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    The world of Lyseno

    Day 3 Spring Comp

    by , 03-06-2023 at 05:08 AM (124 Views)
    Saturday March 4th 2023
    I don’t like you.
    I was at home about to prepare something… but everything was so heavy. Become lucid and decide I need to go to another planet to prepare food and taste something a bit different; but then how will I get food… want to go shopping.
    Teleport again, this time try to reach out to a planet that has a family similar to my own but with a dead version of me they don’t know yet about and do find the place!
    So once I arrive, try not to teleport inside since the me dead they don’t know about died a long time ago (Back when I killed all other alternate versions of myself); knock on the door, give them a full discourse of what happened and why I was unable to come back for years. They buy it and I feel like will be waking up, so tell them I need to go and rest before anything else so that I can wake up and not arise suspicion.
    Back to sleep.
    I am talking to a family member, become lucid while doing so and remember my goal… to prepare stuff that is only possible inside of a dream! This place has some very unique birds that are already domesticated and I want to prepare an omelette with that and some fruits, so ask one of the sisters in this world to bring me to the market.
    They take me to the nearest market and I purchase plenty of stuff while creating coins of the currency of this planet in my pockets. We talk for a while, tell them some more about this fake trip and that will end up leaving soon again but wanted to come visit and prepare some food. Also tell them have been sleeping poorly and what not. We get back from the market and they open the door.
    We go inside, I turn on the stove but still need their help to get to the right place. This house is nice, a back and front yard, the kitchen is a single big rectangular room and the bathroom is outside of the restroom, it has many entrances and also the places for sleeping are all together, feels cosy.
    Prepare the eggs in an omelette of fruits, add enough salt, also teleport some spices from other planet and use them, increase the fire using fire control and control the temperature by absorbing heat into the wind next to it to make a better meal.
    It takes me roughly 20 minutes to finish the preparations but am about to wake up, ask family to serve things as I go sit down for a bit while I wake up.
    Back to sleep.
    Am talking to myself, get up and become lucid; rub my eyes and remember my goal, get out of the room I am on, pass by the bathroom and get over to the kitchen, they are nearly done serving. Also figure out that should get the layout of the place and start using Scan while walking around.
    Not too far from here there is a school that is abusing children by forcing them to learn how to use their powers in a hierarchical system that forces them to fight and sometimes kill each other which I don’t like, for one they are making humans stronger than needed and for another nobody should abuse children.
    Take a note to go there once I am done eating. Once they finish serving feel like I am about to wake up again… no! Talk to them, ground myself to stay in the dream for a little bit longer and eat to my heart’s content, also get some sauce that apparently isn’t common on this planet by teleporting it from another planet and mixing the ingredients by creating a mini tornado and then just teleporting the content inside of a recipe and placing it over the table.
    They get surprised since they have never tasted anything like it, I just continue eating, lots of sauce added, some water with mango, pretty cool flavours all around. I am very happy about the results before waking up for real.
    Back to sleep.
    I am sitting in a dimly lit room. Become lucid and get out of the room, tell family I have to leave and hurry outside then leave the body I am on and go inside the body of one of the kids at the place.
    So far he has been named the weakest but his skill is quite good, eh can gather information and layer it around himself to predict actions in the immediate future.
    I go over as him and take classes as the kid, he is asleep in the meantime.
    Take notes, talk to the teachers, they seem to be impressed by the kid making more progress now than he used to before, I also refuse to let him be intimidated by the big kid in the class that has a skill that allows him to grow larger and stronger; albeit his skill is better oriented for fighting and has a much better body structure and height than the one I am controlling, they are not allowed to use skills outside of official battles and as such don’t worry too much.
    When the teacher comes back, he seems annoyed at me, since in the last test he made I got higher grades than some of my classmates, he keeps trying to pick up on the kid I am controlling but keeps failing; before leaving he says he needs to speak to the principal and will get back to us which is nice since I need to wake up.
    Back to sleep.
    I am sitting in a wooden chair, become lucid as someone pushes my head down because it’s going in slow motion due to how heavy we are… being lucid fixes the issue with being in slow motion but then I get my head slammed against the chair and since this is not my body get actual damage.
    There is some blood and I heal myself before turning around so nobody realizes, leave a small red mark and the kids body instinctively started to cry.
    The big guy is there smirking at me, because he can’t believe I tried to defy him or his group, so tell him he couldn’t beat me without his powers and make him want to fight me.
    The friends of the kid come over and tell me something bad is happening, that the teachers are talking ill about me for going against the hierarchy and that they want to expel me, they tell me to just accept the beating in order to stay in the school to which I tell them that will not happen while getting ready.
