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    Memorable Dreams

    1. The Banana Bank Robbery

      by , 08-15-2014 at 04:40 PM (INeverWakeUp's Super Dream Journal)
      It's been awhile since I've had a lucid, but I broke my dryspell last night! It's been awhile since I've even had decent recall of my dreams. I recently got a job and I absolutely hate it with all my heart(I'm a cleaning bitch at a Chinese restaurant). It's put a lot of stress on my back and ever since I've had this job my recall has just taken a vacation pretty much. However over the past couple of days things have gotten better and I've recalled a few minor details from my details. Last night was a huge step for me. I recalled the full length of the dream, from my non-lucid beginning all the way until I woke up at an undisclosed time after attempting a TOTM. I don't know if I completed the task, but I'll leave that judgment up to OpheliaBlue I guess. Anyway...without further adeui I present my dream:

      I dream I'm hanging out around the backyard of my old house. Me and all of my best friends are having some sort of party, and everybody is having a great time. We're all spread out around the front yard, back yard and inside of the house having a great time. However there was a really strange difference about my backyard...there was a large baseball field in the back hard. Not like a MLB stadium, but like a field you'd see at a middle school or something. I can't recall if there was a game or not, but I think there was. Anyway, I was hanging out behind the fence placed behind home plate with my friends. Things suddenly took an interesting and somewhat comedic turn. My friend Logan and Frankie were standing by one another, and Logan began to approach her.
      "Hey Frankie." Logan began.
      "Uh, hey Logan." Frankie acknowledged.
      Logan then started to tense up and become very nervous. Frankie looked at him with her eyebrow raised.
      "You know how I broke up with Mia awhile ago right?" he asked.
      "Uh...yeah...why?" Frankie answered.
      "Well I was just...uh wondering...because I'm single now and all..." Logan takes a slight pause as he begins to shed tears. "I was wondering if you wanted to go out sometime?"
      Frankie now looked utterly shocked and somewhat weirded out at the same time. Logan was an emotional wreck now as tears began streaming down his face. Me and a couple other friends quickly began to walk away and leave the premises of this very awkward situation. All I can remember is seeing Frankie's very distraught face as she dealt with the very complicated situation.
      So as we left, my friends and I began walking down the street towards the intersection. I started thinking about things for a minute, and I then realized that I was dreaming, and became lucid. I immediately turned to my friends and informed them.
      "Guys, you know this is a dream right?" I said.
      "What're you talking about?" one of them asked.
      "Here look, I'll show you," I replied. "You see I can't get hurt in a dream." I then ran into the street and jumped in front of a car going about 25mph, and I was hit and thrown several feet away. I got up, completely unharmed and walked back to them, but they didn't seem to care too much. So they kept walking along, and I decided to try doing a RC just to be safe. I plugged my nose, and I was able to breathe through it. Then I looked at the fronts and backs of my hands, and my right hand had seven fingers. I freaked out for half of a second and flailed my hand around.
      I thought for a second of what to do, and I quickly remembered to try and do the task of the month. I was obviously obligated to try out my own task that was out in this month, and so it was my goal now to try and hold up a bank with a banana. I ascended into the air, and so did my friend Connor, which was really weird. I then flew across town to where I knew there was a bank in real life. I did find one, but the city looked much bigger and much more urban than it really is. I saw a Key Bank insignia in the distance, and I flew down to the entrance. I landed and made my way to the door. As I did so, I spawned a banana in my right hand, and I then hid it in my inner pocket of my jacket. I entered the bank, and I looked around. There was a bank vault to my far left, a cash register next to it, and a lot of people sitting down and eating meals. What the hell? Okay so I guess this place is a bank/restaurant. I decided to disregard how unorthodox that was, and I pulled out my banana. I looked across the room and saw my friend Michael and his girlfriend Kaitlyn eating in a booth, and our friend Fred was being a third wheel. Oh this was about to get really interesting.
      "Alright everyone listen up!" I shouted. "This is a robbery! Everyone get down on the ground now, and don't try anything and no one will get hurt!"
      People began panicking and they all got down on the floor as I instructed. I was surprised they listened when I only had a banana as a weapon. I now took my banana and walked down to the cash register and vault, and I noticed some people were trying to get up.
      "Hey! I said don't get up or I'll kill you!" I shouted. No one was listening, and I repeated myself a couple more times.
      To that, everybody complied and stayed on the ground. I pointed the banana at the girl at the register and told her the usual deal, and she began removing money. Suddenly, I felt my banana be pulled out of my hand. I turned around to see Fred holding the banana, and he then began to peel it. At the same time, Michael came and tried to attack me, but I knocked him over. God damn it all, now I've gotta handle my own friends. I didn't want this to happen. His girlfriend tried to help but I pushed her back and tried to think of what to do with Michael. So, I grabbed a hot dog from the nearest table and shoved it in Michael's mouth and forced him to choke on it. I then turned and saw Fred eating the banana, and I got pissed. I lunged at him and brought him to the floor. I took the rest of the banana and forced it down his throat so he would choke on that. I got up and returned to the register, where several thousand dollars were resting on the stand, and I prepared to take it all. Suddenly, Fred got up and smiled at me. He then pulled some sort of fucking God power voodoo magic shit and everything changed. I saw Fred standing in front of me smiling from ear to ear, and everyone in the room was calm. I saw the money was still on the desk, and I put my hand on it. Fred made me stop, and he made me look around the room. Around the room everyone was holding assault rifles, and I noticed I had one strapped to me too. I may have had one myself, but I was severely outgunned right now. Knowing I had been defeated, I immediately left the bank/restaurant and started walking down the concrete path. I saw more of my friends and other random DCs down a large staircase, and I became curious. I held my rifle, a SCAR-H, and I fired off a few shots. One hit my friend in the knee on accident, but he wasn't bleeding. I quickly realized it was only an airsoft gun...I had definitely been fooled back there. Holy shit. I don't quite recall what happened after that, but I don't think I did much more before I
    2. Two of the Most Absurd Dreams I've Ever Had

      by , 06-24-2014 at 04:55 AM (INeverWakeUp's Super Dream Journal)
      Hey DV! It's been an extensive amount of time since I've logged any dreams, and I feel that writing down my experiences will probably help me with obtaining lucidity. So, I guess I'll write about two extremely absurd dreams I had late last week. The first one happened Thursday night and the other one which I can recall more of happened Friday night. Let me just run this by again you: They are fucking absurd. I guess that's normal for dreams to be absurd, but these two were very notably absurd. Anyway...

      Dream One--From Thursday

      I dream my church is going on a retreat. Now most times when you think of a church on a retreat, one would assume they'd go to maybe a campsite, some city, a cabin, just someplace suitable. Nope, not this time. My church arrives at the "site" and enter the building. It's a nice-sized place with wonderful wooded floors and quite expensive furniture. Maybe not the best place to let reckless teenagers stay. However, that is far from what is unsuitable about this place. Now the catch is we're sharing this place with another group, but they're not exactly a church of any sort. They're in the...filming business. Now to access the lake out back we have to walk through the other group's part of the building. Me and a couple friends walk in through the room to get to the lake...and what we see is more than we bargained for. There's some nice sliding glass doors, beautiful expensive furniture, and a cool mahogany floor. Oh, and there's people filming pornography. So we walked in during a shoot it would appear, there're a bunch of men and women in the nude, and there're actions being performed which I'm pretty sure I can't describe on Dream Views. So now that this day has gotten increasingly awkward and weird, we walk through the set and go outside to the lake. I jump into the lake, as well as my friend Frankie. However, the lake isn't what we had been expecting. The lake is full of blood, and it's very clumpy blood too. Frankie and I quickly get out of the water and stop our friends Jason and Connor from entering, warning them of the dangers. (I'm really glad this was a dream cause I'd probably have more STDs than the people filming porn inside the building). I look at my body, now blood-stained all over. That's all I remember from that dream. Not weird enough yet? It gets better, trust me.

