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    1. Tired Phil's Enlightenment

      by , 03-30-2013 at 09:32 AM
      Even though this dream was about DV conversation, the characters appeared visually like real not just as text. However, I do not remember what any of the dream character representation of DV members looked like.

      I just remember the last bit:

      TiredPhil (speaking in animated anger to another DV member): "You know it's obvious who is going to help me take lucidity up a level, and help me achieve a higher level of enlightenment."

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    2. Repeated dream fragment on dreaming?

      by , 03-28-2013 at 08:09 AM
      I don't remover much.

      I know this dream was about dreaming, it involved discussions with dream characters who appeared official in some way. The subject of these discussions may have been (not sure) the importance of dreaming (no surprise since I yesterday participated in DV thread on our theories about dreams).

      I remember that this dream was lengthy. I also remember having a strong sense that this was a repeated dream, that I have had this one before. I think this sense may have been present during the dream, but I was not aware it was a dream I think more of a sense of "this has happened before" (déjà vu). I think this dream was kind of vague blurry non-vivid even when it was happening.
    3. Sense of Agreement with Bill

      by , 03-27-2013 at 07:36 AM
      I dreamed that I was talking to my boss Bill (I have more that one man I consider my boss at my work - this one likes to say "Remember, it's all bullshit."

      What were we talking about in my dream? I remembered that clearly a moment ago, but then I moved to write it down. Was it dream interpretation? Was it the interpretation of the situation at my work? Anyway, I remember a sense of agreement. Which is as it is I waking life: Bill and I I think are on the same page mostly at least about assessment of situation there I think.
    4. Consequences of strong emotion dream fragment

      by , 03-26-2013 at 11:28 AM
      This fragment is very fragmented in part because I think it maybe from an earlier sleep cycle, anyway not from just before waking up:

      Someone asks me: Why did you stop doing that?
      Me: Because the emotions got too strong.

      And that's it. It's kind of embarrassing that right after a long vivid dream yesterday, this is all I have today. Well actually not quite all, I also have the sense that I may have not quite been myself (distancing myself from the strong emotion and dealing with it?). Also out of some reason when I think of this dream I get the mental image of a very floppy hat, not on someone's head but just lying there (I wonder whether the hat is a metaphor for something in this dream?)

      What could this dream be about? My stress level has certainly been through the roof lately, and even before that I have had terrible mood swings for months.

      The question could be for why I stopped calling my father. I had mentioned that in a DV thread, and the answer is certainly appropriate for that question. Also the distancing myself from myself as a defense mechanism just in case would make sense.

      I just now remember though that the question in the dream may have been job related. it could be: why did you stop loving your job? Why did you stop having faith that your boss will make it all ok? Certainly the answer would apply there as well. Our job has been too emotional lately, meetings which are ultimately motivated by fear/greed/unfulfilled ambitions/etc. And these meetings and their consequences have caused my stress to go through the roof.

      Out of some weird reason I had the thought that "Why did you stop doing that?" Could be about introspection self-evaluation. This maes no sense, since I never stopped doing that. However, what if this is about my dream recall. What if my dream recall is not good nowadays and I stopped doing as regular dream journals, because I am self-distancing from the emotions that are too strong in my dreams? We know that dreams tend to have stronger emotions than waking life. I know that I have had some emotionally draining dreams. What if I am forgetting my dreams now as a defense mechanism to protect myself?
    5. Nighttime intruder

      by , 03-25-2013 at 10:45 AM
      I dreamed that I was awake at night. Perhaps had gone to the kitchen to fetch a glass of water or something. When suddenly I realized there was an intruder in our house: a black man with a flashlight. Interestingly enough even though he did have a flashlight which was on, the lights in the room were also on, so I could clearly see everything (in fact I think that's why my dream mind decided to have the lights on).

      (Side note: why was he black? Is my subconscious racist? Did he just happen to be black? Have I been conditioned by society to fear black men more, so that an intruder is more scary if black? I am white btw.)

      He was on the younger side of middle aged, looked clean and clean shaven, and made the impression of being smart and surprisingly well off for someone who chose to burgle homes at night. He was wearing a clean sweater that looked good on him. He seemed fit, not athletic, but slim and healthy looking - like he took care of himself.

