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    Turquoise Dreams

    1. Lucid #6 very short, but heck yeah

      , 12-05-2011 at 12:43 AM (Turquoise Dreams)
      I'm very happy today - I get to update my LD count to 6. It was very short and remembered it when I woke up from it, but didn't write it down, because I was trying to WILD for 3 hours and this LD happend in a micro sleep somewhere in a midle of my effort. Then I forgot about it and I just remembered it almost 4 hours later. Imagine my surprise and my happiness

      I slept from 12:30 am till 6:10am, got up for an hour and went back to bed to WILD.

      So I'm walking down this town. It's an older, european town, especially to church tower I can see in the distance. I'm walking on a street level, but I see the town as a big 3D map, kinda in an angle infront of me. Then I think to myself that I would see better from birds eye view and raise my arms like a superman and without any effort I take off at an angle and fly over this town at very comfortable, leisurly pace. When I get up there, the beauty of the towns strikes me and I'm telling myself "I'm dreaming, I'm dreaming" and feel the excitement build. [realized I'm dreaming while flying]

      Then I woke up and continued my effort to recreate yesterday's incredible morning with great WILD elements.

      [I have been playing GTA and I have been dreaming GTA for almost every night, but can't recall any specifics, untill today - I had a family business - ambulance services]- this was before my WBTB.

      After WBTB - I was on a pleasure boat ride, that looked more like a simple fishing boat for 3-4 people, when we noticed it's filling up with water. Nobody got worried, but we started to make "floaties" for kids from pieces of wood and string. Then we realized, they are heavy and took them off to be used more as a flotation device - the one you just grab onto. Suddenly the boat is bigger and I'm still inside, just now making my way out and as I do, I can feel the boat is tilting more and more. I'm not worried, I know I'll get out ok and no one else was left inside, so I don't feel bad.

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    2. The best morning Dec.2

      , 12-04-2011 at 03:29 AM (Turquoise Dreams)
      I took GM 4mg and extra 300mg choline at 2.23am, when I woke up from first dream.

      4.30am - I'm checking out a nice silver and black rifle with scope. There is a box of ammo for it,too. Bullets are silver, with ornamental openings on the shells. Pretty. This is first time, when I have ammo for my weapons. Sueet.

      Then I got up at 7.10am and WBTB at 8.15am.

      What happened next, I can only describe as the best night/morning, since october 1st, when I started with LDing.

      I didn't have any LDs,

      but had first true geometrical HH, very pretty, clean, crisp.

      Next, I had some elements of WILD - I felt the "headrush" - falling head first, while watching white stars streaking by my head on a dark blue background, like in hyperspace. That happend, when from beginning of SP I felt like my feet are floating upwards, so I just imagined, that my had must be going downwards (I had this feeling once before, so I was just recalling that feeling - last time it resulted in DEILD).

      Next headrush was when I had a dream that I'm trying to wake up and I'm looking at my room, but from different perspective, as if from the other end of the room, not from my bed. I "saw" my room through eyelids, tried to open my eye but couldn't, I figured it's SP and went for a WILD. [On second thought - this could have been a FA - I should have gotten up - now I kick myself for missing it] I felt like my whole body got lifted up 10 inches of the bed and again I pushed my head down for a "headrush".

      I had my first true "body shakes" - insane feeling, then I watched a sped-up video in black&white, of family at christmas time - at the dinner table, at the christmas tree. I saw every detail. Hairstyles and clothing like from 70' or 80', I saw faces and everything in the most detailed details. Then I saw dark canvas with purple words saying JA? JA? which is German for yes? and I was saying yes, yes, to the dream, take me.

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    3. Some frags Dec.1

      , 12-04-2011 at 02:58 AM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Bed 11pm. No supplements
      DR at 2.55am
      DR at 4.40 am - I'm visiting somebody in apt. building with dark brown entry door, carpeted halls, and a place for shoes outside the door
      - running race while stopping to make coffee
      - picking up stuff of the floor
      DR at 9.40am - Dorm
    4. Dream about having LD

      , 12-02-2011 at 05:13 AM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Nov.30, Wednesday.

      Bed at 12:05 am after reading 25 pages of LaBergers Concise guide... and I was hoping, that it will refresh my "want" and I'll have an LD.

