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    1. Announcement

      by , 02-28-2012 at 09:26 PM (INeverWakeUp's Super Dream Journal)
      In the past month and a half, I've had 2 lucids. I don't quite recall them much, but I've been far too lazy. So, this March, I'll be back to my relugar thing, MILDing, and DEILDing. So I just wanted to confirm that with my readers. I do remember do the January task and the Twin Tower task in one of the lucids though.
    2. Random Pointless Lucid

      by , 01-08-2012 at 07:45 PM (INeverWakeUp's Super Dream Journal)
      Hey guys. Been getting a little lazy so my LD count is going downhill. But I'll get unlazy ASAP. But I'm sick so I'm not too motivated. I'm also just gonna post in all one color from now on. But it doesn't matter, you'll know when I'm lucid cause I always say it in my entries anyway.

      1/3/12(Early Morning)

      ** I find myself with Zaine and his friend who's name I can't remember. We are in some sort of house. We're in the bedroom watching television, but I can't recall what's on. I do recall the television is big and gray. It has an antenna on it.*
      ** The room itself had two beds. Their is one window and one door. The door is plain white. The paint job appears to be fresh. The walls in the room are kind of manilla-tan colored.*
      ** It is just a normal gloomy day outside however. Grey clouds blocking the Sun, no light. It looks as if it is*about to rain outside.*
      ** I do recall an EAS broadcast on the TV. But the annoying alarm they use is different from usual. It was deeper, but louder and more annoying. I immediately turn the TV off. I hate that alarm.*
      ** Zaine and his friend seem unaffected by this. As if they don't care. I'm sure nothing good is on TV anyway. There never ever is.*
      ** This house represents Christianity in some sort of way. I'm too sure how it does. I think it's just a Ministry House.*
      ** We now open the door, and we see two guys enter a room across the hall. It's more than obvious the two are a gay couple. That's disturbing...
      ** I quickly shut the door before we have to witness anything else. Thank God...
      ** It doesn't make sense to me though. How can you be gay and Christian? One should cancel out the other. It'd only make sense if the two were to become straight and repent later in life.*
      ** I point this out to Zaine and his friend, who're also confused. The concept doesn't make any sense. Oh well, it's not something to think on and on about forever is it?
      ** After sitting around for awhile, we decide to leave. I crack the door open and look out. The two men have left their door slightly open. I look the opposite way as I make my way out. I'm lucky they weren't doing anything.*
      ** My walk out of the Ministry House is very vivid. I don't recall the hallways or doors I went through to get out.*
      ** Our present state is in a field that I could see from the room window. It was across the street next to a brick building. If I recall correctly, the border lines are blue bricks and inside are white bricks. I can't recall the walk to here either.*
      ** Everything is starting to come together now. All of these things are too suspicious and bizarre. When did I move into a Ministry House? There aren't any gay people in the Ministry I'm in(I'm pretty sure anyway...). Zaine and his friend aren't in the Ministry. This is all just a dream!
      ** I am now lucid. My first lucid in awhile in fact. This lightens me greatly. I don't recall my current goal though. The TOTY. I was to do the 1970s task. Go to New York 1973, go to the now new and finished Twin Towers, jump off one of them, and live. Hell, when the time comes though, I'll jump off both for the thrill!*
      ** The dream is far too vivid. I can't recall the task at all. So, I decide to leave some foolish DCs shitless. I bet Zaine and his friend(I forget if I bet him too or not) $100 that I can fly on my first try(rhymes!). They(or he, still kinda shaky on it) take the bet.*
      ** "Fools." I mutter under my breath. I now take myself a good distance back. Zaine and his friend appear to be on the verge of laughter.*
      ** I now take a running start. I jump up into the air, but I don't fall down. I keep moving up. I stop myself in midair. I see Zaine and his friend's faces of amazement, shock, astonishment, etc.*
      ** However, after this point the dream begins to fade, an is soon gone. I now awake from the dream.*
    3. Task of the Year is Completed!...11/21/11

      by , 11-23-2011 at 05:53 PM (INeverWakeUp's Super Dream Journal)
      I am so happy to have completed all 12 tasks of the year! I feel proud of myself!