      Dream Two--From Friday

      I dream me and my friends are literally entrenched in a battle. Gunfire is flying over our heads and there's a WWI style battle going on. I am currently delivering food rations to my friends in a white laundry basket. After I hand out food to my friend Jordan I'm completely out of food. She gets up and starts yelling at me, pissed that there's no more food for the people after herself. I missed a lot of details after that, but the dream resumes to me being at home. I receive an invitation to go Indiana to see a movie premiere of a movie based on the events I was just involved in. Now I'm not at home home right now, I'm just in town. So I write a note on my hand, as there is a permission slip I need to get signed, still being a minor and all. So I write a note on my hand, hoping I won't forget to get it signed. The movie premieres tomorrow, so I'd better not forget to get my Dad's signature(talk about short-ass notice). Fearing the worst, I now turn to a random man who can teleport me through time to consult my problems. He now teleports me to when I'm at my house, which in the dream is the house I moved out of four years ago. I'm in my old bedroom, which is arranged differently, but the architecture of the house isn't changed from real life. I look at my hand and see that the note has been washed off or faded away. I guess I must've washed my hands when I got home or something. Lucky for me, I can still remember my mission. So I go into the living room, which looks how it did, and my Dad is sitting down watching TV on the couch. I hand him the permission slip, which he signs. We then get into a fight over something, which I can't quite recall too well. However, I can remember that what we were fighting over was extremely dumb. I leave and go into my room and I'm instantly transported back in time. The dream skips to the next day, and my friends and I have all made it to Indiana. Either before or after the movie(I'd assume before) we all go to an amusement park. This park is different from most. Not only does it have rides, but board games and other stuff as well. Me and a couple friends are invited to play a game with the owner of the park. He's a man in his forties or fifties, and he's dressed up quite nicely. Everyone seems to adore the owner, seeming to be a cool dude. We go into a private room, which is quite darkened, and we play a board game together. This game is...different...which I think is a slight understatement. The point of this game, is very odd. It's a sexual game(already odd enough). The way it works, is everyone goes around and has a turn to pick a card from a deck. On the card a sexual act is written on the card, which is either performed on the card holder or other people. Then everyone picks up a cardboard chip from a bucket, and if anyone holds the same chip with the same writing as the card holder, they must oblige the act written on the card. The park owner goes first, pulling a card. I don't remember what act he got, but when we all pulled, no one got the same chip. Then it was my turn. I pulled a card, I don't recall what it said verbatim, but my act was I had to do one "insertion" on whoever got the same chip as myself. We all picked a chip, and two girls got the same chip as me. One of them I know in real life, the other was a stranger. Either way, this game is absolutely fucking strange and awkward. I hope this never becomes a real life game. So, I now commence the action on my card, giving a one-hump-trump to each girl, making everything awkward as can be. Why everyone in the room was okay with this, I've got no clue. Man, fuck my weird subconscious. The owner now questions me about something(I forget what). He then quickly becomes angry and starts to beat the hell out of me. Before I know it, I'm on the floor bleeding. He's about to continue, but I escape before he can. Why no one helped me...I've got no idea. My friends and I regroup and go to lunch or dinner(don't know which it was) at some sort of chicken restaurant. My friends Jason and Bethy are discussing how awesome the park owner is, but I immediately tell them how much I want to kill him. They're both confused as I express my emotions, and they're obviously ignorant to who he actually is. I tell them whatever weapon I can get, a knife or a gun, I'm gonna go back and kill him. As things start to escalate, I awake. And I was actually kind of disappointed because I wanted to see what would've happened next. Maybe I'll get my revenge in a lucid dream!
    3. The Purge Breaks Out!

      by , 03-10-2014 at 01:20 AM (INeverWakeUp's Super Dream Journal)
      Now for the most interesting and intense dream I've had in awhile!

      I dream I'm sitting with my friend Matt in his blue Mazda 3 in a random parking lot. We are watching a girl having a verbal fight with her mother outside of a house about one hundred feet or so away. The house is on a small cliff overlooking some train tracks. The fight eventually ends up getting physical, and the two start throwing things at each other. Matt and I are laughing at the scene, finding it comedic for some reason. The daughter now gets hit with a shoe and tumbles backward. Matt and I lose our shit now, but the girl then trips and falls off of the ledge down to the train tracks.
      "Oh shit!" I exclaim.
      Matt and I now get out and rush down a hillside to the train tracks to help out. The mother is already there crying over her bleeding out body.
      "Should I call 911?" I ask.
      "No." The mother replies. "She'll be fine."
      I'm not sure how much I trust the woman's statement, but I decide to leave now. I go and grab my own car and drive off. I'm driving down a main road, and I am surprised to see how accurate the dream has depicted my city. As I'm driving towards the BP gas station I notice something is very out of place. People are running around, cars are crashed, fires have broken out, and riots have started. My phone now rings and I pick it up.
      "Dude! I just heard the government shut down!" Matt says over the phone.
      "What does that mean?" I ask.
      "It means there is no more government!" Matt answers. "People can do whatever they want now! There are no more rules!"
      "Dude this is just like the purge!" I exclaim(I've never seen that movie), before we both hang up.
      I am about to pass BP now, and two men come walking out into the street with AK-47s! My eyes widen as they see my car coming and aim at me. I run one of them over and kill him on impact and keep going. The second guy shoots at my car, forcing me to pull over into the Family Video parking lot for cover. I get out and see that Matt's car is in the lot too. He must be inside of the store, so I go the door. A crazy looking woman now comes out with a fat yellow whiffle ball bat and tries hitting me. I push her back inside and lock the door. I turn around and see a kid named Chase whom I know holding a shopping cart high above his head. He throws it at me and I once out of the way of it. I pick the cart up and throw it back, hitting Chase.
      "Really man?" I say. "What the fuck did I do to deserve that?"
      My friend Phil now comes out of nowhere and pins Chase down.
      "Phil what the fuck are you doing?" I ask.
      "I'm gonna kill him!" Phil replies.
      "Phil you can't kill him!" I scold. "Think about what God will say!"(What a hypocritical statement, I killed that guy with AK a minute ago ).
      Phil now gets up and stops trying to kill Chase.
      "Can we not bring Christianity into this?" Chase asks.
      I ignore Chase and start looking around the intersection, which looks like a war zone. I have Phil follow me on foot now and we begin running uphill towards my house. This is the part of the dream where my city starts looking completely different than real life.
      As we run uphill more of our friends join up and follow behind me. We soon run into another group of people who seem to be friendly. We join up and continue going up the miles of stretch that this hill is. The houses all around look beaten up or abandoned. I mention to the group that we're going to my house, because my Dad owns a Ruger 9mm and a Ruger .357 Magnum(and he actually does IRL).
      As we continue up what seems to be an endless hill, we run into another group of people. They have weapons and are pointing them at a bunch of women in tight yellow clothing. They tell us the girls(all around my age) are tribute for anyone who can touch their chests. ...what?... So all of the men in my group rush towards them, including myself, and begin trying to claim our wives. My friend Michael might have been there, but I don't remember completely. But if he was that's funny because he has a girlfriend.
      I am beaten to the punch now(or grab I guess ), and all of the girls are claimed. I missed the last one by mere seconds. It ended awkwardly with myself and another man both grabbing the girl, but he got there a split second earlier. I awkwardly let go and continue to lead my group now.
      We reach my apartment complex soon, which actually looks like it should in real life. I tell everyone to wait outside and I go into the house. For extra safety I lock the door behind myself. The apartment is dead-on what it looks IRL which I think is pretty cool. It shows how much the ADA method can affect your dreams' detail. Not to mention it was cool that I could hear a warning siren wailing off in the distance. It made the situation seem much more realistic.
      I now run upstairs and reach into my pocket for my iPhone, but I feel now bulge. I feel my other pocket, which is also empty. Fuck! I realize I must've dropped when I was assaulted at the Family Video! I needed to call my Dad and ask him what the combination in his .357's case is(it actually has no combo IRL). I continue upstairs and go into his room anyway. If I can at least find the case I can get it open with something laying around the house. If not, I still have the 9mm which is in a zip-up case.
      I begin searching all of the drawers desperately for the grey case, but I'm having trouble finding the gun. However as my search continues I unfortunately
      awake. Damn! Such an awesome dream too!