      DR ended at 2:24.
      In a dream, I really wanted to have another LD, and I did. I was so excited and yet so calm, because I believed, that I finally figured out how to LD at any time. I was telling a friend, who is also LDing. I was helping her to LD by giving her audio prompts. [After a dream IWL I remembered having a sucking feeling associated with LDing].

      Then, I'm in an open air classroom that looks like an amphiteater. I'm telling someone, that the instructions on the board I have already seen like 3 times.
      Then, there is another friend and we are trying to clear whitepainted desk, but instead the paint is coming off. My aunt walkes in. She puts vine glasses on the table and pours some vine to celebrate.

      BTB 3:11am i was reading same book

      DR at 5:29am - my laptop woke up from sleep and played an audio prompt from app I have been using.
      I was with some people climbing some furniture that was a wall to 3 floor. Goat from a TV show wanted to follow. Downstairs, gramma and granpa asked me to take the picture of their grandson with the baby goat. I pulled out a big blue flower with roots and dirt for the goat to eat, and granpa pulled some other flower.

      I was suppose to kill some small, silver grey furry animal. i start poking it with a knife, but he feels like rubber toy. The blade inflicts some shallow wounds and I feel disgusted with myself and very sad that I'm doing it but feel like I have to finish, since I have started.

      I'm in my room in SK looking through pile of my papers for my passport. In a hallway, there is a window with a lady clerk - she needs my passport for something. I wait in line, but when there is my turn, some guy, who was just leaning against the wall and not standing in line, cuts in front of me. I confront him. He gets defensive. I tell him calmly, that I'm not angry, just trying to figure out if he didn't see me.

      BTB 6:22am
      Wake up at 10am.
      DR - another person. his name is lucid.dreaming.myname.lastname
    5. Spirit is teaching me - Nov.27, 50mg B6

      , 11-29-2011 at 08:11 PM (Turquoise Dreams)
      I took 50mg of B-complex at 5:15 pm. Bed 11:00pm

      First dream at 2:33am - No recall

      DR at 4:15am - takes place at night, but I see nice shades of blue like you would expect from an office building at night running on safety lights only.

      A spirit took me to place in Prague (P. tower). In this huge building, that looks like office building, with lots of smaller and bigger rooms and hallways. He is teaching me to see spirit world without my eyes. I have a feeling, I'm looking through my eyelids, [at least it's a feeling like I'm trying to open my eyes when I wake up in SP, and seeing through eyelids].

      I'm a little bit scared, but I trust him as a mentor. We saw a lots of spirits walking around this building, in a form of black shadow humanoid figures. Some of them are offering to teach me, but I only sense that, I don't see those spirits. I'm worried and I ask my guide, if I can trust them, if it's not just a trick, if they will not turn bad and harm me, once I agree to them teaching me, how do I recognize if they are good or bad. My guide tells me not to worry, if they promise, they are nice and will not turn mean.

      I ask, if we will see any people. He sais there is a night guard - and I remotely see a small room with light on with a person inside.

      I wake up but remember not to move [mantra before bed was "Don't move"] and try a DEILD. But my mind went crazy and is working on overdrive, so no luck.

      I get up for a WBTB at 4:15 - 5:03. Can't fall back to sleep till 7am.

      DR ends at 9:30am
      I'm somewhere on streets and carrying lots of stuff. I have a small red wagon and some bags. A big truck goes by and flips over crushing my wagon. The handle is busted and can't use it anymore. The truck leaves. There is more people on a sidewalk and we all wait a while for a police to make a claim, but we realize, that no one is coming, since the damage was minor. We all move on.

      I finally get to the place I was going to. It's a dorm for a new school I'm starting. I look at the key card for a room number and go look for the room. I have my two cats with me. I don't have anywhere to put them, so one goes into a shopping bag and the other to a duffel bag.

      I'm on a level where my room is suppose to be but I can't find it. There is a circular center area and room go from it like sun rays. Nice and bright, furniture is light brown and invitingly friendly. Go to another level, same here.

      Finally there is a friend of mine and she tells me, where my room is. I say that I have already looked there but it wasn't there. Then I look at my key card and see that I have mixed up the room number. The number I thought is my room number was actually a price? So I finally find my room. I immediately smell cat litter. I look, and next to my bed is a litter box with a small kitten in it. It looks like my roommate has a cat also. One of my cats growls, as he doesn't care for other cats.

