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    Mouse 2?

    by , 10-29-2012 at 04:30 AM (307 Views)
    Waking dream "worm" with soft exoskeleton. Moving straight ahead away from me. I kinda follow like a whisp of smoke wanting to gently-touch little-long creature.

    About a centermeter tall, girth 1.5 centermeter and about 15 centermeters (6 inches) long.

    Maybe I was following in a little white mouse body.

    The worm thingy never wiggled. It moved in a straight line. I saw no feet but it was not slithering. So, it may had millions of tiny millipede feet directly under body out of sight.

    When a small catapiller is stung by an ant it gets a bit paralised and cannot curl around it self for protection. May be this little "thingy" normaly can wiggle and sway but wasn't doing that while "I" was curiously following. I was looking down a bit on the interesting worm. So I wasn't an ant, I was more the size of a mouse.

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