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    Experimenting with Dream Control - Creating Worlds & Meeting Olivia Wilde

    , 06-05-2011 at 02:08 AM (1291 Views)
    A few months ago I had to design an "innovative" game as some sort of homework.
    Even though I had a good idea, I couldn't figure out one of the key elements in the game.
    I thought about it a lot and randomly ended up having a lucid dream where I actually was in the game I designed.

    To my surprise, the problematic element in questions was already fixed in a rather brilliant way, which I thought was absolutely awesome.
    Since then I've been meaning to test if I can actively use lucid dreaming to sort of overcome similar hurdles, where I'm lacking the creativity to solve a certain problem.

    I wake up.
    I try not to move and close my eyes, trying to remember any dreams.
    Oddly enough, my mind is blank, I feel like something is preventing me from thinking clearly.
    I find this rather weird and decide to get up.
    Grabbing my dream notebook I notice that the currently open page is not empty.
    Did I write something down during the night? I can't remember doing so.

    I have a hard time deciphering the text in my notebook, which Isn't very unusual since I often take notes with the lights off if I wake up during the middle of the night.
    Suddenly the text seems clear. It says:

    "Fireflies in the Sky. Wake up!"

    It's written in very beautiful old fashioned style.
    I can't have written this! My handwriting is horrible!
    What does this even mean?

    Then I get it... I'm dreaming!
    Fireflies? Huh? Oh well, the wake up note was useful.

    I rub my hands.
    For once I try to remember if I set myself any goals for lucid dreams, which is something I always forget to do.
    I try to think of the current task of the month, but then I remember it's already June and I haven't checked what the current Totm is.
    Then I remember the dream where I solved my game design issue and that I wanted to try if I can do something like that voluntarily.

    I decide that I want to create a game right now, but I want my subconscious to design it for me.
    An exploration adventure type of game in a mysterious world, that's what I want to create!
    Something sort of like a modern Myst game.

    I summon my Phoenix wings and try to teleport, thinking of these key aspects, but it doesn't work.
    I strongly feel like this type of teleportation only works if I have a specific location in mind.
    Maybe I should try another form of teleportation.
    I think about opening the door in my room, hoping for the finished game to be behind it, but decide against it.
    I know what lies behind this door too well, I doubt it would work like that.

    I should use a portal!
    Using my right index and middle finger I draw a big circle on one of the walls in my room.
    Even though the borders of it clearly form and start glowing, the inside is still solid.
    This is not working quite right.
    Then I remember that KristaNicole uses portals in a different way.
    She writes the name of the destination or the person she wants to meet on the portal before opening it.
    I decide to try that.

    I make the tip of my index and middle finger glow and use them to write onto the portal:


    I rest my palm on the wall and try to push against it with some energy.
    The text I've written glows and the wall within the boundary of the portal disappears.
    I'm now standing in front of a portal with a bright blue/white glowing border with very dark purple void inbetween.
    Sweet! I step through the portal.

    I fall out upside down on the other side, in my usual fashion.
    I'm really not very good at portals...
    Noticing that I am now outdoors, I look around trying to figure out where I am:

    What the heck, I know this place!
    Of course! This is once of the worlds in Myst IV!
    I'm amazed at first that what I tried sort of worked, but a bit disappointed that I didn't end up in a new game.

    Another portal opens and Yuya jumps out.
    I am actually very surprised by that. I usually go to her, not the other way around.
    Plus, am I not in my own dream bubble? can she enter my dreams like that?
    Then I remember that she's actually done it before.

    "Silly Hyu."
    "You gave me permission to enter your dreams a long time ago."

    She's probably right. Why would I not? I love having her around.

    "It's amazing what the human mind can do, isn't it?"
    "Yes, it absolutely is, though this isn't exactly what I've tried to accomplish."
    "Are you so sure about that?"
    "Well... this is a world from Myst."

    "Are you suggesting that your subconscious accessed the game data to generate this world?"
    "Well, no. That would be silly."
    "Yes. In other words this isn't a perfect copy of the Myst world."
    "How long has it been since you've played that game?"