      I go looking for somebody to help me get a new room. This girls is very helpful and calls on her phone to find out whom should I see. She tells me there is a student counselor, she is there mostly on a weekend, but she is there today also. I go downstairs to find her. [Wake up]

      [This is third major dream in 4 days about my cats. I'm running this app that makes audio prompts every 15 min in daytime to practice RCing. One day, at RCs I looked at my cats and said "This could be a dream, kitties". I since try to look at some photos of nice beach when I RC to recondition myself and stop dreaming with my cats.]

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    6. 100 mg B-complex

      , 11-29-2011 at 06:21 AM (Turquoise Dreams)
      I took 100 mg b-complex at 3:45 pm

      Bed at 11pm, but didn't fall asleep until much later.

      Woke up at 2:57
      Woke up from DR at 4:22am - quite vivid, full color, I slept on my right side during this dream
      My friend K is in town K, and I'm helping her get to town Lála to a dormitory for new teachers. We ask around at the bus stop, (I speak hungarian) which way is Lala, I also see numerous street posts with directions to many places.

      We got to the dormitory. Now we have to go back, to pick up the car she left at the cultural center.

      We are back at the dorm. As we are leaving again, she stops by an assembly and tells hungarian jokes in slovak. The crowd is loving it.

      We get to the old and creepy building. Inside is dark and looks like abandoned factory. There is a huge elevator with mean door - if you not fast enough, it may pinch you. We get on, only to get off, apparently because of me, we have to go to second floor.

      There is a train station. The train is about 25 feet wide, flat conweyor belt. We get on and sit down. Suddenly there is silver colored water spilling over the belt as the belt starts to move sideways. Looks like a flood. We are moving towards some low houses and there is a disturbance in the water ahead and I realize those are elefant heads sticking out.

      We try to swim to the left to awoid them. But here are houses and fences. We maneuver so we don't hit anything. Dry land. Some kind of a zoo? There are animals everywhere. A lion launches at me but passes by. There is a group of beings and I get a feeling they are there to be amused by us in this situation. I get mad at them and throw a potato at the but of an gazelle that's standing facing these creatures in hope, it will charge at them. I got an idea to pick up more potatoes to protect myself and start stuffing them in my shirt. A green parakeet flys at me and I throw a potato at him what makes him mad.

      There is a black pipe metal construction and I think it's the zoo fence. I climb to the top. There is an elephant that tries to get me with his purple trunk. I grab it and it stretches, then it pulls free.

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    7. GM second try

      , 11-27-2011 at 11:42 PM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Thursday 11/24 - no supplements, no recall

      Friday 11/25 - bed at 1am, regular DR 2:42am - I was flying from my balcony, can't recall more

      Took GM at 4:17am- no change in recall or vividity or anything

      dream at 8:23 am - my cat was attacked by a dog, remembered more but didn't write it down right away
      Another dream - I was a babysitter in Thailand

      Saturday 11/26 Bed at 11:50pm, no supplements
      DR at 2:05 am - GTA video game - just a feeling
      4:17am - somebody's family was visiting, it was a pain in the a**.
      Then I'm at the ocean. Kid is in a water and i ask him what does he see. I look under water and there is a lots of marine life and a big, fast shark. I yell at him to get out. By now the ocean changed into shape of a swimming pool, I'm sitting on the edge, but the water is still ocean. Shark had changed into a manatee. He is nor really nice. First he is intimidating us by putting his snout right in our faces. i want to let him know that we like him but he is not amused, turnes his back and poops on us.

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    8. GalantaMind day 1

      , 11-24-2011 at 09:49 PM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Bed at 12:40am. WBTB 3:28am-4:15am. Did Not take GM at WBTB. Language

      I stayed up for WBTB, but realized, that I shouldn't have. I slept too short to have a long REM so the GalantaMind wouldn't have a good chance to work. (Although my very first LD was after only 2 hours of sleep). Went back to sleep with intent to take GM when I wake up next time.

      When falling asleep, had some very pretty HH, that were presenting themselves as a vertically running movie strip. I said I like one of the images and then I really liked one and that one started to dominate the show. It was a globe I called planet of beautiful yellow-green color that was back-lit. It had very crisp and detailed scars like a ice moon.

      Also, maybe 2 days ago I downloaded dodobirds program that plays a sound every few minutes and you can practice RCs, wakes you for WBTB and then plays a sound every couple of minutes so when in a dream you can realize, you are dreaming. I shut it down when I went to bed and as I'm falling asleep, I hear a "ding" and did an RC.