      I dream I am at my old house. There are many people here. Most of whom I don't know. I'm not entirely sure what we were doing either. After awhile though, there was an explosion. We all look off in the distance, and we see a mushroom cloud. What the fuck? Soon, there is another explosion. A much larger mushroom cloud spawns. I spot the smoke from it coming towards us. We all cover our mouths, close our eyes, and take cover. The smoke blows over us. We all take some time to recover now. There is now a third explosion. I'm beginning to notice how bizarre the situation is. I now become lucid! I now immediately remember I have to finish the TOTY. But this whole missile thing might cause a problem. I now develop a good idea. I now jump up, and I now fly off in the direction of the fading mushroom cloud. I now land at the position of the explosion. There was a large group of people there, setting explosives. They were setting them on the Ark of the Covenant! Before they set any more, I jump in and stop them. I go over and simply open the Ark with my two hands. Simpletons. The Ark now starts shooting spiritual blasts everywhere. Everyone now jumps for cover. My dream now soon ends.
    4. Failed Indiana Jones TOTY...10/16/11

      by , 10-22-2011 at 07:53 PM (INeverWakeUp's Super Dream Journal)
      I dream I'm living back on my old street. However, I'm living in a different house on that street. I go outside. It is a bright sunny day. Not a cloud is in the sky right now. I go to the edge of the driveway to get the mail. When I pull out the mail, this kid Logan's book bag is in the mailbox. That's weird. I decide to return it to him now. He actually lives on the same street(in real too as a matter of fact). I run up to his house with the book bag. I go inside, and there is a party currently going on. I see many fellow classmates, friends, and just other random people I know. I walk around with the book bag, probably making people think I'm a total idiot. I can't seem to find Logan, so I place the book bag in a closet by the door. I now leave and begin to walk back to my house. I jump for some reason, and I go a good twenty feet. I land thinking, what the fuck? I do it again, and now I'm flying! Holy shit! So now, I land, and I realize that I'm dreaming! Alright, time to do the Indiana Jones TOTY! I now get ready to fly off, when I awake. MOTHERFUCKER!
      lucid , task of the year
    5. Failed Indiana Jones TOTY...10/4/11

      by , 10-14-2011 at 12:53 AM (INeverWakeUp's Super Dream Journal)
      I am at school. I'm with this one girl that I know. I'm also with a few other friends who I can't recall who they were. We're talking about these two really hot girls at the school(real girls actually, but the conversation here is false).
      "She has sex with her boyfriend, then masturbates, then has sex with the other girl." The girl I know said(Weird dream). Soon, our conversation dies and we all go. It is time to go home. So, I begin to walk out, and a group of kids are following closely behind me. I can hear them saying things about me, but I'm not sure what. I soon get outside, the group of kids surround me. Oh shit. This will not end well. Now they get closer and closer to me. Man I'm fucked now. But suddenly, some big person scares them off. they back away a little, with looks of hate on their faces. I now become
      lucid! Awesome! Time to go do the Indiana Jones TOTY. So, I now go into the school parking lot, and I stop. I use the turn-around method to summon a classic white Ford Mustang. For some reason I can't fathom, there's two TVs on top of the car. Weird. So, I now get in, and I begin to drive. I'll arrive real soon. Then, after a few minutes of driving, something hits me: How the hell do you open the Ark of the Covenant?! I stop and get out, pissed that I don't know how. I could pry it open, but I'm not sure if ninja will except that or not(I know how to now though, I looked it up). So, I go into a house, where my friend Zaine is at. I hopelessly ask him if he knows how to open the Ark. He gives me a pointless and clueless explanation. I leave frustrated. Soon, I see Grunts from Halo running around the place shooting. So, I summon a pistol and I kill them all. Then, those weird flying bug things from Halo are flying towards me. I dash to the Mustang, and I grab one of TVs to use as a shield. Oddly enough, the TV sucks all of the creatures into it. That's fucking awesome. I go back and tell Zaine, who seems amused, and then I soon awake.
    6. The Exorcist Task...10/2/11(Early Morning)

      by , 10-02-2011 at 07:13 PM (INeverWakeUp's Super Dream Journal)
      NOTE: My eleventh task of the year! One more and I'm done! I'm so excited! I'm way ahead of schedule too!

