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    1. Spellbee's Spooky comp night 17

      by , 11-01-2016 at 09:28 PM
      2 pts- Interact with a Dream Character
      1 pt -stablization
      2 pts- wbtb
      10 pts- First DILD of the Night
      2 pts- chain a dream
      5 pts- super speed
      2 pts- Interact with a Dream Character
      5 pts- Gain Invulnerability
      5 pts- DC Changing
      10 pts- Fully Phase through Big Solid Object
      = 44 pts

      3 Step Goal:
      Element Manipulation
      Practice a Waking Life Hobby

      Personal New Goals:
      Voyage through a crack I make in the earth
      Find my dream house
      Take a magical train to another country

      Week 2 task Intermediate:
      Put on a halloween costume and gain the powers/abilities of the costume.

      D1: I was in this old house with infinite rooms. I know this house immediately because it's a dream sign for me. I've not seen it since I've been on DreamViews which was surprising in some way. I knew for sure I was dreaming & became lucid. This house has so many hidey hole places & rooms that it was like a playground for lucidity. But with that said I also had to try to find the meaning in it as well. There were a lot of people living there & I was milling around & getting familiar w/ the characters asking them things like why they were there. It was sad, most responses were from kids & adults that had been put in the foster care system. Which is where this dream stems from for me & teaches me things. I was standing at the bottom of a staircase when I got woke up by my phone.
      D2: I didn't get up, I just turned my volume off & fell right back into the same dream, hence "chaining a lucid". I wasn't at the bottom of the stairs though but in a kitchen. RC. I was talking to a man & explaining that I know this house well & he was rather pacifying in his answer. I now know why I'm in the dream. (It's personal, it's something about my father recently). I wall through out the house talking once more w/ others & trying to explain where the hidey places are. I walked right through a wall to get to another room which was kinda cool. It felt like everything went dark briefly & I ended up in the room I wanted to. In the room w/ me is a mouse so I make him big which was rather more startling than expected so I put him back to himself. It felt like it became more dangerous while big. I was really afraid I would run out of time so I walked up to the top floor which was like a big spiral staircase that was like a building top & jumped down to the bottom. I felt like superman cuz I landed in that kneeling pose, lol. I decided to run up the stairs back to the top at super speed but once I got to the top my dream decided to end. All in all a good night I'd say.
    2. Spellbee's Spooky comp night 4

      by , 10-19-2016 at 05:55 AM
      10 pts- First WILD of the Night
      5 pts- Subsequent WILDs
      2 pts- Chain a lucid
      2 pts- wbtb
      2 pts- interact w/ a dream character
      10 pts- teleport

      =31 pts & total (31+73=104 Total Contest so far)

      I had trouble w/ my first 2 wbtb's & the dream recall so I won't count them.

      D3 I was on this big slide & the first guy I ever had sex was w/ me. We were both back in time as young as we were then. Both way too young to be having sex but we did off & on for a few yrs in real life. Did RC but didn't need to because I realize how absurd it is that we are both young & I know I'm married to Mike. It makes me lucid & I am having sex w/ this guy which I know is a dream so I just go w/ it. We had sex behind this green house which was the actual place I lost my virginity in real life so it was all youthful fun. We were trying to do it everywhere, just like back then. I then jump forward in time & I'm w/ Gail which is my ex-girlfriend. I'm so excited to see her. I'm telling her that I just came from the past. Then my alarm goes off for my wbtb.
      D4: She is still there in my WILD, now I'm chaining a WILD. But we start walking. It's all hard to describe. I'm still talking to her about jumping forward this time in time & how I came from the past. She starts to kiss me & I know it's a dream so I just go w/ it. We are making out & talking about how we have missed each other & our friendship. (We were best friends before we were girlfriends & lost our relationship in the end. It was really sad because she's battled cancer, yet she was a toxic relationship for me to be in IRL.) The scene starts to destabilize. So I jump back in time to where the guy is & we have more sex, breaking a fence in the process. When this happened, the dream tried to destabilize & I jumped forward in time to be w/ her again. I kept jumping back in forth in time & lost track of how many times I did it on purpose so I'll use the low end scale of 4 times for point purposes. Eventually my alarm went off again for another wbtb w/ no success.

      Important note: I have an ethical dilemma w/ sex in dreams because I'm always lucid in such scenario because I immediately remember that I'm married. I talk to my husband about my dreams & he doesn't read my journals as an act of privacy. But, today I lied & feel like shit. I told him it wasn't lucid because he knows how real they feel & didn't want to hurt his feelings. I think I did the right thing because I had already blurted out the time jumping, the first guy thing & her & he immediately asked me if I was lucid. Hence I said no. I had a sense he was gonna freak out if I told him I kept jumping back & forth for sex while lucid. Oh the dilemma.

