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    Turquoise Dreams

    1. Lucid #2 (but only half way there)

      , 10-10-2011 at 04:17 AM (Turquoise Dreams)
      [Woke up after 6 1/2 hours of sleep (8pm-2.30am, stayed up on PC about 20 min, went back to bed, thought about LDing, meteor shower and my upcoming class reunion, did some "Am I dreaming" and looking at my hand and saying my mantras. Fell asleep shortly after 4am). Woke up immediately after getting way to LD at 4.45am].

      It's at night and I'm at my class reunion. I'm talking to my friends for a little while. Then I'm in adjacent room with big wall full of windows. Suddenly I see a huge bolide streaking through the skies from right to left. It's beautiful. I see some hills on the left and I know if I don't get higher, I will loose this meteorite behind the hill. Suddenly I feel as I was on a see-saw. I'm slowly lifting in the air without any effort and slowly coming back to ground. I do this couple of times. Then instead of coming back down, I keep going higher. Feels good but I'm surprised and I look up asking myself "wow, how high is this ceiling?". "I'm dreaming". My hand comes into view and looks almost normal, except mi middle finger is little longer than it should be. I realize that from this point it could go either way - turn lucid or continuing with regular dream. So I start willing my finger to stretch longer while repeating to myself "I'm dreaming, I'm dreaming, I'm dreaming." I'm still high all the way to the ceiling.
      I get scared of the dark and wake myself up. Man, I wish I wasn't such a scaredy-cat.

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    2. Lost dog

      , 10-07-2011 at 03:24 AM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Just a regular dream.

      I was back home in the house I grew up in. Somebody found a brown dog and we were trying to figure out, how to return him to his owner. While everybody in the house went nuts, talking at the same time, suggesting how to find his owner, I yelled out "shut up everybody", there is a phone number on his collar, let's just call and have the owner come and pick him up. Then later, my mom was telling me to dress warm, because it's getting cold and I yelled at her to leave me alone, I know how to dress myself.
      The scenery was interesting, because it was a mash-up of real house and street as it exists in Slovakia, but across the street, where there is a small park, in my dream there was a rolling hillside with houses, in classic Southern California style. I live in SoCal now.
    3. Countries I visited in regular dreams

      , 10-06-2011 at 03:03 AM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Sweden - street bike race on cobblestone streets

      Denmark or Holland - boat trip on a small lake or river in a park with nearby parking lot with a slot machine

      France - Paris, Eiffel tower, 2x

      Italy - school trip from Travel Trade school with B., museum, streets, I bought a walkie-talkie

      Portugal - I was buying jeans for my brother, I spoke to some girls in english, turned out they were Slovaks

      Spain - buying jeans



      Albania - we were crawling across the border

      Hungary - looking to buy british and US flag and english magazine

      Russia - sea, we were flying over, but not in an airplane

      England - London - old building with long corridor, visiting friends

      Turkey - Istanbul flying on a ceiling of a indoor market (when I visited the place IWL couple of years later I realized, it looked just like in my dream)

      Turkey - flying over a sea, seashells

      Libya - coastline, unfinished building, flyers

      Israel - the airport

      Morocco - bus, desert, small town

      Africa - some state in South West. trekking through countryside

      Africa - walking on a shore of a river that is like a showcase of countries

      India - Nepal - train ride from south to north towards and through snowy mountains

      China - bus ride

      South Korea - buying denim jacket, beutiful mountains, huge shopping center, foreign currency

      Hong-Kong - airplanes flying low over buildings, sea, with my family, perfect view of the city and a harbor from airplane as leaving

      South Amerika - Argentina- watching the night sky with telescope, constellations

      Columbia - Peru

      Bolivia (Romania) - trip organized by a friend of mine, dinner in and old tower, thinking, if there is an earthquake, tower will fall

      USA - NY - 54th Avenue - I was happy, that finaly this is not a dream, Washington, California
      USA - somewhere in the streets, my brother wanted some soda, we have arrived by train, when leaving, I realized that I forgott to take pictures and very sad about that

      Poland, India, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Russia, Egypt, Hungary, Hawaii

      EDIT 7/29/14

      Lots of Poland
      French Guyana

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    4. Day 3

      , 10-05-2011 at 07:04 PM (Turquoise Dreams)
      This is my third day of trying to get a LD. On day 1, I had MILD/DILD, but woke up just seconds after realizing I'm dreaming. Nothing on day2, can't recall even a regular dream.

      So I did my mantras - "Next time I dream I RC and realize I'm dreaming" and did couple of RCs - Nose Plug and Finger through Palm, also looking at my hand while asking "Am I dreaming", since this had worked for me the first time.

      So on day 3 I can recall 3 regular dreams.

