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    Log 1015 - Secret Boss Guide

    by , 02-09-2018 at 04:47 AM (56 Views)
    Created Thursday 08 February 2018

    I've got a few things to note. But, I kinda messed around too much, and have forgotten more than I should've.

    Scrap Group 1
    False memories of a dream kept repeating after an awakening. Supposedly, this involved powered armor being sold at the grey market, and my justification on buying such.

    Dream 1 - Secret Boss Guide

    The visuals were a bit blurred. I was playing a live-action version of a fantasy roguelike, one with a setting very similar to Shadow of the Wyrm. This started just after I completed the final quest, in which I've slayed all of the game's gods.

    After some unknown travels, I stop at a Victorian-era style castle, a place much too novel for the setting. The interior was built of gleaming white marble, yet, besides a dusty red carpet lining its hallways, the place was bare of furnishings. So too did it lack people. Eventually, within an office, I finally did find an occupant. This was the local ruler, her haggard appearance and traveler's garb belying her nobility. More importantly, she was the quest-giver to my latest task. We spoke of as much, the conversation in text box, though I'd accidentally skipped most of it. I did, however, catch two interesting tidbits: that there was one more ultimate quest to be done, and that this involved someone named after my guide, 'E'. Intrigued, I pressed her for more, though she only made repeated utterances. "Kill this final god for us", beckoned the lady, "she's been nothing but trouble."

    Almost instantly afterwards, I arrived at the entrance of a vast fortress built of dark stone. I go up a ladder to a parapet, then climbed through an unglazed window. Inside, I sneaked through an indoor balcony, its slit interior wall concealing much of whatever was below. As I passed by, a text box spams messages of enemy in-fighting, one (or a group) of which was known as a Spectral Tyrant Queen. These foes, I thought, stood no chance against me. No need to bog myself with mindless combat.

    Some more wandering around took me through an empty assembly hall and unguarded corridors. Eventually, at the corner of a long hallway, I reached the door to the boss room. I open it, and find... a contemporary office, painted in melon colors, clear of everything but the desk, chair, and cabinet. Well that's an anticlimax. I figured this experience wasn't real, only to conclude I was getting distracted with an unusually vivid daydream.

    I briefly woke up, and unwittingly reentered. What's more, I'd unconsciously willed the boss fight proper. Enter E, appearing as a giantess, emerging slowly right after she had punched a hole through the floor. She found my presence amusing, and dared me to attack. Before I could say a word, she lashes at me with a frog-like tongue, clearly with the intent to eat me. Failing that, she swiped and thrashed about. I somehow was able to roll away from each of her strikes. I soon noted my lacking weapons. Before I could go about finding one, the dream ended abruptly.

    Scrap Group 2
    Watching Dragon Ball Super in the living room. Frieza gets resurrected once more, returning in pieces as last time. At least then, he was intact enough to speak. It seemed some humans have unwittingly revived him. Cut to some of the good guys in a pool party at Bulma's place. Yamcha got a new girlfriend. What's more, against all reasoning, Krillin got reconnected with Maron (his girlfriend from years before). I noticed some of my aunts were there. They were completely befuddled about the cartoon.

    At home. Lotsa detailed stuff about my nephew soiling his pants. I'd rather forget about that...

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