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    by , 11-03-2012 at 11:02 AM (297 Views)
    Wokefrom this. 8pm Sat 3-Nov-22

    I'm sitting in an old living room of old, kind, people who offered me accomodation. Suddenly I go to the bedroom that they said I could rent. I begin cleaning it. It wasn't dirty but the shelves and mantle place was really full of nicknacks.

    I am using a straw broom to sweep the nice nicknacks off the shelves.

    They gasp.

    I am saying to these kind folk "I won't break anything and I will wash, dry and box all these lovely nicknacks, for you."

    They, a married couple, relax.

    I continue sweeping off the nicknacks. Most were figurines of about 10 centermeters (4"). Some are cute toddler figurines.

    I wake. It's 8pm

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