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    School times, Asian city ritual

    by , 03-21-2023 at 07:33 PM (184 Views)

    At highschool walking around
    I see a math teacher I had in middle school
    We talk while walking down the rotunda
    He's talking about one of his classes
    I ask him specifically how he is doing
    He is surprised and I can tell pleased by my interest in his well-being
    I notice my reflection in the windows and see my hair is styled like it was when I was a freshman
    It is the last day of school so everyone is very informal as the day ends
    There are large groups of my peers gathered by the exit taking pictures of each other
    We all burst out the doors at once into the parking lot
    I notice my current car parked on the street right by the entrance
    As I approach I notice my car has been broken into, one of the windows is forced down and one of the side doors is slightly ajar
    I'm put off but not too worried because I keep no valuables in my car
    I shout, Ah man! Wtf! Someone broke into my car!?
    People notice and a small group go into a frenzy of "oh wow, nice! This is YOUR car???"
    A few of them circle the car with me assessing the situation
    A mutual friend climbs into the driver seat before me and pretends to start it up
    I jokingly ask him "lol dusty you gonna drive my car huh?" He exits the vehicle
    When I sit down I notice everything is torn up like the thieves we're looking for something
    My passenger seat had been ripped up, glove box broken, center console opened and papers everywhere
    I sigh at the violation and start the car to leave

    I am with Sunny in a major south east Asian country
    It feels like a metropolitan south Korean with tall city buildings and ancient temples/sites peppered between them
    I am in complete awe with the amount of details around me
    The traffic feels alive, we are walking with a group it seems but I can't stop looking around at the odd angles the highrises have balconies and extravagant walkways between them
    I gather we are going to some special ritual put on by the people here
    We have to travel to the place together and it seems like the crowd is growing the closer we get
    We have to make our way up a very tight very old tower with rustic stairs and a somewhat medieval aesthetic
    I notice how packed the stairs are as we get higher and high
    It occurs to me I'm in a country with fewer building codes and collapses are somewhat frequent
    The whole structure is swaying with the movement of the procession up the never ending staircase
    I get worried about being caught inside this thing if it tumbles so I tell sonny I can't go this way and need to leave while running back down the stairway opposite the torrent of people coming up
    We get back to the street level with no issue and continue the general direction towards the ritual but along the street this time
    I am still amazed at the detail and just how foreign everything feels
    There are planters with unique plants all along the buildings storefronts we pass
    Everything is very well lit and feels fancy in this part of town
    We pass an attraction which is kind is ride I gather
    There is a little car shaped like a streamlined spaceship on the sidewalk, it is a very shiny bluish gray colour with a single point in the front, and two points at the back
    I reach for my phone to take a picture and feel 3 different phones stacked in my pocket
    I keep telling sonny how amazing this all is because I've never been to Asia before
    We arrive at our destination which feels like a large hotel lobby with a massive bar/atrium area inside hundreds of people are elbows to elbows standing around
    Everyone is wearing orange and white
    We are in a line and a they are handing out what appear to be white kitchen towels with an orange corner folded into an armband, one for each person
    We are told to put the band on our selection and that would signify which one was special
    There are thousands of bottles of alcohol and deserts of all shapes and colours on every surface of the main gathering area
    They are already going through other people's selection's, making an announcement everytime they pick one up declaring this is the item they will provide this year
    It feels important as there are chimes and incense and chanting, the ambiance feels spiritual
    I put the armband on and begin to survey the selections, there are too many options to consider
    I stand to the side taking it all in as the dream fades

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