      Closest picture to compare my Dad's .357 to:

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    4. Visiting My Old House

      by , 03-10-2014 at 12:34 AM (INeverWakeUp's Super Dream Journal)
      This dream is little more dark than the last two, but I figured I'd entry it anyways.

      I dream I am exploring the backyard of my old house(which I did IRL that night, the house is condemned and locked off). I have my bull mastiff dog Dracula with me and we are walking around the yard just to see the state of everything. We go up to the back door and look inside of the house. Despite the fact that it is filled with mold, I enter the house and walk through the kitchen. Looking around, everything is how I suspect it would be, water damaged and torn apart. It's a pretty upsetting scene. As my dog is walking around I make my way down the hallway to my old bedroom. I walk in and the dream actually has depicted the bedroom to look very similar to what it looks like in real life. There are a few hiccups on accuracy, but that's how dreams work. I'm just surprised how accurate the house looks all together. But anyway, I continue searching around the room looking at all of my old things I left behind. Two AH-6J Little Bird helicopter toys(I never owned in real life), and my older brother's airsoft gun collection(much larger than it was IRL). I pick one of the guns up, a replica of an AK-47. My brother also has some tactical vests the military uses too, which I take. I unload the AK and look in the magazine, which is actually filled with nerf gun bullets. I turn now and see my older brother standing in the doorway. He tells me to out the gun down and leave. I do as he says and I follow him to the front door where my Dad is waiting. I now follow them outside to the front porch and then I
      non-lucid , memorable
    5. Discovering Human Flight, Weird Speed Limit, and Escaping A Quad-Barrel Shotgun Death

      by , 12-02-2013 at 04:57 AM (INeverWakeUp's Super Dream Journal)
      My dream starts off on the street I lived on three years ago. I am by my old house along with many of my good friends and random DCs. There is also a house on the street in the dream which is abandoned, but has running electricity it would appear. Many of us are going in and out of the house and I think some of us may have been scavenging items from inside. I am now outside the house in the middle of the road. I go full on YOLO and I try to fly. I begin running down the sidewalk and jump. And to my surprise, I am flying. I immediately come back down to the ground however. I then try again, and I discover that I must flail my arms to stay airborne. I now land and realize I have discovered human flight! What should I do now?! Go to the government? The news? Nope. Time to go impress girls. So I now begin dashing towards two girls one whom I know, and I don't remember who the other one was. They seemed concerned that I'm coming at them so fast, but a take a jump and go up in the air over their heads. I then begin flailing my arms around like a fool and float above the two girls. They don't seem very interested though for some reason and leave. Dafuq? So I now follow after them in hopes that they'll be impressed with me flying. I mean what the actual fuck? I'm fucking flying! I pass my old history teacher now and show him my flying skill, which he nonchalantly acknowledges and goes on about his business. Okay seriously though, why is no one even remotely surprised that I'm a human fucking being flying on his own? I don't recall anymore after this point, but I do recall a dream later on that morning.

      In the early morning I dream I'm leaving a football stadium. Right next to the stadium there's a very large industrial park. On my way to my school bus home I see my friend Collin's dog. Collin isn't here, so I assume it's lost. I now take the dog on board and sit with my friend Mike. After a long while of highway driving we see a car parked in the middle of the road. The driver panics and swerves into the left lane, barely dodging the car. We now see a car coming at us, and the driver swerves back into the right lane, barely dodging the car. She realizes we missed our ramp, so we now turn off onto a bumpy dirt road. The speed limit sign reads 43. Everyone is really confused by this very specific sign. Not too much further down we see a speed limit sign of 46. Okay what the hell? What's with these weird speed limits? Not too much later, we see a stampede of elephants coming at us. Our driver flips her shit and makes the bus do a 180 before flooring it back up the road. We then return to the highway and try going to the next ramp. Mike, the dog and I get dropped off near an old white house. Our friend Mark is outside standing alone watching us with a smile from ear to ear. He now calls us out in a hostile way.
      "Hey look man!" he shouts with a smirk. "They stole your dog!"
      Mike and I are somewhat confused and shocked now. That intensifies when a crazy old hillbilly comes outside and stands next to Mark.
      "Oh I'm sorry," I say. "I though this was my friend's dog. I was gonna take it to him, but if it's yours then please take him and we can go."
      The man now takes us both hostage and we are transported inside the house. The dream is a little choppy until the next part. Mike has already received his punishment and is bleeding out in the corner of the room. I am now sat down against my will in a blood-stained rotting wood chair. The man now hands me a paper back colored white with a red and blue stripe on it. He tells me to wear it for the purpose of not seeing my death coming...like it'll really make a difference. I hold the bag and look at it carefully as I come to a realization. I look up at the crazy old bag as he loads a quad-barrel shotgun with 12G slugs. If that's not enough, the shells also have large piercing tips on them. Fucking-A, overkill much? I watch him snap the shotgun shut and look at me with a bleak grin. I realize that this is the end of me. I'm dead. There is no escape now.
      "Come on, please!" I beg. "I gave you your dog! Why can't we just leave it at that and go our separate ways?"
      I don't recall if he answered our not, but he now prepares himself. He stands facing me, and is just about to lift his gun when I go ballistic.
      "NO!" I shout, standing up and ripping the paper bag in half and throwing the pieces aside. I now realize I'm dreaming. This is too screwed up to be real. I can't accept this as my real fate. As I stand I unintentionally have slowed time for some reason. This wasn't a lucid decision, but I'm definitely gonna ruin this man's day with this power. He is moving about a thousand times slower than I am right now. I am moving as if time isn't slowed at all. I now extend my right arm out and summon a Smith and Wesson .44 Magnum in my hand and unfreeze time. I put three quick shots into the hillbilly and he falls over dead. I probably only need one with that kind of fire power, but I don't care. This bitch is too crazy! I hear someone come in from behind and turn around. A woman enters, probably his maid or something. She is in fact wearing a pink maid outfit. Fuck it, no witnesses. I now use the last three rounds in the handgun and kill the maid as well. I throw the gun aside and now rush to Mike's side. He's badly wounded. I don't know if he was shot or not, but he probably was. I now lift him up and make my way to door, and I notice people are coming in. Shit! If they see all of and Mike dying in my hands I'm fucked! Time to improvise! I now rush Mike somewhere different and hide him under a desk. I can't think of what to do to keep him down, so I summon a pacifier and put it in his mouth. I then hypnotize him to believe he's a baby who's sleeping in his bed, and remind him not to cry. Several girls I know now enter and I go to greet them. They are seriously concerned about the two bodies on the floor and the blood all over the room. Well God damn it, what now? They ask what happened, to which I say I don't know. I'm sure by this point Mike has probably died due to blood loss. I see his girlfriend is among the group of girls.
      "Hey, I don't know how to tell you this," I begin. "But I think Michael is dead."
      She is now devastated, and she wants to know where he is. I now lead her to Mike, who isn't moving, and Kaitlyn(his GF) now kneels to his side and tries to tend to him. I stand and mourn as well.
      And that's all I remember before waking up.
    6. One of My Most Peculiar Dreams Yet...10/8/13

