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    The world of Lyseno

    Day 8th of the competition

    by , 12-10-2022 at 09:02 AM (56 Views)
    Thursday December 8th 2022
    Dragon god. Red dragon. Dream game. Playing.
    I am inside of a big room. Become lucid and quickly leave the room, teleport to Lyseno and try to find something interesting to do. Got over to a random planet with not much to be done, not a place that I need to protect so don’t worry too much about it.
    Fly over to a different planet and arrive to a place that has a lot of jungles and forests but at the same time is SUPER technologically advanced, to the point they already deciphered the fully immersive games and what not.
    So obviously I want to try, been a while since the last time I got to play games inside of a dream.
    But then I need to purchase the game and the console and so much stuff… will do that a bit later, in the meantime just go over to a random forest and start there for the time being and relax.
    Back to sleep.
    Reading something like a newspaper, become lucid and start to… feel a bit stuffy. Sneeze a bit and then just clean myself up.
    Remember my goal from last dream and start flying to find the closest city then get over to the place.
    Once I arrive nobody seems to find strange I was flying so maybe it will be easier than I thought to purchase the things that I need to get.
    Watch how people bring out some kind of coins and pay with them so just create some of my own, enough to pay for stuff and get the machine and the game; next thing is to try and find a good place to play the game so teleport over to the forest again since no dangerous creature was there and it has a nice cold climate for me to be playing on.
    Place the thing on my head, it’s like a headband then place the game which is like a sphere on top of the headband and close my eyes.
    It is like doing a WILD, so cool.
    Once I enter the world figure out why there was such a big difference between their technology and their world, apparently they are not as technologically advanced as I thought.
    Am falling from the sky slowly, start flying down and can sense that instead of this being a game world, they have sealed some creatures inside of it a bunch of creatures that were too powerful to be kept in the normal world.
    No idea who did it, but they did it with the idea of a game. I think that the creator of this place may actually be one of my sons, since the people in this planet are way too weak to be able to defeat something in the level of the three dragons that are resting within this dimension and he is also the epitome of all technology.
    The first thing first, the game gives you a character based on your strength and this way people can train themselves until they become strong enough as to fight the dragons so they no longer need the game. The real reason they got money to purchase it is because money was given to those hunting stuff in reality, proving they wouldn’t die on day 1 in the game.
    My character apparently is broken, I am given no HP or MP bars due to the numbers being too high for this little world and some characters realize this right away and think I may be a NPC added to aid the players in becoming stronger.
    End up teaching some people how to use certain skills, among them how to control fire. They are all too damn weak… we fight some kind of knight that is made out of metal close to a mountain. Those creatures that spawn give mana to people to make them stronger, but the amount of many is super low and because of this little error in the design of the game nobody is getting strong enough to even dent the dragons, end up waking up without as much as burning down the knights and getting some mana myself, revealing that I am not a part of the game.
    Back to sleep.
    I am resting on top of a rock. Try to get up and discover moss to my side, slip and end up hitting my mouth. DAMN! I also become lucid while falling, roll over some as if I was in pain and then don’t feel anything… right, I am strong enough to not feel anything from such a thing.
    Get up, look around making sure nobody saw me and dust my clothes before walking towards a tree that is nearby and faking that nothing actually happened.
    One of the girls from the group I was on before lets herself fall from the tree and says she got fruits and offers me one, the damn girl saw me I am sure. She has red hair and is obviously someone I dislike and will have to die soon.
    She says that we need to get moving and is about to grab me when I just jump over, at least there was no comment about what happened.
    She says that some people ahead want to meet me and we move there. She is running and I am flying slowly behind her.
    We arrive to an open plan next to the forest we were on and there is a group of three people, two mages and one warrior. I know they want to test me and next thing I know is a Wyvern comes from above and is trying to attack me.
    I turn around and shot a fireball at it, the wyvern survives it so next thing I do is create blades made out of wind and cut it down in pieces.
    Apparently that was the strongest creature the three guys could defeat up till now, they also were not expecting me to win so easily. I fly down to them and tell them why they made a wyvern die without any reason to do so.