    "Quite a few years actually."
    "Yes. Do you really think this world is in any way identical to the world in Myst?"
    "Well. No. Probably not. But it feels the same way."
    "Exactly. But you still created this world. Your subconscious decided where the mountains go, which way the rivers flow..."

    Suddenly I'm not really disappointed anymore. She's absolutely right, I created this, it totally worked.
    I point my hand at a spot on the ground and try to grow a tree with my mind.
    A small plant pops out of the ground and slowly grows into a fully grown tree.

    "Holy shit! This is awesome!"

    Yuya smiles.

    "Directly shaping things is quite amazing, yes, but what is much more amazing is what your subconscious can generate using just 3 words."
    "The conscious mind is quite limited. Sure, you can create any object and design any aspect of it."
    "But your subconscious can create infinite worlds on the fly, with millions of objects, every single one designed down to the last detail."

    "If I wanted to, could I change this world into another one?"
    "Sure, if you let your subconscious do it for you."
    "How do I do that?"

    "You either request something very specific, a place you know or have seen somewhere,"
    "or you request a world that gives you a certain feeling, which is sort of what you did to create this world."

    "Yes, but how do I actually change it? Do I create another portal?"
    "You can use a portal, but you don't need to, you can simply use your willpower."

    Holy shit! Would that really work? That would be so awesome!

    "Okay, I'll try!"

    I point both of my hands at the sky, and think of the Tron movie.
    I want to create a world similar to the grid!

    "No. Don't try. Do or do not!"

    I know that she's absolutely right, but it's easier said than done.
    But I do know that when she says it's possible, it really is.
    She has no reason to lie to me, I fully trust her.

    I close my eyes, releasing tiny bits of energy through my hands into the sky.
    I think of the atmosphere of the new Tron movie, of the lightcycles, of the Grid.
    As I open my eyes again, I hear Daft Punk playing in the background, but the volume is very low.

    Holy shit! I am on the Grid!
    There's blue neon stripes everywhere, I can see skyscrapers in the background, some type of rocks floating in the sky.
    It's just like in the movie. It's in the same style, it has the same atmosphere to it, but it's not a location that was in the movie.
    I turn to Yuya in excitement.

    "Did you see that??? I did that!"

    She starts laughing.

    "Yes Hyu, I know."

    A lightcycle appears and stops right in front of us.
    A women gets off, and as she takes her helmet off I immediately recognize her: It's Olivia Wilde / Quorra.

    She starts approaching me and Yuya says jokingly:

    "I think your subconscious likes Olivia Wilde."

    No kidding Yuya, guess who my conscious mind likes as well...
    This could turn into a rather awkward situation.
    Olivia stops in front of us and says smiling:

    "Yes, I think your subconscious really does."

    I smile, and try to act unsurprised and not too excited that she is here...
    But looking into her beautiful and bright eyes I have to think about how attractive she is and fail miserably at acting unsurprised.

    Reading my thoughts, Yuya starts laughing out loud.
    She finds it absolutely hilarious that such situations make me uncomfortable, and I find it quite silly that I do.

    Olivia asks me:
    "Do you want to go for a ride?"

    Suddenly I get extremely excited.
    Yuya says "Ha. Try to catch up!", creates her own lightcycle and drives off.
    I follow Olivia to her lightcycle, getting more and more excited.
    I sit behind her, and hold onto her for support.
    She smells nice...

    As we drive off, my vision blacks out. Fuck! I got too excited!
    I desperately try to stabilize the dream. I want to ride a lightcycle with Olivia!!
    But it fails, and I wake up.
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    1. Dark_Merlin's Avatar
      The way notes seem to be left for you in your dreams is incredible! Do you think it was Yuya who planted the note, or just your subconcious wanting you to dream?
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    2. Hyu's Avatar
      To be honest, I have no idea. I kind of doubt it was Yuya though.
      I wish notes like these would appear more often, they are quite useful!
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    3. Ctharlhie's Avatar
      I love reading your dreams, there's something very magical about your dream characters and the worlds you visit
      fOrceez, Hyu and tashows like this.
    4. fOrceez's Avatar
      I finally decided to watch Tron and MAN, Olivia Wilde is CUTE!
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