      by , 10-09-2013 at 03:13 AM (INeverWakeUp's Super Dream Journal)
      So I can't recall much of the start of this dream, but it remember two key moments. The first was I dream I'm in the car with my Dad in the old neighborhood we lived in. We're driving down a standard state 35 MPH road and then we turn right onto a residential street. The speed limit is now 55 MPH. This makes me very surprised, because residential roads are supposed to be 25...and this one is 55...very strange. I just hope the road doesn't have any kids living on it, or has a lot of traffic.

      The next portion I recall(and I think all of this was one dream, but possibly two or three separate ones) I am rolling around Vice City with Tommy Vercetti in his car. I don't recall what he was driving, but I think it might've been a white Infernus(This is all stuff from the Grand Theft Auto franchise). Personally, the Infernus is my favorite GTA car because of its resemblance of the real life Lamborgini and its superior speed.

      Now for the next part, where things escalate VERY quickly. I dream I'm hanging out with my friends, and we are being WILD as fuck. I can't recall any specific acts, but it was definitely out there. So, my devious little mind decides to take things to the next level.
      "How about this?!" I say, before flinging my shlong out jokingly.
      Everyone now stops dead where they are and look at me shamefully. Everyone is very grossed out and now leave. I realize I went a little too far, especially because two girls were there. So I now decide to repent for my stupidity and apologize. I find the two girls sitting with one another on a wooden picnic table by the water. A beautiful forest surrounds the glowing water, which it find to be very neat. I sit down, and the two girls barely acknowledge me.
      "Hey, I uh, wanted to apologize for earlier," I begin. "That was really immature and out of place, so I'm sorry."
      "It's alright," one of them says. "It was pretty big though..."
      I'm now incredibly embarrassed that she say that. Not that it's an insult, but that it's just so awkward. Especially because the two girls are sisters IRL.
      "Well...it's nothing special-"
      "It's average I guess," she cuts me off.
      The two of us now decide we should go hang out together in the forest. I quite enjoy the idea, and so we make our way in and wander around. We quickly come to like one another very much. So much in fact, I feel a temptation inside of me. I want her(if you catch my drift). I realize it's just the two of us, all alone here in the forest. No barriers to hold us back now. I know inside of me that I can't do this. It's disrespectful for me to do this outside of a marriage. Things then get even worse when we find a random bed sitting in the forest. A nice comfy bed with clean white sheets. Perfect for relaxing, sleeping, fucking... I look over to the girl, who I see is giving me a smirk. She wants the D...nothing more to say. We're both very confused about how a perfectly made and clean bed is out her like this though. However, I soon lose my shit and just straight up do what I must to get rid of the temptation...and I leave(Ha! GAAAAYYYY!) I'm now crossing a wooden bridge on the outside of the forest. It was pretty douchy to just leave that girl like that for no reason. I now see my good friend Paul and my other good friend Zaine's ex-girlfriend both walking towards me with looks of urgency in their eyes. Why this random pair of people?
      "I heard you were hanging out with a girl one on one," Paul says. "You'd better not fall into temptation!"
      Alex(the ex), looks very pissed and says,"Just go for it Angelo! Go have sex with her and get it out of the way!"
      "Don't listen to her! Don't do it!" Paul rebuttles.
      This fight continues on between the two until I soon
      awake. I take a moment to comprehend this as I lie awake in my bed, but it just doesn't come together. Oh why, mind?
      non-lucid , memorable
    7. Another Short Lucid (8/26/13)

      by , 08-26-2013 at 02:12 PM (INeverWakeUp's Super Dream Journal)
      I dream that I'm in the desert on some sort of mission. It's a hardcore military operation. Our team is moving cautiously through the vast dunes when we spot a whole convoy of M1 Abrams tanks. My heart sinks at the sight of so many tanks.

      However our team is very confident, and we stealthily make our way behind the convoy. When we reach the backside of roughly twenty tanks I suggest we C4 them and blow them away. I now run up to the back of the last tank and place three C4 charges on its backside. My teammate does the same to the next one. As I make my way to the third tank, he detonates the C4 without my consent, blowing up two of the tanks and disabling the third. I'm now absolutely livid and ready to beat the hell out of my teammate. However, I can't do this because the whole tank convoy knows where we are now! So we all spread out and run away to try and find dunes to hide behind. I find a very short dune and take pathetic cover behind it. I'm radioing in to my allies, wondering where they are. I peak over the dune now and see a tank's cannon turning and scanning. It now finally stops pointed dead on at me. My heart skips a beat and I get up and begun bolting away. The tank fires, obliterating the dune and luckily not me with it. I can't find anywhere else to hide now as tanks begin to fire at me. Then, I manage to find a huge dune and I go around it. When I reach the back, I find the entrance to an underground temple! I realize the risks that may be held in this temple, but I enter anyway. I'm confident if the enemy finds this temple they won't enter. I go down the stairs which are submerged in sand, and I find the first floor. Down here is a little girl, who is being quite noisy. I get pissed with her really quick and make her shut up. She doesn't know soldiers are probably coming to kill me, but she needs to be quiet in case they do. I now force her to lead me down further and further into the temple to decrease the chances of being found. A couple floors down we decide to rest. If I recall correctly a team mate also manages to get down here with us. I'm sitting up against a wall now. It's dim in the temple, with only one flickering light to brighten the area. Luckily there don't seem to be any traps. But that could affect us in the long run negatively. My ally and the girl now go to check on the entrance. As they leave, I now become
      lucid! Okay fuck this situation! I get up and move around a little bit and begin pondering fun ideas. First, I decide I should stabilize the dream. I fall backwards two or three times and now the dream feels so stabilized, and so clear. I move upstairs now, which turns out to be a club now. What? When did this happen? I now begun looking for an exit, and as I finally walk out the door I am awoken by my family. Fuck.
      lucid , non-lucid , memorable
    8. Two Choices and Banana Bank Robbery (8/20/13)

      by , 08-20-2013 at 02:31 PM (INeverWakeUp's Super Dream Journal)
      I dream I'm at this girl's house(though it highly resembles someone else's house who I know). She is very sick and it would appear her younger sister can't take care of her. Now this girl IRL is literally like the nicest girl I know....but this dream has a twist. So I notice how sick she has become. Her voice is very weak, she's pale, and she can't even walk anymore. So I decide I should help her out.
      "Is there anything I can get for you?" I ask. She says yes and mentions a special type of medicine and points across the kitchen to some cabinets. This is where she starts to turn. I make my way over and begin searching. She didn't give me a specific cabinet to search. Now she appears to be getting frustrated with me and begins to snap at me. She's trying to direct me to the right cabinet but I can't hear her. She's angry enough now so I really don't want to tell her to speak up.
      "Geez I should just get it myself!!!" she snaps. I feel really frustrated now as I finally find the medicine she demands. I bring it to her and then leave her, not wanting to stay around any longer. The dream soon fades...now either I woke up or transitioned I don't remember...