      3 Step Goal:
      Element Manipulation
      Practice a Waking Life Hobby

      Personal New Goals:
      Voyage through a crack I make in the earth
      Find my dream house
      Take a magical train to another country

      Week 1 task for Team Vampires
      Fully transform into your team's creature (Vampire)
    3. Spellbee's Spooky comp night 3

      by , 10-18-2016 at 03:31 AM
      2 pts- non-lucid
      2 pts- wbtb
      10 pts- wild
      1 pt- reality check
      2 pts- interact w/ dream character
      5 pts- super speed
      10 points- Advanced Unsummoning/Banishing
      5 pts- my character was from a tv show(she was the warden on Wentworth)
      5 pts- Super Speed
      10 pts- Time Control
      = 52 pts total

      D1: Dream recall was too fuzzy
      Did wbtb
      D2: Dream recall was yet again fuzzy
      Did wbtb
      D3: Mike & I were staying in a nice hotel. We were there w/ a group of ppl who were family members. I'm wanting to leave & go talk to my mom w/o Mike knowing. I gather some of my stuff & sneak off down the hall to my parents room. We are on a cruise ship. My mom tells me to stay & hang out w/ her but she no sooner said that than Mike came to the door w/ my dad & sister Kayla. We all are now in the hallway. I need to the bathroom & find what looks like a small sitz bath. I poop in it & am very embarrassed when others find out. Now we are fishing off the deck & laughing about how funny we find that the beds don't move on the ship. I'm talking about the kids on the deck & how it makes me nervous that they will fall over board.
      My alarm went off for my next wbtb.
      D4: I was in a prison that looked like the set of Wentworth. It's Australia's version of Orange is the New Black. So some of the characters were from that show. Something happened & the prison malfunctions & the prisoners, me included were trying to escape & stay away from the guards & other violent prisoners. I get stuck in some stupid revolving door. It seemed to go on forever. I was mad at Mike for not being here to help me get out. We were all hiding stuff like prisoners do & going back & retrieving them strategically to help us escape. It looked like everyone had escaped except me. A guard told me that I may never get out. I told him that I didn't need to get out because I was trying to clear my name & not have a record.
      My alarm went off for my next wbtb.
      D5: I was back into the same dream. But now some of the scene has changed. I'm excited because I'm now lucid. My brain is doing cartwheels because of the chain & lucidity. I know my first tasks is to do a reality check. Check. My scene is changing & I'm outside in a bog or swamp like place but there are still guards everywhere. There is a woman laying in a swamp & she is dangerous but she tells me she helped me escape, which was in the previous dream but I forgot to write it down. We worked together for a while. But then I didn't want anything to do w/ her & remembered my first task of my 3 step goals. I banished her & the bog/swamp/water that she was in. Great, now she's gone & so is the water. Step 2 superspeed. I start running from the guards like I was Speedy Gonzalas. I was darting everywhere & laughing. When I finally stop I remember step 3 is time control. I kept freezing them & slowing them down & speeding them up. I lost lucidity trying to remember the whole "I'm a vampire" thing. But all in all a good night.
    4. 5 Dimensional world-TOTM Basic task I & II- Creepy cockroaches

      by , 10-12-2016 at 09:19 PM
      D1: I was living in an area similar to the town I live in but things were in the wrong place. I kept leaving where me & my husband lived in search of things to do w/ ppl. But he kept following me & was insisting I come home. One place was a chines restaurant w/ my first mother n law working there. Another has vast amounts of shoes there. Lots of men & women that were like forbidden fruit since I'm married. One offered drugs which I politely declined. I then encountered what we thought was a wall w/ a mural. But when I figured out what it really was & tried to tell my husband he just couldn't comprehend it. It was like a wall but actually it was the edge of a 5th dimensional world exactly like the way it happened in the movie Intersteller w/ Mathew McConaughey!

