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    Hopeless Wanderings

    "Hold me fast, 'cause I'm a hopeless wanderer
    I will learn, I will learn to love the skies I'm under"

    lucids(new style)
    lucids(old style)

    Completed 2015 Lucid Goals:
    [X] fly
    [X] walk through walls
    [X] ask a DC the meaning of life
    [X] visit space

    Completed 2016 Lucid Goals:

    [x] summon someone(summoned M)
    [x] get an answer(kind of, but want to try again)

    2018 Dream Goals:

    [x] reach 200 entries
    [ ] reach 50 dream entries for the year(CURRENT COUNT: 9)
    [ ] Meet M again
    [ ] ANSWERS
    [ ] Meet someone dead IRL
    [X] Be ES
    [ ] Have 10 lucids(CURRENT COUNT: 8)
    [ ] Memorize a good chunk of a song playing in my dream and write it down
    [X] fly(why not I guess)
    [ ] build something(like a mini-world, house, bridge, etc)

    Current re-occuring dream themes: being in high school or college

    Total LD Count(only counting the ones recorded here): 67

    Happy dreaming!

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