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    The world of Lyseno

    Day 7 Comp

    by , 03-13-2023 at 06:21 AM (187 Views)
    Wednesday March 8th 2023
    I do like giving classes, itís fun.
    I am talking to myself. Just enjoying the day because itís such a good one. Also become lucid and decide I will just be watching today. End up flying over to the nearest mountain and findÖ quite a beautiful scenario with waterfalls and the like. Teleport on top of the waterfall and start playing with the water, as in making the waterfall split in two and the like. Donít actually get wet myself, but find it super fun.
    Back to sleep.
    I am with brother, become lucid while talking to him and tell him that I need to leave, teleport back to the mountain and then keep on playing with the water by making the waterfall go up.
    When I do that, something comes from within the forest we are on and strikes directly at me, I block with my hand and get sent flying back; nearly crashing onto a tree but stop myself in order not to destroy it.
    Some kind of white ramÖ no, it is white and fluffy like a ram but it is a different kind of creature. It comes straight at me again so this time tap its head and make it dive onto the ground a little bit, just enough to stop moving. I grab its head and rise it to match my height, it growls at me and then just runs away.
    Follow it by flying behind it and find myself crashing against a crystal wall, going through and activating an alarm so just repair the thing and teleport outside of the place.
    Back to sleep.
    I am with brother again, preparing something to eat. Start eating and become lucid; once I am done teleport back to where I was at before and then find the crystal wall.
    Touch it and then start using Scan to find why this thing is here.
    Apparently in this mountain range I am on there are a lot of different creatures that are dangerous for children, and someone had the super bright idea of create a school in here and protect it with this giant wall.
    Teleport to the entrance and quickly mind control everyone into thinking that I am a new teacher, because I want to see the inside of the place and why the school was built in this location.
    Some people greet me and tell me I have to fill in some paper since I am a new substitute teacher, did I min control them wrong? When checking everything is right, the issue is that I didnít take into account all teachers were in place and I was just thereÖ like an extra so it makes sense this is what everyone thought about would happen.
    End up going to the principals and talk to the guy, he says I can go and check some of the classes going on right now and see how it is going but wake up before being able to do so.
    Back to sleep.
    I am looking at some kind of bridge, become lucid while leaning to see better and once lucid realize this is the same school, the principal comes out and says I should really see some of the classes even if I am starting tomorrow helping some of the teachers and directs me to one of the rooms.
    They are doing a test, 9 or so year old children are doing a math test based on the creatures outside and they are trying to make a simple calculation of the speed these things move at; the teacher there reminds me a little bit of one of my sisters and I check the content.
    Learn it and once I have memorized the equations and the test start to go outside but get stopped by one of the kids, they want me to fully explain everything since they all just finished their test time and the other teacher agrees.
    I explain how the triangulation of the location and the movement of the creature can be calculated using some simple maths, given that it has moved linearly twice, and they can just divide the distance between the time it took the creature to get there, and using that, they can use the distance between themselves and the creature to know exactly how much it will take to get to where they are at if its moving at the same speed.
    One of the children says what if its slower due to the trees, if they can be lazy, I reply they need to hurry further then, in order to set up a trap and be able to get themselves to safety since they will have extra time besides their calculations. The teacher seems satisfied with my other explanations as well and I can finally go outside.
    Once outside, start watching through the wall and see all sort of creatures, some that can go in and out. Those are harmless though and one of the kids is trying to pursue it, did class end already? I also follow through and trap one of them, it attempts to teleport before I reach so teleport next to it and grab it, which causes a commotion and the kid is about to tell on me when a giant white creature like the one I stopped before shows by jumping, itís as big as the trees.
    The kid gets mesmerized by it so I can teleport on its head and see that adults have red and blue strips on their faces, they look so cute! It tries to take me off so I just make myself intangible and go through it several times as it tries to get me off and failing.

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