      I now dream I am somewhere I can't recall but I'm hanging out with my church friends. We're all having a good time partying and whatnot, and everything seems normal. Now, things take a twists, and my brain decides to toy with me. Two girls I know come up to me and both admit they like me. I stand there now in shock, and wonder what I'm going to say.
      "Let me get back to you on that..." I say. I then quickly flee the scene and try to find one of my guy friends. I find my friend Joey, who's talking to our friend Hannah in private, but it doesn't seem all that private. I now ask my friend for some advice and he tells me I should go with the girl I like more. The thing is though IRL that'd be a REALLY hard decision. Both of them are nice, good looking, spirited, spiritual...it'd be a mess!!! I finally have my decision in mind, as I go to "sleep" for the night. I "awake" and I hear my friends and music. I look around my room and discover a portal on my floor. I try entering, but it puts me back in bed a few times, then sometimes everything goes black when I jump in. Finally I make it in, and see everyone in swimming wear(trunks, bikinis, etc.) in a solid two or three feet of water dancing with dance lights and music. Now I'd actually be up for trying that in real life. Now things get awkward when the two girls come up to me in their swimsuits and ask if I've made a decision yet. I ask for a minute before being tackled by another girl I know into the water. I finally break free and resurface. The two girls are waiting patiently and I wait out as long as possible. But right there and then I
      become lucid! Well time to get out of here! As I begin to leave my friend Matt stops me.
      "Aren't you going to tell them who you like better?" he asks. I now respond with a witty reply.
      "I'll just tell them in real life," I say, walking off. My friend looks absolutely dumbstruck now, with no way of comprehending that. I now make my way towards the exit door and remember I have to do the TOTM!!! I try to remember them, but can only remember one of them. I go over to some DCs and see my friend Jonathan.
      "What's up man?" he says.
      "Hey, what's the meaning of life?" I ask. He now responds but I don't hear his reply too well.
      "What?" I ask.
      "Poo." he says, giggling. I now walk away, dumbstruck as Matt was and head to the exit door. I now remember my other task, which is a personal one--rob a bank using only a banana. The exit door has a fully dressed man standing in the water waiting. As I walk up to the door he speaks.
      "This is a bank," he says, gesturing to the door. I acknowledge him and walk inside. I now pull a ripe yellow banana from my pocket and lift it up.
      "THIS IS A HOLDUP! EVERYONE ON THE GROUND!" I shout. No one moves however. I see a security guard pull out a real gun now and I point the fruit at him menacingly.
      "Drop the gun or I'll blow your fucking brains out!!!" I snap. The officer now outs his weapon down and everyone drops to the floor. A man answers the phone, and I make him hang up, threatening him with my banana. I now walk around and explain.
      "Now, I know this make look like an ordinary banana," I begin. "But this, is in fact, a very lethal weapon!!!"
      And then I awake. I am upset I didn't finish the robbery, but at least it was working. And I completed the TOTM. Then I wallow in silence when I realize the whole choosing a girl thing was a figment of my imagination. Damn you brain!!!
    9. The Strange Comedy and Jesus is Back??? (8/8/13)

      by , 08-08-2013 at 03:02 PM (INeverWakeUp's Super Dream Journal)
      The dream starts off I'm in summer school(Thank God I'm not IRL!). I'm sitting in the library on one of the computers, though I can't recall what I was doing on it. The nice school librarian(she is really nice IRL) comes over and sits next to me. We begin talking about summer and whatnot, just relaxing and being friendly. It is now time to leave and so I exit the school, and the librarian offers me a ride. So I accept and I walk down the sidewalk past a bunch of fifth graders who insult my weight. Not even offended nor surprised, I turn and shout "GAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYY" at them. I realize it was a horrible comeback, and just continue walking. I'm waiting by her car now for her to get here. I look at a speed limit sign which reads "Speed Limit 45." I'm actually quite curious as to why the speed limit is 45 when this is a residential area. Someone could get easily killed like that. The librarian shows up now with three girls. Well this is going to be an awkward ride home. One guy and four girls, two who're really stuck up too. So after a long fiasco of trying to get us arranged, one of the girls ends up walking home, and then we finally drive off. I realize it's Halloween because everyone but me is wearing costumes today. I finally get home and then end up going over to my friend Zaine's house. There we watch a movie on Netflix about sex addict couple trying to become religious. It's supposed to be a comedy, but most of the scenes make it look like more of a porno to me. After the movie, Zaine and I go looking around his garage for something. I'm asked to move something, so I get in a car and back up so there's space. I then realize the neighbors have been sharing this garage and I've stolen their car on accident. I now exit the car and go about my business until suddenly, someone is there. I turn and see Jesus standing before me. He asks me how I'm doing, but I nervously answer with an "okay."
      "So you're back, Jesus?" I ask. "I guess that means it's the--"
      "Second coming!!!" my friend Rachel exclaims bursting in the door. She seems extremely excited at first, but then very serious. She asks Jesus to just let the world stay a little longer.
      "Look I'm just stopping by," Jesus says. "But this is the last time I visit this generation!" Jesus seems quite annoyed with the generation of people obviously. He now exits the garage, and Rachel and I go after him. As we walk outside I realize how biblically incorrect this is and I
      become lucid. I look up now and see that Jesus is gone. Knowing that it was only an image of Him and not the real one now I simply do not intend to pursue Him, because I'd be talking to an image of my subconscious, not real Jesus. So I start flying now, and Rachel is baffled. So she begins to fly with me, making me baffled. I try to use energy to fly faster, which results in me smashing into someone's house like an idiot. I now look down and see my friend Paul. I decide to have a friendly fight, which Rachel joins in on, and shit actually gets pretty intense. I now try to use the closed eye method to do something, but I have a false awakening. And not too long after I awake for real.
    10. Shootout, Time Change and Punching Kim Jong Uen

      by , 07-09-2013 at 02:06 PM (INeverWakeUp's Super Dream Journal)
      There is a massive shoot out going on. I am carrying a MTAR-21 Carbine in the gunfight. Our team is pushing through the streets and we push the enemy back into a building. I move into the building and sneak up stairs to a window. I jump down two stories and am now behind the enemy. I rush in the back doors and see the last enemies. I unload bullets onto them and kill them. However a few escape. My team and I begin to pursue. We rush downstairs after the enemies and then outside. When we arrive outside they're gone. But we see a wall behind us in which would be hard to climb, so we assume they moved up road. There's a bus waiting and we forcibly board it. I sit down in the back and my teammates sit up front. As we wait for the bus to move we get a sudden shocking surprise. A bomb now goes off on the bus! The two remaining enemies rigged it! After the shock of the explosion, I realize that I'm still alive. The bus is in flames and I'm still on board. I quickly rush to the doors of the bus through the smoke and flames and exit. I'm horribly shocked right now from the explosion. I notice an unaware enemy soldier running away. I rush after him and quickly grab him and I handcuff him. My gun was lost in the explosion. I now take a moment to catch my breath as I celebrate from catching the terrorist. My celebration doesn't last long however, when the suspect breaks his cuffs off and runs away. The other missing enemy soldier soon jumps out and follows him. They climb over the wall and flip me off as they do so. Rather than chase them, I simply return with a double bird flip as they climb over to safety.

