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    Another Lucid Fragment

    by , 10-27-2014 at 11:44 PM (395 Views)
    Hi DreamViews people! I think it's finally all coming together now! The lack of recall, the lack of lucids, all-day tiredness, random dozing off...I've self-diagnosed myself with narcolepsy. I've done some online studying and all signs are pointing towards that. Basically what narcolepsy does is it starts the REM cycle at the start of sleep rather than in the later hours of the night. This is definitely a huge factor in my lack of recall and lucids, and so I finally understand why I haven't been very successful. All that aside however, I had my third lucid this month last night. Seems like a little extra effort is doing wonders. I don't recall much other than walking around and doing the backwards falling method to make the dream clearer. It worked, but I don't recall too much from the dream.
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