      Lucidity: 4

      Vividness: 1

      I dreamed that I was just leaving a battle. There had been many explosions, killings, and so on. I was full of mud at this point. I now take off my jacket as I walk towards a house. I drop my jacket and yell. My jacket was infested with all sorts of gross bugs. I rush away, and leave my jacket behind. I now see a kid from my Spanish 2 class who always calls me "Spence." I decide to annoy him by shooting him with dummy rounds. So, I take out my iPod 4, and I go to my iGun Pro app. I choose a cool sniper rifle(every gun I saw I don't even have on that app) from the app. I clicked on it, and it was now in my hands(damn, I wish that app could do that!). I now look through the scope and aim at him. I fire two dummy rounds, of which one misses, and the other hits him in the chest.
      "What the hell?" he says. He looks around, and he sees me standing there with the rifle. He gets up, and begins to charge at me. "Spence! You're dead!" Not my brightest idea...
      I now begin to run towards the house, and I get inside. I rush upstairs, and I open the gun app again. This time I pull out a gun I actually do have on it in real life. I go downstairs, and I go outside. I see he has an iPod as well. He summons a LAW rocket launcher9another gun not on the app)! Holy shit! I dive, as he fires a REAL rocket at me. I swiftly dodge, and half the house goes up in flames! Damn! I run out an alternate exit, and now I'm suddenly in a dark city. There're many brick buildings, and even a brick street. Many people are outside walking and socializing. This is weird. But now, I suddenly become
      lucid! Yes! I begin to walk around, until I meet up with this girl...and we hang out for a bit. But I soon remember that I have to do the task of the year! Oh shit! I want to do the Indiana Jones one, but in my dream, I can't remember it! Motherfucker! Then, I recall the one other task I still need to do! The Exorcist task! So, I now leave the girl, and I head down a dark road, until I reach the right house. I enter and I go to the room where the exorcism is happening. I see one priest in here saying a prayer. I grab the thingy that has Holy Water in it. I begin to shake it over the person. There, I did it! Now, the person starts to go insane. It's actually freaking me out. Okay, time to leave. I try to fly through the ceiling, but I can't. I begin to blast away the ceiling with ki, and then I fly away. I'm hundreds of feet above the house now, and I suddenly see the roof be magically restored. Okay, that's just fucking creepy. I fly away, and land back in town. I decide to hang out some more. I then soon awake.
    7. The Dryspell is Broken! The Grease TOTY Completed!

      by , 09-29-2011 at 12:10 AM (INeverWakeUp's Super Dream Journal)
      NOTE: Here I am! I now have 10/12 tasks done! I was so happy to break my 17 day dryspell. This has been one of my top three worst dryspells since I joined DV.

      Lucidity: 3

      Vividness: 3

      Here I am...a slave. A prisoner. Trapped. Hopeless. Doomed to be slaved forever. Working for these worthless bastards. The work is harsh, as well as the Sun. Having a family to manage(I don't actually manage a family in real life though) doesn't make it any easier. With low food supply and too many hours of work, a family isn't easy to manage by yourself. I'm sick of all this bullshit now. I have decided to make plans to escape with my family and get to safety...away from this hellish place. A man comes to the home I'm slaved at, and he gives me $700 to give to the female owner. He leaves, but I go upstairs to my room with the money. I hide it in my clothes drawer. I have a surprisingly good room for a slave though. However, a man comes to inspect my room. He finds the money, and man is he pissed. I sure ain't no indentured servant, so I shouldn't have any money! This man decides to snitch away to the house owner. But, I now suddenly become lucid! Oh bitch I time this shit just fine! I run up to the window now. I appear to be in my brother's room now at my real life home. Um...okay. So, I now jumped through the window, and I drop two stories onto the parking lot. Aha! I know what I need to do! The Grease TOTY! I now use the turn around method to summon myself a black Mustang, and Greased Lightning. John Travolta(I think his character's name was Danny though...) is sitting in Greased Lightning, ready to race. I now get into my Mustang. Now, we begin the race. I am easily speeding past that piece of shit he calls a race car. Our race progresses for quite sometime, but the dream began to become a lot more vivid. I do recall winning though. But just barely. I soon awake.
    8. A Little Better, But Still Kinda Pointless Lucid...9/3/11(Mid Morning)

      by , 09-03-2011 at 12:09 PM (INeverWakeUp's Super Dream Journal)
      I entered the dream and became lucid. I did another L-DEILD! Please regard all my previous entries when I DEILDed. Those were actually all L-DEILDs since I was lucid and then DEILDed when I awoke. So anyway...I was now in the same library sorta place. I was glad to be lucid again. Seeing all the puny mortal DCs walking around on the carpeted floors thinking they're people. Wait! I now remember something!
      "I have to do the Task of the Year!" I shout. I run over to a railed balcony, that has an outside view. There's a race track! Let's get this bitch done! I fly outside, and go to the starting point of the race track. There's Greased Lightning and its driver. I walk behind, and do the turn-around method. I now have a car too. A black Fird Mustang. Let's see that shitty red can beat my Mustang.
      I awake. OH YOU MOTHERFU
      lucid , task of the year
    9. Dryspell Broken! Star Wars TOTY...7/29/11(Mid Morning)

