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    Non-Lucid Dreams

    1. iv.

      by , 07-20-2018 at 10:05 AM
      Non-dream stuff: Woke up at 8, with the usual alarms and auto radio. Could remember a dream fragment but tried too hard to remember it so decided instead to set another alarm for 9:30 and try to sleep more. Woke up at 9:30 and remembered a dream but was fading a little.

      Non-lucid dream fragment, going backwards:

      4: Starting from the end of the dream, I remember some frozen strips of pork. I know we were at some bigger and altered version of my partner's dad's house. I was going to cook them over a fire and I took a little strip off and ate it raw - very quickly I thought "Crap, you can't eat raw pork, what the hell am I doing? This is how you can get worms..." but then I also (conveniently...) remembered this was bacon, which in many cases can be eaten "raw" because of the process to make it. This is the last portion of the dream before I woke up.

      3: I remember walking around the house before that, looking for my partner. It was strange, I was half-aware that this was a dream because I remember thinking that this was exactly like another time as I opened some doors and went through the crooked and narrow halls. I remember in the dream context there were some doors that unleashed swarms of spiders (dream memory someone had told me) but they were already open and my dream self knew which these were.

      2: Before that, I can't remember if I was in a different place, but I think I was looking at a screen (but it feels like I wasn't) with my partner and there was a museum and a large limestone statue of someone like David the Thinker or Atlas, carrying the world. On the statue however, was an old friend of mine who I'd had a crush on in waking life; she was mostly naked apart from some (to me) weird leather laces around her limbs and pelvis; she was posing on or against the statue in a heroic pose, for a photo or something, as she was looking up and away, smiling.

      1: And finally the earliest thing I can remember vaguely is that there was some sort of room. An office room maybe.

      Some notes:
      • My old school friend should have been a good cue of a dream sign; not only was she someone that is simply not present in my life at all anymore, she was in a very odd situation. The leather lace stuff might have been because in waking life I remember she told me that she self-harmed. As a kid I didn't think too much about that, actually.
      • The pose my old school friend was taking, was a behaviour accurate to her real personality, when I knew her anyway.
      • In my partner's dad's house, I was aware of my partner being there, and do vaguely remember seeing him at some point.
      • The thing with the bacon should have made me do a RC because from one moment to another I decided it was fine, when I was almost panicking for doing something so stupid initially.
      • Waking life note: Must remember to, after doing something stupid, even if it's fine afterwards, do a RC.
      • The spider swarm releasing doors, though I wasn't afraid of them, I was wary of them, even open. I felt like the spiders were moving around but I carried on with walking through the house.
      • I remember there was a skylight in one of the corridors in the dream; in reality there is no skylight at all in that house.
    2. iii.

      by , 07-19-2018 at 10:16 AM
      Just got up, went into our computer room, kept the curtains closed and started my computer and wrote this. Two non-lucid dream sequences, mostly fragmented:

      First sequence:

      In the first dream I was in a "room" that was like a garden, it was a room in the sense that it was some sort of partition; I remember something like greek pillars covered in vines and grassy ground. In this room, there was "me", my partner from waking life, a friend of ours and a slim man in a suit; the three of us approached the man, as he was here to show us something and as we did or perhaps he was already doing it, he was levitating this large latticed purple orb, made of stone or gemstone, between his two hands, one hand above, one hand below; the orb floated up and down gently.

      I can't tell if it was day or night but everything looked somewhat "dark".

      At first my partner (who isn't really into any stuff like this) put his hand out toward the orb and closed his eyes and was silent; then our friend did and then I did. I could sense no special energy from the orb or the man: the orb was ordinary, regardless of any surreal properties. I stopped and walked away toward a door under a lowered roof, then I think our friend did too and I opened the door and there were two more doors to either side of a tiny partition and I opened another and went into a large room, like a conference room; there were a dozen men and women at the conference table, and they were waiting for us. I remember one of them asking what were we waiting for, why hadn't we all come in? Or something to this effect. I explained we wouldn't be a minute and I peeked out to see my partner still holding his hand at the orb and called him and he opened his eyes and walked away from the mysterious man, and the conference members were not keen on letting this man in.

      I remember my partner said that the orb felt like it had the energy of the universe or some such; which I interpreted as: it feels the exact same as any ordinary object, because it did to me.

      As we were all in now, apart from the orb man, one of the older men said "close the doors, lift the barriers" and some fake wall barriers emerged from some slots on the floor next to the doors, sealing the room. I remember this conference room had some windows, and had too much room even for just this single conference table. This all had a very Illuminati type feeling to me, even in the dream.

