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    The world of Lyseno

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    by , 06-30-2019 at 09:03 PM (380 Views)
    June 25th 2019

    This time I took care of the humans.

    They had made some giant machines to advance and destroy. Which to some degree was ok until they decided to just kill anything on sight.

    Teleport in front of the machine and stop it. I see some small human look on the machine at me and then tell the others to shot me down.

    Make a barrier around myself and then use my clothes to create spears that go through the machine destroying it completely.

    Back to sleep.

    After destroying their machines I needed to take out their resources, so what I did next was go to their plants and destroy them.

    Back to sleep.

    Was with someone who looked similar to a family member in waking, asked them about their funder and what they were using as fuel so then teleported to their military base, took out all soldiers and then proceeded to move over to the fuel plant, destroying every single bit of it at once.

    June 26th 2019

    Slept more, but had a lot more work and eventually forgot everything.

    June 27th 2019

    Actually had good recall, but some big event happened in waking that upset my recall… meh.

    June 28th 2019

    I was still mad at what had happened yesterday so most of the dream I spent walking around, annoyed and just exploring the cities after I had taken out their fuels.

    Most people were ok with it, the only ones who were mad were the ones who wanted to explore further and destroy the treat of other species. But from what I could gather of what people told me while exploring, each zone is different.

    Apparently, this was a safe zone for humans and that is why they were able to thrive like this. And according to the people I spent my time with, most of the public wanted to not advance considering that the creature (Apparently, they were told it was a non human who attacked) that did this, is not the only one out there. They were aware that if they upset the wrong species, a whole army of them would come to this safe zone and probably kill them all.

    Back to sleep.

    I was talking to more people and gathering information, eventually recalled about my goals and tried to teleport to someone but was stopped by the guardians.

    So instead sent a single jar made of clay to someone, but didn’t know who to send it to. Was just hoping for the best.

    Back to sleep.

    I was again looking around. This time recalled about my other goal with Scott, so tried to summon him and failed. Tried to go to him but then was interrupted by some kind of explosion.

    Went to explore and found the humans terrified, apparently there was some kind of creature coming out of the underground?

    Went down there and found a snake… lots of snakes lately. The snake tried to strangle me and bite my neck, which ended in my eating it and leaving nothing behind. The people were happy and scared at the same time that the advancement of the other people destroyed the safe zone.

    Saturday June 29th 2019

    Didn’t do much in regards to goals, but learnt a whole lot.

    Was talking to someone in a busy street, became lucid due to the weird gravity and decided to do some goals. Except I couldn’t remember them?

    I looked up onto the sky and saw that the world had a blue like light, asked around and found 4 moons were present in this planet.

    This zone with the blue moon was the most peaceful and where normally civilizations thrived.

    Where I was at before, where everything was big was a normal moon, a large rock. Apparently since that moon had no special effect creatures were always in a constant match for power.

    Among them, the race of birds that I fought before were one of the strongest species known. While lizards were especially proliferous where the “Giant Moon” was at, for some reason due to the gravitational pull of this giant planet and its star, the moons do not move but they are overshadowed during the morning because of the star and shine brightly themselves during night.

    Back to sleep.

    I was in a library, still talking to the person from before. Got lucid due to the person and gravity and we continued talking for a while.

    I tried to ask about the race of lizards and he told me about big lizards that are similar to what other species call dragons. He told me about how terrifying they were and how they normally travel around the planet once they are strong enough.

    The only reason they can’t reach there is because the King of the birds normally kills them or fights them off, so they don’t mind the civilizations and just go straight there to test their own power.

    I asked him if he referred to the flesh king and told him about how I had met him, he laughed it off and told me about what he knew from exploration marks done by mankind.

    I confirmed many things with him and then left somewhere else.

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