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    Competition day 1

    by , 10-15-2016 at 09:57 PM (940 Views)
    The first part I won't say here, but after a minute I was kissing a girl. It was foggy and dark and her face and hair color changed and I pushed her away from me, I was a little creeped out or repulsed and went away, flew. Then I remembered and told myself (so I'd remember after waking up) that I had had a lucid dream before this one and that I also vaguely remember having a third one that night. Oh and I went outside, trying to make the dream more vivid through commands or will-power but I don't remember if it worked.

    And I had a non-lucid dream I remember the best part most vividly. Me and a girl in class were doing some math problem and as we were working on it, we happened to be close with our heads because we were writing or looking in the notebook and it was kinda warm-ish. Then we moved closer I think or we moved our heads more sideways so we'd touch heads more and then she was just leaning her head on my shoulder or pushing her hair into my face and I was a little shy and was just sitting there enjoying her warmth. (What the hell was I thinking not doing a reality check xD There's no way this would happen at school) She had long straight blond hair and I don't remember her face (I rarely register faces), I think she had blue clothes over her upper body.

    Unfortunately I didn't remember the 2nd lucid dream nor the third. My recall is pretty bad unfortunately. But I'm struggling to wake and sleep in time for school and it's a big change for me since I've had an even lazier life before I started college so it's okay. I think I'm slowly adjusting and soon I can make time for remembering dreams and occasionally sneaking in some extra juicy morning dreams :)

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    1. Saizaphod's Avatar
      I just realized how... unique, your DJ name is Gz on the lucid
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    2. leanneruston's Avatar
      Love the title
      Ginsan likes this.
    3. Ginsan's Avatar
      Yeah I was pretty lazy with the title xD (though I guess you meant the title of the DJ, not this entry)

      At my main DJ page, it says to type it in google translate and make the female computer voice say it by clicking the sound icon. It is pretty funny :P I was in a very silly mood and was laughing a lot while creating it :rolllaugh:

      And Leanne, I just made up a joke after seeing your (cute) profile picture! What do you call a Pokémon who giggles a lot? xD
      Updated 10-16-2016 at 01:47 AM by Ginsan
    4. RelaxAndDream's Avatar
      eheheh i used google translate... silly it is but a little funny too
      Ginsan likes this.
    5. Occipitalred's Avatar
      Indeed Ginsan, you are silly! You got me also to listen to the Google female computer voice tell me your Dream Journal title! And the topic of being silly, I assume you didn't finish your math homework.