      Second sequence:

      I'm not sure where this sequence starts or if it carried over from the last one, but this one is temporally fragmented. I remember the last part first: I was at a waterpark with my partner and I remember thinking when I was talking to someone, I think a woman, that I always wanted to go to one. We were sort of leaning back against a wall of this single-story building, a large square-ish building as far as my dream self knew, we were waiting for something, I think more members of our group, which I think included my family. I remember as I waited, I was messing around, like lifting myself up by putting my hands against two lower walls and pushing myself up and I was also looking around the waterpark and outside of it.

      I saw some skyscrapers in the city. One was probably 30 stories, and then another, fancier, office building behind it was something between 60 or 70, I guessed. I pondered as I thought it was so strange that such a small difference in stories could make up for so much more height. The sky was blue and clear and it was certainly daytime.

      I think our group arrived and we walked around the square building and we were looking for a restaurant or something. We all went into this small one and as everyone was going in I could see on a digital interface (inside my head) that another nearby restaurant that was related to this one was much busier at the moment, and I walked up to one of the staff members that was headed for the loo and said to him like "want me to get some more people over from [indecipherable] restaurant?"; he looked at me approvingly but didn't answer and went in the bathroom; I turned away and walked out and headed for the other restaurant. This fragment ends here.

      Another fragment, before this last one, in dream time:

      I was standing with my partner in a garden at this waterpark; there were white painted wooden fences and it was a clear blue sky day, as it would still be later. My dream self knew this garden was part of an accommodation we were staying in, part of the park's premises. I remember hearing a woman's voice, she was praying, loudly, and I commented to my partner "surely she can keep her voice down a little?"; he shrugged and looked in the distance, resting his arms on this wooden fence. Her praying went on for some time, and I thought about how I had never prayed loudly in my life except when asked to, and even then, barely so. And yet this woman was praying to be heard by all, without concern of being judged or criticised for doing so.

      I remember my dream self knew there sprinklers in the gardens but they had not yet been on, though the grass looked perfectly lush and perfectly trimmed.

      Can't recall more fragments.

      • I have had curiosity about going to waterparks, but I have certainly never had the open desire of "always wanting to go to one", so this could have been a thought I could have realised was odd.

      • Both dreams, the whole places were dream-generated, in their entirety. The only "exception" being that the accommodation and its garden in the last fragment very closely resembled the type of thing my family used to go to holiday for, when I was a kid.

      • In the dream I could clearly hear the woman's prayers but I had forgotten all of it by the time I woke up. It felt important to my dream self to remember what she was praying.

      • In the first dream, the "Illuminati" conference was probably partly based off the imagined world from the first Deus Ex Machina games, as that is one of the most prominent visual culture references I have for the subject. I do not know why my dream self, which was like "me", was part of it. And if there were a dozen people in the room, with the 3 of us walking into the room, that would make 15 - in the game's world it is implied there are 12 members only.

      • The floating purple orb really had no special feel to it; it felt more mechanical and part of nature than anything else, as I truly did not feel any special energy from it. The man was peculiar for mostly just standing there, firmly, in what looked like a tophat and an old style suit, simply "presenting" the orb. Perhaps he and the orb were merely part of the garden, in the same way as the grass and vines.

      • Tip/Memory Note: I remember much less on getting up than what I wrote now, but because of the way memory works it's easier to remember things like a dream in sequence, so as you start from the beginning or end it becomes easier to recall more of the memorable parts if you think it out and through. This is also true for your waking life memories: if you are in a room and don't remember the recent past, you go backwards in your memory of living the last moments. If you pay enough attention through most of the day, you can recall an entire day this way, sometimes more.
    3. ii - Fragments

      by , 07-18-2018 at 09:24 AM
      Not dream: I woke up earlier than usual, woken up by our friend staying over and remember dreaming something, but in no detail, and soon fell asleep again. Woke up at the normal time and stayed in bed for 45 minutes, seeing whether I'd sleep more and dream again or not. I didn't but remembered some dream fragments and got up. I knotted two of my fingers as I've seen a friend do, to remember the fragments and my intention as I go through doorways in the house, as I first go downstairs to make tea and then come back up to write my fragments as follow:

      Fragment 1 (non-lucid):
      I was playing a special player vs player mode in a game I'd been playing recently in waking life, where I'd throw bombs at other players and vice versa, with the objective of making each other fall off the platforms until only one of us was left. What was different from the real game was that I was able to use my character's swords as well in this game mode.

      Fragment 2 (non-lucid):
      I remember talking to old friends and they were inviting me over to their estate across the river; in the dream I had a memory of what the estate was like, but I felt like something was off, as I also didn't remember this estate actually being so big. How could I remember and not remember at the same time? The "memory" was vivid, so I think that in the dream it's more like I was actually at the estate and that's what made me question it a bit.

