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    Non-Lucid Dreams

    1. The Great Race

      by , 10-27-2020 at 07:52 PM (INeverWakeUp's Super Dream Journal)
      It's been a looooong time since I've posted, but I wanna get back into it. So here's a dream I had last night.

      I dreamt I was in the car with my parents on the freeway, and we were travelling somewhere. My parents pulled off on an exit and we went into a parking lot on the side of a mountain. My dad told me that I would like this place, but I didn't really know where we even were. It was just a foresty mountainside. So me and my parents began to walk around.

      There's a bit of a blur between events, but eventually we began taking part in some sort of race at wherever we were. The race began on a very large street, and the path was marked by colorful strips on the road. My dad and I began following the path, and it seemed to go on for a really long time. For some reason my dad was now in a wheelchair, which I just don't understand, but dreams will dream. So we chugged along for awhile, but eventually my dad said he was tired and didn't wanna continue. So I left my dad behind and went my own way.

      Eventually the path started to deviate from the road and started going into neighborhoods. I followed one and got lost near some suburban homes. I found one tan house and entered, hoping I could find the path again. After looking down from the house's balcony I found the path marker again and started following it. I found my friend Calvin along the way, and we worked together to keep finding the path as it became more and more complex.

      Soon we entered a white ranch home and I walked in first. I saw our other friend Jack, who ran over and tackled Calvin. While they were distracted I went ahead outside to continue the race. The path went over a pool now, which seemed odd. As I went over to it I noticed there were challenges you had to complete in order to actually continue the race, and this is where it gets weird. One of the challenges was making nacho cheese underwater. My friends came outside, as well as a couple other friends now. We were all quite taken back by this challenge; none of us knew how to go about it.

      However, I woke up soon after.
      non-lucid , memorable
    2. First Lucid In An Eternity!

      by , 04-18-2015 at 05:16 PM (INeverWakeUp's Super Dream Journal)
      So I had my first lucid dream in several months last night, and I'm really happy I did! It wasn't too eventful, but it was still awesome to be able to experience lucidity after what was probably my longest dryspell in 5 years(aka since I've started the practice of lucid dreaming). So without further adieu:

      I dream I'm in a retail store of some assortment(I think a Wal-Mart), and I'm getting some work done(I guess I have a job there in this dream). I'm currently having the worst possible day from what I recall, and working is just a real drag at this point. In the midst of my horrible day, I go and sit down on some boxes to take a break for a moment, and I sigh heavily.

      "Can this day get any worse?" I say, jinxing myself.

      And sure enough, I hear an all too familiar voice call my name with a nagging voice. I turn and see my old boss from my real life job, Kristina, and she's yelling at me(but don't get me wrong, she was nice from time to time). Upon seeing her yelling at me, I realize just how much I jinxed myself, and I put my head down and sulk.

      "This can't be real right now," I say, and I plug my nose.

      To my extreme surprise, my airways aren't blocked, and I'm breathing right through my plugged nose. I raise my eyebrows in disbelief, and I decide to double check. I look at my hands, which are pudgy and deformed, and they freak me out a little. I look away from my hands, and I stand up happily. I'm clearly dreaming!

      I run over to a different aisle now, ignoring my boss's nagging, and I see some windows high up on the wall. I jump once into the air, and then suddenly I'm flying. I exert as much force as I can, and I fly straight through one of the glass windows.

      Outside it's dark and beautiful, and I now have all of this power in my hands to use. I turn around and see some real life friends walking by, and I greet them gleefully. I then fly away and land on top of a rooftop on another building, and I look up to the midnight sky.

      I haven't had a lucid dream in forever, so I decide that I can't waste this dream doing something stupid. After consulting with myself, I decide to bring out the nerd in myself and do something for old time's sake. I cup my hands to my side, and I smile as a rush of nostalgia strikes me.

      "KA...ME...HA...ME..." I begin shouting at the top of my lungs.

      I look at my hands, and sure enough a blue ball of energy is forming within them, and I'm ready to fire. I point my hands up at the sky, and a massive blue beam of ki illuminates the air as it sails into space.


