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    Fragment of Dreams

    1. Returning from another hiatus; Details and short dream journal inside

      by , 04-16-2015 at 01:43 AM (INeverWakeUp's Super Dream Journal)
      Hey Dream Views! So I've gone on yet another hiatus from lucid dreaming and the site, but I am back at it once again. I'm attempting to do a mixture of ADA and DEILDing this time around(and DEILDs are a bitch!), and I'm really hoping for some success. To make things short with why I've been jumping on and off, I will simply say that I'm going through a very hectic time in my life; I'm on the final stretch of senior year, and there is a lot I have on my shoulders right now. I have not had a lucid dream in a couple months, and I blame it on my stress and lack of effort, but mainly the stress. I could still pull one per month without trying(I've been practicing lucid dreaming for five years, so I assume they come naturally every once in while now).

      However, last night things turned around. I found some new desire to return to one of my favorite hobbies after having a long discussion with a friend about lucid dreaming. I forget how it came up, but she didn't know much about it, and I gave her "the rundown." She is now wanting to explore the great world of lucid dreaming, and after our discussion I had the biggest nostalgia rush I've had in awhile. This inspired me to fully return to this practice, and have some good fun for old time's sake. I had a short discussion with a fellow lucid dreamer also on hiatus today who feels the same way now that our mutual friend is trying to come into this.

      Nonetheless, there will be some bridges to cross. My stress level is over 9000 right now, and I have also been losing a lot of sleep. Over the past month I've slowly been trying to DEILD, but with no success. I'm determined to try harder now however, and I've also taken up an old method I used called All-Day Awareness(ADA). And as I'm about to do in this same entry, I will try my hardest to log my dream recall to my best ability. Sadly, my recall is less than desired too, but patience will hopefully win this battle. Bottom line, I'm back and ready to give this another go.

      TL;DR I'm back.

      Now for the actual dreams I recall from last night:

      Entry 1

      There isn't much to say here, just some notes. I recall being in some sort of public building with some friends, and then there was a tornado warning issued. We took shelter, and sadly that's about all I remember.

      Entry 2

      Not too much here either. I recall being in Florida, and it is the end of my spring break(dreaming about the end of spring break was almost as sad as it actually ending). My friend Matt volunteers to drive me home, as long as I agree to make a pit stop at some fast food restaurant(that doesn't exist IRL). I agree, and as we're packing up, our friends begin setting up to have a drag race of some sort. All of them pull up one at a time, coming around a dirt road at really high speeds to show off before the race. My friend even ended up hijacking a school bus for the race! Just as things are setting up for the race, my memory cuts off. Not sure if it was the end of the dream, or if I just forgot the end.
    2. Singing at Work; Point and Click Teleportation

      by , 11-20-2014 at 03:24 AM (INeverWakeUp's Super Dream Journal)
      Had my first lucid in nearly a month! Pretty happy about that, and I actually remembered a larger chunk of the dream!

      Dreamt I was at work doing my usual thing like I do in real life(I work as a stock person at a grocery store). I checked around the store in my sections to see what needed filled, and for the most part, everything needed some work(side note: I hate dreaming about being at work). So I went down the dairy isle of the store and checked out the milk. It was nearly empty, so I made sure to prioritize that. The dream was surprisingly accurate with the way the store looks in real life. As I "ventured" down the dairy isle I noticed my friend who also works there in real life trying to decide on what to buy. She was on break and browsing over the meat(even though it was the dairy isle). I tried suggesting items to her, as well as an old lady who was in the isle. After awhile I gave up and left the isle. I then came across a white table in the middle of the store with a bunch of people sitting around it. I know some of them, but the others were just random DCs. For some reason, they all wanted me to sing a song, but I wasn't all for it. I explained to them that I was working and I didn't want to get fired, but they didn't care. One girl who I know came up behind me slapped my butt(yeah that's not weird). Feeling very uncomfortable, I gave my consent and decided to sing, but I didn't know what to sing. Suddenly, music began playing from nowhere, and it was instrumental. So I made up lyrics on the spot and sang. That's all I remember from that dream.