      D2: I was at a carnival & I was a teenager who ran into a boy who I was having an innocent hold handing time with. This dream lasted a long time. He had to leave & I was left to my own wandering & came upon so many things. The whole town had seemed to be a part of this so I went to main street where
      I saw down another street that in front of a store were art! I became lucid & went to over there & looked at the art outside & inside. I've only been to one art gallery in my whole life so I guess that was why they were mostly framed pics or things in frames & then some abstract pieces that I didn't understand what they were supposed to be. One had a t-shirt in a frame that said Y-O-L & I went yes, I'm going to buy that so I can reach into my pockets. I pulled out a brush out of one & a man's wallet & my keys in another. Hence The first part of TOTM for October complete! I get wings! I could never really hold any of these things in my little itsy bitsy pockets except sometimes my keys. I usually put my keys on the rings on my purse so I don't lose them cuz I'm good at that, lol.

      I'd like to thank Nebulus for showing me one of DreamCafe11's art that inspired me to try again for the TOTM art gallery! My first dream made total sense to me in an abstract way of my past & how far I've come.
    5. Lucid cruise ship dream

      by , 10-09-2016 at 12:11 AM
      I was hanging out w/ Ellen Degeneres on a big cruise ship while she was recording a special episode of her show. (lucid)I realized I was in labor & had a baby that wasn't breathing. A group of passengers went into an auditorium type room & held vigil for the baby. It finally started breathing & I was contemplating a name. I knew I was dreaming when the father of the baby came in & it wasn't my husband about midway through the dream so I spent some time just looking around the ship & at the scene. Lucidity is curious sometimes. The auditorium was from my childhood. It was at a near by college from where I grew up. I saw a play there on a school field trip.

      For the last 2 nights I have taken Huperzine A which is for cognitive support. I can tell my dreams are different & my focus on doing my jigsaw puzzles is sharper. Over the years my pain meds have messed w/ my head at times & I so far am finding this to be as some help.
    6. A liar & a lucid Armageddon dream

      by , 10-04-2016 at 03:27 AM
      D1: Non-luicd: I was w/ a group of spiritual people & we are having a group session. The topic was on
      people who have "seer abilities". Each person was talking about their abilities. But I kept getting vibes from the woman on my right that were distracting. I could tell she was lying for some reason. Then Meesha Cat woke me up to be fed.

      D2: Lucid: This was an Armageddon setting dream. There is a girl who insists that the group should help her find her canary. I then became lucid & tried to think of the TOTM tasks but I can only remember the one about holding our head & think it's creepy so I just go w/ the flow of the dream. I see the cage & am helping her look for the bird but I'm insisting that she should leave it because it will make noise & draw attention to us. I'm trying to rationalize to her why it is so dangerous but as soon as we give up looking we hear the bird screeching. Our group anxiously is arguing about the bird & our safety. I'm telling them that their arguing is drawing attention to us & pleaded for them to stop but it's too late & our hide out is rushed by the police state officers. We manage to get in a car & the arguing escalates again. We hurried into another building which looks like the capital building. We no sooner get inside when we hear a loud explosion & we now have a hole in the room we are in. I can see professional looking people in the other room w/ suits on but they don't know we are there. They are looking out the windows & panicking. But soon the people w/ me are making noise again w/ more arguing & they start to figure out that we are there. But they no sooner are trying to alert the other people in the next room, that the building was stormed by the police state officers & are being dragged out. I then woke up. This dream was so fast paced that I was having trouble stabilizing it so I just waited to see where I could do more but it just ended too soon. Yet I did feel good about it becoming lucid regardless.
    7. Gone is my dog

      by , 09-24-2016 at 02:57 AM
      A family moved into a house that I thought my family some how owned. In reality it didn't resemble any home or any people I know, lol. Someone had died & the family was pillaging the enormous estate & house of all of it's goods. I thought they had my dog. I told them I had given them my dog because I could no longer care for them. I even asked Mike if I could get my dog back. He said we are in a good place now & Meesha & him would get along. I went & looked for my dogs pedigree papers & was distracted & looked up.There were suddenly these balconies & I was standing in what looked like a theater. In the balconies were people w/ the same kinds of dogs as mine was. It looked like they were waiting for their turns in some sort of dog show. I then new I was dreaming & became lucid. I was overwhelmed w/ the reality that my dog had died many years ago & I just wanted to wake up. I looked at the dog they had there & realized it wasn't him. Then I woke up.

      This was one of those dreams that wake you up out of sadness. But I reminded myself that once I leave this life I will get to see him again so all will be okay.
      Tags: dead dog
      lucid , non-lucid , side notes
    8. My strange night of repeated sleep paralysis & an encounter w/ a boy (LUCID)

      by , 09-22-2016 at 07:29 PM
      I went to sleep early last night & got up late. I took my meds only at the beginning of the night at 9pm & fell asleep about 10:15 so it may be why my mind was opened up more. I also cut way back on my smoking a week ago because Mike & I are working towards quitting. I'm actually really grateful for not being foggy, regardless of the fear I experienced at times during the following entries.

