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    A World In My Head!!

    (30 Day Challenge) Night 3-Impossible Situations

    by , 08-14-2013 at 06:47 PM (380 Views)
    August 14, 2014

    Notes: night 3 of my 30 day lucid challenge. set the intention to remember all of my dreams, asked my dream dragon to help me realize the dream state, recalled three dreams

    UFO-Thought it was real

    Me and my family were on a hi-line train zipping through a big city, like new york. I think were on vacation. I looked out the train's window and noticed a large flying object next to me. Metallic and weird. It's the most bizarre UFO I've ever seen.

    I take a closer look and notice there's no pilot. Instead it has a robot like RTD2 piloting it. Wait! I'm staring at a real UFO! I grab my camera and take pictures like crazy.

    When we get to our destination I show off my photographs to everyone "I saw a UFO!". I was so happy to have photographic evidence.

    Then I wake up pissed off it never happened. As I'm falling back asleep I focus on recognizing that I'm dreaming.

    Just Ring Me Out!
    Me and sis were in some underground shopping area, as if it's one of the quicky markets in the subway stations of new york. No windows no air. Its early morning, we just woke, were starving so we grab some breakfast food and take it to the counter to be rung out. The counter was outside the actual shop.

    Two ladies start to ring me out. I hand them my debit card, they swipe and swipe but they're taking forever. Finally they tell me they can't process my order unless I give them my social security number. What a load of crap!

    I tell them they're lying, "I work in retail, you don't need that information. Just use my debit already". We argue forever over the matter. They call up their manager on the phone to confirm how to ring me up. I'm getting really frustrated and I just want to eat my breakfast!!

    Finally, after what feels like forever, they get off the phone with their manager and explain to me......"we can't ring you out unless you give us your social security number." Bloody hell were back to square one!

    I think sis finally gets annoyed and hands over cash. They take forever processing my order with cash. They hand me the receipt - but failed to hand me my change. I FLIP OUT! "WHAT THE FUCK IS YOUR PROBLEM! Don't you know how to count, you owe us change!"

    They look at me with disgust, but are still failing to give me my change. I argue with them some more, clearly they owe us change.

    They open the register as slowly as possible and count as slowly as possible. And finally, finally, I have my breakfast and my change. I look at the time, holy hell its 3:30pm! Not only did those idiots make me miss my breakfast but now I've missed out on lunch.

    As me and sis were walking away the two ladies approach us and curse us out, as if it was our fault they don't know how to do the simplest of retail skills. It made no sense! No sense! I was so stressed out I could pull my hair out, WHAT is going on!!!

    I woke up still feeling stressed out. What was that dream all about? Then I remembered that if I ask my subconscious to help me realize I'm dreaming, my subconscious will create a dream so stressful I could scream! And sometimes, it works, I'll scream "oh my God, someone tell me I'm dreaming!!". Unfortunately that didn't happen here.

    I didn't want to end my night with that dream. I look at the clock and figure I could still sleep for another hour or so.

    Senseless Shopping
    I look at the time, the store I work at is just about to close. Still, I felt the need to harass my poor employees so that I could buy a single sheet of paper. In real life, I wouldn't do that to them. I know I hate it when last minute customers run in just as I'm about to lock the door.

    I run in just before the doors were locked!! Its completely quiet in here. The girl managing the store (who is my belly dance teacher and not an actual employee) was babysitting her kids in the back room while on the clock.

    I find the large sheet of paper I need "this is perfect to paint on". But then I start to have second doubts. "why am I painting on a sheet of paper? isn't it too thin to hold my paint?". I'm just about to walk out when mom stops me, and asks me to babysit the kids while my friend finishes closing up the store. "sure"

    Locking a door apparently takes two hours. By the time I leave it's way past midnight. Apparently I'm not done shopping.

    I find myself in a large shopping area. The place is crowded, with insane customers screaming gleefully up and down the isles. I browse through all the items looking for that special something to buy. It finally occurs to me that everything here is halloween related. It really makes no sense to me, I don't remember wanting to buy anything halloween related.

    So I leave the store. By the time I walk out the sun has risen and I think "well great, theres goes my sleep." I start to fly home but I'm completely lost. I look behind me and see the downtown skyline of SA. "well thats east, so I need to fly in this direction". I'm sure I was flying in the right direction, but I don't recognize any of these buildings. It's so industrial looking. Where's 410 west?

    I fly towards the edge of a forest. Now I know I must be going in the wrong direction. I get a feeling that I came from this direction. Flying that-way I run into an old man tending a field. "how do I get to 410-west?" He draws me a map on the ground. It's confusing as hell. I'll have to connect to two different highways. I felt so lost.

    I woke up shortly after

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