      by , 07-29-2011 at 08:08 PM (INeverWakeUp's Super Dream Journal)
      I dreamed that I was in a modern city. I think it might've been New York. I'm bot too sure. It was currently evening. People were in a fuss, and running for their lives. I went to see what the problem was. Then, I became lucid without dream signs! Yeah! I fly high up and land on a skyscraper. I see that the demon InuYasha is about to fire a giant-ass missile that'll destroy Earth. What the fuck? Screw him, I now remember I have to do the Star Wars TOTY. I look up in the sky and see the Death Star. I get in a fighting stance as I keep my eye on it.
      "Kamehameha!" I shout. I fire a large blue ki beam at the Death Star, and it is obliterated. Hell yeah! Time to handle InuYasha I guess. I look down at him, but then I
      have a series of false awakenings. Then, I awake for real.
    10. One Hell of an LD...7/12/11(Mid Morning)

      by , 07-13-2011 at 04:44 PM (INeverWakeUp's Super Dream Journal)
      Goals: Gone With the Wind TOTY, visit the Dream World Academy.

      I dreamed that Cedar Point had been moved to a nearby city to mine. So, my Dad takes me and my brothers to Cedar Point. We are now at Cedar Point. [SPOILER][/SPOILER]
      We go in. The place is awesome. My older brother and I go over to a newly installed ride. We get on. It is an orangish-colored coaster. We ride the coaster, and there is some sort of mission we have to do. We end unfailing the mission(I can't recall what it was). But we still had fun on the coaster. We get off and go to play a real life game of Super Smash Bros. Brawl. I forget exactly what happened, but I do recall kicking some major ass. So now, I believe I saw a dream sign. So I became
      lucid! Oh hell yeah! Time to do some serious business! I recall having to do the Gone With the Wind TOTY. Time to do it! I now ki speedily my way to a house that looks fancy. It's a brick house.
      I see Rhett walk out very fast with a black suit case. Scarlett follows close behind.
      "Wherever shall I go? Whatever shall I do?" Scarlett asks Rhett.
      "Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn." Rhett harshly replies to Scarlett. He stops when he sees me.
      "You don't give a damn, huh?" I say. Rhett knows I mean business. He brakes into a sprint, and Scarlett tries to chase him. I break into a sprint too. I'll give that bastard a piece of my mind. I begin chasing him. I easily pass Scarlett. After about running a whole block, I reach Rhett. I grab him by the shoulder and turn him to face me. I punch him square in the face!
      "Just take Scarlett back or you'll be a worthless piece of shit for the rest of your life Rhett!" I snap(not my exact words, I can't recall them exactly). Rhett recovers. We're now under a brick bridge. A lot of people notice the scene happening. Now, Rhett gives Scarlett a super romantic speech(I sadly can't recall any of it). I realize that we're near a church. What a place to make a romance scene, eh? So, now he's done, after a literal three minute speech. The two kiss. Yucky! LOL. Anyway...I must have put some damn good power into that punch. If Rhett was able to forgive and forget that easily. Oh well. Yay! My eighth TOTY is completed! Four more to go! Now, I need to go visit the Dream World Academy. I start to fly over the church, when I see George Lopez sitting with the Priest at a white table with a white umbrella.
      I land by them.
      "What's up George?" I say. I notice he's making something. "Making pot? Haha. Just kidding." George laughs too. The priest doesn't notice me. I walk past him, then ki speed fly away. I fly past some trees, and then there's the Dream World academy. It's set up is like what insideout drew in his DWA dream. Two bed post towers, castle in the back, village up front. I land and there's a gate the reads "Dream World Academy." the castle looks cool.
