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    1. 6 month Plan - week 16 & 17

      by , 11-02-2023 at 09:39 PM
      Plan schedule is posted here: https://www.dreamviews.com/blogs/ilu...proving-95975/
      With blue color I marked goals with "working in progress" status
      With green color I marked reached goals
      With red color I marked failed, missed or deleyed goals
      G2g - Goal-to-goal
      PoA - Point of Awarness
      PoA' - Corrected Point of Awarness
      (More about g2g and PoA here: https://www.dreamviews.com/blogs/ilu...warness-96103/)

      Week 16 was unstable so I decided to make brake and resume in week 17. Week 17 was defficult for me.

      Dream Recalling
      Week 17
      Avarage dream memory - 2.1
      Median - 3
      Max dream memory - 4
      Min dream memory - 0

      Nothing special to report.

      Recalling at beginning: 0-3 at any quality
      Goal: Dream Median 4-6 at any quality
      Month 1: Dream Median 0-3 at any quality
      Month 2: Dream Median 1-3 at any quality
      Month 3: Dream Median 2-4 at any quality
      Month 4: Dream Median 3-5 at any quality
      Month 5: Dream Median 4-5 at any quality
      Month 6: Dream Median 4-6 at any quality


      Week 17
      Nothing special to report.

      Goals: 2x20 minutes
      Month 1: 2x5 minutes
      Month 2: 2x7minutes
      Month 3: 2x10 minutes
      Month 4: 2x12 minutes
      Month 5: 2x15 minutes
      Month 6: 2x20 minutes

      Day awareness
      Week 17
      I have conclusion: If my day is chaos or random things are happening that make me hard to maintain awareness. Right now I'm on Grate Lakes in USA/Canada. Ports are very close so that make voyages very short (Entry/Departures often are in night so my sleep schedule is unsettle). On deck many regular jobs are prohibited and/or limited because of local laws so chief officer and captain are giving us orders 'ad hoc'. Every day is different and I cannot enter into my rutine. This is distracting for some reason but this conclusion is very valuable. I think similar things are happening in dreams - dreams usually are disordered and random. Plot changes very quick, also every dream in every day is pretty different and this can be distracting.
      Learning how to maintain awareness without entering into rutine can be a key to lucidity.

      Average PoA - 238
      Correction - 0.71

      Goal: Reach “very high awarness” level
      Month 1: “Non-zero” (> 0 PoA)
      Month 2: “Occasionally” (> 48 PoA and correction > 0.40)
      Month 3: “Low awarness” (> 144 PoA and corr. > 0.45)
      Month 4: “Moderate awarness” (> 240 PoA and corr. > 0.50)
      Month 5: “High awarness” (> 336 PoA and corr. > 0.55)
      Month 6: “Very high awarness” (> 432 PoA and corr. > 0.60)