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    1. Nightmare(feat. Merle Dixon), and Task of the Month

      by , 01-13-2014 at 03:21 AM (INeverWakeUp's Super Dream Journal)
      I lack the recall of the events leading to this moment, but me and a group of people whom I don't recall but one are under attack. A group of hostile "survivors" I guess you could call them are searching for us. Me and a few from our group go and hide in the ruins of a destroyed building. An M1 Abrams tank drives by and soldiers walk by as well. I notice the insignia this group uses and it interests me a little. It's a crescent moon. However, my interests are soon interrupted when I think we are discovered(my recall is a little shaky on this part). Our group has been discovered by the enemy and they are feeding our group to these extremely devilish-like creatures. One is like a large black serpent sort of thing with gnashing teeth. The other is almost like a clam, but the size of a truck with huge eyes and sharp teeth. The creatures are devouring my group, whom for some reason Merle Dixon is a part of. Merle? I thought he died!!!

      Well that's beside the point, but anyway this is part of the dream is actually very frightening to me. I don't recall very well, but it was some point in time around this part of the dream in which I realize this is far too out of place and I become lucid. Okay, time to get the hell out of this place! I now fly off until I come to a town where I enter a grocery store. I fly around inside for awhile and I do a reality check because I just feel like doing one even though I'm lucid already. I plug my nose and breathe through it. I do this several times and then look at the backs of my hands. I notice my right ring finger is only half the normal length. I then look at my palms and I see my left hand is shaped the same as my right hand(the fingers are on the same sides). I now move along and land on the ground. I think about what to do and remember I can still do the task of the month. I walk up to the cash register where there's an African-American man who doesn't seem to be enjoying this job too much.
      "Excuse me sir," I begin. "What's the meaning of life? Shit...wrong question, disregard that one." "Uh...what is your New Years resolution?" The man now steps out from the counter and begins browsing items near the cash register. He turns to me and answers. I don't recall his answer 100%, so a lot of this is paraphrased.
      "There're only two things I try to do," he says. "Radio broadcasts and New Years resolutions, and I a suck at both of them. Though my voice is quite majestic."
      He continues rambling on for a few minutes and I'm thinking to myself about how I'm going to recall all of this quote to type it on Dream Views. I soon leave and I end up traveling on a snowy road. It is an unmarked and unplowed road with a frozen lake nearby it. I think about what I should do next, but I soon
      awake to my dog singing the song of his people downstairs.
    2. The Dreaming Dead Chapter 1-3(Zombie Dream)

      by , 12-30-2013 at 04:48 AM (INeverWakeUp's Super Dream Journal)
      Hello DV. The Dreaming Dead will be a new series of dreams I'm having. In the past two weeks I've had three zombie dreams. I do not recall them all very well so Chapters 1-3 will be one DJ entry. So I figure I'll keep this as a rolling series of dreams if they continue.

      Chapter I: The Beginning

      I dream that the zombie apocalypse has begun. Everywhere we go there are walkers all around our group. The only two people I recall being there are my friends Matt and Zaine. Together we fight our way through the city and eventually reach our friend Connor's house. He is not there, and the zombies are coming in the house. We may get overran soon. I now draw the large sword I have been using and continue to fight. I slice several zombies' heads off until one grabs a hold of me. I try hard to cut him but I can't seem to do so. He scratches my face and I finally break free and decapitate the walker. I feel my right cheek, where there is now I very small scratch. It can't be. No, not like this. I turn to my friend Zaine and show him. I look at my right index finger, which is covered with blood.
      "That sucks," Zaine says.
      I decide I must continue fighting. I cut off many more zombies' heads in a rage of vengeance for myself. If I'm going down then so are these assholes. I now see my dog come up the stairs and see he has been zombified. I begin to cry but realize what must be done, and I put him out of his misery. Forgive me my old friend. That is all I remember.

      Chapter II: Supply Run

      This dream takes place several days later (real life time). This one I recall less of than the first. I assume my scratch wound has either healed or not yet affected myself. Perhaps scratches don't make you turn like in most zombie situations. If this is true, than thank God for that. I dream my group is making a run into town at night for supplies. What could go wrong right? I don't recall most of the events, other than things did go wrong and we became overrun by walkers. Eventually I get away and run into the parking lot where my Dad's GMC Envoy is parked. I get in and quickly drive away. As I drive home I drive on a road that is on the water with no guard rails, and hardly any shoulder. This makes me quite nervous. I see the speed limit is 55, and even though there is no government I oblige the sign either way. This makes me more nervous seeing as the water is so dangerously close. I finally make it back to our hideout, where things go wrong very quickly. I notice the walkers are overrunning our house. I get out to rush to the house where the rest of the group is running to get inside. I run up the stairs to the house past my friend Frankie, who trips going up the stairs. She is then grabbed by the walkers and taken away. A terrible and disturbing sight, but we must go on. We get into the house and remain safe until I awake.