      Dream before WBTB
      It was a dream that had some LD elements in it and I woke up from it due to some noise just as I was opening my mouth to say "I'm dreaming".

      I'm a little white plush/anime bunny with nice purple accents on my ears. How do I know? When I fly, I see myself from third persons perspective. So I'm looking at this bunny who I now it's me and I'm yelling fly! fly! and later teleport!, while my eyes are rapidly opening and closing. I have never teleported in my dreams before, so this is something new and I was about to become lucid.

      I'm in a night club with a stage. Bartender walks from person to person showing them a card with metallic, pretty colors on a back and a photo on the front. She wants to know, if we know this girl with long dark hair. I whisper to her in Hungarian, that I do know her, she is in fact a girl who plays piano on this stage sometime.
      Then I'm outside in a place that looks like out of tombraider video game. Stone ground with square opening in a middle, like a empty swimming pool without bottom. The bunny is flying out of there and I'm cheering him on fly! fly! When he comes out of there, I'm directing him to teleport to some tall greek looking columns. He is teleporting by sliding really fast an inch over the ground. Not bad for first teleporting try
      Just now I realized, why bunny. Before bed I watched the LateLate Night Show and the guy had a bunny puppet.

      Now I wake up and do a doomed WBTB. Wake up at 6:30 am and take the GalantaMind. Go straight back to bed. I start to feel it in about 20 minutes. Feel relaxed and pretty sleepy and feel the heaviness of my body a couple of times, but not able to pull it off.

      I was back home in Slovakia. My two cats (that live with me in California) live there with my parents. Someone is responsible to take them to "day care". In the afternoon I go to the day care to pick up some kid. I bring him home and I ask "where are the cats". One is there, but the other one is not. They tell me they forgot to bring him back from daycare. So I go back to school and look for a cat. Its not there. I get back home and they say the cat is in the room. So it turns out, that my dad was suppose to take them to daycare in the morning, but one of them got away from him and got lost and returned home just before I got there and they were afraid to tell me. So I told to myself, that since I live in California now, I should take them with me.
      (Realized why I dream of cats - when I do an RC because of a audio prompt, I look at my cats and tell them "guys, this could be a dream").

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    9. Dreams from before

      , 11-24-2011 at 08:26 AM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Resistance in my hometown
      I don't know who we were fighting. We were organized militia in modern times. Had some bases underground (literally) and fought in trenches. When we were not fighting, we drove around in cars, looking for supplies. Help arrived - soldiers from another country (US?), but they just mostly observed. In general, very good feeling from the dream. We were the good guys. I like the feeling fighting for good cause gives me. I still remember it, although I had it more than 20 years ago.

      Airplanes falling down
      Had several of these all within a year or two.
      - I'm standing at the bridge in my hometown and see a plane flying over, it's going to crash, feeling of inevitable danger.
      - I'm at the end of the runway and airplane is about to crash while approaching me while trying to land.
      - I'm at the airport in a huge modern city. Looking up at the beautiful airplanes. Suddenly I know, one is going to crash. it starts to make loops and maneuvers to recover, but it crashes anyway.

      Defending my house
      I'm standing at the end of the yellow hallway, just at the door to the kitchen, with weapons ready. Somebody is about to attack through the front door. There is more of us. We have long rifles. There is no shortage of weapons. Before fight I went to the basement and got some automatic weapons from cabinets. I was pleasantly surprised, had no idea, we had such a great stuff in a basement. When I asked to have my weapon changed for something better, they obliged. Again, good feeling from the dream. Now I just have to work on having enough ammo. I usually have only a few bullets and then i have to substitute with bread crumbs, pebbles, and whatever I get my hands on. That's frustrating. Dream is in full color, bright.

      Low gravity for me
      I love these dreams. It seams that for me, the gravity is much lower than for the others. So I can easily climb on the outside of tall buildings, where there are balconies. I just grab the railing on a balcony and propel myself to the next, just with help of arms, I don't really need to use my legs.
      It works the same on the stairs. I can either jump down from top of the stairs, or in a tall stairwell, I grab a handrail and propel/lower myself. I loved doing this at School while amazing everybody.
      I loved to exit my second story house this way - got on a balcony, climb to the outside and lower myself to the ground, or jump/fly to the street light and fly from there.