      After my successful Kamehameha, I stand on the rooftop, and I feel refreshed. I haven't done anything this fun in awhile, and I need to do more in the future.

      Unfortunately, my recall is a bit shot after this moment. I loosely remember flying elsewhere and trying something else I can't recall, but that was most of the dream. Nonetheless, I was happy to have a lucid dream again!
      lucid , non-lucid
    3. Returning from another hiatus; Details and short dream journal inside

      by , 04-16-2015 at 01:43 AM (INeverWakeUp's Super Dream Journal)
      Hey Dream Views! So I've gone on yet another hiatus from lucid dreaming and the site, but I am back at it once again. I'm attempting to do a mixture of ADA and DEILDing this time around(and DEILDs are a bitch!), and I'm really hoping for some success. To make things short with why I've been jumping on and off, I will simply say that I'm going through a very hectic time in my life; I'm on the final stretch of senior year, and there is a lot I have on my shoulders right now. I have not had a lucid dream in a couple months, and I blame it on my stress and lack of effort, but mainly the stress. I could still pull one per month without trying(I've been practicing lucid dreaming for five years, so I assume they come naturally every once in while now).

      However, last night things turned around. I found some new desire to return to one of my favorite hobbies after having a long discussion with a friend about lucid dreaming. I forget how it came up, but she didn't know much about it, and I gave her "the rundown." She is now wanting to explore the great world of lucid dreaming, and after our discussion I had the biggest nostalgia rush I've had in awhile. This inspired me to fully return to this practice, and have some good fun for old time's sake. I had a short discussion with a fellow lucid dreamer also on hiatus today who feels the same way now that our mutual friend is trying to come into this.

      Nonetheless, there will be some bridges to cross. My stress level is over 9000 right now, and I have also been losing a lot of sleep. Over the past month I've slowly been trying to DEILD, but with no success. I'm determined to try harder now however, and I've also taken up an old method I used called All-Day Awareness(ADA). And as I'm about to do in this same entry, I will try my hardest to log my dream recall to my best ability. Sadly, my recall is less than desired too, but patience will hopefully win this battle. Bottom line, I'm back and ready to give this another go.

      TL;DR I'm back.

      Now for the actual dreams I recall from last night:

      Entry 1

      There isn't much to say here, just some notes. I recall being in some sort of public building with some friends, and then there was a tornado warning issued. We took shelter, and sadly that's about all I remember.

      Entry 2

      Not too much here either. I recall being in Florida, and it is the end of my spring break(dreaming about the end of spring break was almost as sad as it actually ending). My friend Matt volunteers to drive me home, as long as I agree to make a pit stop at some fast food restaurant(that doesn't exist IRL). I agree, and as we're packing up, our friends begin setting up to have a drag race of some sort. All of them pull up one at a time, coming around a dirt road at really high speeds to show off before the race. My friend even ended up hijacking a school bus for the race! Just as things are setting up for the race, my memory cuts off. Not sure if it was the end of the dream, or if I just forgot the end.
    4. Singing at Work; Point and Click Teleportation

      by , 11-20-2014 at 03:24 AM (INeverWakeUp's Super Dream Journal)
      Had my first lucid in nearly a month! Pretty happy about that, and I actually remembered a larger chunk of the dream!

      Dreamt I was at work doing my usual thing like I do in real life(I work as a stock person at a grocery store). I checked around the store in my sections to see what needed filled, and for the most part, everything needed some work(side note: I hate dreaming about being at work). So I went down the dairy isle of the store and checked out the milk. It was nearly empty, so I made sure to prioritize that. The dream was surprisingly accurate with the way the store looks in real life. As I "ventured" down the dairy isle I noticed my friend who also works there in real life trying to decide on what to buy. She was on break and browsing over the meat(even though it was the dairy isle). I tried suggesting items to her, as well as an old lady who was in the isle. After awhile I gave up and left the isle. I then came across a white table in the middle of the store with a bunch of people sitting around it. I know some of them, but the others were just random DCs. For some reason, they all wanted me to sing a song, but I wasn't all for it. I explained to them that I was working and I didn't want to get fired, but they didn't care. One girl who I know came up behind me slapped my butt(yeah that's not weird). Feeling very uncomfortable, I gave my consent and decided to sing, but I didn't know what to sing. Suddenly, music began playing from nowhere, and it was instrumental. So I made up lyrics on the spot and sang. That's all I remember from that dream.