      He was clearly here just looking for valuables: a burglar. He was very surprised to see me. He stopped and stared at me in shock, and said something like "What the heck? This has never happened before." He was clearly unprepared to face an awake inhabitant of the house. He did not seem aggressive, and just seemed to be thinking of what to say and do next.

      Meanwhile I was terrified. I realized I expected that he would rape me. Next thing I know I am lying on my back on the floor with my knees up, even though I had been standing a moment ago, and the dream does not even bother to provide a transition. The burglar looks at me clearly confused and disturbed by my actions, as if he wanted to say "What are you doing woman?" He does not appear to have any intensions to rape me. he appears to be a cultured gentleman burglar.

      This however does not diminish my fear. Next thing I know I wake up still horrified.

      Side note: Why I had this dream: On DV some woman questioned why do rape victims make such a big deal out of it - a statement which kind of shocked me. Then on Facebook a friend of mine posted an interesting article about a professor teaching high school kids how not to rape, an article I read last evening, and someone else also posted a rape related comment because of News of course.

      Upon waking part of me wondered whether the reason why I assumed the position was because part of me wanted to be raped in my dream. But no, I don't think so, my reaction was definitely sheer fear not any anticipation. I assumed the position in my dream because of the simple expectations cause effect in dreams.

      Reassuringly enough my burglar's personality was such that I believe I was in no danger of actually being raped, even if I had not woken up. He seemed to be evaluating my reaction, and judging me to be a very confusing and ridiculous woman. So it was all in my head. My DC was not actually threatening, despite the potentially dangerous situation. Maybe given his personality I should not have expected him to try to rape me, but rather expected him to invite me to sit down with him at the table and calmly discuss the consequences: whether he could persuade me to please not call the police.

      On another note: this was a very vivid dream. I think the vividness was enhanced by and also helped cause the intense emotions.
    6. Lucidity around the corner?

      by , 03-23-2013 at 10:33 PM
      I napped. When I woke up my thought mas that lucidity is just around the corner. Was this my waking mind's insight or the subject of my dream? I do not recall.
    7. DC: chances are high this is a dream! (Me: not self aware!)

      by , 03-22-2013 at 08:22 AM
      This dream was about a dreamviews thread on what are the odds this is a dream! Completely non-lucid and no sense of self - I was "reading" not participating.

      Here is a fragment of my dream thread - there actually were user names but I forgot which:

      [user1] This is not a dream, not weird enough.
      [user2] Ah but we are not aware of all that is going on - not remembering all. If we backfill for all missing data points, then there is so much weirdness, that chances are high this is a dream!

      First of all, a dream in which a DC says/writes that chances are high that it is a dream, that's beautiful! Now, why couldn't I also have some self-awareness to allow me to make the small leap from that to lucidity?

      I know which thread triggered this! Gab yesterday wrote something like "let's face it our waking life is not weird enough, so we may need to pretend that it is" and I responded that I disagree that in my opinion life is plenty of weird, we just don't stop to question it most of the time, and don't notice how weird it is. In my dream the conversation was not between gab and JoannaB but it might as well have been. Fascinating, the only time I have successfully had an LD thus far after returning to this hobby was also triggered by DV interaction with gab. I think I will ask gab whether she would be willing to be my mentor or something, since obviously my dream self has a strong correlation between gab and lucidity or almost lucidity! Gab is my LD muse! Here is a link to the thread: http://www.dreamviews.com/general-lu...correctly.html (gab's post is #17 and my response is #18, and this is definitely what this dream is based on!)

      Another element of this dream, the backfilling for missing data to get adjusted statistics which may change the whole picture of what the data shows - this was triggered by a work problem I was working on this week! It's neat to see where such ideas in my dreams originated from in real life.

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    8. TV pottie and transforming friend

      by , 03-21-2013 at 12:11 PM
      My four year old had this dream:

      He dreamed that his friend was over at our home, and he could transform with a fin on his head and a giant butt (kids this age butts are a big deal, very funny and all, and so are potty jokes). In this dream we also had a special potty that allowed one to watch TV movies while sitting on the potty.