      The dream transitions into another city night scene. I would spend twenty minutes typing up what all happened but the whole dream was literally me fucking walking. Near the end of my walk, I'm coming up a hill towards home. I notice the most peculiar clouds in the sky. They're red clouds in the night. I walk up the sidewalk and I realize I have no shoes all of a sudden. Home is still a good five minute walk away and I'm exhausted. But I'm not getting getting home just standing around I guess. I continue to walk, intrigued by the red clouds. I soon realize the sun is coming up. It's about dawn, and I realize if I'm not home before my Dad gets up I'm screwed. I finally reach my neighborhood which seems extremely different from what my dream self remembers(it's nothing like real life as normal, but my non-lucid self sees it as different from earlier in the dream). I see a lake, construction, and many new houses. I walk around until I see my Dad. My Dad looks at me in shock, as if he's seen a ghost. He's utterly shocked to see me. He now explains how he hasn't seen my in 20(I think) years. I'm really weirded out, and my Dad tells me to go home and see my Mother. I'm confused, because my Mom and Dad are divorced, but I go with it. I walk to my apparently new house I've never seen before and enter. Even though it's been twenty years I appear to not have aged a day. I think I've warped forward in time. I for some reason have left no future self behind. If you think about it, that would make sense. If you remove yourself from time, you shouldn't be in another. But anyway, I walk in and explain to my Mom that it's me, her son. She is shocked as well. She explains to me about how strict the government has been. She was taken away from her new husband and forced to be with my Dad, and my brothers forced to move out on their own. It's all very strange. I now decide to go upstairs. I enter a bedroom, supposedly my parents'. I see one small bed, windows, and whatnot. I see an alarm clock with red numbers. I now feel very very weird, and I contemplate a reality check, but I instead smile
      as I become lucid. I turn around and head downstairs. My Mom is coming up the stairs in tears, rambling and rambling on. "Mom, calm down this is a dream!" I say, trying to experiment reactions. My Mother seems to not have heard me. "Mom, calm down this is just a dream!" My Mom now becomes serious-faced and looks at me. She shapes her fingers into a pretend gun and points it at me.
      "I'll kill you," she says coldly. I now ignore her and walk outside of the house. I see my Dad walking back up the yard.
      "Alright then son, stay out of my fucking house," he says calmly with a warm smile as if it's a good thing.
      I now walk down the sidewalk and I remember I have the TOTM to do! Which one do I do first though? I can fly over to the lake and write my name in the sand, but decide to do so later. I now decide to punch a leader first. I imagine Kim Jong Uen is coming down the street. I look around through a crowd of people and see Kim, his dad, and a body guard or two. I say hi and walk up to him. He looks frightened and runs away. His dad and guards seem to not be shocked. His dad shots to him to return. I instead rush after Kim at high speed, quickly catching up and grabbing him. He struggles as I pull on him.
      "Come on Kim!" I say. "The media will love this!"
      Kim now rips his suit jacket off and begins to run towards the lake. I notice night is already coming, and people are gathering by the lake for something. Kim is running for the tall grass in the shallow end of the lake. I rush again and catch him again. I pull us both to the ground as I notice the people are watching a movie trailer for a live action South Park movie. Really odd and out of place the future is I think as I look back to Kim.
      "Take this!" I shout, and I slug him in the face. He shouts in pain, and his body guards are now running towards me, as well as his dad. I run past them them and turn around to face them. I spawn a firework rocket in my hand and I eat it. As I prepare to fire it
      I awake.
    11. The Concert and WhiteBoy7thst

      by , 07-08-2013 at 10:09 PM (INeverWakeUp's Super Dream Journal)
      I dream I am in a gymnasium. There is a concert about to begin. The band who's playing doesn't exist IRL and are set up on top of retractable bleachers. I'm on top of the bleachers too for some reason. Down below are hundreds of cheering and screaming people waiting for the band to begin. Luckily due to my practice of ADA, I can recall so much of the detail of the this room. Shadows, sounds, echoes, etc. Before the concert begins the lead singer explains to the crowd if any of their equipment breaks they'll give it to a random fan in the crowd. I look behind me and realize how odd these bleachers are. They're not against a wall, just in the middle of the room with support rails behind them. They stand at least fifty feet high. As the concert begins the band plays a song, and I can't recall what it sounded like. Now the bleachers begin to wobble. I'm freaking out now, and sure enough, the support rails give out and fall apart behind us. We all scream as the bleachers now fall backward. I'm fearful for my life as we fall. The bleachers slam into the ground and break apart. To my surprise, I'm completely unharmed. I now leave the gym as if it's nothing and go to the parking lot. If I recall correctly my Dad and brothers were all waiting there. My brother gave me his laptop, and now I sit down and open it. I'm really excited to finally have a new and improved laptop! I open it and begin to browse around. I end up looking in his video files and I find a huge stash of pornography videos. Both gay and straight. I nearly puke at the sight of some of the videos and slam the laptop shut, never to open it again.

      I'm not sure what happened in between this, but now I'm riding a motocycle through a random town. A bunch of other people are communicating with me via headsets. I'm spectating myself drive the motorcycle in third person. I get off now and look around. I'm back to normal, in my body in first person POV. I see a lot of posters and ads on a cheese store. I soon realize I'm in Green Bay, Wisconsin. I realize I'm in the same city that Whiteboy7thst lives in(NOTE: IRL he doesn't live anywhere near GB, W). I decide to try and find his house, on 1337 7th Street(pretty sure that's not his address anymore IRL). I call someone and ask them for directions, jumping on a motorcycle again. I'm back in third person POV and I begin driving. The other bikers are clumsily driving around and saying they want to follow me. After a little while I get off the bike and I'm back in first person again. I believe I'm off the phone at this point and I'm walking down the sidewalk of the city looking for 7th Street. Dusk is settling in now and I'm desperate to find the street. I walk past a girl who isn't wearing a top or bra, her breasts are completely exposed. I ignore her though and walk right past her. She turns around and questions me ignoring her. I look back for a moment as she acknowledges me, but continue my search. After some more search time the night has come. I'm walking down a brick road in the dark. There're many people out walking in the night surprisingly. I check every street sign and can't find it. Finally I find a man and ask him if he knows where 7th St. is. He tells me to follow him and he leads me to the street. I'm excited and begin looking all over for the address 1337. The man leads me into an apartment building and tells me how he used to know a guy who lived in the building(IRL the real guy lives in a big house not an apartment) until he started doing gaming videos for YouTube. I realize he's talking about WhiteBoy and I feel a little awkward now. The man enters his room and I turn around. Right there on the room door is 1337. I open the door with not a single fuck given and walk in. Inside is WhiteBoy7thst playing video games with all the lights off. He sees me enter.
      "Is it alright if I come in?" I ask.
      "Yeah sure thing," he replies(BTW his real name is Alex). "Just don't snoop around too much.
      "I'm such a big fan!" I exclaim.
      I walk up to him and we shake hands now. I'm having such a nerdgasm as we shake hands. He moves up to his TV now where a naked woman is sitting and watching him play. I look around the apartment a little and them I sit down and join him. After a little bit of time I
      memorable , non-lucid
    12. War Part 1

      by , 01-10-2012 at 09:40 PM (INeverWakeUp's Super Dream Journal)
      1/10/12(Late Morning)