      I awoke and the time was a few minutes before 5am. Only an hour left to sleep. I go to sleep and enter another dream.

      I don't recall the events leading up to this point, but I dream I'm on the side of a freeway. I don't recall how I got here, but here I am. It doesn't take me long, and I realize that I'm dreaming. I decide I wanna fly off somewhere, so I ascend into the air and fly away. I pick up speed and fly at Mach speeds. I stop momentarily, and I stare off towards something in the distance. I decide to do a little trick and see if it'll work. I point at the thing off in the distance, and I press thumb down like my hand is a pretend gun. I then spin around once, and to my surprise, I'm at the thing. The thing turns out to be a lovely house, and so I enter. I look around for awhile, but I end up awaking soon after.
    5. Another Lucid Fragment

      by , 10-27-2014 at 11:44 PM (INeverWakeUp's Super Dream Journal)
      Hi DreamViews people! I think it's finally all coming together now! The lack of recall, the lack of lucids, all-day tiredness, random dozing off...I've self-diagnosed myself with narcolepsy. I've done some online studying and all signs are pointing towards that. Basically what narcolepsy does is it starts the REM cycle at the start of sleep rather than in the later hours of the night. This is definitely a huge factor in my lack of recall and lucids, and so I finally understand why I haven't been very successful. All that aside however, I had my third lucid this month last night. Seems like a little extra effort is doing wonders. I don't recall much other than walking around and doing the backwards falling method to make the dream clearer. It worked, but I don't recall too much from the dream.
    6. Another Lucid Fragment

      by , 10-27-2014 at 12:42 AM (INeverWakeUp's Super Dream Journal)
      First thing's first: Yay! Two lucids within a week of each other!

      So I dreamt I was wandering around an urban area by myself. I had just come from somewhere in some buidling(I forget what I was there for). I began walking towards the road, when I spotted my friend. She waved at me and smiled as she walked towards a blue car waiting for her. She got into the nice-looking car and shut the door. I then randomly became lucid, and I felt like doing something with her. I approached the car as it began to drive away very slowly, and I grabbed onto the spoiler of the car. I pulled back, and the car came to a stop and slid to the right. The girl got out, and we walked together for a bit, but my intentions with her were thrawrted as I awoke.
    7. Lucid Side Notes

      by , 10-22-2014 at 02:02 AM (INeverWakeUp's Super Dream Journal)
      Had my first lucid in a long time two nights ago. I don't recall very much, other than it was night time outside when I became lucid. I then flew around for a bit, and I decided to change the time of day. I used the "force" if you will, to pull the sun into view, and it became day. The weird part was that when I turned around it was still nighttime behind me, but it was day on the other side. That's all I remember.
    8. Another Shorter Lucid(Side Notes)

      by , 09-13-2014 at 02:14 PM (INeverWakeUp's Super Dream Journal)
      This morning I had a lucid but it was very vivid and I wasn't of the greatest level of lucidity either. The only part I recall from being lucid was being in a public restroom with a younger Asian woman. There were other events prior but I can't recall them that well. It had something to do with being in a store, and I think I was looking for bread for some reason.
    9. Lucid Fragment

      by , 08-31-2014 at 08:47 PM (INeverWakeUp's Super Dream Journal)
      I had a very short lucid last night. All I can remember of it is becoming lucid, doing a clarity technique and then exploring around the house I was in.
    10. Very Short Lucid Side Notes

      by , 08-23-2014 at 03:25 PM (INeverWakeUp's Super Dream Journal)
      Okay so two nights ago I a very short lucid dream. I all recall is becoming lucid, trying to do something, having a false awakening, and then becoming lucid again, and then having another false awakening and then waking up. I think I'm only going to count this as one lucid dream, because I never actually woke up.
    11. The Banana Bank Robbery