      Yup, he's a four year old boy, and this was a fun wish fulfilling dream.
    9. No entry today?

      by , 03-21-2013 at 11:22 AM
      I remember waking up around 4am thinking that instead of writing in my DJ, I would go back to sleep and try to WILD. hen my husband got dressed (he has an early meeting), then my son got into bed with me (I told him that he was disturbing my trying to fall asleep, and he left), then there was another noise and whatnot. Well, I was completely unable to fall asleep, let alone WILD. By 5am I gave up. I am groggy and not well rested, and can't sleep any more. Sigh.
    10. Percentage correct dream interpretation

      by , 03-20-2013 at 06:47 AM
      In my dream I dreamed of interpreting dreams and percentage correct. I had the sense that this was part of a longer dream, but it was gone.
    11. Memory fail

      by , 03-19-2013 at 10:48 AM
      Hmm, I could have swarn I wrote a dream down at night. memory fooling me! Either it told me "you already wrote that don, so don't bother" which is something my mind has done to me before! or wouldn't it be amusing if I had dreamed of writing in the dream journal, and assume I did.

      I remember some combination of previous dreams: the number 3, the name fluffy, and perhaps a few others, and to my sleeping fuzzy brain they all made some sort of weird sense about dreams of course.
    12. 3 means complete

      by , 03-18-2013 at 10:32 AM
      Another dream fragment again on dreams:

      This was a dream about a DV thread. I think I started it. I don't remember exactly what it was about,but I remember it involved the number 3, and blackbirdrising in my dream interpreted the number 3 to mean complete, done.

      I woke up, and almost managed to persuade myself to not write this down again.Grrr!

      I think this is my last dream for the night. Is it my third? No, it's only the second one I can remember.

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    13. The Power of a Name: Smart Alarm, I name thee Fluffy?

      by , 03-18-2013 at 05:42 AM
      I am trying an iPhone app Smart Alarm,which works by Laing my iPhone on my pillow and it detects vibrations and deduces from that my sleep cycle stages!

      In my sleep I dreamed that for this app to be effective I needed to give it a name. And not like Smart Alarm, but my own pet name, a nickname. A name to give it power, A name to give me power over it. I wonder whether it's the old magic concept: if you know someone's name, you can use that to overpower them.
    14. Judging dreams (fragment)

      by , 03-17-2013 at 11:14 AM
      This was one of those dreams abut dreaming. I remember it was lengthy but alli recall now is fragments. My son woke me up by hopping into my bed, so no chance for gentle dream recall.

      There was some sort of panel of judges for evaluating dreams and dreaming behavior. I remember arguing with them on some point or other. They seemed strict and conservative.
    15. Back in Bloomington IN with guide

      by , 03-16-2013 at 11:57 AM
      In this dream My husband and I had moved back to Bloomington, Indiana. Our kids were not there and I did not notice.

      Before we even managed to get settled, an older woman (not old) but older than me (perhaps my mother's age) offered to guide me through the town in her car, and I accepted. So I separated from my husband.

      I don't remember all of the tour, but it was lengthy, and I remember I got little out of it

      Although at one point we stopped by the library, and a young male librarian somehow figured out I was Polish, and he spoke Polish too. He brought out lots of Polish sweets. I knew that while I could handle them, I could not eat any, even though I wanted to. I unwrapped some chocolates from their foil wrapper. I asked him where the closest Polish store was. He did not know even though he had all these candy, so he went to ask someone else, but he could not figure out the answer. I apologized for messing up (unwrapping) his chocolate candy. I tried to rewrap it, but the wrapper was no longer there. So I wrapped it in a green cloth napkin instead, and left it next to the books on a counter.

      We continued the town tour in a car, but I was getting bored and tired. So I told the woman, and she seemed annoyed. I explained that we just got here into town, and I had not even had a chance to walk into my own new home yet. It became clear that even though she had picked me up close to where I lived, but she was unwilling to drop me off there. I could study the bus schedule. She had a bus schedule in the car, but I could not figure out how to read it, so I got out of the car and approached a bus stop to read anothe bus schedule there. That's when I realized that I did not know my address, nor which neighborhood we lived in or how far I was.

      I took out my iPhone to try to contact my husband. An app was up, and I tried to close it, but I got an endless supply of Do you want to Exit? Prompts from this app, and hitting Exit just brought up a slightly different menu with Exit as one of the options.

      I heard someone call my husband's name. I saw him approaching with a group of students. Only then I realized that it was just someone who had his name, and kind of looked like him (not really).

      Somehow I made it home (either scene shift or new dream). My husband and I decided to hire a prostitute who was a friend of ours by the hour to help us unpack and improve our new home. The young woman was very excited by this assignment which was a refreshing change from her usual.
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