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    1st MMD(MutualMouseDream)

    by , 10-27-2012 at 03:55 AM (329 Views)
    MmD1 (MutualMouseDream1)

    Bed after 10:30pm here Friday 26-Oct. Several dreams, I only remember one. It's noon where I am recording noe.

    In dream I have a grey/white half grown toy poodle-labrador-cross gentle doggy. I'm in a small bed-sitting room and doggy is quietly checking place out.

    I go out leaving half-grown doggy locked saftly in betsit room. Doors were double and took conscious efort to securly shut (so doggy would be safe.

    Outside I walk down small country town street and walk into shop to buy doggy some food. I see big open top cage in middle of small shop and there is sick little puppy in it and I pick it up. Next I'm instantly back in bed sit room showing half grown doggy the sick little puppy I bought. The get on well.

    The light-weight thin boned sick little puppy is white. He walks around a bar heater (for wamth) and lies down. He looks cuddly but I realise I didn't get the dog food and now I got two to feed and this white pup looks weak amd might die if I don't hurry up and feed him/her.

    I'm back at the shop (instantly). A girl asks me what I want and I say "a can of Pal dog food". She goes to get the can of Pal.

    To my left I see my old purple material shoulder bag. Odd because I am also wearing it. I take off the one I an wearing and put it on the counter. Now there is two identical material purple shoulder bags. I know in reality there can only be one.

    The puzzle almost makes me realize *I am dreaming* but I take in for granted and begin seaching for coins in both bags.

    I walk out the shop, cross a very quiet road and get on a buss but I'm alone on the buss their is not even a driver. All is sunny and warm.

    The shoo girl get on with a plate of sausage meat. She says the can of Pal is ok for the half grown doggy but the sick puupy needs this.

    I think there was more but I can't remember. Wouldn't bother recording this I want my 40 pionts

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