      Hiding/escaping through a maze of corridors/doors
      Also love these dreams. Someone in authority is looking for me/chasing. I'm in a place with lots of short hallways with lots of small rooms that have doors in every direction. I go from room to room, putting distance between me and whoever is giving chase. Good feeling from these dreams, I like to be chased, it's mostly a game for me and I always get away.

      The end of the world
      I have had a couple of these.
      - I'm in California. Nice sunny day. Suddenly I look up and there are ICBM missiles with con trails flying very high up, slowly and quietly, from direction of the ocean towards the inland. I have a feeling of certain end. Try to make a phone call to my mom in Europe.
      - This is more dark. It's war. I'm in a city darkened by smoke. Everything is burning. Buildings, puddles of water. I'm hiding in a bigger puddle of water, big as Olympic size swimming pool.

      Mode of transportation
      Sometimes when in a hurry and for some reason I'm not flying (it's a non-lucid, after all), this is what I do:
      I lay down and hover few inches off the ground and propel myself with my hands touching the ground and kicking off the ground with my feet, as if my body was a surfboard and hands and legs like a surfers, when he lays on a board. I can go quite fast like this. I do it, when I need to hurry and running feels like going through molasses. When I tire of moving like this, I turn on my back and "swim" with my arms like you would butterfly in the water and kicking off the ground with my feet. Always happy to "air surf".

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    10. Non lucid - Cal. earthquake (taking a break from B6 and Choline) Nov.21

      , 11-22-2011 at 10:14 PM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Today, I didn't take my B-complex with 100mg of B6 and B5, nor choline to see what happens.

      Well, it didn't make any difference, although I was hoping for a lucid, since I got fired up again from reading some books in the bookstore, watching dreamplains video about Akashi records and reading someone's dream about unlocking his Akashi records in a LD.

      Bedtime at 11:55pm, WBTB at 4am - 4:35am. Went for a MILD/DILD.

      I'm in a big hotel in California. It's end of the school year student's awards - kids are preschool age. Everybody is downstairs at the ceremony.

      I urge people to leave, because huge earthquake is coming. No one listens. So I urge people I know. Finally, some of them agree to leave, but they don't understand the urgency - it's suppose to happen at any second, we are already on borrowed time. In fact, some pre-earthquake stuff is already happening.

      As I'm taking first group of people upstairs to the exit elevator, I ran by the window. I see low lying California coastline with rolling hills, some brown and some grass. Coast is perpendicular to my view. Nice and sunny day. At the same time, I see group of kids watching the same coastline, but now there is bright orange magma flowing down the hills in many channels towards the ocean, skies are black from smoke.

      I ran downstairs to get more people. I plead with them to please go with me. Some of them finally agree. They start to gather their kids stuff, like backpacks and some art work, kids did during the school year. I'm loosing my mind, because I know it may already be too late, and they are not in a hurry at all. I try to help and go to a pile of about 30 drawings to find the one they want to take with them. Person who is helping me is going through them painstakingly slowly, and I cry from being helpless, but finally I see a name we are looking for. It's written with pencil. Somewhere around here I wake up.
    11. Day 6 of B-complex and choline nov.20

      , 11-21-2011 at 08:56 PM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Took 50 mg of b complex and 250 mg of choline at bedtime at 1:30 am.

      Had a few dreams but can't recall enough to write about. I was in SK, packing something in a bag...? I have a feeling dreams were long, but can't recall.
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    12. Day 5 of B-complex and Choline Nov.19

      , 11-20-2011 at 09:52 PM (Turquoise Dreams)
      This time I took only 50 mg of B-complex just before bed at 11 pm, and took choline 250 mg at WBTB at 4:20am.

      I stayed up only 10 minutes, just long enough to write in my DJ and take the choline. Tried to WILD for 1 1/2 hours, no luck. Tried to imagine the falling/sinking in bed feeling I got previously and it worked to certain degree. Felt like I'm falling through bed head first. Pretty cool feeling. But couldn't pull it off to the end.

      Before WBTB, (so only on B6 and no choline) I had 2 pretty detailed dreams. After WBTB, I had some dreams, but was too tired to get up to write them down.

      Dream 1.
      My former classmates R mom had a heart episode. We were trying to figure out how come, since she only had heart problems from contact with roasted coffee. Then we found out, that the men she was taking care of (she is a nurse) who was munching on something out of his pocket while laying in hospital bed, was eating small pieces of roasted coffee. That men was one of the teachers from Harry Potter (long black hair, don't know his name, not a HP fan).

