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    That was unexpectedly annoying

    by , 07-04-2019 at 05:08 AM (679 Views)
    Tuesday July 2nd 2019

    Nothing done, since I didn’t get to sleep.
    Tuesday July 3rd 2019

    Oh, nightmares!

    For some reason, I only had two nightmares. Despite waking up just got back to the same dream, though that made it easy to be lucid.

    The first nightmare, I was home and there was this sense of dread. I felt this right after feeling the presence of Scott. First thought that finally, he had decided to show up since I was naggin him a lot and trying to reach him.

    However he never showed up and instead just had this weird thing without face show around. I was getting pissed since it was just running away and suddenly it attacked family members saying they would kill them.

    I teleport next to the girl holding someone and rip her apart, the other guy kills the family member and prepares to attack when I munch his face… his faceless face out then continue with his body, do they seriously believe I would fall for that? Did feel scared throughout the dream, but was also annoyed I was looked down at like that.

    Go meet family members who apparently didn’t even die… whatever, who cares. Talked to them about the dream and how we were all dreaming before waking up.

    Back to sleep.

    For the second nightmare I keep getting calls. Why am I even in my house… anyway I am lucid so don’t bother with the cellphone until it rings after I destroy it.

    Apparently it is my… ex? What, when… what? I look to the side as instructed by the voice on the other end and see the idiot there waving at me, so I go smash him against the wall and toss him out the house.

    Apparently his idea is to make me break up? But… this is a dream, it won’t work? I still feel pissed off though about the nightmare. So when I am out slam him gently against the floor several times, face front to tear his stupid teeth off, break them.

    He keeps talking like its no big deal so smash him a bit harder and he finally tells me to stop when a girl comes by, apparently afraid of the sight.

    He is no longer the same person and now looks like a woman… the girl’s sister from what I scan off of her. She is pleading for help so I tell her this is NOT her sister. She does not believe me of course and prepares to make a scene, so glare down at him and ask him “What is your name” she hesitates and I tell the girl this is such a shitty attempt he doesn’t even knows his own name or the name of her sister.

    So I keep slamming his head against things when someone tries to stop me, fine! I take him to his hosue and then get followed by someone else, whom I force to look after him. When I look the idiot, slam him some more, get pissed at the stupid nightmare, then get pissed at me losing time… so make sure that I take it out on someone and make some infections much needed before waking myself up, still angry.

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    1. Man of Shred's Avatar
      You mean Naiya's Scott?
    2. Hukif's Avatar
      The one and only.
    3. Man of Shred's Avatar
      couple years ago. I was reading her old DJ on MM. And that night I dreamed I went to her house. Naiya always looks shocked when I show up. Scott flung me out of the dream so fast and I wound up in between some crack haha. Remember years ago, both you and me had a dream about Naiya and scott at a movie theater?
    4. Hukif's Avatar
      Oh yeah I remember that. Normally it all boils down to Scott interfering lol