      My first experience of the night. I was sleeping & Mike had left earlier for work so this was probably around 6am. I started sleeping on my back in February or March but somehow I ended up on my stomach. I felt the all to familiar feelings of terror as I felt my body being forcefully pushed down into my bed & I couldn't move at all. Sleep paralysis is something I am all too familiar with. It seemed to go on forever. Eventually I was able to move & woke up to go smoke half a cig. I then went back to my bed to try to have an OOB/AP experience. I laid back down & tried to raise my vibrations but I've been sick & what is usually an easy thing for me to do was not happening at all. This is where I interject that ethereal entities are drawn to ppl when they are sick or deeply depressed. I am not depressed my any means but we all know I have been sick.... I then fell back to sleep.

      I awoke again to being held down again but this time it felt like a prepubescent male about 12 which disturbed me on a whole other level. I can't explain how I felt this but maybe it will make some sense later on as you read... I felt scared at first but also confused. I've never encountered some entity that I would consider to be some kind of lost confused soul of some sort. I didn't feel like he meant anything bad but I still had some real fear present because entities can do things like impersonate a being that you wouldn't fear. Anyway, I finally came out of the sleep paralysis & got up to pee & went back to sleep again. (Side note: I was on my side when this all occurred which is also not very common for me. And also the phrase, "prepubescent male" is not a phrase I use yet I felt strongly about saying it this way.)

      I awoke again on my side w/ the same feeling of this boy on me. It was like he was trying to scare me for some reason but now I'm not scared at all. Instead I feel bad for him. I can tell this time I can attempt to move like before when I had an OOB/AP but I tried to roll in the opposite direction than I normally do towards Mike's side of the bed in hopes of seeing him. But I just roll over & sit up. Nothing occurs. I then go to pee again & go back to sleep.

      This time I have no sleep paralysis at all but enter a dream state. I feel the weight of this boy yet again in my dream state. He's looking at me & just trying to scare me.
      I became full blown lucid at this point. He is freaking out because I can see him. He is confused. He told me that no-one ever sees him. I said, "well I sure see you, why were you holding me down" he said he was trying to scare me but doesn't know why. He just sounds like a kid doing something kid like. Like he was getting a kick out of it as a sort of game. I'm in his house I think but I'm not sure. I'm in a bed there & the house looks old. I start walking around & the fixtures & everything is old not like a modern house might be. He's walking w/ me but he seems not fully solid to me but close, really close. Other people are there like a family. Eventually one by one the others start to see him too & he's excited & scared all at once. I feel like his guide or something. Like I'm supposed to help him or I'm here for a purpose that is his, not mine. Of course I think as a bi-product it has helped me in some way. The people seemed confused too & not much is really said. I then woke up.

      I'm not sure why these kinds of things happen to me but I think maybe the boy in particular was there for a reason. I have been studying medium-ship for a while now & reading stories by mediums of real life sessions w/ ppl & the afterlife. I'm highly sensitive to ppl & feel energies. I've had OOB's/AP's. I've had encounters w/ 2 family members that have passed & I see my dead dog in my home. I'm always having strange urges to tell someone about something that will help them & I pass it on to them. I know when ppl are coming to my house a lot via dreams or feelings. Hence, I'm quite intuitive. I also am very in-tune to vibrations. I've been studying Spiritualism, which is not Religion so please don't confuse them. I'm very interested in Energy Healing & Spiritual Healing. I'd like to learn one or both. As of a week ago I have cut back on my smoking because of a strong feeling I have that this is blocking me. But in the end this is my weird life. I think I've been led down this path after so much strange & unusual turmoil in my life. Like I had to go through all of that to get to here. This is a great advantage to not being a young person anymore. With age comes wisdom & insight.
    9. Very good details & much needed sleep

      by , 09-10-2016 at 09:41 PM
      I kept having dreams all night but I didn't record them all because I really needed some sleep. I woke up when Meesha came in to be fed & closed the door so she wouldn't interrupt my sleep. Sorry Meesha Cat, but mommy needs to sleep!

