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    Another Lucid Fragment

    by , 10-27-2014 at 12:42 AM (336 Views)
    First thing's first: Yay! Two lucids within a week of each other!

    So I dreamt I was wandering around an urban area by myself. I had just come from somewhere in some buidling(I forget what I was there for). I began walking towards the road, when I spotted my friend. She waved at me and smiled as she walked towards a blue car waiting for her. She got into the nice-looking car and shut the door. I then randomly became lucid, and I felt like doing something with her. I approached the car as it began to drive away very slowly, and I grabbed onto the spoiler of the car. I pulled back, and the car came to a stop and slid to the right. The girl got out, and we walked together for a bit, but my intentions with her were thrawrted as I awoke.

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