      I proceed through the gate, and like twenty armed Templars come at me. Oh shit! I pull put two Westar-33 Blaster Pistols and aim.
      "It's okay! I'm a lucid dreamer!" I say, rest to fire. They stop.
      "You may go in." One guard says in a deep voice. They have cool armor. All black, with spikes and stuff. The helmets had two black horns bent like an L. They had giant-ass black swords too. You could see there eyes in the visor, which were just blue circles. I proceed into the castle. The castle is all black on both in the inside and outside. I walk in, a man walks up to me. He looks a lot like George Washington.
      "Are you worthy enough to wander in Dream World Academy?" he asks. I quickly beat him down and put one blaster pistol to the back of his head, and the other to his chin.
      "Is this worthy enough for you?" I ask, applying pressure with the blasters.
      "Yes. Please let me give you the tour." he replies. I let him go.
      "One second, I need to carefully observe the castle." I say. I look around. A hallway on both sides of me, and one in front of me. A red carpet leads from the door to the first room in front of me. Down the left hall, I see another hallway going both ways, and a set of stairs going up is at the start of the hall. The right hallway also has two more halls going each way. This place is pretty awesome. We now go the the room in front of us. The red carpet leads down about a fifteen foot hallway. There are lit torches about every three feet on both sides. At the end of the hall, the carpet ends. We proceed into the kitchen. The first room. It has white-tiled walls and floor. On the left are stairs going down. On the left, is a gas stove and oven. Then past that is a countertop and sink. I notice another exit on the parallel side of where I am. It leads into a dark room. The guide now leads me down stairs. The room is semi dark. A few windows are here. There are multiple shelves, and tables all over here. There everything you could ask for here. The ground is solid grey brick. As well as the walls. The guide now stands in a far corner of the room. I notice a vintage drum kit, and go over and sit down and I play a blues beat.
      They literally have everything down here. I go over to a table with hand guns on it. There's a price tag that said something around $9.00. I'm surprised by the low price. It's a real hand gun! I now go back to the drums. A girl comes down the stairs. She has an old Revolutionary War pistol. She shoots me in my left shoulder with it. And it actually hurt! What the fuck, bitch?! I jump over the drums as she runs into a corner.
      "Kamehame...HA!" I blast her with a large blue ki blast. There's nothing left of her. Oops. Shit. I didn't mean to go THAT far. I go behind the drums now. Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, and Herminie Granger all come downstairs now. [SPOILER][/SPOILER]
      Harry fires the death spell at me!
      "Avada Kedavra!" he shouts. What the fuck? I easily deflect it with my hand though. Wow, I stopped an "unstoppable" spell! Haha! Mike Dirnt now comes down with his bass guitar. Holy shit! Mike Dirnt!
      He now throws his bass at me. I dodge it. Hey! I feel betrayed by my favorite bassist now! Now, Billie Joe Armstrong comes down with his guitar.
      I run over an hug him. He's my idle! Now, everyone is grabbing weapons and getting ready to kill me. I better go. I run outside the castle now, and the Templars are coming in fast now. What the hell did I do to deserve this? It was that bitchy girl who started it! I keep running and I get away. I land in the village, where I'll be safe for now. I soon