      I dreamed that I was w/ my family most of the night. Not my children, husband, grandchildren, but my core family from when I was young that extended to my grandparents and such. We were in various places. I even found myself lucid but felt a strange pull to not change the dream. I felt like I was supposed to pay attention & learn. We were all in this gorgeous palace. The steps were like a block wide with giant pillars. The details were spectacular! I was really enjoying the details. My family was yet again trying to get me to interact w/ Crazy Daisy, my mom's mom. I was trying to calmly tell them that I do forgive her but I just don't choose to have such a compulsively toxic person in my life. There were a lot of tea settings & bells. Crazy Daisy collects bells & I came across a bunch of them in a store I frequent just a week ago. We went down into a theater in the palace. I went first & walked along the rows of red velvet chairs. When I got to the end off to the side of the stage I was discussing where we should put our stuff before we go back behind the stage. I was told to just put them near one of the folding velvet movie like chairs. I looked out over the auditorium & couldn't figure out what we were all going to do. I went up to the curtain & pulled it back & woke up.

      So I got a lucid but stayed true to myself & just bathed in the realness of it all. The great detail & such. I think we don't do enough of that & it's the foundation of lucid dreaming. Reminding yourself how real the dreamscape is in & of itself. My pull to find meaning was very strong. I don't know if my grandmother will pass soon or what. I also don't know why suddenly she is in a bunch of my dreams. It's odd. Usually dreams like that for me mean death, I'm going to talk to them soon, or I'm going to see them soon. Yes, that is a real gift I have. I also can ask where things are out loud & then find them. My husband loves that particular gift. I text him during the day opposed to saying it out loud some times because it works best when I ask him in particular for some reason. He also thinks I could find the winning lottery numbers somehow, lol. But I don't think it works that way. I have been talking out loud lately to my grand parents that have passed in hopes that they here me & give me a sign. Maybe it was that. I do forgive my grandmother, that is very real. I just don't like the feeling that I have about my family thinking I should talk to her. When they themselves acknowledge that she is a compulsive liar & fake. My parents & my brother are atheists & me & my sisters are not so we have an interesting dynamic. And when I say they are atheists, I mean they try to push that down people's throats on social media & are just as bad as people who do the same w/ religion. Good people yet pushy w/ this subject for some reason. I love them but they would never understand how spiritual I've become & would only mock it like they mock my cousin, who faithfully every day on Facebook is giving her thanks to God for everything. She also used to have an abusive ex like I did so I get it but yet she's still on the extreme side but always positive which is better than being a negative atheist. That's not to bash anyone but to say I don't like people being pushy in a negative way. At least my cousin doesn't push it on anyone. My sisters on the other hand have been in my thoughts. I have been struggling w/ telling them about some of the changes in my life such as lucid dreaming & other things that have been happening spiritually to me for like, forever, lol..... That's probably what this dream was really about. I talk to my family every day via a group text which is continuous. This is due to my parents new found traveling now that they have retired via their RV. They are currently in Canada.

      Side Notes-Purple
      Astral Projection/AP-Brown/OOB
    10. A pony, a lucid car accident & a teleporting angry me

      by , 09-01-2016 at 03:00 AM
      D1: Non-Lucid: A guy looked a lot like "Chuck" Saul's brother, from "Better call Saul". So I went there w/ the pony & it turned out to be something like a big feed store where you buy in bulk for animal food. He had some stalls in the back. The guy got really mad at me & said that we didn't deserve a pony & that we murdered our dogs. He told me we were criminals. Kept calling me a dog murderer. I was crying in my dream & in real life. I could here myself. So I knew I was dreaming but I still had to defend myself for personal reasons. I told him that wasn't what happened. I was hysterical & he kept yelling. But then he went around the corner which is the exact moment I knew I was dreaming, crying, & screaming. I started back in on him after I rounded the corner. He suddenly stopped & looked at me like I was crazy & said, "what are you talking about, I didn't say that."

      I woke up still screaming & crying & Meesha Cat was loving on me. Then I realized all the screaming had freaked her out & woke her up. She had peed all over my bed. This was not a good start to the morning. I had to get up & wash all my shit & console my poor cat. So I finally got back to bed about 2 hrs later... Oh, & the dream was some small guilt I still carry about rehousing our dogs due to my health. They all got homes & yes I now have a cat but she's never under foot like they were.

      D2: Lucid- Mike & I were driving to go see my Grandpa Harry. (He passed away 24 yrs ago) We were going around a sharp curve on what looked like the side of a mountain.It was getting dark & I was starting to panic. Something went wrong w/ the brakes & we were airborne. I was driving. I held his hand & said "I love you, Mike." I thought we were going to die! I had this strange feeling right then though. I had to try & do something. Part of me thought this has to be a dream & part of me thought this could be real. So when I told him I loved him & held his hand I went full on lucid. I slowed down time & willed us to be in a bubble away from the car & we slowly floated down.

