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    Winter Competition 12.10.2022

    by , 12-11-2022 at 04:33 AM (160 Views)

    Fragments from earlier in the night:

    (1) Laying on a bed in one room. But when the sun starts to come up it is too bright in there to sleep, so I move to another room. Sitting on the bed in this room, I can see through the blinds and out the window. I think about how I could see from laying down if I were to put my pillow at the other end of the bed, but then I think it might be OK to take a break from [the war?] and lay down at the end I feel more comfortable with. As I sit looking out the window, there is a message from [the enemy?]? Something involving explosives that look like fireworks or shooting stars in the sky.

    (2) Tunnels? Or corridors of some kind? Some creature that attacks people (or their characters Ė this might be a bit video game-ish) and pulls them into another tunnel. If this happens you can break free by going to another area. There are tentacles reaching out from one place that can catch you if you get too close. Dr. Who might be around somewhere...Going down a hallway and into a room. There is an ointment you can apply and clean yourself with if you have been involved in some sort of sin (idolatry?). There is a guy in the room next to me using it, and I try to see if I can get some of it myself...video game thing, using a bottle of perfume to win over a female character.

    Woke up around 7:45, went back to sleep around 9:30.

    Journaling with my eyes closed (lucid)

    I start typing in my dream journal, but my eyes are still closed. I type a line or two, having trouble (naturally). I can see what Iím typing even though my eyes are closed. Then I think that I might just be dreaming this. I do a nose pinch and can still breathe. Iím dreaming!! It is a bit unstable feeling, and Iím not sure at first if it is an actual dream or just HI/visualization. I reach for the light, which feels kind of solid. I stand up. My eyesight is pretty blurry, but at least Iím lucid. I worry that I might be too excited and lose the dream, so I try to stay calm. ďThis is a dream, stabilizeĒ, I say once or twice. Thinking about the competition, I want to really be sure that this is an actual dream, so I get up and stagger across the room. The dream starts to fade, and I hold onto some imagery for a little bit before losing things.

    I tried to hold onto the dream, or else have a DEILD, which might have lead into the following non-lucid:

    Lying in bed. I can see a girl. Maybe a couple of girls. They ask me how Iím doing. ďPretty good!Ē I say triumphantly, ďI just had a lucid dream! It wasnít very long, but it was lucid. Now Iím feeling pretty good!Ē [Or close to that. Iím working on trying to remember the exact wording when there is talking in my dreams]. I really do feel pretty good. I am still feeling the Ďlucid euphoriaí that I seem to experience sometimes. I remark on how it seems like Iím looking at this girl through a tunnel in my blankets, or something.

    Little House on the Prairie, but on a boat

    A family, including at least one or two girls, are traveling south by boat. It is the Ingalls family, from Little House on the Prairie. But itís kind of like we are watching this on TV. Also, the plot is a bit difficult to follow. They go south, but then go back north for some reason before going south again. When they go back north, two girls are playing in the river and come across a doll. This doll, apparently, had been tossed into the river earlier on by one of them (or maybe even someone else) earlier on in their journey. They are delighted to find that it has come with them this far. They pull it out from where it has come to rest and toss it back into the current of the river. Meanwhile, I and someone else are trying to figure out why the family is back in this location.

    I decide, since these are characters, I should ask them (here I seem to be associating them with dream characters, but without being lucid). They explain that they came back north for something. They also talk about how their brother had moved south. They originally lived in Illinois, and he moved down around Louisiana or Missouri, or some place in the deep south. They are moving down to be closer to him. I think that this is interesting, because a similar situation has occurred in my family Ė which is particularly interesting because now this Little House on the Prairie family are actually my ancestors. History seems to be repeating in our current generation. I explain the situation to this family, explaining that we originally lived in the Midwest, and my brother moved farther away. We didnít want to leave, but in order to be near the family and the grandkids, it seemed like moving was the thing to do.

    Fragments that might have all been one dream

    Lying on a bed. Something about spooky things at night. Itís night. I want to go downstairs. There is something about how it would actually be less spooky to go down while itís still night, for some reason. I start downstairs, but eventually decide to give it up and go back to bed. I come across my mother in another room. We talk a little bit, I think...

    ...Something about ghosts. People dying, but coming back to this room? Which I think makes sense in a humorous kind of way considering where those people are from. A woman lies down in the bed I was lying in. ďRemind me not to lay on that side of the bed again,Ē I say. Then a girl comes along and lays on the other side of the bed. ďRemind me not to use the sheets,Ē I say. Someone points out that the ghost women donít use the sheets. I think thatís smart, since other ghosts have used them...

    ...Talking with my mother. Something about this same room and bed. There is a row of benches (like church pews) off to the right. When one looks at them with the light shining at the right angle, there are spots of light reflecting off each of them that look like eyes. Itís a creepy effect, and reminds me of something from the Backrooms...

    ...In a room (the same room as above?) Mickey Mouse is outside of the door dancing with a girl. I wonder if the girl is Annette Funicello...

    ...Watching a TV show about some people from my college going to Europe to do some work. Playing with toy cars...

    Christmas bits

    Itís Christmas. My brother and his wife are at the house. But I only bought one gift for the two of them, and I think maybe one for my mother. My brotherís kids arenít there though, and I wonder if we will be giving them presents today. If so, Iíll need to go and buy some. There is some discussion about our plan, but in the end it seems that we will not be going to see the kids until the next day. Still, I go to my room and look around for something I can give to my sister-in-law as a gift.

    ...My brother gives me a gift. Glass with frosting and a joke/meme. Some things about Sherlock Holmes gifts, including an alarm clock where you have to solve a mystery for it to stop (might have been part of the above dream)...

    Cuban Conspiracy

    At my old job, there had been an experience where we went to Cuba (in the dream, I mean. This didnít happen in waking life). While we were there, we got involved in some crime. We then lied to our boss/captain (by now it seems to be related to Star Trek). Some time later, this is found out. There is a scene in which someone is sitting at a desk going over some papers, and things donít line up quite right. A few other people are around, and Iím saying something to the boss like ďweíll talk about that later. Really. We need to talk about this.Ē Apparently, this is something really serious. If for no other reason than that we lied about what we did. There is a scene in which Riker (from Star Trek) is lying to cover up what really happened by making up a story about himself committing some other serious crime.

    I reflect on what has happened and feel kind of guilty. Also Iím kind of scared about being found out. But I kind of justify things to myself by thinking that I was pretty new at the time and was just going along with what the more experienced employees were doing [we were smuggling something, it appears]. I try to think of what I might say if I were questioned about it, but I realize that I donít quite remember the details of what happened. I try to defend myself by thinking about how, in some countries, there is so much corruption that people have to pay bribes to get things done. Maybe thatís what it was like here. How would I know otherwise? Maybe the system was corrupt. What if, for example, someone had been wanting to build something, but because of the broken system he wasnít able to get nails? He might be waiting around unable to build until we showed up with smuggled nails.


    (3)...My nephew looking for my violin. Itís in a room, but my mother seems to think I should hide it so that he doesnít break it..

    (4)...Something about drinking alcohol through long skinny tubes. My friends want to go out drinking. There is some kind of festival going on, it seems. Some people in fancy costumes dancing behind a bar. My friends want to pray before leaving...

    (5)...Something about my artist friend wanting to become more commercial. Mass producing things, but weird things like surgically altering people as a kind of extreme tattoo. I talk about how this is the sort of thing we might see on the Discovery channel someday Ė ďThe worldís most extreme tattoosĒ...

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