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    clxix. School, prankster and posse; Invisible

    by , 09-27-2020 at 11:18 PM (188 Views)
    25th September 2020


    School. Construction, building or making something.
    26th September 2020

    In-line note; finally had a chance to make some proper DJ notes again.

    7:30 (recall from last parts to first) Dream:

    In a town with H. We were selling this prankster "frat bro" guy some metal keg, full of something, for a prank of his. We'd brought the keg to him on top of the van. H disappeared and left a shoe, one of his red and white ones. I assumed H had gone for a wee.

    Then something changed. H was back and we saw the other guy off. Now we had a lorry with a weird trailer thing, just like a really long wooden-looking beam, with axles and wheels.

    Earlier; Vision of the prankster guy and a group of people his age in a parliament building of some kind.

    Then, in a street in a city, I see one of his posse. A fake blonde, a white girl. They were all in their early 20s. She tries to use an ATM and doesn't understand how to work it at all, looking a bit like an animal trying to understand the contraption. Something about her only having 23 or so in her account?

    Earlier; In a school. Passing thoughts about old friends. I'm my current age, I roam through a very busy underground/maintenance area where all the other students of this school are passing through. I feel as though I am so different from when I was a kid. I walk through the crowded area with some type of confidence, not letting any anxieties or worries stop me or bother me. I spent a moment wondering how I could have ever let myself feel so anxious at school. Then I have some passing thoughts about how many of these kids will be struggling with some or many of the same issues I had and with no guidance either, which I also didn't really have for many aspects of that stage of my life.

    Earlier; Talking to someone. Old friend or similar? The same underground place but not as busy. The other person has a Pepsi and gets it open? Has issues and the cap of the bottle gets deformed; I put it back on for him when he starts to struggle with it.

    (more recall but faded)

    9:00 Fragment:

    Remember being in a building. I'd been there earlier in the dream. Now me and C from school were here to find out something about some guy? It was the guy's birthday? Or maybe we were going to prank him and so we needed to know more; maybe a combination.

    I remember I couldn't be seen by anyone else at some point. I put on the one ring. I was effectively invisible but I could still see myself. I think someone specific could still see me. I remember an interface with something about this universe's rules on the top left, but I didn't look in it.

    27th September 2020

    Had recall but let it fade, didn't care enough to make notes because I felt too tired.


    - The moment of deep introspection through thought was somewhat unusual for a dream, especially with how specific it was. Oddly enough it's something that happens frequently enough in waking life but not much at all in dreams for me.
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    1. Man of Shred's Avatar
      I had a dream last night of being in a mall and it had an underground part that was under construction. Interesting.
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