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    by , 02-08-2013 at 02:39 PM (390 Views)
    Nice dreams. Young man collects cards. He has many beautiful decks and he makes a red and gold pack spiral. Later, I'm inside (behind) the (circular, oval) pub bar, a pub competition has finished but he (the card guy) walks up to the bar wanting to compete. He believes what he can do his card thing and will win the comp.

    He begins spreading a big personal card deck all along the top of the oval bar. I am embarrassed about knowing him and lie down inside the oval bar. It feels confining.

    Then there are sounds of approval because the card boy has won. I get off the grownd and stand up.

    Then a real prince has grown and won a horse cross-country comp. But the news says the mother can't be found. Everyone is happy and proud for both princes especially the king-one. But I feel a but incredulous and say to the prince "You have won, thats good, I know. But your mum is lost" (???) He smiled a rich-honest-knowing smile.

    Then I am outside, near a park, in a city, and the lost mum is there. It is Queen or Princess Di. She is tall and happy with a big spring feminin wide brimmed straw hat on.

    So, she is found (not lost).

    It is time for me to leave by crossing the road. People are collecting at the pedestrian lights, waiting to cross. Suddenly I see a place, in the park, close by, to wash my hands.

    I dart over to wash my hands at the horse trough. I hope I have time to wash my hands and get back to cross the road with the others.

    At the the very big, hand washing horse troughs, a yogi dressed in blue jeans and blue flannel shirt. He gave me five photoes. I went into my purse and gave him a $5 note.

    He said that "to do what he could do with his legs (full lotus position) his son (personal trainer) tortures his legs. The yogi could to amazing things with his supple legs.

    I reached into my purse and counted out $12 in big coins. I forget why, now, but what he "said" and gave me was worth much more than the original $5 note.

    I woke.

    Once awake I felt when I hid by lying down inside the oval bar...(in the dream) it was like a coffin. But he won so I wasn't dying of embarrassment any more.

    It took minutes (after I was awake) to remember that the real Princ's (Harry and William) of Britain lost their mum for real.

    It was a good healing dream, for me. I woke relaxed and happy. As opposed to how grief struck I was when I woke from the dream before.

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