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    Mouse 3?

    by , 11-02-2012 at 08:50 AM (605 Views)

    Busy day, but it's 6pm now and I'm playing with HelloBuck-Buckello my mouse. I had a dream with Hello-Buckello in it lsat night. I wasn't going to dj it because I was killing wild mice (yick). But it's worth 40 points so here it is.

    False Awakening. I get up worrying about my Buckhello. I see a brown mouse running accross my floor. Buchhello is white. Buckhello is male so if the brown one is a "doe" Buckhello will become a daddy and I don't wamt that. And if the brown mouse is a buck (male) then he and my Buckhello will fight.

    I am frightened for my Buckhello.

    I carefully search for my Buckhello. I open a top draw and about twelve brown, and white mice timidly look up at me. They have little "Madagascar lemur" heads. I'm scared they have already killed my lovely Buckello. I gently move them about expecting to see my sweet little mouse's limp (dead) body.


    Something on my arm moves under my bath robe. It's Buckello. I let him roam around on me sometimes but I can't remember putting him on me this time. I am relieved.

    Now the yuky bit.

    I start putting the wild lemur-headed mice in Glad Snap Lock reseal sandwhich bags, thee to a bag, and closing the snap lock so the will suffocate. But I wake befor any die.

    Boo-hoo-hoo mean, mean me.

    Now I remember...

    There were two mice at the pet shop when I bought Buckello, 3 weeks ago; a brown one and a white one. I chose the white one.

    Buckello [h]was[/b] share dreaming with me and introducing me to his friends, the brown one first and I wind up intending to kill em all.

    Boo-hoo-hooo, mean, mean me.

    Look, I just Googles "Madagascar Lemur heads" this is what the 12 or so wildmice in the top draw looked like.

    madagascar lemur - Google Search

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