      Dream 2.
      I was on an airbase as a guest and i was watching some cool airplanes fly by. Then, the person who invited me there (r.d.anderson from Stargate movies) was landing his fighter jet and when I yelled out "look at the cools stuff", he crash-landed. He was ok, I don't think I caused the crash.
      Then, I'm in a room on this base. Room is my childhood room from the house I grew up in. I'm putting on a cool air force uniform. Navy blue pants with yellow embroidered anchor on left pant, dark shirt, white belt and some small bag around my waste, that's making sound. I look in it what's making that sound and there is a small container with 4-5 bullets, they took out from r.d.
      My dad walked by, and also r.d.'s aid and all were saying that I look cool in that uniform.

      -I'm on some hillside fields. there are suppose to be lakes here, but they dried out. The shape of them reminds me of lakes I saw from an airplane when flying over Greenland IWL.
      -somebody is visiting, mom is cooking, I'm trying on some clothes and putting on a tie
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    13. day 2, 3 and 4 of B-complex

      , 11-20-2011 at 05:50 AM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Day 2 of taking B-complex 100mg. 11/16

      Took b-complex in the morning, bed at 11:45 pm. Had some dreams about taking Galantimine (I thinking about taking it when my order arrives). Dreams were not clear, nor vivid.

      Day 3
      B-complex at 2:45 pm. Bed past 1:30 am 11/17
      I have a feeling a have dreamt about GTA (I played all day IWL). Not clear nor vivid.

      Day 4 - 50 mg of b6, only half of what I took the days before
      B-complex 1 hour before bed, Choline right before bed 11/18
      remember more dreams and more details
      I'm in Himalayas in a gift shop. Looking for a preticular gift shop, because I know I have been there on a previous trip and they had some great postcards but I didn't have time to buy them. So I want to buy them this time. They don't have them, so I want to buy tibetan or nepalese wooden bead necklace, but hey have only something really big. I want something simle. Finally find the gift shop with the postcards.
      There is a vendor by whose accent I guess he is polish. But his wife speaks to me in slovak. Suddenly there is another friend of mine - former classmate.

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    14. Started B-100 complex, 3 very long, very detailed dreams

      , 11-16-2011 at 09:30 PM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Today I started taking B-100 complex with 100 mg of B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, and 100mcg B12 and B7.

      I had three really long, really detailed and somewhat more vivid dreams. But didn't come even close to an LD. Dreams were so detailed, that I didn't even write down everything, because I felt like I could go writing forever.

      Took B-complex around 2pm.
      Went to bed at 10:30pm, woke up at 3am from dream #1. Went BTB at 3:40.

      Dream 1.
      I'm in Slovakia, talking to a friend somewhere outdoors, like in a field. There is more people around us, probably classmates. Teacher is telling us, that next day we are going by bus to either recite or sing for someone. We are at this time pioneers (in communist countries, these were kids in uniforms with red bandanas in shape of a triangle tied around necks). Our act should help to do or prevent something much bigger that is suppose to happen in Europe. I see a map of Europe, with some tall, skinny, black structures, that have something to do with energy. They need 1500 of us.

      On a trip - we are on a field and we watch an old man flying by on his bicycle with wings. Looks like its a routine for him, he is commuting home from work. I have a feeling we are seeing future. Then, three more people fly higher up. I yell "Good luck" in English to a girl with purple hair.

      - in a large building, like the Jedi Temple in Star Wars battlefront 2. I see couple of men of importance on top of stairs talking about some scheme, how stuff is not what it seems and I get a bad feeling, it's against us.

      -I'm standing with a friend in a different building, next to the window. Walls are light green and white. We are on a 2 or 3 floor. Waiting for something. Somebody walks by and tells us, that the thing we wanted to do, we have to do it now. I know he is talking about escape. I grab my friend by shoulder and we ran. There will be like three "stages" we have to exit from to get out. I usually have good feeling and fun and I enjoy being chased, but not this time. There is something ominous about this place.

      First "stage".
      We have to get out of a rocky courtyard, that's in a back of a building.

      Second "stage".
      Mental institution. We get cornered by employees in white, it's the same building as the one where we were waiting by the window, light green walls and white tiles on the walls, chrome instruments. There is a black lady, I feel like I know her, either a classmate or an actress IRL. We cry to her, telling they will kill us if she doesn't let us go. She doesn't want to, but finally opens a door by pushing a button on an instrument panel. It's almost too late. We ran cautiously through corridors, trying to avoid a group of people, look like monks, that are walking in formation somewhere in corridors and they scare a living daylight out of me. We almost run into them but friend of mine notices them and we change direction.