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    11. Nearly Completed Gone With the Wind Task...7/7/11(Mid Morning)

      by , 07-07-2011 at 03:02 PM (INeverWakeUp's Super Dream Journal)
      Gone With the Wind TOTY

      NOTE: I was SOOOO close to completing the TOTY. It's not even funny how close I was. I almost completed it, until a fucking lawn mower woke me up! That just blows so much, it's not even remotely funny.

      I start off in the water. Oddly, this is in school(DS). It's the last day, and we're having our Field Day competitions. There's a life-sized chess obstacle course in which we're using real people who're actually fighting! I'm OB the course now. The first person to give their celebrity the ear buds and listen to music wins. They're placed at the top of a tower like structure. The opposing team's celebrity, if I recall right, is Lady Ga Ga. Our celebrity is Selena Gomez. Oh, liking our celebrity. So, we now begin hitting each other and trying to get the iPod and ear buds. I rip through and get them. I start to run towards the tower. Another girl steals them, and climbs. She almost hands the buds to Lady Ga Ga, when I steal them back. I run around and go up the stairs to the top. I hand them to Selena, who puts them in. I look at the iPod, which is a 4th Generation iPod Touch(What I'm typing this entry with!). The song is "Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own" by U2. We are now declared the winners! I tell Selena U2 is awesome. She agrees. She then kisses me on the cheek. Okay, like...turn on!
      "Well, I'm in a relationship now, so we can't date." Selena says. Okay, at least I have a chance! "But do you want me to hook you up with someone?"
      "Hell yeah!" I reply.
      "Okay, I'll meet with you tomorrow at your house." Selena says. Awesome! So I go back into the water, which is nice and warm. My older brother comes to pick me up. I tell him that Selena Gomez(he's a huge fan of her) kissed me on the cheek. He actually says he doesn't care, and tells mr about a dream he had. We get home, which is rearranged(dreams). We're in the garage, when a helicopter lands in our drive way. We here Selena's voice. My brother smiles, and we run outside. There are multiple dudes in the chopper with her. She says they're holding her captive. The chopper flies off, but those dumbasses crash it into a set of garages. I speed fly there. Wait, flight?!
      "This is a
      dream!" I say upon landing on the garage set. Time to fuck these assholes up. Selena gets out and runs to me. The guys get out and three of them charge. Big! Mistake!
      "Kamehame......" they're wondering what I'm doing as they charge me. "HA!" I blast them all away at point blank range. That had to hurt! I see two more on the ground. I fire a full power ki wave at them and kill them. Then, I see the rest running towards a locker. That's weird, these garages are attached to the condominium, and a bunch of lockers on top. I charge at them. I extend a hand.
      "Big Bang Attack!" I shout. They all get into a locker, but they get blown up anyway. Idiots. Shit! I now realize I have to do the TOTY! I have no time to spare! I start taking control of my five senses in my dream body to maintain lucidity longer. The dream now feels more realistic since I did that. I take out a Pokéball now.
      "Latios! Go!" I shout throwing the ball. It lands and comes back as a Latios comes out. I put the ball away and go over to Latios. Latios is being disobedient, and keeps staying back. Ah screw Latios, I'll fly myself. So I now speed fly away. I'm looking for the house I remember seeing Rhett and Scarlett at in a YouTube video. Ah-ha! I find it and land. I go up the stairs, as the two of them come out.
      "Wherever shall I go? Whatever shall I do?" Scarlett asks in a crying voice.
      "Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn." Rhett replies. Time to make my speech.
      "You don't give a damn, huh?" I say. The two notice me and are paying close attention now. "Do you realize what you're about to do, Rhett? You're about to leave the only woman you've ever truly loved. You will always regret this. And look how old you're getting now! I don't know when this movie was made, but I sure as hell know it was before eHarmony was ma--" My Dad and little brother show up now. My Dad interupts and takes me by force! We're driving, and my Dad keeps demanding I show him my DJ entries. I keep telling him no. I eventually fly away and I'm back at the place. I continue.
      "I know this movie was made before eHarmony was! You'll be dead by the time it's created. You'll never find another love. You'll be a lonely man for the rest of your life. You will sit in a--" I hear a lawn mower. It's getting really loud now. I then,
      awake! I still hear the lawn mower. It's outside, and it woke me the fuck up! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!
    12. THIS...IS...SPARTA!!!!!.. .6/24/11(Early Morning)

      by , 06-24-2011 at 03:14 PM (INeverWakeUp's Super Dream Journal)
      300 Spartans TOTY
      LPTC Bonus Task

      I can't remember exactly how. But I was somewhere dark, and I noticed a dream sign. I was now lucid! Holy shit! Yes! It's now time. I have the power to do this! I now head through the dark room up to a door. Time to go to Thermopylae I open the door, and there's the legendary battle. About to begin. Not on my watch. I see the Spartans waiting anxiously on one side, and the Persians rushing down the rocky terrain. Time to give King Xerxes a bitch-slap of truth! I fly up high into the air. Time to kick some serious ass! I get into a full-body V stance. I begin to charge my ki. I'm not surrounded by a purple glowing aura, and golden lightning sparks. Time to show the Persians the meaning of true power. After this, I can turn into Godzilla and clear the road. Then I'll beat up Xerxes and have Leonidas come in for the kill. Yea! I now bend my stance sideways and cup my hands to my left side. Shit! The Persians are almost to the Spartans! Time to fire! I get back in my V stance and put both hands out.
      "GALICK GUN!" I shout. Now, a very large blast of purple ki launches outand hits the Persians. I now move the Galick Gun so I can hit down more Persians. I'm quickly killing a lot of them. I might not need to go Godzilla! Now, the whole mountainside is empty of Persians. Well, there's still more around the corner. The Spartans don't even question what just happened. They now start to charge. Awesome. I fly around the corner and see more Persians. Maybe I won't need to be Godzilla. I fly up into the air a little more. I extend one arm and cup my hand. Time for a Big Bang Attack. But then, I
      awake. Oh well! I still did the TOTY!
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      lucid , task of the year
    13. Wasted LD Part 2...6/20/11(Late Morning)

      by , 06-20-2011 at 04:57 PM (INeverWakeUp's Super Dream Journal)
      Shit! Don't move, don't open your eyes! Stay...stay...
      Back to sleep.

