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    cant post or see new stuff HEEELP!!!!!

    by , 12-12-2012 at 11:31 AM (461 Views)

    I am almost locked out of Dreamviews.

    I can only post to Dream Joirnal from this phone.

    If you make any more changes I will be as bad as BANNED.

    Please Help

    also I havn't been able to see new dj entries on front pahe or the newest threads or the newest posts. Its boring.

    I hpe chat works. if it does I'll winge on chat. Hope someone sees this

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    1. AURON's Avatar
      It's probabaly just your phone. I can see the side panel and everything on my iPhone. What do you have?
    2. EbbTide000's Avatar
      It used to be on the rightt then it shifted to the bottom under "who's on line". But suddenly it dissappered alto gether. I couldn't quote or edit or use "Go Advance" but I didnt mind because I could "quick Post" But tofat "Post now has stopped working for me.

      Thank you for responding so quickly Auron.

      I will be happy if I can just keep recording my dreams because it looks like the "Tulpa" thing is a good way for my dteams to talk to me. So, I will be very happy so long as I can just post my dreams here on Dreviews.

      Thank You again for the very quick replie Auorn.
    3. EbbTide000's Avatar
      Oh, "What do I have" phone wise"?

      This is a Samsung Galaxy 2.
    4. AURON's Avatar
      The new stuff has been popping up back on the right side now.
    5. EbbTide000's Avatar
      Thanx Auron, The new stuff is available again for me to check-out, on the right-hand-side. AND I can post in "Post Quick Reply".

      I want to post this dream here in mouse. Thanx to you I can.

      dream deleted from this post No I'll leave it cos the bit about the phones might have been precognitive to you helping me see the New Stuff and being sble to post in threads again, Auron.

      square stress ball

      dream opens with me in last day of a (country) junior primary school.

      I walk and sit by pool dangling my legs in water.

      Time to go home. I pick up Thick slice of brown heathy bread, my mobile smart phone, 2 more smart phone that two school friends acidently left behind (I will get the phones back to them when I see them.

      Then mum's hand picks up just the circular-dial mechanism of old land-line phone (the only phone mum ever new) but it's broken and she puts it down again. She doesn't relate to what I call a phone.

      Off school premises, near transport home, there is a nice cage with my pet in it.

      I put my hand in, to encourage pet to trust my hand and come onto my hand.

      The pet becomes a square-rolling stress-ball (grainy stress-ball filling). It timidly rolls upto my hand and away again a few times. Then it rolls onto my hand and I gently tip my hand so it rolls off a few times.

      Mum wonders why I do this. I explain I don't want to frighten my (stress-ball) pet. I want it to know that it is free to be with me only if and when it chooses to be with me. I dont want it bullied.

      then it changes form.

      It lunges toward my arm. It is a Smiling chessire cat but it is fast asleep and much slimmer than the Alice In Wonderland Chessire Cat and its Siamese brown.

      I cradle the sleeping cat. It keeps smiling. But it won't wake-up. But that is some how lovely (EOD)

      This dream is full of symbols:

      My Tulpa is my (spiritual) stress ball. Treat Tulpa right and it lunges at me (playfully-suprisingly) to invite me to sleep and dream with him in Wonderland.