      I awoke and the time was a few minutes before 5am. Only an hour left to sleep. I go to sleep and enter another dream.

      I don't recall the events leading up to this point, but I dream I'm on the side of a freeway. I don't recall how I got here, but here I am. It doesn't take me long, and I realize that I'm dreaming. I decide I wanna fly off somewhere, so I ascend into the air and fly away. I pick up speed and fly at Mach speeds. I stop momentarily, and I stare off towards something in the distance. I decide to do a little trick and see if it'll work. I point at the thing off in the distance, and I press thumb down like my hand is a pretend gun. I then spin around once, and to my surprise, I'm at the thing. The thing turns out to be a lovely house, and so I enter. I look around for awhile, but I end up awaking soon after.
    3. Another Lucid Fragment

      by , 10-27-2014 at 11:44 PM (INeverWakeUp's Super Dream Journal)
      Hi DreamViews people! I think it's finally all coming together now! The lack of recall, the lack of lucids, all-day tiredness, random dozing off...I've self-diagnosed myself with narcolepsy. I've done some online studying and all signs are pointing towards that. Basically what narcolepsy does is it starts the REM cycle at the start of sleep rather than in the later hours of the night. This is definitely a huge factor in my lack of recall and lucids, and so I finally understand why I haven't been very successful. All that aside however, I had my third lucid this month last night. Seems like a little extra effort is doing wonders. I don't recall much other than walking around and doing the backwards falling method to make the dream clearer. It worked, but I don't recall too much from the dream.
    4. Another Lucid Fragment

      by , 10-27-2014 at 12:42 AM (INeverWakeUp's Super Dream Journal)
      First thing's first: Yay! Two lucids within a week of each other!

      So I dreamt I was wandering around an urban area by myself. I had just come from somewhere in some buidling(I forget what I was there for). I began walking towards the road, when I spotted my friend. She waved at me and smiled as she walked towards a blue car waiting for her. She got into the nice-looking car and shut the door. I then randomly became lucid, and I felt like doing something with her. I approached the car as it began to drive away very slowly, and I grabbed onto the spoiler of the car. I pulled back, and the car came to a stop and slid to the right. The girl got out, and we walked together for a bit, but my intentions with her were thrawrted as I awoke.
    5. Lucid Side Notes

      by , 10-22-2014 at 02:02 AM (INeverWakeUp's Super Dream Journal)
      Had my first lucid in a long time two nights ago. I don't recall very much, other than it was night time outside when I became lucid. I then flew around for a bit, and I decided to change the time of day. I used the "force" if you will, to pull the sun into view, and it became day. The weird part was that when I turned around it was still nighttime behind me, but it was day on the other side. That's all I remember.
    6. More Broken Recall and Brief Lucid

      by , 10-01-2014 at 03:41 AM (INeverWakeUp's Super Dream Journal)
      Well my recall has still been pretty broken recently which sucks. I've also realized I've lost a lot of motivation to post DJ entries because of this. However I am going to try and post entries daily again if possible. It's hard to balance school, work and a social life as is...so solitary time is my first sacrifice which means less internet and video games, both of which I love a lot. But hopefully things will improve soon.

      But anyway, all I can remember is having a very brief lucid last night and abruptly waking up from it. I've had a suckish trend of waking up about 20-30 minutes before my alarm every morning and I hate it. So hopefully that will stop, but at least I had a lucid! I hope next time it'll be longer and I'll remember a lot more!
    7. Another Shorter Lucid(Side Notes)

      by , 09-13-2014 at 02:14 PM (INeverWakeUp's Super Dream Journal)
      This morning I had a lucid but it was very vivid and I wasn't of the greatest level of lucidity either. The only part I recall from being lucid was being in a public restroom with a younger Asian woman. There were other events prior but I can't recall them that well. It had something to do with being in a store, and I think I was looking for bread for some reason.
    8. Lucid Fragment

      by , 08-31-2014 at 08:47 PM (INeverWakeUp's Super Dream Journal)
      I had a very short lucid last night. All I can remember of it is becoming lucid, doing a clarity technique and then exploring around the house I was in.
    9. Very Short Lucid Side Notes

      by , 08-23-2014 at 03:25 PM (INeverWakeUp's Super Dream Journal)
      Okay so two nights ago I a very short lucid dream. I all recall is becoming lucid, trying to do something, having a false awakening, and then becoming lucid again, and then having another false awakening and then waking up. I think I'm only going to count this as one lucid dream, because I never actually woke up.
    10. Flying Around and Basic TOTM

      by , 07-16-2014 at 05:50 PM (INeverWakeUp's Super Dream Journal)
      Blue: Dream
      Bold: Lucid
      Black: Awake