      by , 08-15-2014 at 04:40 PM (INeverWakeUp's Super Dream Journal)
      It's been awhile since I've had a lucid, but I broke my dryspell last night! It's been awhile since I've even had decent recall of my dreams. I recently got a job and I absolutely hate it with all my heart(I'm a cleaning bitch at a Chinese restaurant). It's put a lot of stress on my back and ever since I've had this job my recall has just taken a vacation pretty much. However over the past couple of days things have gotten better and I've recalled a few minor details from my details. Last night was a huge step for me. I recalled the full length of the dream, from my non-lucid beginning all the way until I woke up at an undisclosed time after attempting a TOTM. I don't know if I completed the task, but I'll leave that judgment up to OpheliaBlue I guess. Anyway...without further adeui I present my dream:

      I dream I'm hanging out around the backyard of my old house. Me and all of my best friends are having some sort of party, and everybody is having a great time. We're all spread out around the front yard, back yard and inside of the house having a great time. However there was a really strange difference about my backyard...there was a large baseball field in the back hard. Not like a MLB stadium, but like a field you'd see at a middle school or something. I can't recall if there was a game or not, but I think there was. Anyway, I was hanging out behind the fence placed behind home plate with my friends. Things suddenly took an interesting and somewhat comedic turn. My friend Logan and Frankie were standing by one another, and Logan began to approach her.
      "Hey Frankie." Logan began.
      "Uh, hey Logan." Frankie acknowledged.
      Logan then started to tense up and become very nervous. Frankie looked at him with her eyebrow raised.
      "You know how I broke up with Mia awhile ago right?" he asked.
      "Uh...yeah...why?" Frankie answered.
      "Well I was just...uh wondering...because I'm single now and all..." Logan takes a slight pause as he begins to shed tears. "I was wondering if you wanted to go out sometime?"
      Frankie now looked utterly shocked and somewhat weirded out at the same time. Logan was an emotional wreck now as tears began streaming down his face. Me and a couple other friends quickly began to walk away and leave the premises of this very awkward situation. All I can remember is seeing Frankie's very distraught face as she dealt with the very complicated situation.
      So as we left, my friends and I began walking down the street towards the intersection. I started thinking about things for a minute, and I then realized that I was dreaming, and became lucid. I immediately turned to my friends and informed them.
      "Guys, you know this is a dream right?" I said.
      "What're you talking about?" one of them asked.
      "Here look, I'll show you," I replied. "You see I can't get hurt in a dream." I then ran into the street and jumped in front of a car going about 25mph, and I was hit and thrown several feet away. I got up, completely unharmed and walked back to them, but they didn't seem to care too much. So they kept walking along, and I decided to try doing a RC just to be safe. I plugged my nose, and I was able to breathe through it. Then I looked at the fronts and backs of my hands, and my right hand had seven fingers. I freaked out for half of a second and flailed my hand around.
