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    After my bad dreams last night.

    by , 08-23-2011 at 03:54 AM (512 Views)
    This mornings dreams make me realise something.

    I used to get mad at my dreams if they were full of crappy day residue and stuff.

    Just now I realized that Our Deep Mind does not just stand there like an ordinary human, talking to me in my particular spoken language, (and my particular dialect).

    Our Deep Mind communicates to me using every thing within my limited sphere.

    Our Deep Mind communicates with, sight, sound, smell, taste, tactile feelings, emotional feelings, day residue, memories, logic, fantasy and anything else it finds in my limited sphere.


    Our Deep Mind don't want me to just get on my knees and verbalise in the dialect of my English language when I try to communicate with it, (Our Deep Mind).

    Instead, The Deep Mind wants me to communicate with it, as it does with me, using everything in my limited sphere. Using, sight, sound, smell, taste, tactile feelings, emotions, day residue, memories, logic, fantasy and any thing else in my limited sphere.

    For example:

    In the 1980s book "Clan of the Cave Bear" an ancient ancestor of ours, a Cromagon girl is orphaned and adopted by a Neanderthal group, The Clan of the Cave Bear.

    The Shaman is trying to teach the 5 year old to communicate.

    The 5 year old Cromagon girl has Cromagon intellect and vocal capacity and they just talk, (verbalise) when they communicate. But the Shaman is Neanderthal. He has limited verbal capacity and supplements his sounds with sign language.

    The five year old tries very hard to learn what he is "saying" but is annoyed at him for waving his hand around, distracting her.

    The shaman begins to despair that she might be mentally deficient cos he is getting nowhere after weeks of daily lessons.

    Then the penny drops and the 5 year old begins to see that the hand waving is part of the language. She progresses quickly after that revelation.

    Maybe I will progress quickly now that I just had my revelation of The Deep Mind using much more than (?) To communicate, in dreams, to me. And wants me, likewise to reciprocate.

    I often get revelations after bad dreams like last nights ones.

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    1. Kumara's Avatar
      I'd love to hear more about this as you explore it...what ideas do you have of reciprocating?