      ** I dream I am in an odd room. It's a lightless room made of all cement and we're in a full cement building. However there are huge windows all around the room. So even though we lack lights, we have the Sun' s natural light coming in and keeping everything bright enough. We're really only just sitting there BSing.*
      ** Well it's about time I explain who the the hell "we" is. It's myself of course. Then it's my good friend's girlfriend. Then the rest of the people are too vivid for me to remember. So not too sure there. Moving on!
      ** We now suddenly bring up the subject of "what is the true meaning of Christmas?" odd topic to discuss. I look outside. Just a beat down worthless city. Looks like a war happened here. I also notice no snow, which allows me to think we're nowhere near Christmas now.*
      ** I speak up now. I ramble on for about a minute or two telling everyone what I believe s the true meaning of Christmas. Everyone seems really enlightened by this. I do in fact state that being with family is the true meaning. Everyone seems very happy now. Not so sunk down like before.*
      ** I soon leave, and the next few parts of this dream are super vivid. I can't recall if I woke up temporarily or not. I do recall awakening once or twice if I'm correct. I can't recall though.*
      ** The dream is now very clear again. Appear to be walking back towards the building. I am very nervous. I am also very proud of myself. I do t know why yet, cause of the vividness.*
      ** I now spot two very hot girls. I can only recall one of them, and she is a hot girl I do know for real. The other one is two vivid, but I think knew her too. I approach the girls and stop them. I have each one stand on my sides. We continue walking and I begin to brag about something as we're going upstairs to the room I was previously in.*
      ** "Yeah, I just joined the Air Force you know." I brag. Air Force?! Oh hell no! Why would I ever join the Air Force?! "Yeah, I'm gonna be a pilot and all. Fighting for the country. Those jets don't fly themselves you know." The girls seem uninterested though and leave. Dammit! I joined the Air Force for nothing!*
      ** My dream now suddenly switches me over to a battlefield! I'm in battle gear and I have a lovely M429 Assault Rifle. Oh hell yeah bitches! Full auto, bipod, 100 round mag(I've got lay off the Battlefield 3...)!*
      ** I realize this is a massively important battle now, and get serious. We're in a war-ridden city. It could be the one I was just in and left a moment ago. But who knows for sure? It's really dark out, and dark storm clouds are high above. It could rain any second now!
      ** The commander instructs me to take someone out in a building up ahead. He's on the third or second(I don't recall exactly) to last top floor. I pull up my rifle and open fire. However, I believe I fail to hit. The commander seems pissed. He now instructs me to go plant charges in the building. Everyone else will keep suppressing fire to cover me.*
      ** I take some charges and dash out like a cheetah. My teammates unleash a massive suppressing fire on the enemy. It's working, I'll say that. Not a single bullet is fired at me. Its obvious we're trying to claim this city or something. This part of my dream might be a telling of how I got to that run down city in the first part of my dream. But I'm in the army in this part, so I think I'm playing separate roles in this dream. A refugee joining the air force, and now I'm a kick-ass marine!*
      ** I soon get into the building unharmed. There is some dim and crappy lighting in here. I don't like the feeling I'm getting in here. The dream becomes vivid now. However, it stabilizes after I've planted some explosives in the building. I begin to run off, and I'm now attacked. The dream becomes vivid again, and it begins to fade.*
      ** I however find myself now back at my old house. What the hell? Why does this crap keep happening dammit? I now see my friend Victor(previously known as Red, but no more nicknames for people I really know). He's dressed in full army battle gear. I realize I am too. There's also a huge platoon of us dressed up and ready to go.*
      ** Victor now hands me a helmet and a bag. I put the helmet on, which feels a little heavy already. I now put on the bag, which is extremely heavy. Something big and heavy is in it(well no shit Sherlock). I now say that this stuff is heavy. Victor doesn't seem to listen however. Ass...
      ** We now begin to sprint over towards my friend's house, whom lives a little diagonally to the right and behind my old house. This heavy crap is really slowing me down. I liked it better when I was a fast marine. I now think of when I was comparing MW3 to BF3 one time. Someone(I think my older brother) stated that the army is a heavier branch of the military. I makes sense to me now. Hooray for the fan-frigging-tastic army.*
      ** Now I realize his back yard is full of huge-ass puddles. I'm forced to run straight through one unfortunately. Oh well, that's what war is about. Gettin' down and gettin' dirty, right? I oddly start to run much faster in the water. That's pretty unusual I'd say.*
      ** We now stop in my friend's drive way. Someone unloads a bag by me. They set down a large object with huge spikes. It appears to be really heavy. I ask if that's what I have, but the guy ignores me. I now set down my bag, but then the dream becomes vivid and fades again.*
      ** I'm now sitting upon a tank. Okay, what the hell? So, I'm probably still in the army, but I'm a tank operative now? I'm probably just a ranger, or maybe an engineer. We appear to be in another city. We're moving in with a *huge tank convoy. Awesome, tanks rock!*
      ** Hm, I'm gonna take a guess in these two dream parts. The last one was most likely me as an army dude helping clear out through part of the city we're in now. This part is probably me as an army ranger with a convoy, securing this city. The city isn't beat down much either. I now soon awake.*
    13. One Hell of an LD...7/12/11(Mid Morning)

      by , 07-13-2011 at 04:44 PM (INeverWakeUp's Super Dream Journal)
      Goals: Gone With the Wind TOTY, visit the Dream World Academy.

