut down. I was with someone, commenting on how much of a problem that could be. For one thing, there were all those businesses that count on the trains. And what about the people that commute by train? Now they’re stuck. We go into a cattle barn. It seems that we are riding on some kind of open vehicle now. A woman is hanging off the side, acting as a guard of some kind. She is supposed to be defending us from cattle, I think. It seems to me that she wasn’t doing that great of a job, and as we go along I see pictures of anime superheroes. Eventually we get where we were going. The woman (?) and I kiss. Meanwhile, the maintenance guys get a piece of equipment and take it with them with a “let’s get back to work” attitude that I think is funny because it seems that we just survived a big crisis...I’m walking a dog, going to a vet. They are trying to make us line up the dogs properly. I take mine back to its proper spot.

    Fragment 3 [+0.5]

    ...I seem to be standing on or near a bucket of water, on a set of stairs. There is a gold pan too, I guess. Something about trying to move the bucket without spilling the water...My Dad gives me a round piece of something that looks like a cross between jewelry and a coin...Trying to draw. In a class maybe? Someone seems to be having trouble, and me too...Not sure if these were different fragments.

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