    The other kid is getting ready and the teachers are on their way back, teleport some trouble makers from another country to force the teachers to lose time with them.
    The guy comes at me super obviously; he is running with his hand raised to punch down (The kid is like 1.3 meters’ tall vs the enemy who is like 1.5), as he is running just stand there and once I see his punch come down step to the right side and raise my leg to kick his chin as he was coming down.
    He tries to alter the trajectory of the fist but gets kicked first, rebound the leg back down and stomp on the ground jumping above the guy, avoid the punch and just kick him on the head and hop next to one of the wooden chairs.
    The guy gets mad and comes charging at me again, so this time move towards the front jumping and smash his nose with my head then as he steps back grab him by the collar and let myself fall with my whole weight and pull him down, as he is starting to trip take a hop to the front and kick the back part of his knees, forcing him to kneel down and then kick him in the head a few times, he ends up in the ground.
    That should teach them that skills are not everything!
    Prepare to leave the place since I feel like I have won when some of his friends literally uh… attack one of the kids holes, apparently there was also SA which the kid knows of. I grab their hand and jump out of the way super angry, wanting to kill them when the other kid slams me using his powers, which throws the body of the kid against the wall and across a desk that gets broken… the kid faints before I can force him awake and falls to the ground, and the other kids seem to want to SA him but I wake up before I can stop them.
    DEILD/Back to sleep.
    That won’t be happening while I am here!
    The kid is still fainted and his friends come, when they call him as the others prepare to SA the kid I forcefully wake him up and get him dressed of what little clothes he lost.
    The other kids come to his aid but are pushed aside by the big guy, I place my fingers on his nose and then pull him down and slam my head against his nose again, this time he is bleeding profusely.
    The teachers come by and I accuse him of using his skills outside of the school regulations but the teacher says he is allowed to do so, because the teacher gives him permission.
    The kid then goes on to attack again so I use the skill of my host and avoid then try to gouge one eye out but fail to do so because the teacher kicks my host out of the way before I can fully take the eye out. I protect my host and he smashes against a window, some glass falls down and cuts him down.
    The teacher asks the other kid to use fusion powers, and he absorbs his friends, turning into a giant that can control all elements at will, so ask the friends of the kid to help him and this allows him to also partially change information.
    Normally he couldn’t use his power for more than become a mist, so the other big kid tried to hit with thunder.
    I change the humidity of the place and then redirect the thunder and humidity towards the big guy whom now gets electrocuted.
    The teacher then does something that opens a door, the big kid runs towards that location and I follow suit in a form where I am a 2d creature. There are paintings that move all around.
    Some kind of deity was sealed in here and they have been trying to unseal it. They do it now using the fusion of the big kid and mine, which pretty much kills half the kids in the other room and takes away all of the force from the ones next to the painting that were fused and nearly kills the host and his friends who are weaker, if not for the fact I protected him.
    Some kind of clown like creature starts hoping around the paintings and laughing at all of us, the teacher seems to be overjoyed and the kid I am with is fainting.
    The creature finally comes out of the pictures and transforms into a child himself, but obviously also a deity given by his power levels.
    The wind around him is pushed over and that hit will obviously kill my host and his friends.
    So finally get out of his body and stop the punch of the deity with my hand and create a barrier that protects my host, the rest of the building gets clown apart killing the assholes that I was fighting before and hurting the teacher. Teleport a giant stalactite above the teacher and move it with TK down to pierce his stomach and make him die a painful, slow death before turning to the deity and tell the creature to stop or I will devour it.
    The thing jumps back and then two meteors come crashing down, the clouds above me dissipate from the heat and so I create absolute zero next to it, reforming the clouds and creating ice spikes all around the meteors that then get shot towards it, making it just small rocks.
    The creature seems perplexed but still confident. The air around us turns black and a mist comes towards me, I teleport in front of him and touch the mist making it toxic to him and then push him back with super gravity pointed outside of the planet; the deity then becomes a 2d creature to escape and moves towards the kids again so grab it and look at it completely confused as to how I could get a hold of it, it tries to become immaterial but still holding tightly on to it “Told you to quit while you still had the chance” tell the deity as I get it towards my mouth and start munching on it, and seal it inside of my stomach.
    Once I am done teleport down and restore the time of the place to before the explosion, but keep the teacher and the bullies dead, everyone else is told they are dismissed to go and never come back; since this was the only project to ever be created for kids with powers kill all the heads of the project and anyone who knew about it, also make sure the kids understand how to protect themselves and avoid having the same project being born again and give some creatures on the planet the ability to fight off humans if needed before waking up.

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