      D3: I had a big fight w/ a guy who was treating like shit. Apparently he was seeing me & another woman. I got really mad & started teleporting all around which freaked him out while I was yelling at him. He was so confused, lol. I started to get lucid but my phone went off & I had to deal w/ real life. Sigh. That would've been 2 lucids. Oh well.

      Explanation of details-Blue
      Side Notes-Purple
      Astral Projection/AP-Brown/OOB
    11. 1 Prison, 2 Schools

      by , 08-23-2016 at 02:10 AM
      D1: I was in prison. I was the Top Dog. I had to figure expenses & inventory for the women. It was a lot like how I do my grocery list. I had to keep starting over because the numbers don't want to add up. Hello dream world, you can't add here! But things were happening so fast. I got interrupted & was told I had to finish in "the yard". Liz from Australia's Wentworth was with me now. She was the one who came & got me & told me we had to go to the yard to finish. I realized I hadn't brought my cigs with me but somehow Mike had bought them for me. Not sure why I was in prison. I start to realize I'm in a dream due to the numbers not adding up but the dream changed on me. I was in the yard but no fence in front of me & it looks the street I used to live on w/ my first husband but the apartment, which was actually 3 apt's in 1 house wasn't there or else it didn't register as there. It looks different now that it was remodeled. Then I woke up.

      Wentworth is a lot like "The Orange is the New Black" but in Australia. It's on Netflix. It gives Orange a run for it's money. I think Wentworth is better now! After this dream I couldn't get back to sleep because my house was cold! How ironic is that? They didn't fix my air completely but because we had the window unit going & the temps outside dropped I actually got cold & couldn't sleep. So I got up & ate & stuff. Watched a movie & took a nap. Hence the next dreams.

      D2: I was in a school but trying to pass as a kid. (Reoccurring dreamscape) Where I run into my 2 kids which I apparently have only in the dream. I ran into them at separate times. I have super powers! I'll be damned a non-lucid dream w/ super powers! Thanks Nebulus! I can run fast & jump high. It was a rush. Who needs lucidity when I'm doing all this shit. I just went with it! I can also make myself look real young. That came in handy. Too bad I couldn't get that super power in real life. I also had other powers I could tell. That's when things became more lucid & I started to have a little fun in the dream just for myself. I was popular too which was kind of cool. Basically half my dream was lucid. But I got awakened but not sure why. Probably just to pee because I felt like that was it. Usually something else wakes me up or my wbtb alarm. Usually Meesha Cat, but she was all calm today cuz I played w/ her earlier.[

      D3: It started out as a chain of sorts because I only got up to pee. But now I ran into this boy but I was watching his life unfold. I was just an observer. He had super powers as I did before. He was dealing w/ bullies which was comical because of how he was handling them. He kept teleporting & me w/ him. His grandfather called him on the phone & I could see his grandfather too somehow. His grandfather told him he needed to trust the things he was telling him but I couldn't here everything. He said he would explain later & the old man had a wry smirk on his face w/ a wink, lol. During all of this the kid was displaying different super powers. Then I woke up.

      After the big Spellbee challenge I haven't tried to do any totm. I'll do September though. I just needed some time off.

      Explanation of details-Blue
      Side Notes-Purple
      Astral Projection/AP-Brown/OOB
    12. Spellbee Comp Night 13

      by , 08-13-2016 at 09:56 PM
      2 pts- wbtb
      10 pts- first dild
      1 pt- reality check
      2 pts- chain
      5 pts- subsequent wild
      2 pts- interaction w/ dc
      5 pts- eat something (drank water)
      5 pts- practice waking life hobby (fishing)
      5 pts- ask for advice
      = 32 points

      Three Step Goals:
      1.Advanced Flying
      2.Element Manipulation
      3.Mass Telekinesis

      New Dream goal: Go to the Moon
      Old Dream goal: Go back to Venice

      D1: Had a non-lucid but I couldn't remember it so I didn't count it.

      D2: Lucid- Mike & I were fishing at the lake near where I grew up. I spent a lot of time there with my family growing up & new it was a dream but I hung out & fished for a while. As I became aware & lucid I saw the lane that was my grandpa's long driveway. I had set the alarm for my wbtb so I woke up briefly to turn it off & chained into the next dream easily.