      In this dream I only remember the lucid part and a little bit before the latter. I had it in the middle of the night and woke up. I assumed I'd remember the preceding details and returned to sleep, but I forgot them. Luckily, I've got a second dream I can post that I recall still, though it wasn't lucid.

      I dream I'm walking around outside at midday. I see a lovely palm tree sitting nearby, and I suddenly feel like I have to pee. So I walk over past the tree and unzip my shorts and pee. As I'm peeing, a couple girls and one guy I know are coming from behind. One of them says something, however I don't recall what. It's at this time I become lucid mid-piss. I zip up my pants, knowing I don't actually have to piss. I turn to my friends and inform them that we should fly around. They seem completely alright with what I just suggested. Most DCs would be a little weirded out by that. So obliging my idea, we all jump up in the air and begin flying around. I take the lead, and I am flying at lightning fast speeds. It was pretty damn fun. Eventually we stop and land on the road. There is a car nearby and my friends get in the car. As they're doing so, I recall the Task of the Month. We're all so interested in flying, so I know which one to do immediately.
      "Hey guys, we should fly to another planet!" I suggest.
      "No, let's go do something else. Come on, get in!" my friend replies.
      We argue about it for a minute, and I get frustrated. So I decide to do a different task, the nudity task. So I pull all of my clothes off and began dancing around. My friends are quite disgusted, and they're freaking out now. I then proceed to jump in the car and dance around, and they're all very disgusted. This goes on until I
      awake unintentionally.
    11. A Mix of Short Dreams

      by , 07-07-2014 at 03:16 AM (INeverWakeUp's Super Dream Journal)
      I had a couple dreams which I can only recall a small amount of from last night. All of them were pretty interesting to me though.

      ~Dream 1~

      I dream I'm at the store with my friends. We are there quite briefly, before going to a baseball game at a very muddy baseball field. We are playing and having a great time together. However things quickly take a change for the worst when we are suddenly attacked. Several gunmen start a Shootout at the baseball field, and my friends and I are the first to respond. We all pull out pistols and return fire. There is a long battle in the muddy field, and the gunmen lose all of their men after a short while. I recall shooting at least two of them in all of the chaos. That's all I recall from that dream.

      ~Dream 2~

      My second dream involved me being in a house. It was my own house in the dream; an awesome two story home with a lot of space. The dream was clearly in the future, probably about ten years. In the dream I am married in the dream, but I have no recall of my wife's appearance. I also had a young boy in the dream. The majority of time was spent with me and my wife playing with our son in his room. My son, whose appearance is a blur as well, was around 5 years old, and he was a very bad listener. My wife was very nice, but she seemed to be wearing the pants in the relationship for sure. I would suggest something, then she'd immediately turn down the idea and suggest something different. I would then agree to her ideas and go through with them. It was very odd. I hope in the future my real wife won't be like this, and I hope my child is obedient. I also recall people stopping by the house later on, but that's the last part I recall.

      ~Dream 3~

      I dream I awake in my friends' apartment early in the morning. Another guys' night has ended, so it's time for everyone to get up and clean the apartment as a kindness for the college guys letting us stay here. We all get up and begin cleaning stuff. I plug in a massive industrial vacuum, and I begin sweeping. Another friend of my mind starts vacuuming, and I get mad at him for trying to steal my job. So we comprise, and he sticks to vacuuming hard to reach places, and I'll do the rest.

