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    Hopeless Wanderings

    Rape, My Suicide, Late For Class

    by , 09-06-2010 at 08:32 PM (801 Views)
    regular dreams: 9-6-10

    The first two dreams are from several nights ago and they are kinda depressing/disturbing. I don't really know why I had these dreams, probably from watching too many scary movies or something. The last dream is from last night. I can't remember much so they are just fragments.

    I don't know who's house we were at, mine or someone else's. There was this middle aged woman there, with curly brown hair. I was just standing there watching as this guy was creeping around the outside of the house trying to break in. I called the cops but the line was busy and they never came. The guy got in the house and raped her right in front of me. This happened multiple times, it was like the dream was repeating itself and I couldn't change the outcome.

    My Suicide
    I was in my room and I'm not sure why but I wanted to die. So I think I took some pills or maybe cut my wrists, I don't remember. There were some people trying to get in my room and help me but they couldn't. I knew that I wouldn't die no matter what because I think part of me might have known that I was in a dream and I can't get injured in dreams. So all I really remember is sitting on the floor in my room dying.. or not.

    Late For Class
    It was third block(hour, class, whatever) and I was at my locker talking to a friend. I had forgotten what class I had next and the time clock was counting down. I started freaking out and looked at my schedule and saw that I had accounting class next(I don't even take that class in real life) and it was downstairs. So I hurriedly walked to the back of the school and to the right to a staircase(even though there's not one there in real life) and got to class like 5 minutes after the bell rang. But it didn't matter because the teacher said he never takes attendance and didn't care. Then I realized that I might have early lunch instead of late so I didn't even know if I was supposed to be there.

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    1. Aubrey's Avatar
      those first two are fucked up...
    2. WaterDreamer's Avatar
      I recently had a nightmare about being raped, so I couldn't help but stop and read this. I'm sure witnessing it in a dream is just as upsetting.
      Good thing we can share things like this on here, I think it's therapeutic.
      Never dreamed about suicide, but I've had quite a few where I suddenly realize I'm supposed to have been in school that last few years, and I frantically try to sneak in & pretend I know what's going on, so your Late For Class dream made me LOL!