      I thought for a second of what to do, and I quickly remembered to try and do the task of the month. I was obviously obligated to try out my own task that was out in this month, and so it was my goal now to try and hold up a bank with a banana. I ascended into the air, and so did my friend Connor, which was really weird. I then flew across town to where I knew there was a bank in real life. I did find one, but the city looked much bigger and much more urban than it really is. I saw a Key Bank insignia in the distance, and I flew down to the entrance. I landed and made my way to the door. As I did so, I spawned a banana in my right hand, and I then hid it in my inner pocket of my jacket. I entered the bank, and I looked around. There was a bank vault to my far left, a cash register next to it, and a lot of people sitting down and eating meals. What the hell? Okay so I guess this place is a bank/restaurant. I decided to disregard how unorthodox that was, and I pulled out my banana. I looked across the room and saw my friend Michael and his girlfriend Kaitlyn eating in a booth, and our friend Fred was being a third wheel. Oh this was about to get really interesting.
      "Alright everyone listen up!" I shouted. "This is a robbery! Everyone get down on the ground now, and don't try anything and no one will get hurt!"
      People began panicking and they all got down on the floor as I instructed. I was surprised they listened when I only had a banana as a weapon. I now took my banana and walked down to the cash register and vault, and I noticed some people were trying to get up.
      "Hey! I said don't get up or I'll kill you!" I shouted. No one was listening, and I repeated myself a couple more times.
      To that, everybody complied and stayed on the ground. I pointed the banana at the girl at the register and told her the usual deal, and she began removing money. Suddenly, I felt my banana be pulled out of my hand. I turned around to see Fred holding the banana, and he then began to peel it. At the same time, Michael came and tried to attack me, but I knocked him over. God damn it all, now I've gotta handle my own friends. I didn't want this to happen. His girlfriend tried to help but I pushed her back and tried to think of what to do with Michael. So, I grabbed a hot dog from the nearest table and shoved it in Michael's mouth and forced him to choke on it. I then turned and saw Fred eating the banana, and I got pissed. I lunged at him and brought him to the floor. I took the rest of the banana and forced it down his throat so he would choke on that. I got up and returned to the register, where several thousand dollars were resting on the stand, and I prepared to take it all. Suddenly, Fred got up and smiled at me. He then pulled some sort of fucking God power voodoo magic shit and everything changed. I saw Fred standing in front of me smiling from ear to ear, and everyone in the room was calm. I saw the money was still on the desk, and I put my hand on it. Fred made me stop, and he made me look around the room. Around the room everyone was holding assault rifles, and I noticed I had one strapped to me too. I may have had one myself, but I was severely outgunned right now. Knowing I had been defeated, I immediately left the bank/restaurant and started walking down the concrete path. I saw more of my friends and other random DCs down a large staircase, and I became curious. I held my rifle, a SCAR-H, and I fired off a few shots. One hit my friend in the knee on accident, but he wasn't bleeding. I quickly realized it was only an airsoft gun...I had definitely been fooled back there. Holy shit. I don't quite recall what happened after that, but I don't think I did much more before I
    12. Visiting Another Planet