      I was then awoken, and it was time to clean the college guys' apartment in real life now. Funny coincide of a dream.
    12. Very Short Lucid Side Notes

      by , 07-07-2014 at 02:50 AM (INeverWakeUp's Super Dream Journal)
      I finally broke my dry spell a few nights ago, sadly I barely any of my dream. The only part I recall is doing a reality check by looking at my hands. My left hand was very disfigured, and I became lucid. I sadly don't remember anything else after that...but hey, I broke a near two month long dry spell!
    13. Two of the Most Absurd Dreams I've Ever Had

      by , 06-24-2014 at 04:55 AM (INeverWakeUp's Super Dream Journal)
      Hey DV! It's been an extensive amount of time since I've logged any dreams, and I feel that writing down my experiences will probably help me with obtaining lucidity. So, I guess I'll write about two extremely absurd dreams I had late last week. The first one happened Thursday night and the other one which I can recall more of happened Friday night. Let me just run this by again you: They are fucking absurd. I guess that's normal for dreams to be absurd, but these two were very notably absurd. Anyway...

      Dream One--From Thursday

      I dream my church is going on a retreat. Now most times when you think of a church on a retreat, one would assume they'd go to maybe a campsite, some city, a cabin, just someplace suitable. Nope, not this time. My church arrives at the "site" and enter the building. It's a nice-sized place with wonderful wooded floors and quite expensive furniture. Maybe not the best place to let reckless teenagers stay. However, that is far from what is unsuitable about this place. Now the catch is we're sharing this place with another group, but they're not exactly a church of any sort. They're in the...filming business. Now to access the lake out back we have to walk through the other group's part of the building. Me and a couple friends walk in through the room to get to the lake...and what we see is more than we bargained for. There's some nice sliding glass doors, beautiful expensive furniture, and a cool mahogany floor. Oh, and there's people filming pornography. So we walked in during a shoot it would appear, there're a bunch of men and women in the nude, and there're actions being performed which I'm pretty sure I can't describe on Dream Views. So now that this day has gotten increasingly awkward and weird, we walk through the set and go outside to the lake. I jump into the lake, as well as my friend Frankie. However, the lake isn't what we had been expecting. The lake is full of blood, and it's very clumpy blood too. Frankie and I quickly get out of the water and stop our friends Jason and Connor from entering, warning them of the dangers. (I'm really glad this was a dream cause I'd probably have more STDs than the people filming porn inside the building). I look at my body, now blood-stained all over. That's all I remember from that dream. Not weird enough yet? It gets better, trust me.