      Chapter III: A Break in the Storm

      The third dream happened a couple nights ago, and this one I remember the least of, and it was the most uneventful one sadly. Our group now resides in my friend Branson's home. We are seeing a break in the zombie attacks recently. Outside I notice a few walkers, but no sign of immediate danger. So inside, my friend Corey makes us a wonderful meal and we feast like kings. That's all I remember. Short and disappointing, right?

      Stay tuned for Chapter IV, if I have another zombie dream.
    3. Two Choices and Banana Bank Robbery (8/20/13)

      by , 08-20-2013 at 02:31 PM (INeverWakeUp's Super Dream Journal)
      I dream I'm at this girl's house(though it highly resembles someone else's house who I know). She is very sick and it would appear her younger sister can't take care of her. Now this girl IRL is literally like the nicest girl I know....but this dream has a twist. So I notice how sick she has become. Her voice is very weak, she's pale, and she can't even walk anymore. So I decide I should help her out.
      "Is there anything I can get for you?" I ask. She says yes and mentions a special type of medicine and points across the kitchen to some cabinets. This is where she starts to turn. I make my way over and begin searching. She didn't give me a specific cabinet to search. Now she appears to be getting frustrated with me and begins to snap at me. She's trying to direct me to the right cabinet but I can't hear her. She's angry enough now so I really don't want to tell her to speak up.
      "Geez I should just get it myself!!!" she snaps. I feel really frustrated now as I finally find the medicine she demands. I bring it to her and then leave her, not wanting to stay around any longer. The dream soon fades...now either I woke up or transitioned I don't remember...

      I now dream I am somewhere I can't recall but I'm hanging out with my church friends. We're all having a good time partying and whatnot, and everything seems normal. Now, things take a twists, and my brain decides to toy with me. Two girls I know come up to me and both admit they like me. I stand there now in shock, and wonder what I'm going to say.
      "Let me get back to you on that..." I say. I then quickly flee the scene and try to find one of my guy friends. I find my friend Joey, who's talking to our friend Hannah in private, but it doesn't seem all that private. I now ask my friend for some advice and he tells me I should go with the girl I like more. The thing is though IRL that'd be a REALLY hard decision. Both of them are nice, good looking, spirited, spiritual...it'd be a mess!!! I finally have my decision in mind, as I go to "sleep" for the night. I "awake" and I hear my friends and music. I look around my room and discover a portal on my floor. I try entering, but it puts me back in bed a few times, then sometimes everything goes black when I jump in. Finally I make it in, and see everyone in swimming wear(trunks, bikinis, etc.) in a solid two or three feet of water dancing with dance lights and music. Now I'd actually be up for trying that in real life. Now things get awkward when the two girls come up to me in their swimsuits and ask if I've made a decision yet. I ask for a minute before being tackled by another girl I know into the water. I finally break free and resurface. The two girls are waiting patiently and I wait out as long as possible. But right there and then I
      become lucid! Well time to get out of here! As I begin to leave my friend Matt stops me.
      "Aren't you going to tell them who you like better?" he asks. I now respond with a witty reply.
      "I'll just tell them in real life," I say, walking off. My friend looks absolutely dumbstruck now, with no way of comprehending that. I now make my way towards the exit door and remember I have to do the TOTM!!! I try to remember them, but can only remember one of them. I go over to some DCs and see my friend Jonathan.
      "What's up man?" he says.
      "Hey, what's the meaning of life?" I ask. He now responds but I don't hear his reply too well.
      "What?" I ask.
      "Poo." he says, giggling. I now walk away, dumbstruck as Matt was and head to the exit door. I now remember my other task, which is a personal one--rob a bank using only a banana. The exit door has a fully dressed man standing in the water waiting. As I walk up to the door he speaks.
      "This is a bank," he says, gesturing to the door. I acknowledge him and walk inside. I now pull a ripe yellow banana from my pocket and lift it up.
      "THIS IS A HOLDUP! EVERYONE ON THE GROUND!" I shout. No one moves however. I see a security guard pull out a real gun now and I point the fruit at him menacingly.
      "Drop the gun or I'll blow your fucking brains out!!!" I snap. The officer now outs his weapon down and everyone drops to the floor. A man answers the phone, and I make him hang up, threatening him with my banana. I now walk around and explain.
      "Now, I know this make look like an ordinary banana," I begin. "But this, is in fact, a very lethal weapon!!!"
      And then I awake. I am upset I didn't finish the robbery, but at least it was working. And I completed the TOTM. Then I wallow in silence when I realize the whole choosing a girl thing was a figment of my imagination. Damn you brain!!!