      D3: Lucid- I was still with Mike at the lake fishing but the lane was gone because I knew it didn't
      belong there I guess. The scenery was really pretty. (Reality check.) All majestic looking with the dam
      stoicly errect making it look like some sort of postcard picture. I started looking
      for people to interact with. We came across what looked like a concession stand & we
      got water. We then sat up on these bar stools while we drank our water, where we met a
      man & his wife who worked there. They were talking politics. It was a pretty funny conversation.
      They told me that there was a new law that all women had to be on birth control for
      population control. I was looking at Mike & laughing. I then proceeded to explain the
      insanity of this idea because I had a hysterectomy & don't have a uterus to even carry
      a baby. These people weren't getting it, lol. I finally tried to compare it to being
      a man. I said it's like the likelyhood of a man having a baby. It's just impossible.
      They said that wouldn't be a good enough excuse & I laughed & asked them what they
      suggested I do.

      Then Mike's alarm went off & we had to rush out the door. Today was back to school road
      trip day... I'm actually surprised by this. I usually don't sleep well the night before any kind of trip but I was so exhausted. I almost didn't care enough to even try for pts, but I set my alarm anyway. I guess it was a good thing I did.

      Side Notes-Purple
      Competition Notes-Teal

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    13. Spellbee Comp Night 11

      by , 08-11-2016 at 02:53 AM
      1 point is all I got. I'm really pissed off!

      Three Step Goals:
      1.Advanced Flying
      2.Element Manipulation
      3.Mass Telekinesis

      New Dream goal: Go to the Moon
      Old Dream goal: Go back to Venice

      D1: I was playing in the game survivor. There were 3 great big ships w/
      3 teams. One for each ship. But I wasn't sure what they were yhaet who had
      what. But we were told by Jeff Probst the host that there could be
      consequences for swapping with other teams. Apparently someone already had
      tried but magically they weren't allowed too. It was a little fuzzy about
      how this occurred...

      My daughter called in real life & I tried to ignore the phone.

      D2: half lucid. I phased/chained into my second dream which was becoming lucid right
      after I noticed the ships were now all three small boats.
      I now decided
      to give the ships the advantages I wanted. I gave my team plenty of
      extra food. Another had fishing gear. And the third had survival gear. I
      know they could've been better but I was trying to just get to the tasks.

      I was making a plan that I would put Nebulus & Dream Cafe on the second boat & Sivason on
      the third so I could play against them. I was also contemplating my flying
      to the moon & my mass telekinesis. But as soon as I got Nebulus pictured in
      his blue t-shirt emblazoned with his real name idiot tag it was game over.

      My daughter had come into my bedroom in real life via my dumb ass son. I'm
      so pissed off I can't even express. She got a job & needed me to watch
      her kids from now until school starts from 6am-5pm. So basically I may be
      fucked as far as the comp goes. We'll see. My plan is to try & recreate
      this scenario because it was a really good set up for the way I wanted this
      part of the comp to go. I'm literally in tears.

      Yes Neb, I had you finally pictured for like 30 seconds before my daughter
      blew my dream to shit!

      Side Notes-Purple
      Competition Notes-Teal
    14. Spellbee Comp Night 8

      by , 08-07-2016 at 11:32 PM
      10 pts- first wild of the night
      10 pts- first dild
      10 pts- 2 subsequent dilds
      2 pts- wbtb
      2 pts- chaining
      5 pts- Ask for advice
      2 pts- chain a lucid
      1 pt- reality check/stablization
      2 pts- interact with dream character
      5 pts- Use an electonic device (Toll booth/debit card machine,
      but had to end up using cash)
      5 pts- Super Strength (I am pulling myself up along the ledges of each freeway)
      5 pts- Gain Invulnerability (Jumped from building onto freeway)
      5 pts- Summoned money for toll booth
      5- DC Manipulation / Mind Control
      5 pts- Unspecified dream control (super jumping capabilities)
      5 pts- Super fast speed
      10 pts- Advanced flying
      20 pts- climb side of building like spiderman (scaled building after freeways)(before midnight)
      5 pts- Advanced summoning- 10 pts (summoned a man in front of me)
      10 pts- Time control (I stop time to look at the man I summoned)
      10 pts- Unsummoning/Banishing (I banished him from my sight)
      10 pts- Full transformation (I'm not me anymore, I'm something made of angry
      & hurt energy!
      Night total= 144 pts

      Your welcome team, I got my A/C fixed. I can sleep better now!

      Three Step Goals:
      1.Advanced Flying
      2.Element Manipulation
      3.Mass Telekinesis

      New Dream goal: Go to the moon
      Old Dream goal: Go to my dream house

      D1:Non-lucid: I was at a carnival but not a traditional carnival. It was pretty
      abstract & nothing eventful of importance.