      "Stage" three.
      Looks like a mining facility in Red Faction video game, especially the part, where the mining carts or a conveyor belt is up in the air transporting ore. We see one woman in white t-shirt on this broken up conveyor belt, trying to escape. Suddenly one cart turns on it's axes and she falls to her death. I feel like we are shown this as a warning.

      Dream 2. Woke up from it at 5:33am.
      I woke up after this dream but felt like I'll remember it when I wake up, so I didn;t write it down at night. I repeated some keywords to myself.

      I'm in a room, like a modern tavern. Feels like I'm in a future or on another planet, some kind of a mining facility. This is a rec room for workers. There is a girl playing a game that looks like wheel on Price is Right on IRL TV. She spins and twice she gets a Ten and another Ten (in English).

      Then I see in same fashion as Price is Right, big wheel with each "window" representing a dream. There is a picture and a title for a dream. I pick "Adventures of oil driller". I can read the title. It's in English.

      Immediately I'm a patrol men in jeep at night in a city. Looks like a city I grow up in. Couple streets from us is someone disturbing peace. We pursue them. It's a group of kids on bicycles. We decide to arrest the ones in red shirts, because we could not arrest all of them. When we get there, most of them had calmed down, but three of them are still riding in a circle while being loud. I start to arrest one kid in red shirt, but my partner tells me to let him be and get the ones still on bikes. I made them pick up their mess - water bottles and lots of trash, papers.

      Suddenly I'm standing outside the big arched gate. My partner is coming towards me. There is a big wind, that turns into black, swirling, not too tall tornado. I can feel it being strong. My partner doesn't see it, as it is coming from the side, from behind him. I yell at him "Tornado" in English, but he can't hear me.

      Dream 3.
      I worked as a babysitter for a new family. Nice young couple. They left for the evening and I watched over their kids. Kids are sleeping and I walk outside. I bump into a mailman. I don't even know, there is a mailbox, but there is a note, that I have delivery, but she didn't find me home. We laugh and she pulls out the delivery for me. She sais, someone had sent me money. $ 8864. We are both surprised at a large amount. She shows me a paper and I notice on it who is the sender. It's a woman from my previous job. The mailman is little reluctant to give me that large amount of money, but when I tell her what it's for - I see on a paper that it's for a website maintenance (in English, handwritten), she starts to give me the money. She gives me about $100. Some are in really old US banknotes - dark green, pretty looking, smaller than current bills. Some are in Slovak promissory notes, that are light blue and dark blue, like an old czechoslovak 20 KCS bill. This has a very nice picture of Bratislava castle on it. I have to go inside to get my documents so she can give me rest of the money. The youngest girls is still asleep, but two boys - one belongs to the family and his cousin, are watching TV. I want it in normal currency and she has no problem with it.

      This family is suppose to come for a visit in Slovakia to the house my parents still live in IRL. So I'm looking out the window and see a car that looks like it's theirs - silver SUV. I want to put on jeans, but realize, I'm already wearing them. Suddenly there is a young woman with short hair standing in the door to the kitchen. It turns out, she is a family we have not seen in a long time, maybe never, and she now lives in Washington, DC. We had a conversation in Slovak, where she lives and that I live in LA. She was telling me something really fast, like instructions, and I tried to write it down, but in three big notebooks I could not find empty space. Then she went someplace on a bus and I asked her if she is coming back for a chat. Friend that was with her asked me which phone number to call me. I have a feeling that this dream had continued after I went back to sleep.

      I'm not sure, if I have the energy for such a long and detailed dreams. But I'll give it another try. Will buy Choline today and take that too. Hoping for an LD tonight.

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    15. Languages in dreams - Zona A song

      , 11-14-2011 at 05:37 PM (Turquoise Dreams)
      A friend had recently asked me, in what language do I talk to my DCs. So I started paying attention to the language I speak in my dreams. So far, I had only 5 LDs and I remember speaking in one of them directly to a DC - all I said was "Hi" in English. Then I remember in two LDs - I saw a sign in English.

      I just had a regular dream last night and I remember hearing a song in Slovak and acctually singing along to it - it was song by Slovak group Zona A "Je to zle".
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