      Alright! I'm back in my old house, and fully lucid! Time to go! I think about Spartans and head down the hallway. I go into the bathroom. But, there's no bathroom. I'm in Sparta. Shit! I need to think more specifically when I use the door method! I now head out, and see an absurd door. I go in, and there's a dark, dark room. I go in further. Then, I hear giant footsteps. I then, awake! SHIT! I hear real footsteps now. Dammit! It's my damn brother. His obnoxious footsteps woke me up. I try to DEILD again, but it's no use. I don't feel the leat bit tired. Damn!
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      lucid , task of the year
    14. A Long Day...6/7/11(Early Morning)

      by , 06-07-2011 at 03:59 PM (INeverWakeUp's Super Dream Journal)
      NOTE: I guess I need a little more practice doing portals, cause I keep failing to get to where I want. LOL.

      300 TOTY

      I am currently at school(DS). But as usual, it's all rearranged. I'm in the gymnasium. There are tables set out. Oddly, it's not lunch, and, we don't eat in the gym. We're all filling up the seats now. Maybe it's an assembly. Weird, cause we have those in the auditorium(Just do a fucking reality check!). I try to get a seat, but most of them are taken. Finally, I see one available seat...next to Lauren(DS ). Well, I guess I have no choice. So, I go over and sit next to her(JUST DO A FUCKING RC!!!!!). Now, she turns around and says, I love you. Woahoho! Now, we begin to talk(I don't recall what). I'm scoring some major-ass with her now. Damn, good thing this isn't a dream, I think. But then, I become lucid without a RC! Yay...aw...I knew it was too damn good to be true. That's disappointing in twenty languages. Oh well...maybe some day("Maybe" being the key word). Well, time to go...ugh...kick these guys' asses. Now, I see two violins which are possessed by evil souls. What the fuck?! This shit just keeps getting weirder. Well, I guess I could go kick their asses. So, I now fly up in to the air. I'll make this quick.
      "KAMEHAMEHA TIMES 10!" I now launch out a large red blast. It has no effect on the two violins. Hmph! These are some strong violins! Must be the evil souls inside them. Well then...why don't I keep trying! I now keep my flight and they sati and watch.
      "KA...ME...HA...ME...HA!" I now launch a super-sized Kamehameha at them. Still no effect. Dammit! Hm...I know another good move. It's Raven's favorite move too! I used in my last LD! Now, I have an idea. What if these two were trapped in a confined space? The blast would have more effect, and the debris would hurt them too. So, I now have to guys grab the violins. For as strong as the violins are, they aren't able to get free of the guys' grip. Awesome as fuck! Now, they place them in a steel filing cabinet and lock the doors. It's time...for a Final Flash! So now, I'm still flying. I put put my legs in the V stance. I now put both arms out, hands opened. I start to charge emmense levels of ki to my hands. Now, a golden aura surrounds me. Now, a golden ki ball appears in each hand. Time to kick some ass. Now, I hear the violins begging for mercy. I tell them it's too damn late for that. Now, I put arms forward and touch my wrists. The two ki balls now combine to form one giant golden ki ball. I smile. It's time end this shit!
      "FINAAAAAAAAAAL...FLLLAAAAAAAAASSSSSH!" Now, a bigass golden blast fires out of my hands. The blast hits the filing cabinet. The whole thing explodes violently. I now land and go to the ruins. The violins are still unscratched! Oh what the fuc...wait! I now notice that the evil souls are gone! Hm...cool. I pick one up, and I quickly play the fiddle tune. Weird how I did that right, I play guitar. Now, I see Red come over and pick one up. I guess it's his. Well, I have no time to waste now. I have a task to get done. So, I now rush upstairs, also rearranged. Time to go to the Battle of Thermopylae. Now, I Karate Chop the air very slowly. Nothing. Shit! Oh wait, I need to thrust my arm forward first. I do that, and repeat the slow Karate Chop. As it did in my last LD, a purple line follows my chop. I now open the portal. Ah shit. Just blackness. Okay, let's try that again. I imagine Thermopylae. Karate Chop. Purple line. Open...damn! It's still just a dark void. Okay, maybe I need more portal practice. Let's try again! I
      awake. FUCK!
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      lucid , task of the year
    15. Failed 300 TOTY...6/4/11(Early Morning)

      by , 06-04-2011 at 02:51 PM (INeverWakeUp's Super Dream Journal)
      NOTE: Yesterday was my last day of school! I'm finally out! This means my LD rate will probably double like it did last year! This means I'll be at about 12-14 a month! Also, this dream features me doing three new skills! The Final Flash and the Angry Kamehameha from Dragon Ball Z, and making portals! Enjoy!