      Dream Two--From Friday

      I dream me and my friends are literally entrenched in a battle. Gunfire is flying over our heads and there's a WWI style battle going on. I am currently delivering food rations to my friends in a white laundry basket. After I hand out food to my friend Jordan I'm completely out of food. She gets up and starts yelling at me, pissed that there's no more food for the people after herself. I missed a lot of details after that, but the dream resumes to me being at home. I receive an invitation to go Indiana to see a movie premiere of a movie based on the events I was just involved in. Now I'm not at home home right now, I'm just in town. So I write a note on my hand, as there is a permission slip I need to get signed, still being a minor and all. So I write a note on my hand, hoping I won't forget to get it signed. The movie premieres tomorrow, so I'd better not forget to get my Dad's signature(talk about short-ass notice). Fearing the worst, I now turn to a random man who can teleport me through time to consult my problems. He now teleports me to when I'm at my house, which in the dream is the house I moved out of four years ago. I'm in my old bedroom, which is arranged differently, but the architecture of the house isn't changed from real life. I look at my hand and see that the note has been washed off or faded away. I guess I must've washed my hands when I got home or something. Lucky for me, I can still remember my mission. So I go into the living room, which looks how it did, and my Dad is sitting down watching TV on the couch. I hand him the permission slip, which he signs. We then get into a fight over something, which I can't quite recall too well. However, I can remember that what we were fighting over was extremely dumb. I leave and go into my room and I'm instantly transported back in time. The dream skips to the next day, and my friends and I have all made it to Indiana. Either before or after the movie(I'd assume before) we all go to an amusement park. This park is different from most. Not only does it have rides, but board games and other stuff as well. Me and a couple friends are invited to play a game with the owner of the park. He's a man in his forties or fifties, and he's dressed up quite nicely. Everyone seems to adore the owner, seeming to be a cool dude. We go into a private room, which is quite darkened, and we play a board game together. This game is...different...which I think is a slight understatement. The point of this game, is very odd. It's a sexual game(already odd enough). The way it works, is everyone goes around and has a turn to pick a card from a deck. On the card a sexual act is written on the card, which is either performed on the card holder or other people. Then everyone picks up a cardboard chip from a bucket, and if anyone holds the same chip with the same writing as the card holder, they must oblige the act written on the card. The park owner goes first, pulling a card. I don't remember what act he got, but when we all pulled, no one got the same chip. Then it was my turn. I pulled a card, I don't recall what it said verbatim, but my act was I had to do one "insertion" on whoever got the same chip as myself. We all picked a chip, and two girls got the same chip as me. One of them I know in real life, the other was a stranger. Either way, this game is absolutely fucking strange and awkward. I hope this never becomes a real life game. So, I now commence the action on my card, giving a one-hump-trump to each girl, making everything awkward as can be. Why everyone in the room was okay with this, I've got no clue. Man, fuck my weird subconscious. The owner now questions me about something(I forget what). He then quickly becomes angry and starts to beat the hell out of me. Before I know it, I'm on the floor bleeding. He's about to continue, but I escape before he can. Why no one helped me...I've got no idea. My friends and I regroup and go to lunch or dinner(don't know which it was) at some sort of chicken restaurant. My friends Jason and Bethy are discussing how awesome the park owner is, but I immediately tell them how much I want to kill him. They're both confused as I express my emotions, and they're obviously ignorant to who he actually is. I tell them whatever weapon I can get, a knife or a gun, I'm gonna go back and kill him. As things start to escalate, I awake. And I was actually kind of disappointed because I wanted to see what would've happened next. Maybe I'll get my revenge in a lucid dream!
    14. Short Lucid and TOTM Completion

      by , 05-10-2014 at 02:53 PM (INeverWakeUp's Super Dream Journal)
      I don't recall too much from this dream, but I don't remember most of the lucid part.

      The dreams starts with me coming into a grocery store of some sort. My friends and are just roaming around the store, and not much happens. I recall sitting down somewhere, and as I'm sitting I realize that I'm dreaming. I get up and start to walk around the store some more. I take in all the scenery, and I'm glad to see ADA is still making my dreams look and feel a lot more realistic. I now scratch the back of my head, and I can feel my hair rustle between my fingers. I start thinking about what I should do, and then I remember there is the TOTM to do. As I'm walking I desperately try to remember what the tasks are. I think for a good minute, and then I finally remember the ones I had my eye on. I need to do tequila shots, perform a song, and use the force. I figure using the force will be a good start, so I walk over to one of my friends and attempt to force choke him, but it doesn't work. I see my other coming up to me, and I thrust my hand out towards him, and I manage to force push him across the room. One down, two more to go. I decide the best idea would be to perform a song. To my convenience, there's a stereo set up nearby with a laptop hooked up to it, and there's a microphone near it. This will be easy, so I walk over. The stereos are blasting some song I don't remember, and there is a crowd of people listening. There's my audience I guess. I walk over to the laptop and put my own song into the search engine. I type in "Motorcycle Drive By" which is a song by Third Eye Blind. I find the the video and open it, and then I pause it. The people running the stereo don't seem to like my idea of just taking over everything at my own discrepancy, but like I give a damn. I'm the only real one here! I tell them to play the song when I get the microphone, and then I'll sing it. The continue to argue with me about the stereo, and I fight them back over it. And then
      my Dad awakes me.
    15. Two Short Lucids and Old TOTM

      by , 05-03-2014 at 02:38 AM (INeverWakeUp's Super Dream Journal)
      Hey DV. I had two lucids in a single night a few days ago, I've just been to busy to post about them. I can't recall much from them, but I will say I'm glad because I had four lucids in one month, which is three more than I usually have. But all I can remember is flying in the first dream, and in the second dream I remember pulling an April Fools joke for the TOTM. I'm hoping my recall will get better, as well as my ability to stay asleep longer for longer lucids.
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