      I dreamed that Cedar Point had been moved to a nearby city to mine. So, my Dad takes me and my brothers to Cedar Point. We are now at Cedar Point. [SPOILER][/SPOILER]
      We go in. The place is awesome. My older brother and I go over to a newly installed ride. We get on. It is an orangish-colored coaster. We ride the coaster, and there is some sort of mission we have to do. We end unfailing the mission(I can't recall what it was). But we still had fun on the coaster. We get off and go to play a real life game of Super Smash Bros. Brawl. I forget exactly what happened, but I do recall kicking some major ass. So now, I believe I saw a dream sign. So I became
      lucid! Oh hell yeah! Time to do some serious business! I recall having to do the Gone With the Wind TOTY. Time to do it! I now ki speedily my way to a house that looks fancy. It's a brick house.
      I see Rhett walk out very fast with a black suit case. Scarlett follows close behind.
      "Wherever shall I go? Whatever shall I do?" Scarlett asks Rhett.
      "Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn." Rhett harshly replies to Scarlett. He stops when he sees me.
      "You don't give a damn, huh?" I say. Rhett knows I mean business. He brakes into a sprint, and Scarlett tries to chase him. I break into a sprint too. I'll give that bastard a piece of my mind. I begin chasing him. I easily pass Scarlett. After about running a whole block, I reach Rhett. I grab him by the shoulder and turn him to face me. I punch him square in the face!
      "Just take Scarlett back or you'll be a worthless piece of shit for the rest of your life Rhett!" I snap(not my exact words, I can't recall them exactly). Rhett recovers. We're now under a brick bridge. A lot of people notice the scene happening. Now, Rhett gives Scarlett a super romantic speech(I sadly can't recall any of it). I realize that we're near a church. What a place to make a romance scene, eh? So, now he's done, after a literal three minute speech. The two kiss. Yucky! LOL. Anyway...I must have put some damn good power into that punch. If Rhett was able to forgive and forget that easily. Oh well. Yay! My eighth TOTY is completed! Four more to go! Now, I need to go visit the Dream World Academy. I start to fly over the church, when I see George Lopez sitting with the Priest at a white table with a white umbrella.
      I land by them.
      "What's up George?" I say. I notice he's making something. "Making pot? Haha. Just kidding." George laughs too. The priest doesn't notice me. I walk past him, then ki speed fly away. I fly past some trees, and then there's the Dream World academy. It's set up is like what insideout drew in his DWA dream. Two bed post towers, castle in the back, village up front. I land and there's a gate the reads "Dream World Academy." the castle looks cool.
      I proceed through the gate, and like twenty armed Templars come at me. Oh shit! I pull put two Westar-33 Blaster Pistols and aim.
      "It's okay! I'm a lucid dreamer!" I say, rest to fire. They stop.
      "You may go in." One guard says in a deep voice. They have cool armor. All black, with spikes and stuff. The helmets had two black horns bent like an L. They had giant-ass black swords too. You could see there eyes in the visor, which were just blue circles. I proceed into the castle. The castle is all black on both in the inside and outside. I walk in, a man walks up to me. He looks a lot like George Washington.
      "Are you worthy enough to wander in Dream World Academy?" he asks. I quickly beat him down and put one blaster pistol to the back of his head, and the other to his chin.
      "Is this worthy enough for you?" I ask, applying pressure with the blasters.
      "Yes. Please let me give you the tour." he replies. I let him go.
      "One second, I need to carefully observe the castle." I say. I look around. A hallway on both sides of me, and one in front of me. A red carpet leads from the door to the first room in front of me. Down the left hall, I see another hallway going both ways, and a set of stairs going up is at the start of the hall. The right hallway also has two more halls going each way. This place is pretty awesome. We now go the the room in front of us. The red carpet leads down about a fifteen foot hallway. There are lit torches about every three feet on both sides. At the end of the hall, the carpet ends. We proceed into the kitchen. The first room. It has white-tiled walls and floor. On the left are stairs going down. On the left, is a gas stove and oven. Then past that is a countertop and sink. I notice another exit on the parallel side of where I am. It leads into a dark room. The guide now leads me down stairs. The room is semi dark. A few windows are here. There are multiple shelves, and tables all over here. There everything you could ask for here. The ground is solid grey brick. As well as the walls. The guide now stands in a far corner of the room. I notice a vintage drum kit, and go over and sit down and I play a blues beat.
      They literally have everything down here. I go over to a table with hand guns on it. There's a price tag that said something around $9.00. I'm surprised by the low price. It's a real hand gun! I now go back to the drums. A girl comes down the stairs. She has an old Revolutionary War pistol. She shoots me in my left shoulder with it. And it actually hurt! What the fuck, bitch?! I jump over the drums as she runs into a corner.
      "Kamehame...HA!" I blast her with a large blue ki blast. There's nothing left of her. Oops. Shit. I didn't mean to go THAT far. I go behind the drums now. Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, and Herminie Granger all come downstairs now. [SPOILER][/SPOILER]
      Harry fires the death spell at me!
      "Avada Kedavra!" he shouts. What the fuck? I easily deflect it with my hand though. Wow, I stopped an "unstoppable" spell! Haha! Mike Dirnt now comes down with his bass guitar. Holy shit! Mike Dirnt!
      He now throws his bass at me. I dodge it. Hey! I feel betrayed by my favorite bassist now! Now, Billie Joe Armstrong comes down with his guitar.
      I run over an hug him. He's my idle! Now, everyone is grabbing weapons and getting ready to kill me. I better go. I run outside the castle now, and the Templars are coming in fast now. What the hell did I do to deserve this? It was that bitchy girl who started it! I keep running and I get away. I land in the village, where I'll be safe for now. I soon

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    14. "Miracle" Shampoo...3/20/11(Early Morning)

      by , 03-21-2011 at 01:20 PM (INeverWakeUp's Super Dream Journal)
      NOTE: Most events in this dream probably happened because I overwatched Ranma 1/2 the anime show.

      I find myself in my apartment. It was basically normal, but a few parts were rearranged. It seemed like an average day, except for a few details. There was some dude who made himself a very tall throne in my living room. Also, I couldn't stand the loud noises coming from the second floor of my apartment. What the fuck was going on? So, I decide to end the madness. I walk up to the top of the throne. Then, I grab the kid on top, and throw him down the stairs. Then, I jump over onto my apartment's real stairs. Then, I tip over the throne. It falls over and smashes down with a loud crash. With my pride, I walk upstairs to end the other disturbance. I come upstairs to find kids my age running around. It appears that they're chasing someone. I scan the mob of teens to see who's being chased. He just looks like a regular kid. And he's...holding shampoo? Why the fuck are they fighting over some damn shampoo?! I stand in front of the mob and the kid rushes away into the bathroom and locks the door. I ask what the hell they're fighting over shampoo for. They tell me that the shampoo can turn a man into a woman for thirty seconds. I pause. Then, we all try to bash down the door. We finally break in after a few tries. The kid tells us the shampoo has been all used up. FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!!! All of us begin to beat the shit out of the kid, then I brew up an idea. I stop, and run over to the supply cabinet. There, I find a full shampoo bottle...and it's the "miracle" shampoo. I announce that I found it...and we're gonna share it. So, we all get into a running shower...weird. I decide since I found it, I get to go first. I squeeze a little shampoo from the bottle. I start to mix into my hair. All of a sudden...I'm...I'm a...girl! Holy shit it worked! I look down at my chest, and there I see two nicely sized breasts. I feel them, and squeeze them. Damn, that's soft. The next part was weird, but I start to take a piss in the shower. I'm aware my "area" is changed, and I'm curious of whether it'll feel different when I piss or not. It didn't. Finally, I looked in the shower hose to see myself. I had orange hair! It was moderately long. Then, I suddenly awoke.
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    15. Saving Janet...1/20/10(Early Morning)

      by , 01-21-2011 at 01:20 AM (INeverWakeUp's Super Dream Journal)
      NOTE: I downloaded four banural beat songs for my iPod. I fell asleep on the couch on accident. I awoke around 2:40 A.M. I went to bed and played the beats. They kept me up until like 4:00 A.M. I finally realized repeating them was just not gonna put me to sleep. So, the plan is next time, if I don't fall asleep during the beats, I'll turn off my iPod and just sleep. That's how I did my first WILD ever early this morning.

      I find myself at my old house. My mom and dad are there. Odd, they're divorced. My brain doesn't think oddly of it. I see my old dog's cage. We gave him away. Weird. I walk towards his cage. Suddenly, the REM kicks in. I am lucid! Yes! My first WILD! Even better, on my first try!!!!! I twitch and feel a burst of energy in my body. I feel emmense power flow through me. Damn, REM lucid dreams are powerful! I was being overridden with power! I turn around. I don't want to stay here with this fake reality. I don't need to be emotionally hurt in my dream anymore. I walk outside. There's no snow and it's pretty
      nice out. Hmph. More bullcrap my head made up. Now I am now longer facing my house. It's time for the turn around method. I know my objective is to do the Psycho movie task. I use my intent and go to the house where Janet is showering. I am outside. (At this point I lose myself in excitement and I am too expectant rather than intent.) I go inside. It's weird and undescribable in here. I turn down a hallway. Then, my excitement reaches a higher level(rendering me stupider). Dakotahnok is there, just as planned. We meet up. We nod our heads, knowing what our plan is. I tell Dakotahnok to wait until I go in. Dakotahnok will go in second. I get in my stance to do instant transmission. I try. Fail. Crap! I try again. Fail. No! I tell Dakotahnok that I'll just sync myself through the wall. Fail. Ugh!(See, now I'm frustrated, expectant, and excited). I say screw it. Oddly, I manage to summon a M9 Baretta pistol. Dakotahnok does too. We're running out of time. Dakotahnok goes up to the door, takes a step back, then kicks it down. We rush in, guns ablazing. We shoot the Hell out of the psycho. We get him just in the nick of time. He had already opened the curtain. Phew, a close one! Janet got out of the shower and wrapped herself in a towel. She thanks us for our bravery. Then, my dream starts to blur up. Finally, I
      awake to my alarm.
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