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    Comp nights 8,9,and10

    by , 03-12-2023 at 05:12 AM (163 Views)

    Notes from last night: Hotel, pizza, a bunch of people on the bed while couch has empty spots, 7 of 9, VLDL on sports field, watching sports game, participating in sport while on roller cart, someone died, got sympathy card

    Not sure if this was all one dream [+1]

    I was staying in a hotel. I think we were on vacation. Not sure who was with me, exactly. Someone got the hotel to put a pizza dispenser in their room. The pizza was pretty good. A bunch of people come over to one of the rooms, and a few of them pile onto the bed while only a couple of people sit on the couch. Something about “why doesn’t someone move to the couch?” There seems to be a guy there people don’t like, or are annoyed with, or something.

    Seven of Nine does something involving a bath tub – filling it with dirt or something.

    The acting group Viva la Dirt League is on a sports field. I discuss them with my Uncle, I think. A sports game starts taking place, while I go inside (the hotel?). Then I go back out. There is a lot of water around.

    I walk up toward the university campus. There are some people playing a sport that is like soccer but with a volleyball. I am on a small roller cart, and I catch the ball at one point. Also, it seems to be here that I’m simultaneously in a Church service. Someone has died, and the service mentions them. Meanwhile someone hands me a sort of a sympathy card. I didn’t really know the person too well though.


    1:02am – bedtime

    3:56am – WBTB [+2]

    Took the following notes by hand:

    “Lurkers-type war, bike lock; going somewhere, finding reading material, packing, trying to make a movie with a “robot” Servalan, having trouble with arm pistons. Trials in lab. Kneeling for crown.”

    To elaborate:

    I don’t remember much about the Lurkers-type war (Lurkers.io is a browser game that I have become kind of addicted to).

    Fragment 1 [+0.5)

    ...I think I was trying to lock my car to something using a bike lock...

    Fragment 2 [+0.5]

    We are getting ready to go somewhere. I don’t think we will be gone overnight, but for some reason I want to pack my luggage anyway. It will be a longish ride, so I also want to find something to read. I look browse some magazines...

    Fragment 3 [+0.5]

    I was trying to make some kind of movie using a robotic imitation of the character Servalan from the TV show Blakes 7. The arms, or at least the hands, were made of pistons, and I was having trouble getting them to do what I wanted them to do...[Servalan seems to be a dream sign. I watched this show over a year ago, and I don’t think I dream much about the other characters anymore. But Servalan keeps popping up.]


    Fragment 4 [+0.5]

    Doing some trials in the lab, which involved running around a table. I feel that I should have been completing a circuit of the table and ending in the same spot, but I don’t end exactly where I want to. This might be acceptable though...[maybe the same dream:] kneeling for a crown...

    4:13- back to bed

    9:56 – awake. Took the following notes by hand:

    “Man drowned in [nearby lake name] while being chased. Body not recovered. I look at lake. See guy laying near opposite bank. They say he was used to the cold or something. Is that the guy? Up into a cave.

    “Sleepover at Uncle D-‘s

    “Getting gas, making rhymes.”

    To elaborate:

    Man in lake, cave [+1]

    Someone was being chased, I think by the police, and ended up going into the lake. He presumably drowned, although they never found the body. I am walking along, looking at the lake a little unsettled wondering if I will see the body. Looking across the lake to the opposite bank, I see a man lying in a sort of concrete trough. He is living, and looks like a homeless man. I get the idea (maybe from people nearby) that he is used to being out in the elements. I think it’s possible this could be the guy that was being chased. Then I start going into a small, nearby cave. It’s dark in there, and I end up leaving.

    Fragment 5 [+0.5]

    I am at my Uncle’s house. I am spending the night there, along with some other relatives.

    Fragment 6 [+0.5]

    Riding in a car with my dad. We stop to get gas. I think I am going to be pumping the gas. I make up a rhyme about pumping gas. Then I make up another. I don’t remember much of the rhymes, except that the second one was something like “now it’s time for me, to pump some gas for thee”, maybe. I used the word “thee” anyway, to rhyme. I feel almost like they were limericks, though.


    Only slept for about 3 hours last night. I don’t remember much dreaming, although it seems like I was dreaming about circuitry and/or coding.

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