      by , 07-23-2014 at 06:26 PM (INeverWakeUp's Super Dream Journal)
      Blue: Non-Lucid
      Bold: Lucid
      Black: Awake

      This is a dream where I did the advanced task of the month by going to another planet. This dream was extremely vivid though so I can't recall very many of the small details. It's all a blur to me, but I still remember the main details.

      I am standing in the middle of a city, but I don't recall what I was doing exactly. As I'm standing there I realize that I'm dreaming. I immediately think about how I should partake in doing one of the tasks of the month, and I decide to retry the planet task. I see a friend is with me, so I ask him to join me. We both jump up into the air and start to fly. I stop for a moment and I send extra below myself to accelerate my speed further, and I begin to rocket into the sky. It only takes about thirty seconds and then we're in outer space. Me and the stranger(I guess he was my friend in the dream but I don't know him IRL) begin to fly across space very quickly and spot some planets. I turn around and see the Earth, and it was one of the coolest things I've ever seen in a dream. I turn back and fly off towards the planets. There is one that looks similar to Earth, with large continents and huge bodies of water. My friend suggests we visit this planet, but I don't agree and fly to another planet not far behind it. The planet is an interesting blue color with a blue aura surrounding it.

      I begin to descend down to the planet, and my friend follows behind me. We land on the surface and take a look around. There are many odd plants and trees on the ground that don't exist on Earth, and a few critters. I look ahead and spot a oddly-designed house and two very small blue people(they looked nothing like Smurfs trust me). They are wearing strange yellow jackets and hats, and tan cargo pants. They are definitely intelligent life forms. Suddenly, they both come rushing at my friend and I. One jumps up and bites my left arm, and I knock it off of myself. My friend and I say we are friendly, and they suddenly become calm. They have us follow them into their house, and we look around. It seems like any normal Earth home on the inside. I quickly become bored of the place and I decide to go travel around. As I'm about to walk out I see two human-looking women in the house, and it turns out they are the women of the planet. Let me tell you, the women of this planet looked pretty attractive. They now lead my friend and I to a closed door, and we both walk in. There are around ten people inside who all looked scared and very malnourished. Just as I'm turning around to do something about it the door slams shut, and I hear it clink. I pull on the handle desperately, but it doesn't budge. I turn back and look around the room, and I realize these people are all humans from Earth. It's my mission to save them now, because I'm a good guy. Maybe they are just figments of my imagination created by the faces of strangers I've seen, but I won't let anyone think they're powerful enough to overcome me in my own dream. I step up to the door and clench my fist. (The following conversation is a rough memory so the dialogue isn't verbatim).
      "Do you really think you can break that door down?" one of the prisoners asks.
      "Yeah, I've got the power to do that." I reply. I then punch the door full force, but nothing happens.
      "That worked really well." the prisoner said.
      "Hey sorry! My powers take a lot of faith to work. I wasn't ready!" I snap back. "Now everyone move out of the way, I've got a better idea!"
      All the prisoners move clear of my path, and I cup my hands. I decide to pull of something I haven't done in awhile: a good old Kamehameha. Just as I cup my hands the door swings open with the homeowners at the door. Everyone suddenly rushes through the door and tramples the little blue man under their feet as they flood out. I run out and see the other blue guy coming to attack, and I summon and handgun behind my back and pull it out. I shoot the blue man, and blue blood spurts out of his chest. Looks like some justice has been served here today. I decide to leave and go do something else now, but as I'm doing so I
    13. Flying Around and Basic TOTM

      by , 07-16-2014 at 05:50 PM (INeverWakeUp's Super Dream Journal)
      Blue: Dream
      Bold: Lucid
      Black: Awake

      In this dream I only remember the lucid part and a little bit before the latter. I had it in the middle of the night and woke up. I assumed I'd remember the preceding details and returned to sleep, but I forgot them. Luckily, I've got a second dream I can post that I recall still, though it wasn't lucid.

      I dream I'm walking around outside at midday. I see a lovely palm tree sitting nearby, and I suddenly feel like I have to pee. So I walk over past the tree and unzip my shorts and pee. As I'm peeing, a couple girls and one guy I know are coming from behind. One of them says something, however I don't recall what. It's at this time I become lucid mid-piss. I zip up my pants, knowing I don't actually have to piss. I turn to my friends and inform them that we should fly around. They seem completely alright with what I just suggested. Most DCs would be a little weirded out by that. So obliging my idea, we all jump up in the air and begin flying around. I take the lead, and I am flying at lightning fast speeds. It was pretty damn fun. Eventually we stop and land on the road. There is a car nearby and my friends get in the car. As they're doing so, I recall the Task of the Month. We're all so interested in flying, so I know which one to do immediately.
      "Hey guys, we should fly to another planet!" I suggest.
      "No, let's go do something else. Come on, get in!" my friend replies.
      We argue about it for a minute, and I get frustrated. So I decide to do a different task, the nudity task. So I pull all of my clothes off and began dancing around. My friends are quite disgusted, and they're freaking out now. I then proceed to jump in the car and dance around, and they're all very disgusted. This goes on until I
      awake unintentionally.
    14. Urban Shootout and Failed Task of the Month

      by , 07-07-2014 at 02:38 PM (INeverWakeUp's Super Dream Journal)
      I literally just woke up from this dream, so there's no better time to journal it than now! This was another dream of mine where a Shootout occurs, which is a common thing for some reason, and I become lucid and fail to complete the task.

