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    girlfriend and mushroomheads

    by , 02-07-2016 at 07:13 AM (240 Views)
    nope. nothing for you. i didnt write this one in a way for you to read.

    [SPOILER=most boring]dragonkin sorcerer but it summoned a minion? i kept summoning more until it was barely enough i had 8 or 9 or 10.

    girl who loves me, we go to theme park. k and n and there. i love the girl too. she recited some poetry in the bus i just was kinda childish and made jokes i think its because k and possibly n i felt awkward. we also walked together at that thing road with the old man with the thick cigar. we were walking there. she was beautiful and i loved her, she had blonde hair and i think a pale face. i didnt get a good look at k but she had green eyes. the eyes stood out. figuratively. i expressing my love toward my gf well and i may have hurt her feelings.[/SPOILER]

    mushroomheads. im naked in the hallway at medine yenges house and ezgi opens the door. lots of people are inside and i scream "close the door close the door". cut off perfectly so that 1 mushroom would grow out of my hair. yeah. people had either poofy hair or mushrooms on their head? and they had swords. i was fighting in an army with these people. these people are upstairs at medine yenge i think but it may also have been another dream.

    about a decade or so ago i had been with these people and i had a girlfriend but i did something stupid and got exiled (this is the story of the dream, this is just a memory, it didnt eggzshooly happen). i got exiled because i warned them of enemy troops attacking them. and it didnt happen. now i see a vision or i just see it by watching from somewhere that a strong army is coming for us. i dont know if i told them this.

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