      300 TOTY

      Here I am. The loneliness of a modern day prison. It's no ordinary prison though. It's run by someone evil. An evil organization. People are captured and taken here by force. We work day in and day out. People are brain washed. It's fucking insanity. No way to escape. No way. It'd be a mere mistake to even think of it. I wouldn't be surprised if they could read our thoughts. So here I am, working in the outdoor smog and gloom with a few fellow classmates. We're sweating like pigs, some crying. I see Snow nearby. I go over to work by him. As we work, we talk about lucid dreaming. I tell him I had one a couple days ago(true fact). He's interested to hear so. After we are done discussing, I go back towards my original workspace. I don't wanna piss off the guards. That won't end well. I'm still thinking about what Snow and I talked about. I pass by a female classmate. Then, I pop. How the hell and when the hell did I get here?! I now become lucid without my dream signs(but now school is a DS cause it's summer)! Sweet! Time to get out of this hellhole! Ah, I now remember I have to do the 300 TOTY. Now, I see it's time to go in for lunch. Well, I rather not be interfered, so I go in. Inside, I go into a closet. I decide to turn-around into Thermopylae. It doesn't work. Shit! Come on!!! Intent! Intent! I fail again! Damn! Well, I need no interference. The guards are gonna be pissed if I'm missing. So, I go and sit down with some friends. I sit for a few minutes. Then, I finally loose it. REBELLION BITCHES!!!!! I get up. This room is half guards, half us. I run over to the guard side. I start punching down guards one by one. Good thing I'm training my self to do Martial Arts. I block some punch backs, then continue the beatings. Damn! Too many! I now start to fly. The guards don't seem the slightest bit amazed. Hm...here's some amazement. Hehehe...I get in my sideways Horse Stance. Let's see them take on the Kamehameha...hehehehehehe...
      "KA...ME..." Now, some guards try to perform the Kamehameha! They all epically fail.
      "HA...ME..." The guards begin to flee. Only to realize the door is locked.
      "HAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!" Now, the giant blue blast comes out and blows up a shitload of guards. Impressive, a lot of them are still alive. Let's change that. I now put my arms out straight to my sides and my legs are in a V. I power up, and a yellow ki ball appears in both hands. Now I connect my arms and cup my hands to combine the two ki balls into one giant yellow ki ball. The guards look as if they're about to shit themselves.
      "FINAAAAAAAL!!!!!!!! FLLLLLAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!" And now a fucking huge golden-yellow blast fires from my hands and vaporizes almost all the guards. Holy shit! The Final Flash really worked its wonders! Time to finish off these bastards. I get back in the sideways Horse Stance. I take my right arm to my side. I then cup my hand. The remaining guards have probably soiled themselves by now. They all have no choice but to sit back and it let hit them. "ANGRY KAMEHAMEHA!!!!!" I put my hand out and a yellow-golden blast fires out. It then kills the the remaining guards. Phew! That was intense. I now realize I have little time left. Shit! Well, no interefernces now! JAILBREAK! We are all freed now! We run out the door, which I blew up with the Final Flash. We're outside now. Okay, time to go to the Battle of Thermopylae! I hold my arm out and form my hand as if I'm going to do a shitty Karate Chop. I slowly move my arm down. I hope this will work! Now, I see a purplish line follow my hand. Yes! I made my first portal! I take my hands and open it. I loom in, to see no battle. Shit! Intent! Gotta think of the battle! I perform another portal opening. I see a battle going on! I walk in and the portal closes behind me. Well, time to kick ass and take...well...shit. I'm at the right place, but what the fuck?! These aren't the Spartans and the Persians!!!!! Shit!!!!! Then, one team readies its archers. Oh fuck!!!!! The archers open fire and the other team readies its shields. Luckily, the arrows all fly right over me. The other team lies down, shields over them. Damn, pretty big shields. The arrows hit the shields and all bounce off. Okay, I gotta go make another portal. Let's do this the right way this time. So, I start to step on the shielded people. I don't need anymore interference. As I walk on the shields, I
      awake. NO!!!!! SON OF A BITCH!!!!!
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      lucid , task of the year
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