      • In waking life, there is a phenomenon that when you go through a doorway, your mind forgets current thoughts and changes how it thinks. I think I remember reading that it is believed this had to do with contextual adaptation, before humans made so many artificial thresholds themselves, such as going from the tundra to the plains and to the desert and so on. Interestingly in dreams, doorways and thresholds in general can have very literal scene changes beyond them. For me, anyway, they do.
      • Keeping fingers knotted like this causes a good deal of pain, especially since my joints are hypermobile, but focusing on this lets me focus on the intention I set when I started doing it, even when I go through thresholds, as I've observed my friend do. I don't know the mechanic behind this, but it just seems to work.
      • The friends from my second fragment are like extended family, but I rarely see them anymore, and in fact, in waking life it is impossible for me to casually see or hear about them, because I no longer live in the same country, so in my dream I was back in my native country, and should have realised this to be unusual.
    4. First dream (since joining) - Chased

      by , 07-16-2018 at 12:59 PM
      Memorised the dream about 3 hours ago, when I got up from bed, but haven't had a chance until now to write it down, so some details are missing along the way. Non-lucid dream:

      I can't remember how the dream started; for the first part I was in some sort of library, with two floors, a ground floor and a first floor. There were some sort of MIB agents downstairs and I was on the first floor, seeing them from behind the banisters - they realised I was there and started trying to grab me and I was trying to keep myself low but avoiding them; they were trying to get up by climbing, though none of them remembered to try and use stairs initially, I felt like they would be trying it soon; I saw a doorway that leaded to a concrete (and stone maybe) stairwell and I went through quickly and saw that the stairs went up and down.

      I decided to go down, quickly going down step-by-step since I wasn't familiar with the stairs, otherwise would have done every 3 steps instead to go down quicker, and I could feel that the agents were looking for me here; I reached a point where the stairs still went further down but they were cut off by a small wall, so I jumped over it and there was a little ramp that I slid down on - I didn't stumble and kept going down for what now seems like it must have been quite a while, and finally reached a bottom, where there was a doorway to an "outside".

      As I stepped outside everything had this sort of yellow-green tinge, like there was a lot of dust of this colour, and there was daylight, but I looked up and saw that the stairwell was a block of concrete coming down from what looked like an enormous black metallic machine with a central column that hung over this area I was in, with the rest of its supports, five or six of them I think, further out; the central column had tubes going to the other supports and other sections... Down on my level it was like a small city or town with dusty roads and pavements and there was nobody else apart from many of these MIB types and futuristic military vehicles, but the buildings looked fairly normal.

      I can't remember exactly, but I think some of them noticed me and started chasing after me so I got into a small armoured vehicle type thing that had a gun mounted on top and here there's sort of a transition from the normal perception of things (from my eyes) to a third-person view of the vehicle, as in a game. I sped up and followed the curvy town roads and noticed a bigger military tank with some sort of cannon was chasing me, so I started trying to fire the gun on my vehicle, but it didn't seem to do anything to do the bigger vehicle; they didn't fire at me but kept the cannon pointed at me and I think I must have gotten to a dead-end or simply decided to get out, and ran into an alleyway and seemed to lose them, my perception being normal again, i.e. from my eyes, since I got out from the vehicle.

      In this alleyway I remember seeing plenty of these guys just sitting around doing nothing in their suits and sunglasses, and I made particular note of one of them sitting on a wooden bench in the shade of a building. They didn't seem phased by me and weren't getting up trying to get me or anything. I stopped and looked at this guy on the bench, I didn't feel like I was being chased anymore. He was looking down to the ground, resting his arms on his knees, sort of hunched forward.

      All of a sudden I heard loudspeakers across the town, saying something like "... and the winner of tonight's lottery is: Tom (indecipherable)". As this happened I saw the man change; his clothes were different, more casual, his sunglasses were gone, he looked like a regular guy, but he still had this empty expression; one of the other agents loitering about looked at him and said "Hey it's the third time you win in a row, this isn't fair!", visibly angry at this guy for constantly winning - of course, now the speakers played again, pretty much saying the same thing, more of the other guys getting angry at him; him keeping his empty expression, but I think looking at me.

      I don't remember any more of this dream, so I can't say for sure if it ended here or not, but this is where my memory of it ends.

      Some notes:
      • I've recently been watching the Matrix and the Animatrix again, which always gets me thinking about dreams, so I know that a lot of this dream's atmosphere and theme is around that. Other things like the military vehicles come from a different number of games.
      • During the dream I did not feel particularly distressed or anything; I was simply running along with a situation, not thinking about it or the context.
      • The only normal dream sign that appeared was the stairwell; dream signs related to travel (trains, stairwells, elevators/lifts, long car journeys) are some of my most common signs, but I almost never remember to think about them in dreams.
      • This is my first DJ entry here.
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