      I dream I am in the inner city. There is a massive battle taking place, gunfire being exchanged all over the place. I am a part of the battle, dressed from head to toe in gear. I have a SCAR-H in my hands, and a Desert Eagle in a holster as backup. My team is deployed right into the heat, and shots are fired as soon as we hit ground. I return fire alongside my teammates, taking down several insurgents right away. We couldn't have been dropped in a worse spot than we were. The fight rages on, and my team is struggling to get anywhere. We are stuck in the spot we've been deployed, pinned down by excessive enemy fire. My teammates are starting to go down all around me, and I decide it's time to get aggressive. I run out from my cover now and sprint towards another thing of cover. I shoot someone along the way. I continue doing this, running out and risking my life to take out as many enemies as possible. Soon my SCAR-H runs out of ammo, and I pull out my Desert Eagle. I look around and realize I've run too far ahead of my team, and I'm mixed in with the enemies now. Enemies are all around me, and they're converging on my position. Some of them unknowingly run past me, unaware of my presence. So I shoot them down and move along to try and stay hidden. This intense game of cat and mouse continues until I realize I've only got three more bullets left in my Deagle. There seems to be a distinct lack of gunfire now, so I think it's safe to move. I walk out of my cover and begin scouting around the area for ammo that I can use in my guns. I come across a crater near where my team deployed, and there's a white van sitting halfway in the crater. Two more soldiers are passing by, and I kill them. I look around more, and I see that I'm the only one left standing. All of my teammates are dead now. I scan the area some more, and I run across an ammo box. I load up both of my guns and prepare to head out again. I start jogging towards an alleyway in the decimated city and see a couple more insurgents coming. I aim and shoot them quickly before they can return fire. I continue to walk cautiously, and I take a detour through a destroyed building. I look at the contents on a table in the building, a few useless items and a video game(I think it was Bioshock if my memory serves me right). I set the disc down after observing it and I start walking up the stairs nearby. As I'm walking up the stairs I begun to question everything that's going on, and I plug my nose shut. I try to breathe, and air is flowing in and out of my nostrils. I become lucid, and immediately drop everything. I know I need to do the task of the month now. I go back downstairs and stand at the door. I decide to get naked(this is a part of a task, trust me). It'll be easy to get this part out of the way so I can mix it into the other tasks. I pull off all of my gear and then pull down my pants and boxers. After I do so, I do the hand check, being absolutely sure this isn't a dream before I do something like this. I look at my hands, and I think it was my right hand, not sure, but there was a very small and thin nub in between a couple of my fingers. I'm freaked out by this and shake my hand in a disgusted way. I then proceed to pull my shirt over my head, and because I closed my eyes I awoke. God damn it. I can't close or cover my eyes in lucids or I'll wake up.

      Game plan next time: Rip the shirt off.
    15. A Mix of Short Dreams

      by , 07-07-2014 at 03:16 AM (INeverWakeUp's Super Dream Journal)
      I had a couple dreams which I can only recall a small amount of from last night. All of them were pretty interesting to me though.

      ~Dream 1~

      I dream I'm at the store with my friends. We are there quite briefly, before going to a baseball game at a very muddy baseball field. We are playing and having a great time together. However things quickly take a change for the worst when we are suddenly attacked. Several gunmen start a Shootout at the baseball field, and my friends and I are the first to respond. We all pull out pistols and return fire. There is a long battle in the muddy field, and the gunmen lose all of their men after a short while. I recall shooting at least two of them in all of the chaos. That's all I recall from that dream.

      ~Dream 2~

      My second dream involved me being in a house. It was my own house in the dream; an awesome two story home with a lot of space. The dream was clearly in the future, probably about ten years. In the dream I am married in the dream, but I have no recall of my wife's appearance. I also had a young boy in the dream. The majority of time was spent with me and my wife playing with our son in his room. My son, whose appearance is a blur as well, was around 5 years old, and he was a very bad listener. My wife was very nice, but she seemed to be wearing the pants in the relationship for sure. I would suggest something, then she'd immediately turn down the idea and suggest something different. I would then agree to her ideas and go through with them. It was very odd. I hope in the future my real wife won't be like this, and I hope my child is obedient. I also recall people stopping by the house later on, but that's the last part I recall.

      ~Dream 3~

      I dream I awake in my friends' apartment early in the morning. Another guys' night has ended, so it's time for everyone to get up and clean the apartment as a kindness for the college guys letting us stay here. We all get up and begin cleaning stuff. I plug in a massive industrial vacuum, and I begin sweeping. Another friend of my mind starts vacuuming, and I get mad at him for trying to steal my job. So we comprise, and he sticks to vacuuming hard to reach places, and I'll do the rest.

      I was then awoken, and it was time to clean the college guys' apartment in real life now. Funny coincide of a dream.
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