      Did a wbtb. Got my first wild. And so the chaining begins! I had an
      exceptional night due in part to my damn a/c being finally back on. Amen.

      D2: wild from the start. Full blown lucids from here on so I don't have to
      repeat it. I was with my husband and we were out walking around. I realized I
      was dreaming when we saw a skunk & Freeways & buildings were everywhere. I did
      a reality check & fucked w/ my husband a little because I think this may be my
      first comp w/ him so presently in a lucid dream. I started super jumping up these
      freeways & he told me to stop, that I couldn't do that because it was dangerous.
      This was amazingly comical because I knew I was dreaming & he was just a character
      so he was really freaked out, lol. I laughed a lot because he couldn't do these
      crazy things I could but he managed to follow me for the most part by way of these
      strange hills & what looked like spill ways (I'm not real sure what they are called)
      they are those long concrete things under overpasses & freeways). They were laying
      all weird & he mananged pretty well. Anyway, I went up really fast, making impossible
      jumps up from freeway to freeway ledges & using super human strength with my hands to
      go across them (thank you american ninja warrior for this helpful idea, lol) as they
      were getting higher & higher & over & over.
      It was really exhillerating! I've never had a
      dream quite like this one. So I was gratful I had studied at this point just for
      this moment. I scaled a building like spider man which was cool but I lost my husband
      in all of this. I then chained into the next dream.

      D3: Lucid- Mike was back with me & we were driving through this city that looked like ours
      merged w/ the big kind of city I had just left behind in the last dream. There was a
      woman in a car w/ 2 kids w/ no seat belts on & she was obviously fleeing someone. Mike
      wouldn't follow her to help her like I wanted. We were stopped at a parking garage/toll
      booth. I got mad & told him I was getting out. He was basically hindering my chances
      of completing more tasks in my opinion. I have a way of wanting to keep my moral fiber
      even in my lucid dreams. Sorry people but that's just how I roll. He was yelling at me
      and I told him to give me money. I first tried to operate the debit part of the machine
      for using an electronic device for points. It didn't work so I summoned money from my
      pocket to use instead. He finally gave me money after that because I wanted more to
      help the woman with for diapers etc. Hence i finally got the money due to dc manipulation/
      mind control because he's fucking stubborn. He was still yelling as I ran away. I ran
      superfast around all of these damn buildings that I eventually left the ground for super
      speed flying which is much easier. But hell looking back I got some major ass points
      for that! Fuck yes! Anyway I landed on a street corner which is where I started to
      transition/chain into my 4th & final dream.

      D4: Lucid- So now I'm on this street corner where I find the black lady who is talking
      to people about the woman I saw in the car w/ the kids in her car basically fleeing
      for her life. So I start asking her about the man she is referring to that she is fleeing
      from. He is someone I know but haven't seen in a long time. I'm asking her a shit load
      of questions about him now because it's all really weird. He just seemed to fall off
      the face of the earth in my real life but I'm pretty sure he moved away closer to one
      of his children. I'm asking advice which are points, yeah. She tells me the woman in
      the car has his 2 kids & they are fighting but she's in such a tizzy she's not sure
      of the details. I'm overwhelmed by the man being mentioned so I summon him to appear
      in front of me. I freeze time & him to look at him. I'm very angry with him so I just
      hold him there. Then I banish him from my sight. Then I'm not even me anymore. It was a full
      transformation. My anger turned me into some kind of
      angry energy & hurt. I can't describe this. I've never done this or felt this before.

      Side Notes-Purple
      Competition Notes-Teal
    15. Spellbee Comp Night 7

      by , 08-07-2016 at 01:44 AM
      1 pt for 2 non-lucids
      2 pts for wbtb
      1/2 pt for a partial lucid
      2 pts for interacting with a dream character
      = 6 pts

      Three Step Goals:
      1.Advanced Flying
      2.Element Manipulation
      3.Mass Telekinesis

      New Dream goal: Go to the moon
      Old Dream goal: Go to my dream house

      This will be my first day of actually having my house cool! The A/C was repaired & hopefully my lucids are making a comeback.

      D1: Non-lucid to partial lucid- Another competition dream. Then did a wbtb at 5:45.

      D2: Non-lucid- I was touring on a bus. Many people were getting fired at the place we ended up in. It was an auditorium.
      I started to think I was dreaming when I realized we were touring but what kind of tour was this. Everyone just kept doing this. I asked other people what kind of tour this was. We had no instruments. So this is a partial lucid.

      Side Notes-Purple
      Competition Notes-Teal
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