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    Weird Non-Lucid...11/24/11(Early Morning)

    by , 11-24-2011 at 04:15 PM (544 Views)

    I dream I am in school. I'm walking in with Red, and Sean. We pass through the school's main entrance, and head on through the commons. We see Lauren(Now Single! Ding! Ding! Ding!) sitting ever so calmly at a round table. We walk by, Sean first, being silent, then Red, saying "hi," then myself. "Hi Lauren." I say nervously. "I like what you did with your eye-liner today."
    "Thanks." she says with an awkward smile. She is a friend in real life, but just one of those friends who's just out there, not a very close one. Probably why the awkward smile. I never say hi to her. We all keep walking, when Sean decides to stop me.
    "C'mon man!" he exclaims. "I told you she's for me! Don't steal her!" I attempt to give a damn, but I don't really give a damn. I just continue to walk. We're now all in first period, but I'm not in study hall(typical dream fuck ups). I'm in some other class, can't recall which one. Sean's there, Red's there, and so is Lauren. After a few minutes, I'm suddenly on the schools second floor. I'm with my little brother by a set of brown lockers in a large alcove by the stairs. Weird, cause the school has neither of those things. There's no brown lockers or alcoves there. So anyway, my little bro and I appear to be friendly fighting. He actually manages to tackle me hard, and I slam onto the ground. That hurt. A lot. I now shake him off, and I hear my Dad scream from downstairs. Oh shit! He shouts for us to stop making so much noise, and if he hears any more noises he's gonna come upstairs and whoop someone's ass! I decide to stop, but my little bro starts banging on the floors and the lockers. Son of a bitch! I now hear my Dad scream out again, and I hear footsteps. Great...not only that, but my wrist appears to be broken too. Fuck-nuggets! My Dad is now up here, and he punishes my bro, and checks out my broken wrist. My question though, is why were my bro and Dad at my school? I now see Eternity, and Zaine with lunch. They have pizza(Hm, Zaine isn't in my lunch period...). They're telling me about how I can get a free chicken sandwich with my pizza. So, I follow them down to the cafeteria and I get a slice of pizza. I eat it(tastes like cardboard, damn dreams), then I snatch a chicken sandwich. I'm now suddenly racing in a racing video game with Zaine and Eternity. What the fuck?! How'd I get here?! We now use boosters, and we're in a purple floating bubble, and we land back in the cafeteria. Only now we're in a different part. Okay, that was just fucking creepy. So now, we hav to sit on a heater, because there're no seats left to eat. The three of us begin singing "Jesus of Suburbia" by Green Day. A girl who can't find a seat joins us on the heater. Now, we're suddenly on some sort of battlefield. What the hell is up with this shit?! It's fucking Star Wars! Hahaha! It's every man for himself I guess. I grab my blaster rifle and open fire on anyone I see. I get shot a few times, but I'm still alive. I now see many Sith and Jedi fighting. I kill another soldier, and I take his gun, which is better than mine. I now open fire on the Sith and the Jedi. There were about six or seven of them, and I kill them all. Out of curiosity, I take one of the Sith lightsabres. It now turns blue from it's original red color. Lame! However, I now begin slicing people away, and I fight until I reach an escape pod. One man wants to get away with me, so I allow him. We take off, but we're still under heavy fire. Turns out this pod is actually a mini fighter. I see many space craft firing upon us an the battlefield below. I open fire on them, and I get us through. I soon land the craft, and I disembark. I pull out my lightsabre and slice away until I get inside a building. I now have a fight with a Jedi. He asks why I've turned to the Dark Side. I have no clue what the hell he's talking about, and I really don't give a damn. I'm on nobody's side! So I go on and just say because I wanted to. Then I tell him I need a new lightsabre crystal so my lightsabre will be red, not blue. We now begin to fight, when for now reason, Son Goku from DBZ, just fucking lands behind us. He appears to be really injured.
    "GOHAN!" he shouts to the sky. Well, that was awkward. Wait, where the hell is Gohan? I don't even know what's happening anymore. Now, I'm suddenly with my Mom, and two black girls. They're telling us they're from the year 2012. They say the world is really gonna end, so they came back to warn us and tell us how to survive(for the record, I believe this whole 2012 bullshit is...well...bullshit...). So, we follow their tips, and some guy who believes, decides to help us. He now preps us, and gets us an ugly-green Korean jet. He tells us we can't bring our dog though(We don't even own a dog in real life...), which saddens us. The two black girls now suddenly spot a yellow gas in the distant. They tell us it's coming. We board the plane, and I sneak the dog on board. We now just drive the plane around town like it's a car. We soon get to a gas station, and get off for a bit. We now set some Korean newspapers on our plane. Now, Korean jets begin bombing the city! Ah, I know why we have Korean things now! It all makes sense! A global apocalyptic war! The Koreans won't bomb us! We have an airplane from them, as well as two newspapers(what the fuck...)! A bomb now lands a bit close. I notice Sean on his way over to us. The smoke from the bomb is approaching. I tell everyone to cover their eyes and mouths. Sean puts an arm out to let the smoke hit, but it stops just shy of his arm. He says "Ah" in disappointment. He now says he needs my Mom for something, but then I

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