      Dream #1. Something is chasing me. Looks big, like a Mech/robot. It is outside, I'm inside a one story, semi-circular building, quite bright, looks like an old fortress, running from room to room, ducking by windows so he can't see me. Not really scared, it's more like a game to me, although I know it's not a game. I know he can't get me. Building was clean, no dark shadows, smooth very light grey bricks, I kinda liked it. Outside was nice grass.

      [I just remembered, that I added to my mantra "My dream will be bright and clear" . Until now, most of my dreams were kinda in a soup of brown, grey, more on the dark side]

      Dream #2 I was in a large building, very bright, lots of windows and artificial lighting. Rooms were big, with hospital beds, and there was lots of people, but didn't feel like hospital, maybe like a mental institution? But everybody looked normal to me I was walking down this large room with big and bright windows on the left and I was trying to escape from there. When I got maybe 5 feet from the open glass door/window, alarm sounded and the doors closed. There were two nurses right by the window trying to repair a wall-mounted radio, so I helped them out and fixed it. Immediately there was a song on a radio - female voice. After this I was able to talk one of the nurses (black male)to open the door for me and he buzzed me out. Suddenly there was a bunch of people after me, I somehow thicked them into a large kitchen and closed the door after them. later I looked in and they were all eating from the fridge.

      Dream #3. I'm in a hospital room with 2-3 of my friends, but we are just renting this room. We are on school trip where we go from town to town and it's time to pack and go to the bus to continue on our trip. Room was very bright, lots of light, white colors. Some of my friends have already packed and took their suitcases, but I'm still trying to figure out, what time we are leaving. Nobody is telling me. They show me a yellow phone and tell me to call #10, they will tell me. I pick up the receiver of an old, rotary phone but for some reason I don't want to call.
      [In waking life, i don't really like telephones]. Then two nurses show up, they look kind of old-fashioned. Purses hanging from their arms, sweater around shoulders, and one of them tells me that they can figure out what time we are leaving, because that's the time their shift will start (since we were just renting the room to sleep over and didn't need the nurses, they would come back to work when we leave.] They were laughing and everybody was relaxed.

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    5. Dream Signs and Abilities

      , 10-04-2011 at 08:40 PM (Turquoise Dreams)
      UFOs - in shape of small, fast and erratically moving lights in night skies. They look like stars. They scare me a lot.
      GUNS - all kinds of shot guns, automatic weapons. Never have enough real bullets, though.
      WATER - if swimming pool, I can breathe under water. One of the best feelings.
      FLYING - was never able to fly without jumping in air and then flying, or climbing on a fence and fly from there, untill my last dream, when I took flight after hopping on a guardrail and flew like a superman. This dream also turned into lucid just a second or two after this.
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    6. My first LD

      , 10-03-2011 at 08:38 PM (Turquoise Dreams)
      [MILD induced DILD]
      It was late evening, dark. I was with another person (male) and 2 kids on a shore of a long lake, with small lit-up houses/shops on the right. (In the morning I realized it reminded me of a shoreline of Avalon on Catalina Island in California, where ocean is to your left, there is a walkway with simple guardrail and shops/houses right across the street on the right side).

      We were all dressed in pants, t-shirts and windbreakers. We decided to go to an evening outdoor concert. I realized that it's colder than we thought and I had to go to get some more clothes. So I started walking by the handrail towards the houses on the other side of the lake, when I decided to fly there. I hopped up on the guardrail and jumped up and flew quite fast over the lake, with arms spread out, like a Superman.

      (Now, I did fly in my dreams quite often, but always with trouble, never been able to fly high, mostly just climb on a tree and flap my arms really hard, or jump in the air couple times while flapping my arms like a madman and take a flight, but only few feet of the ground).

      In a middle of the lake I thought to myself "This would be great time to have a dream". Two things happened at the same time. I got a very strong feeling emanating from my abdomen area, something like great joy and I KNEW that Lucid Dream is coming, and my right hand lifted in front of me. It was all distorted, fingers like waves, flat, kinda like geckos toes, and seemed to be more of them than five. This view of my hand freaked me out a little bit.

      I asked myself if I'm dreaming and with grin from ear to ear I answered yes. I forgot all about getting clothes and thought about what to do now that I'm lucid. I figured let's fly someplace.
      (I love flying dreams.) Started flying around but everything was dark. Got kinda disappointed and woke up.

      [Went to bed around 12.45am, woke up from a dream at 2.53am.
      Before bed, I read for couple hours about LD, practiced nose pinch and finger through palm RC and saying that "Next time I dream, I will RC and realize I'm dreaming".

      Didn't really practice the looking at the hand and counting fingers RC, just a few times, much less than other RCs. But when in bed, I did my mantra and looked at my hand and asked myself if I'm dreaming as I was falling asleep for about 15 minutes. And yet, the hand RC showed up and got me lucid.]

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