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    OH! "lucid gift" not an attempt

    by , 09-24-2012 at 09:07 AM (700 Views)
    OH! Had a supremely rare short lucid last night. DILD. Wanted to cross a road and my body slowly lifted and I was winding in the air slowely, like a snake. Then I thought I can't fly so I'm dreaming. I didn't feel excited because I remembered that this kind of thing had happened several times before in my long lifetime but never last long. Then I thought I should be brave and float in front of an oncoming car since I was dreaming and therefore coulden't get hurt. As I was floating toward an oncoming car I slowely landed then lost lucidity and continued the dream not knowing that I was dreaming (or not careing).

    Felt more like a little lucid gift more than a successfull personal attempt.
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