    They say they are monsters, and I say they forced a creature to be slayed without any reason, the monster in this scenario is not the wyvern. We get into an argument and I am pretty mad myself over this, resurrect the wyvern, stop time for the adventurers and take the wyvern with me.
    Back to sleep.
    I am sitting atop of a volcano. Some people are coming towards the volcano where I am at. The Wyvern is there with me and it feels afraid and prepares to leave.
    They throw spears at it that fly at really high speed and I stop them with TK then throw them back at their feet “Don’t take any more steps” tell them, one of the guys picks up the lance and throws it at me this time.
    It hits me in the forehead and just falls to the ground. The start to prepare their attacks towards me. I am pissed off still and then see a dagger in my neck. The red haired girl is here. I stand up and the knife slices at my neck, nothing happens.
    They all seem surprised, they were hoping for their weapons to do some damage to me.
    I teleport to another island within this game world and wait for them to try and pursue me, it isn’t far from our current location and even send them the map to get there quickly.
    The mage makes them all fly towards me and before they arrive I raise the water around the place. They break through with a lightning, good.
    Once they reach and prepare to attack me place them all on the ground with super gravity, the red haired girl seems to be asking me to stop, why? They are the ones attacking other living creatures without knowing why.
    This game is annoying and I want to end it, so prepare to do so right now.
    Tell them that they should all leave this place, as this will be the new home for all of the monsters, unless they want them all to be free from now on in both worlds.
    They refuse and so I cut the head of one mage “Rejection is not an option” I say while sitting down to look at them.
    They say someone else will beat me and I mention they haven’t been able to beat the three dragons yet, so how do they expect to defeat me? They try to say something again so just raise my hand, let the water fall and break the seal of all three dragons at the same time.
    The place trembles, are they strong enough to break a seal by Pinocchio? That would be fun, but it stabilizes after a bit.
    The people start screaming at me and ask me what I am doing, they have not yet realized that I am a much greater treat than all the dragons together?
    There is a mage dragon, a king dragon and a god dragon, white, red and black is the colours each one possesses and the first one to be encountered is the mage dragon.
    It teleports above us instantly and then looks down at us all, a flare of magic comes down on us all and everyone starts screaming loudly.
    I look up and stop the magic energy with a barrier, destroy it, enclose the dragon with TK and then make it fly higher. The pale face of the creatures FINALLY tells me they understand that I am more dangerous than the dragons.
    The dragon starts roaring loudly and the other two start coming towards us. I grab the mages on the floor and teleport in front of the mage dragon, then kill both humans in front of it. They are barely big enough to be the size of his eye. I can see the surprise in the face of the mage dragon “This is your world, I can crush you if I so wish right now, just go and live here happily, nobody will be able to stop you guys now” tell him and let him free, he leaves right away.
    Take the warriors except the girl since she has red hair, teleport to the dragon god that is coming our way and he stops right away then a claw comes swiping down on my face. It just stops there, makes no damage and I poke his claw out of the way. Damn these guys are big! Just the claw/nail is bigger than me.
    He grunts and asks me who I am “Someone making you free” I tell him, and let the humans fall in front of him, he eats them “This is a prison” he says, so I extend my arms and fold space then make this place its own planet instead of a prison “It is a connection now” tell him, he seems satisfied and leaves.
    Teleport the red girl to me and extend my hand, the red dragon comes at full speed towards me and I stop him with my hand, take the girl out and tell him he can kill all the humans in this planet. He is looking for blood.
    Apparently their kind ruled before since they were stronger “But ruling through fear isn’t good, this is why the humans hate you” told him, and obviously sealed them.
    He is mad and attacks me instead, I just block all his attacks. Once he calms down he says he won’t kill the humans but wants them back in their world and prepares to leave. I kill the girl for being annoying and teleport everyone else back to their own world. The connection is not lost yet, so some may come back here “Just kill them if they come” tell him. The dragon seems more surprised at me killing the girl “Also tell them I killed them all, don’t mind the animosity” and then just wake myself up.
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