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    Winter Competition 12.8.2022

    by , 12-09-2022 at 04:31 AM (62 Views)

    Bedtime probably around 3:00. WBTB around 5:54am. I don't think I planned to do a WBTB, but one of the following dreams ("Gorku") was so interesting that I wanted to record it. I think it also kind of scared me and made me turn on the light.


    (1) Something about a guy, outside walking around something? Sharp pieces of wood. He’s worried that something or someone is going to catch him. He is talking to someone else. Something like taking over a business? But the thing pursuing him makes him not want to take over the business any longer, or maybe he thinks the thing will catch him? Smashing at things (wood, like brush and/or downed tree branches) with a sharp piece of wood.

    (2) Singing songs (old west saloon songs?) while washing a strange knife in the sink. Instead of a cutting edge it has a flattened bit that runs around where the sharp edge should be. Something about how I can sing all the songs now that the kids are gone? (Implying that at least one of the songs is not appropriate for children to hear).

    (3) Someone singing a song from My Little Pony? While I do something with a toy lion?

    (4) Circuits, or pieces of circuits, talking about things. Bits of meat, or something, that are supposed to work like some cellular or electronic process. But it doesn’t seem to work properly.

    Trying reverse blinking?

    Mom’s Presentation

    Walking down a street. Two people jogging by – a man and a woman. I wonder if they are raising awareness about some neurological disorder or something. Something about kids going to school. This also involves plastic tubs. Lots of kids in the streets, transitioning into the aisles of a store. I make my way to the front of the store, avoiding the large numbers of kids by taking aisles to the side. When I get to the front, Mom is preparing to give a talk. A woman is talking first, but doesn’t seem to want to let Mom talk. It’s like this first woman just has a speech that she wants to read and won’t listen to anyone else. Then my Mom starts talking. She references things that the audience won’t necessarily understand, and doesn’t seem to be doing a great job in this presentation. This then kind of transitions into looking at children’s toys that make sounds (?).


    Oscilliscope thing to do something. Supposed to make them do something in response to light. I have some ulterior motive for wanting them to go through this, and actually am disinclined to have them do it. But there are some people, or another person (a doctor(s) or scientist(s)?) and they think it should be done. When they are subjected to the device, it makes the girl see something – “Gorku”? Some alien-like thing. Causes the person (not necessarily a woman anymore) to go into some kind of fit. Hands get distorted. Bloated. The arms are twisted back behind the person's head, palms facing behind them, I think. I think something is also wrong with their mind. We try to get it back under control but things won’t settle down. Putting a pillow on the back of their neck doesn’t help. We want to do something. The person is deranged now, and gets up saying that they prefer to “crack and pierce and crack and pierce”. By this, they mean attack and eat people, I think. Ripping them apart with their teeth, or maybe with their own bones.

    It took me until probably at least 8:00 to get back to sleep. I had a snack and a cup of tea in the meantime. The following were recorded after this.

    Aunt at the University

    At the University? Walking down a covered walkway, kind of like the Roman villa type. My Aunt is there (the former wife of one of my Uncles – I don’t see her very often). At least it looks like her. Whoever it is, I’m a bit afraid that they will recognize me for some reason. She is walking the same direction as me, and we both turn around at some point and go back the other way. I try to hide my face from her so that she won’t see me. I also walk closer to the wall, partially hidden by some pillars and I think more in shadow. There is an opening in the wall ahead of us, and I think she turns that way. Somehow, we get close to each other up here, and even talk briefly I think. She doesn’t recognize me though.


    This might have been the same dream as above, so I’ll count all of this as one dream for the competition.

    On campus at the University. I have heard that they are giving out free things, including free money, not far away. I decide to check this out. I go to where this giveaway is going on. There are piles of things on the ground, and some people at a table being given free “money”. I go up to this table and try to figure out what’s going on, expecting a catch. Someone explains to me that they are giving us coupons that can be redeemed for money, but however it works out the coupons are only worth a few cents each, it seems. It looks like you can get as many as you want, but even then, someone tells me about another person who did this for hours and only got something like $30. It doesn’t seem worth it to me.

    There is another table where someone is either giving away or selling electronic devices, or watches, or something. They call me over, and try to sell me a fancy watch/phone thing called “Andromeda”. It looks pretty nice, and I fiddle around with it a bit. It has lots of dials and controls, and doesn’t look like a watch or a phone at all. I think at first it has something called a muffler, but then I see that I read that incorrectly. It has an adjustment knob, and they hand me a special wrench that you use to turn this knob. I turn it a bit, but it seems to be pretty tight. There is something about a button too.


    (5) A house with “ghosts”, or things that are pretending to be ghosts. They are talking together about how to get some kind of treasure, like gems and gold, and such.

    (6) Driving somewhere. There is a guy standing at a curve in the road. I think he might be going to ask me for money as I go by, but he doesn’t say anything. I pull into the parking lot of a grocery store. There are one or two people walking around that want to avoid, and do so. I go into the store. There are a couple of blueberries on the floor, which I pick up. After a while they become cherries. I look around for more of these, because they look pretty good and I want to buy some. I don’t see any, though. I come across some woman and we talk about the fruit selection, I think.

    (7) Coming back into my apartment from somewhere and sitting down. I have a drink of something, with ice in it. I also want to write, or use the laptop, or something, and pull out a large slab of ice to rest the notebook or laptop on.

    (8) Writing a list of the things that I have dreamed about. This includes the giveaway and the ghosts, and a bunch of other things. Or maybe I’m looking at a list of things that I dream about and notice that these things are on there.

    (9?) Violent scenes that include scenes of crucifixion. It is gruesome, but I also realize that this brought about my purification (through Christ) and so I see something beautiful in it. (Not sure if this was a separate fragment though).

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